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Congratulations, 3timesmom!!!


As for the bloody show, I still don't have one, I just remember that happening last time a day or two before the DD2 came. I know I could never even see it or notice it, but I'm trying to stay calm. Last pregnancy I would cry at the end of the day at 38wks+ because I wasn't in labor LOL. I'm pretty ok with the idea of waiting till my due date (March 25-26th). I'm just trying to be open to however it needs to go this time. Last labor was painful and I think it was a combo of not letting go/being a control freak and letting too many nurses in the room who chatted AND "nicely" communicated to my DH that he didn't know what he was doing and there was nothing he could do to help me so just give up. Different hospital this time, MW this time and I told DH not to hesitate to tell THEM to buzz off.


3timesmom- I was thinking of you this weekend when I was awoken by my daughter telling me she heard water running in the bathroom. I realized DH was not in bed. He was in the bathroom horribly sick. Sicker than I've ever seen. He ended up with meds to stop the puking. All I could think was "wait, baby!" especially since I ended up on the couch afraid to move for fear I'd puke. I made it!! I was so afraid I'd get as sick as he was and end up in the hospital and "have to" a c-s or something. But I kept reminding myself "pray, hope and don't worry" and praying made me feel like I could make it. I definitely learned that I should at least try praying during labor, it was so helpful with the stomach pain yesterday.

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Oh I hope your husband is feeling better! Boy your due date is coming right up! How are you feeling? Do you have a long baby nesting list??


JMJ, did you write a birth story yet?? I have been patiently waiting for this tarp story in more detail! I was telling the midwife about you:)

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What is everyone sick with?  My dh has had 2 bouts of vomiting and diarrhea (spaced  1 week apart) but no one else is sick.  

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UGH I don't know. I keep waiting for the boys to get it. Or me:(

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JMJ- I forgot to tell you, I thought I was going into labor on Saturday and was really psyched because I'd been to Mass. Turned out it was that darn stomach bug.

DD1 ended up with it yesterday, but was better by the evening. She's singing in "the learning center" (she renamed the classroom, so cute) right now.


3timesmom- I am crazy nesting. I moved beds into different rooms yesterday (no frames, just light mattresses), swept, mopped and started cleaning out the classroom. I hope I have the energy to continue today. I was kind of surprised to wake up with no labor this morning after that crazy cleaning yesterday. It's good though if I can eek out another day of cleaning because I'm not done! I'm pretty sure I could say that every day for a month, though. I was literally out of breath and sweating yesterday. I have not been that motivated in forever. It's the kind of stuff you dream of getting done but never happens.


Losing my plug and having painless ctx.


I fell in the shower this morning, so babes must stay put till I get to the chiro tomorrow morning, I DO NOT want to labor with this back! But, life WILL go on if that's how it ends up. I really can't imagine laboring before my EDD, even though I've never before made it to my EDD. Birth seems imminent but so far off at the same time. So strange. My poor DH is the one losing it this time "AGH, I wish we just knew when we were going to have the baby!" I feel the same way but in a calm sort of way. Strange. My fall has put the baby in a weird position that is very uncomfy. Wish I could go to the chiro today.


Good luck, everyone!

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MommyBecky - Hope you get your back right and are able to keep on with your nesting =).  Isn't it amazing the energy and motivation surge you get!  Be careful and don't tire yourself out too much!

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sh118- Thanks! I forgot to mention I also took a 2 hr nap yesterday, then did all of that! I was super tired that night, but then couldn't sleep for quite a while... which was another reason I was surprised to wake up entirely pregnant and not laboring this morning.  I've kind of become chill "oh, it'll work out" in the past few weeks. BUT I was thinking yesterday "I hope I don't overdo it and then go into labor exhausted!"

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3timesamom, I'm still working on the birth story.... I'm wordy, and I've been up to other things.


MommyBecky, I hope the chiropractor is able to fix your back and get your baby in a better position. It's hard to see how things are going to all play out, but somehow, everything will work! All that organization that I was hoping would get done long before the baby is getting done right now. When you think about it, it sounds like a terrible way to spend my time postpartum, but I've got my MIL in town for the past week, FIL just got into town, and mother is coming Friday, so there's a lot of people working on everything that needs to get done, and I'm able to just do a little bit at a time as I feel like it. I'll have at least one extra person around for almost the whole first month of my baby's life. Most of the organization is DH's stuff, so he's the one who'se got to do it anyway, and he's off work, and his mother is motivating him to do it. In-laws are paying for a carpet cleaning for us next week, so a lot of it has got to be done by then. It's actually quite exciting that it's getting done. By the time everybody goes home, I'm going to have a house that is much more organized and easier to keep, and I don't have to do it all!

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Mommy becky it doesn't sound like it will be long! LOL Honestly it sounds like your just waiting for you mind to feel ready.(IE got enough nesting done, maybe seen the chiro!)


JMJ, LOL Well I tried to keep it not so TMI. That meant cutting some words out;)


Miss Emily keeps having long nursing sections and then long naps in the late afternoon. That would be a nice nap time for me but I have 3yo:(


Hope everyone is great!

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Hey ladies! 


I'm so happy to announce our 3rd hbac, and 2nd unassisted birth of our 4th baby boy!!  Jasper Solomon Dahl was born early on Thursday morning after a pretty quick and intense labor.  I was having some irregular contractions for about 3 days before.  I woke up at 2:22 am with a monster contraction, went back to sleep but was uncomfortable and got up at 4am.  Me and dh scurried around the house like busy mice, getting the pool set up and the bed made.  We were laughing and and talking and taking little breaks for very randomly spaced, but intense contractions.  The kids slept the whole time and it was snowing (we haven't had hardly any snow!) the most beautiful blanket of huge white flakes.  I got in the tub at about 5:30 and had lots of intense contractions- and before we knew it I was (very involuntary) pushing what felt like a huge child out!  It was the hardest pushing phase by far, but once his head was born it was sweet relief.  I could feel he had a nuchal hand and after one more push out came his shoulders and I reached down and caught him only 4 hours later at 6:37am.   I have a few splits but nothing major and no stitches.   We are over the moon in love, he is sweet as pie and I'm feeling really good.  So far he nurses great and my milk is in abundance. 


 I hope to have a more detailed birth story soon.  Lots of love and well wishes to our still expecting moms... :)


Jasper 2 days old... 

8lbs 2oz, 22inches (long and skinny :) )


birth (38 of 38).jpg

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Awe congrats!!!! So exciting:)

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Soo cute...look at that smile!  congratulations, sounds like you had a wonderful birth.  Can't wait for the long version =).

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Thinking of mommy becky today.

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I'm jumping in on this thread a little bit late (seeming my due date is TOMORROW lol) But reading all these stories and seeing pics of beautiful newborns - congrats ladies!! - got me too excited to not post! I'm feeling like I am in limbo at the moment. On one hand, I am very aware that this baby could come anytime but on the other hand I hardly believe it and feel as though I'm just going to be pregnant forever. I've been having irregular Braxton Hicks, mostly at night, for the last week and a half or so. Dr says baby's head is engaged so now I'm just waiting waiting waiting. I've got most everything prepared but I'd like to give the house one last deep clean today, and maybe venture out to top up on groceries.

Can't wait to read more beautiful birth stories and see those scrumptious little babes!!!
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Well welcome! I a rocking Emily. Sorry short!

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Congratulations, Everlong!  He is absolutely adorable.  What a great pic!

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Thanks ladies :)

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