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I could just scream right now.  After making an appointment with the DMV online to renew my driver's license, it wasn't e-mailing me a confirmation of my appointment, so I called to see what was up yesterday afternoon.  They informed me that it hadn't made me an appointment, and my time was taken, but they were able to get me scheduled for 45 minutes later.  So, I get there today, and they have no record of my appointment.  I come home and make another appointment, but the soonest appointment they have is the day after my due date.  Now, I'm trying to figure out if there's a good time for me to go stand in line for 2 hours in the next few days or if the baby is actually born by then, I should be up and moving enough to make another appointment by the time my license expires.  I'm not really liking either solution.


Then, DH is trying to do his part to purge the house of excess stuff and decides that he read something online about destroying CD's in a microwave and thinks that's cool.  Despite my protests, he does it... for much longer than is even recommended by those who condone this type of behavior, and now my house is full of toxic fumes!!!  Oh, and he called my daughter over to stand right in front of the microwave to watch with him (I don't let her stand anywhere near the microwave when it is running at all.), and she got really upset when I told her she had to get away from there.  (It was nap time anyway, so she was extra touchy.)  He's sorry.  He cleaned the microwave.  The house is airing out, and he's bringing the rest of the CD's to Best Buy to recycle them.  DD is sleeping.  Ugg... off to try to calm down.

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LOL I never considered doing that! LOL


AFM, Yep I still think NOTHING is happening;) The midwife tried a pressure point that is suppose to start something but its not. LOL Maybe I just ate so much I have another heart beat??


DD and I went to Sams club and bought massive amounts of the kids snacks and such so that I don't have to shop for a few days after birth. (hopefully!) We went to Kohls and bought her some clothes and the boys clothes should be here soon. THEN Nolan tells me that all his size fives are to tight. Now the annoying part of this is that he has three new pairs of fives coming in the mail;) I had a tote of 6's! LOL I guess tomorrow I will go through his tote of clothes and see if we can make a pile of pants he CAN and WILL wear. That kid!


Well I hope we all have a nice weekend. I have 4 days left as of now till my EDD. IF I don't go this weekend I would like to go next weekend. You know just to let baby know what works for me;)

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Everlong I think you are officially nesting too! How exciting. It really won't be long until we actually have new babies. Which in truth cracks me up because I just can't picture it! (And I have three already! I know how this works! LOL)

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Anyone else having prodromal labor?  I've had lot of contractions for the past several days, and since Saturday, I've had a couple every day that have made me wonder if it's the real thing.  I think it's helping.  I'm pretty sure my baby has moved from ROP to LOP/LOT in the past few days.  Here's hoping for an easier labor with at least the baby's positioning done ahead of time.


I'm trying to push through my "to-do" list as quickly as possible with this impending feeling of "it could be any time now."  Unfortunately, I kinda feel like I'm getting nowhere.  I'm working hard, but things that have been on my list for weeks are still not done.  I've cleared out my afternoon to work on some stuff, but I want to nap first.  For that to happen, I need to get my daughter to nap, and she's nursing to sleep and causing all kinds of contractions, and then I start thinking that I've run out of time.

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I had bloody show this morning? That means SOMETHING is happening. I also either peed myself twice or have a leak. It did have a sweet odor to it but I really can't say. I am not to proud to admit that I peed myself at all though;)


DD is vomiting, DH has a stomach ache and I am crampy and having bloody show. I call the midwife and tell her about the bloody show and she tells me SHE IS PUKING! So we'll see. Usually bloody show is an indication that something is happening but its not clear when it will happen. With my third I was crampy and had the bloody show for two days prior to his birth three hours after his due date. So here is hoping baby isn't born into a pukey mess and that I don't get sick!


JMJ, I wish you luck! Those to do lists usually get done:) So exciting you sound like your in early labor!

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3timesamom, I'm not sure it's early labor yet, but it's definitely something.  It could be days or weeks still, but we'll see.  You, on the other hand, sound like you're about there!  So exciting!  ...and so crazy a time you're having!  Somehow, it will all turn out.  Let us know how it goes.

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JMJ- oh my gosh yes!  Since last week contractions are way more crampy, and I keep going back and forth between wanting the baby to come and panicking because I haven't sewn enough diapers.  I feel crazy, not to mention exhausted.   Night time is when I get the worst ones, doesn't help feeling exhausted. 


3timesamom-  so exciting!  Not cool that your midwife is sick, hopefully you have a few days and she can get well.  

My dh puked this am... not NOW please!

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How long do you ladies plan to wait to announce the birth? 


Opinions on how long is too long? 

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I am just going to wait until we've all had a good sleep. My mom has already told me to call her as SOON as that baby is born. 3am, midnight whatever! I thought to myself NOPE, I am going to get rest before I stay up and enertain.  As everyone else goes definitly sometime after my mom knows.


I have to say hearing the midwife is sick and watching my husband walk around with a juicy juice bottle with hot water against his aching belly doesn't make me want labor much! LOL All cramps and contractions are minimal at this point and I think that is why. Not to mention having a bunch of people home (especially the one who played sick!) is NOT relaxing and conducsive to labor.


Nothing new to report. I wonder what today or this evening will bring??

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Well, 3timesamom, you were right after all!  DS was born last night... on a tarp next to the empty pool.... and my midwife got there just in time to deliver the placenta....

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JMJ YAY!!! Congrats! Sounds like it went pretty fast!


Nothing new here still. I have to say though I never have daytime babies and sitting here babysitting and being harrassed to the point of not being able to finish a 40 min episode is NOT condusive to labor and birth. I need it quiet!

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Congratulations JMJ, sounds like an exciting birth story =)

3times - hope things are going well for you, labor or not!

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Wow, congrats on your baby JMJ!


I get the worst contractions late at night and feel restless and "funny" too.  I would prefer to go into labour in the AM after I've had a bit of a sleep :-)


3times, I'm sorry for the sickness at your place at the moment, and your midwife.  I hope things improve for you very soon.


Everlong, we are going to announce straight away to our close friends and family and then tell them "share it"  lol.

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Congratulations, JMJ!!


Lizziemum- I've been feeling funny too. In fact, I felt so crampy yesterday morning that I figured I'd better go out and get some errands done at the expense of the plans I had for yesterday. Everything calms down a lot in the middle of the day and no bloody show. I just keep trying to keep calm and remind myself even if this is really my body getting ready it could still be a while. I would prefer labor in the AM just because I'm Catholic and I have this deep desire to go to Mass at the beginning of labor, they have Mass daily M-F at 7:45am. Seems kind of silly since I probably wouldn't even make it to Mass and would think it a terrible idea once I'm actually in labor, but I can dream for now haha.


3timesmom- I hope everyone feels better soon! My stomach has been upset too and I'm beginning to wonder if I'm just overdoing the cow's milk products or if I'm actually getting ready (but, like I said, no bloody show)


Everlong- My DH will probably send out a text, perhaps with a picture since our parents and siblings all have texting. They'll probably be waiting anxiously knowing that I'm in labor since we'll tell them that too. I think it's just a matter of preference. If you want privacy, then have privacy. Partly, I know it will be as simple as that for us and no one will be running over to immediately bother us except maybe my Mom with DD1 and DD2 which is different to me. If we had to deal with intrusiveness, I guess we'd handle it differently.



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MommyBecky, what an awesome thing it would be to go to Mass in early labor!  With DD, I went into labor on a Sunday morning, and my midwife convinced me that I shouldn't go to Mass, so I stayed home, but when I was still in labor in the evening with nothing really different, I ended up going to the Sunday evening Mass and sitting on a couch in the gathering space.  There was a visiting priest who gave me a blessing just before I headed out and then had the baby in the middle of the night.  It is a really treasured memory.  Obviously, I didn't get that chance this time, but I did make it to Confession a couple days earlier, and my penance was prayers for "all those people who will be helping you deliver that baby."  Good thing I said those prayers.  DH and DD had a lot of work ahead of them.


I hope things go well for all of you, and I'm anxious to hear about the new babies.  I'm amused by all the talk of bloody show.  I had that about half an hour before my baby was born.  I was also only having 30 second contractions.  The only reason my midwife was even on her way was because she never got me the pool that we were planning to use and the supplies to fill it, and I was telling her that I wanted to get in it.  Overall, it was a very, very easy labor.  30 second contractions are a lot easier to cope with than longer ones.  Recovery has been difficult, though.  My midwife had to fix a tear, I'm still pretty swollen, and my hips are pretty bad off again.  I wish you all as easy labors and much easier recoveries.

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Originally Posted by JMJ View Post

Well, 3timesamom, you were right after all!  DS was born last night... on a tarp next to the empty pool.... and my midwife got there just in time to deliver the placenta....

Woohoo!  Congratulations!  Can't wait to hear about it :)

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Well no bloody show or plugs here but lots of discharge and the baby feels like it's trying to screw it's head down into my pelvis.  It is pretty painful.  I feel crampy, but prodomal contractions are random and very short, like 10-30 seconds.    I am 3cm and nearly 100% effaced so that's a good start at least.  Sigh,  I'll be working on more diapers to keep my mind busy for a few days. 

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Everlong keep us posted!!!


Mommybecky I never had bloody show with DD (induced though) and DS 1. So it doesn't really matter if you do have it! LOL


JMJ I hope life is good with a newborn!


AFM, Sorry I have been MIA. Emily Sue was born March 14th at 259am:) So I have been busy and not able to get to the computer and use the keys;)


I awoke on Monday the 12th with bloody show and cramping. Despite my vomiting daughter and ill husband I was hopeful and excited.DD and DH were both quite ill however and then even the midwife proclaimed she was sick. So nothing changed on the 13th either. I am sure I annoyed my dear friends which they didn't seem to mind much.

suddenly I recieved a kick at 1130pm march 13th that moved things along. perhaps she did kick, perhaps it was just my water breaking but suddenly I was soaked and sure I wasn't peeing myself!

I proceeded to time contractions that were instantly 3-4 min apart. They were painful enough that I called the midwife. I busied myself with preperations for our homebirth to come. I let Justin sleep because in my crazy mind this might NOT be real! LOL

The midwife came at 1249pm and she busied herself with her own preperations. She left me to do what I wanted and made sure I had drinks and a back rub during most contractions. They were frequent so that must have been hard.

Before I knew it the pain increased along with frequency. The midwife and her assistant were starting to pay more attention to me. They began asking me if I wanted Justin. I still maintained this might not happen! Once I got up to pee I came back to stand at the table unable to walk through contractions. They decided that they would over ride me and woke Justin. Justin came down to get his report and kept marveling that he had NO idea I was having the baby.

We moved to the birth pool and things moved quickly. At first the water was a relief but then the urge to push became so much I tried to get out of that pool! I was suddenly going from "Oh, Oh, Oh's to GROWLING and seriously trying to claw my way out of that pool! That is when I realized it was the urge to push! I had NEVER been checked not during pregnancy, labor or even to tell me to push! Yet I knew! I pushed on the next contraction and out was her head. I could feel it with my hands and for a moment only I knew she was coming! I told the midwife "You know the babies head is out." She said she didn't! She then told me to deliver the shoulders and on the next contraction I did.

Everything becomes blurry there because it was fast. I had to get up because the cord was short so that we could bring her out of the water. We sat in the pool trying to clamp her short cord because no one could get a look at who she was! As soon as we could I looked and Justin proclaimed that "Its Emily!" At 2:59am march 14th Emily Sue was born at home.

Everything was cleaned up, we were tucked in and Emily nursed off to sleep easily.

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Awesome!  Congratulations 3times!  That is so cool that you were the one to catch your babe! 

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It was a very awesome experience! DH really liked it too. And to think I had to convince him to do this!

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