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Holy bleeping bleep. It would figure I finally join the infertility boards where I belonged all along and then here I go, possibly making an ass of myself by getting pregnant (possibly). I got a ghost line yesterday (Sunday). I was 10 dpo, peeing on a stick haphazardly in a portapotty at a renaissance festival. I watched it for 2 min, then got ADHD and left it in the car while I went into the faire. I came back to a faint little line hours later. Evap? Possible. However in all the last 3.5 yrs I've been peeing on sticks in desperation, I have never had one evap line on me. I retook the test and looked before 10 min and got the same line.

I have my blood test Monday with my RE. I am not getting my hopes up, and I am very detached from the situation. If I really am pregnant, I'll be shocked. And I'll also be a bit irritated, because I always hated it when people would come into my BSL thread, say "hello I'm so and so and I'm not pregnant yet lol we're on cycle 2 of trying" and then they get pregnant and leave. I didn't want to be the join-and-leave person here, of all places :( At least, while I might be a pathetic poster and seem pretty absent, I do lurk nearly every day I've been here since 2008.

I'm rambling now, sorry ladies. I'll keep everyone posted and I'll certainly keep you all in my thoughts!

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Wissa - I'm so glad that the u/s went well!!!  I agree.  We still have the right parts, which will allow us to get to our end goal.  

Gem - Oh boy.  I would expect O around March 17, but my cycles have been all wacky lately, so who knows anymore.  I get my blood checked on March 19 to see if I did O, and if so then I start my IVF cycle that night. 

Good for you for doing the research and listening to your gut.  What can they do for that?  I really have no familiarity with blood clotting issues.  Yeah for a good Beta!!!  I'll be stalking you over on the grads thread!  I'm so happy for you!!!  bouncy.gif  After the crap that everyone's been going through your story is like a reminder that there is hope!

cbaa - If the RE isn't right, then you need to find another one for sure.  Our first one that we did IVF with we didn't like.  It made it more difficult the second time around to choose one, but we refused to end up in that situation again.  I'm glad you're allowing yourself a sweet treat thumb.gif  We all have to sometimes to make it through all of this insanity that is IF.


Smiles - I think it's just about impossible not to put those feelings into that dark place.  Hang in there, it's OK to go there when you need to as long as you don't stay there. 


chica - I'm sorry about the temp drop angry.gif Stupid AF.  I hope you had lots of cake and enjoyed every minute of it!


Mexi - Oh how that rollercoaster is horrible.  And I like rollercoasters!  But the emotional one that comes with IF is so nasty.  I'm glad that your RE appt went good.  It's so exciting to start the next phase of the journey, hope tends to be a highlight during that time.  I hope it is for you as well.


Teresa - Acceptance, that's what it is!  That is progress if you ask me!!  The Shamanic healing sounds interesting.  I wonder why you feel so UGH afterwards?  Did he explain why that would happen?  Just a release of those feelings?  It's very interesting.... I think it's kinda neat that you saw the soul of your baby going into your belly. 


shesaidboom - I'm sorry that your clinic is so overloaded.  It's not fair, at all.  I know that the options are further, but what reviews are you looking at?  What about them isn't good?  Sometimes it's easy to see why some reviews weren't good, but that doesn't mean the clinic isn't good, you know?  The one clinic here that got the best reviews I HATED.  The comfort has to be there, you know?  In my case it wasn't that the other clinic got bad reviews, just not as 'glowing' as the first.  But to be honest, I think part of that may have been the doc himself.  The one I picked used to be at the first clinic I went to that I hated.  So who knows. 

kparker - Here's to hoping it's not just an evap line! 

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Kparker – Hoping to hear some great news!!!


Hope4light – Hope your body cooperates and you O and get to start your ivf as planned!!  I hear you on the wacky cycles mine are out to lunch too.


Wissa – Yeah for good ultrasound, I stalk you on the grads thread!


Gem – Whohooooooooo!!!!!!!  Great beta, so happy for you!!!!  You must have had a super long weekend, glad you got some great news.


Cbaa – I think you may be right and I did not ovulate at all.  AF light and seems to be almost over already, I don’t know if not oing would affect that or not.  Glad you are starting to feel better and enjoy that cream egg when the time comes!  And I love The Voice!!


Theresa – Your healing sounds really interesting.  Really neat about the part where you saw your baby being sucked into your belly.  I hope you feel back to normal soon.  I’m not sure what my next steps will be, I have been waiting a few weeks to find out when my ultrasound/ob apts will be and I am starting to think that my family doc forgot to set them up for me, I’m going to have to call and find out what is going on. 


My 2 cents on the baby aspirin.  After my first chemical I read about low dose aspirin and how it may aid in implantation so I started taking it faithfully.  2 months later I got prego with dd.  After dd I did not start taking the aspirin again and I had another chemical.  I do not know that it would have been a successful pregnancy had I been taking the aspirin or not and I could/almost did drive myself crazy wondering about it but needless to say I take it faithfully again.  Now I just need to get a bfp again to see what would happen.


Also, I’ve never had a future baby talk to me or experience anything like Teresa just did but the last few days I just have it in my head like a certainty that I will have a baby boy.

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chica - so sorry about your temps dropping. I would have cried too. Hugs to you sweetie.


cbaa - that cadbury cream egg sounds delicious to me right now! I would probably eat 10 of them! (see AFM below on HUNGER)


teresa - seeing your baby come into you out of a vial sounds super cool! Maybe it means you will conceive with the help of science (I consider all fertility meds and IUI's to be science so it could happen anytime)!


shesaidboom - cleaning the house sounds like an awesome way to pass time in the TWW!


kparker - That is so exciting!!!! Keep us posted! My favorite thing to do as threadkeep is moving people to graduates, I hope you're next!


hope - how did your HSG go?


smiles - hmm strange light AF? did you take another HPT recently? I've heard of people thinking they had a light AF when they were actually pregnant. Could it have been implantation bleeding?


AFM - well I've been feeling kind of like my brain is in a fog for the past few days, which doesn't surprise me because that's how I felt this time last month. At least I was prepared for the feeling of all my thoughts moving in slow motion this time so it doesn't bother me that much.


Aside from that, BOY AM I HUNGRY!!!!! That is something new this month. First I had that panic attack on Saturday when my breakfast was delayed due to my dad being an idiot. Then yesterday at work I had finished ALL my snacks for the day by 11am (I usually bring a variety of stuff to snack on throughout the day like fruits & nuts) so I had to go out and buy a bunch of snacks to make it through the afternoon. Today I brought twice as many snacks to work in order to avoid having the same problem. I usually start snacking around 10am (2 hours after I finish breakfast) but today I had a meeting from 10 to 11 and did not think to eat before the meeting or bring any food with me. From 10:30 onwards I thought I was going to DIE of hunger and I kept watching the clock which was moving SOOOOOOOO slowly and I couldn't think about anything besides food! I've honestly never felt so hungry in my life, it felt like I hadn't eaten in a week (even though I had my usual breakfast at 8am). The second the meeting ended my boss wanted to discuss some stuff with me but I ran out of the room because my head was spinning and I thought I was going to pass out if I didn't eat! In the next 5 minutes I devoured some cheese, a box of raisins, some carrot sticks, an apple, a banana and an orange... and I was still hungry after! Guess I will have to double my snacks again tomorrow! It took about 15-20 minutes after I ate before I could have a conversation with anyone because anytime someone would talk to me I would just start laughing because I didn't have a clue what they were saying to me and it just seemed like such a funny situation.

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Thank you guys so much. grouphug.gif I appreciate you all so much!


chica: I'm sorry about the temp drop :-( How was the cake though? I have a slice of cake on ice (not really on ice) waiting under my desk in a container.


cbaa: A Saint Paddy's BFP would be awesome :-)


teresa: Wow. Thank you for sharing those details! That sounds fascinating. How did you decide to get into this?


shesaidboom: Not intrusive at all! I'm definitely going to bring it up with my doctor and will keep taking the baby aspirin for now. I have a friend who had 2 back to back losses, her RE discovered blood clotting issues, and she was on baby aspirin and heparin (I think) her entire pregnancy. It's crazy how our bodies work for or against us sometimes. I wonder if the actual blood test(s) is/are expensive.


kparker: ROTFLMAO.gifat your post but !!!!!!!! keep us posted! How exciting!


hope4light: If the issue is mild then baby aspirin could be all you need. For more severe issues (like a friend of mine), you might need injections through the entire pregnancy. I think she had Heparin but for some reason Lovenox is in my head, don't know why. She had to inject herself in the stomach twice a day throughout the pregnancy and 2 weeks after the birth. Wow, I hope your cycle behaves itself. Come on March 19!


Smiles: Longest weekend ever! Thank you so much for sharing your aspirin experience. What pushed me to finally try it was a friend in another thread. She has had 2 back to back losses at 12-13 weeks. After the first loss, she started baby aspirin, then stopped it after she reached 12 weeks and lost the pregnancy the next day. She can't prove that's why, but she has a gut feeling about it. My other friend who had blood clotting issues took the aspirin her entire pregnancy (along with injections). Hopeful for your little boy.


Sourire: Hunger you say? That was a symptom I had before my BFP. Not saying, but just saying. whistling.gif





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kparker - Hope it's a real line


Sourire - I'm thinking the same thing Gem is!!!  Ohh!!

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Brichole - so glad to see you again! We've missed you! I hope March is a good month. $400 is a great haul to start off with, and what better way to hel your TTC odds than with a comfy new bed. :) 

Wissa - thanks so much for your comment about having a uterus and ovaries! So very true--even if this process is hard, and painful sometimes, it's still a process! We do have potential, and the fact that we're able to even TRY to conceive must seem like such a miracle for those who don't even have that as an option. 
Gemmine - I started doing Baby Asprin two days ago (too late for this cycle, but I figured I'd start), so I guess I'll just stay on it from now until I"m preggo and my Doctor tells me I can stop taking it. :) I'm glad you've got some cake to enjoy too, and cake on ice sounds pretty tasty, even if it's not technically cold (like a cake-sicle)!
cbaa - So bummed for you about all this frustration. I'm glad you got a fun treat, a new episode of The Voice, and hopefully a sweet time with your DH. You make me laugh; "Sugar, dairy and wheat me up!!" Love it! That's my philosophy, let's enjoy it while we can!
shesaidboom - thanks for all the good thoughts. I'm definitely feeling better this evening, and I know you guys have helped. I hope your waiting goes by quickly! Also, I forgot to mention last time that we had an outdoor wedding as well, and the rain stayed away until 5 minutes after we walked down the aisle and the ceremony ended. Then the skies broke open and it POURED! It was actually an amazing memory and everyone always said it was a blast. :) 
smilesarefree - thanks for sharing your experience with the baby asprin! It makes me hopeful. I know there's no "magic pill" but every little bit helps.
teresaresa - hope you're recovering from the intensity and headaches after your healing. Thanks for your virtual hug, and for raising your glass to a better today! 
kparker - gotta love irony! We'll be so excited for you on this BFP, hopefully your good luck will spread through the thread. :)
sourire - I see there's only a couple more days till test day, huh? Crazy emotions and hunger definitely sounds promising! My cycle may be done, but I'm going to be watching yours with much anticipation! Go sourire go!
AFM, well, temp dropped again today, and I had some spotting about an hour ago. So I guess I'm turning in my cards for the month. Yesterday truly, truly sucked. I'm so glad it's over, and I'm feeling a lot better right now. I really thought things were looking good for this cycle--our timing was great, temps were good, but it is what it is. 
I'm glad I got to deal with it yesterday, because tomorrow one of DH's old friends is coming to stay with us for 5 days, and I'll already feel kindof junky from the cramping, etc that AF usually brings. At least I feel like it's out of my system and I can start fresh (this time, armed with baby asprin). I'm also really going to get back on my routine of doing yoga, as well as avoiding sugar. I'd slacked off this month and I'm sure it didn't help. I did get to enjoy some delicious birthday cookies and ice cream yesterday, and that (along with all of your kind thoughts) helped a good bit.
The downside to no BFP this month (other than, of course, no BFP): my parents are coming to visit in April (first time in four years) and I was getting really excited about the idea of telling them in person.
The upside to no BFP: I realized that if we're moving in September (which is pretty set), that means I would have been 7 months pregnant, which probably wouldn't have been ideal for a transcontinental move, lol! 6 months pregnant, on the other hand...I think I could handle that. ;) I did realize that if we get a March BFP, it will be a late December due date! Not something we would have planned for, but at this point, I'm not being picky. :)
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I hope my good luck spreads, too! We all need to get out of here.

This was from this morning, within the proper time limit: http://i.imgur.com/SWPai.jpg

My RE never called me back when I called asking for an earlier bloodwork date. :(

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Kparker - Yay!!! Undeniable! And I, for one, know you from BSL, so I'm super excited for you! And you have been trying for a long, long time lady!

(Sorry I'm still sucking at personals. Posting from my phone.)
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Kparker- CONGRATS!! HOOORAAAYY!!!   I kinda feel like the same thing happened.  I finally stopped lurking, and joined, and got a bfp, though I'm convinced that finally getting a VIP account on FF is what finally gave me a bfp.  Anyways, everyone here has been supportive and expressed happiness. I'm just hoping to cheer everyone else on to their bfps in the next few weeks, just like they did for me.  When do you go in for your blood work?


Chica- I'm sorry about the bfn. :(  I was hoping for you, you sounded encouraged and hopeful...  It wouldn't be easy making a transcontinental move while super preggo, but I know you woulda taken it and been thrilled anyways.  It sucks. Can I ask you, did I miss it, where are you moving to?


Gem- I'm so THRILLED your numbers looks so great!  And I love having a dd buddy, and someone to head to the grad thread with!  I've been terrified one moment, and just so happy the next, and back again, so it's nice to have someone who's perhaps in the same place as me. Not that I wish the fear of pg after loss on ANY one, but I'm here to hold your hand, too, if you need me to.  :)


Sourire- I think extreme hunger is/was one of my first symptoms, too!  I'm so hoping for you!!! When do you test?


SheSaidBoom- I love the wedding blog, too.  The location is STUNNING! Is that your bouquet you're making with all the vintage flower jewelry?  I've never seen anything like it, but it's really beautiful!  Basically, I love the style of the whole event.  Really really cool.


Mexilady- I don't think I've said hello and welcome to you yet!  Hi!  I think I love Femara, and even hcg, as the first cycle I used both of these (without an IUI) I got a bfp!  Good luck, I hope it does the trick for you!! 


Teresaresa- The Shamanic healing sounds pretty amazing! I missed it, where did you find this healer?  I had some energy work done last cycle, and I swear it helped me get a bfp this month...


Cbaa- I hope you get to celebrate a bfp with your cadbury egg.  And I am another baby aspirin user.  I think it's helped me in the past, and I've tried to get my friend with endo to take it, too.  I've read good things about it for a variety of IF and health issues. 


KyGirl- Welcome!!  Hope your bfp is around the corner, and your stay on the infertility thread is short ;)


SilaMarila- I'm really sorry :(  I hope the plan for next cycle results in perfect follies and perfect conditions, and is followed in a bfp. 


OK, I have to get dd some breakfast and start some laundry here. I want to reply more in depth to everyone, but have to get started on the day here.  I want to thank you ALL so very deeply for your encouragement and support.  It means so very much, gives me strength and courage.  I knew I'd be nervous after a bfp, but didnt' realize that I'd be hit with moments/days of terror.  My first beta was 263 at 15 dpo, my second was yesterday at a week later, and was 4682!  That's a doubling rate of aprox 39 hours! I'm happy with that!  I go in next tuesday for my first u/s.  I'd like to wait until that before I get moved to graduates.  Every day, I am more confident and sure and positive, I'm just in a weird spot until I at least see a heart beat.  I. Can't. Wait. :)




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Kparker, Marmo - We all went through that period of, what if I join them and get my BFP, won't I look silly... but joining an IF thread means you have had your own journey, whether you are just starting with your first RE appointment, as I was when I started here, or whether you are 3 years into treatments and just praying some sort of change makes a difference. We are all lucky to have shared the short time with you that brought you to your BFPs. I promise you, I atleast, am happy to see anyone that has to enter this thread get a BFP becuase no matter how much I know of your journey or how much of it was spent here sharing with me or how 'close' we have become over the months, years, etc. Your BFPs give me hope that sometimes there is no reason that this cycle worked over the last 100 (feels like 100 sometimes, right??) and that means that for absolutely no reason, this cycle or the next or the next could work for me. I will certainly stalk to two of you (and Gemmine, but I've 'known' her for way too long now!), with as much cheer as I do everyone else! Congratulations!


chica- Don't we all have that list of pro's and con's for getting a BFP... of course, the pro of being pregnant always overcomes anything on the cons list! I'm glad at least you are seeing the sliver of light through the darkness, I will be cheering you on for the next round for sure. Hope you enjoy something sinful while AF is visiting!


Sourire- Hungry as a new 2ww sign sounds great!!! I can't wait for test day for you, come on BFP! Time to stock up on some cadbury eggs for you. It sounds like you are eating all healthy snacks though which is better than gorging on chips and soda and donuts, right!? So when you are don't eating you don't have to worry about a belly ache. I hope the hunger continues.... Eeeek!


smiles- Did you say you took a HPT already? When I had my annovulatory cycle my period was lighter but lasted like 7 days, almost like my estrogen kept rising and made my lining very thick but no progesterone just made it all shed, it was very thin and watery, not deep red like nice healthy period, also I had almost no cramps like always have. Interesting about your experience with baby aspirin... I was torn because some research shows NSAIDs can inhibit ovulation so I was worried the aspirin had interfered with my trigger shot, but so many of you seem to take it all month and not have a problem. I wish there were better research out there, I know companies don't like to spend money on research that doesn't hold a profit for them with the results... sigh...


hope4light- thanks for your advice! Sometimes I have trouble going with my gut because I feel like I would be offending them saying I wanted a new doctor. I always tell people 'you have to be your own advocate' but then I have such a hard time doing it for myself. I'm just too sensitive about other peoples feelings, even when I know they are valid and the other side is in the wrong. Luckily, DH being gone for 4 1/2 months gave me a great excuse to say we were taking a 'break' (hidden meaning- switching doctors). I do feel 100x more comfortable with my new doctor already, even after just 1 phone conversation. It helps that he was recommended by a friend who has the most amazing things to say about him. I wish I could share him with you all and I haven't even 'met' him yet! I am so glad you were able to find a new RE that you feel confident in and that you've got the ball rolling on your IVF cycle!


teresa- Your healing experience sounds so cool, how did you hear about this and find the healer? I'm sorry you are feeling the downfall after but hopefully as your body detoxifies you will start feeling better. No meat at all for 2 weeks- you must be trying lots of new cooking! The chocolate thing sounds hard too, I can only eat the ghiradelli chocolate chips, everything else has dairy... so I usually treat myself to 2 or 3 of thoes when I'm craving chocolate. 2 weeks will fly by though. Are you taking any meds this month? Does that mean your fasting with overlap with ovulation?


shesaidboom- Sounds like your 2ww has been very productive so far! I hope your ambition rubs off on me today! Is it possible you could see another doctor within the clinic you are going to? Sometimes just a fresh face can give you new perspective. It is so hurtful to look into your doctors eyes and be filled with the feeling that they don't have hope for you... You can do this, you will do this.


AFM- I need to follow suit with marmo and do some laundry/bathrooms/dishes as well as get my butt out of the house to get my eyebrows waxed, nails painted, and buy dog and cat food... all before my DH has to be picked up at 1:30... It is almost 11, so I'm in big trouble! I think I finally ovulated yesterday afternoon, my cervix was very soft and so open I could probably fit my pinky finger inside, I know that is was TMI but I have never had that before, and it was the day after IUI so I was freaked out that O would never happen... It had started to close up and get firm last night and then I had a glob of sticky CM right before bed that is usually my sign that the deal is closed, thank GOD. Welcome to the 2ww. I was feeling upset because I called my RE nurse at lunch to ask if it were possible to fail the trigger and she called me back and basically left me feeling stupid but not reassured. I just don't like feeling like a specimin, I mean at the least couldn't they have me in for blood work to check my progestone and E2 to see that it showed ovulation had occured... It is so cookie cutter, God Forbid they bend the rules to give me some peace of mind. I scheduled my beta but I'm going to test at home. If I don't plan on going back there, what does it matter to them. I won't be getting drugs next month anyway. So DH and I are planning a weekend trip to Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac in April, I have been dreaming of a trip to Quebec City for 2 years and it is finally going to happen. I am so excited. It will def. be after surgery too so I can really relax!!

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Dear March,


What's the deal, man? Why are you so cranky? Well guess what, I am going to get cranky too. I do not take well to people treating my friends like this. Because of Gemmine (!!!!!!!) and kparker  (!!!!!!!) , I am not gonna do anything just yet. But I better see some turnaround or else...you have been warned. 


Sincerely, gozal 


smile.gif Just wanted to give you all a little smile. I hate that things are so hard for so many right now. Please know I am thinking of each of you.

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kparker - that is a very convincing BFP! CONGRATS!


Marmo - Glad your beta numbers are so great! Can't wait to hear how your first ultrasound goes.


cbaa - oooh staying at Chateau Frontenac sounds really exciting. I lived in Quebec City for 3 years (I went to university there), it is very beautiful. I highly recommend doing a Ghost Tour of the city, I did one last summer and it was very entertaining. Funny thing is, DH and I always talk about planning a road trip to Boston. I've heard it's a great place to visit.


AFM - normally I would test on Saturday (15dpo) but I may cave and test a day early if there is sufficient evidence that I won't get another BFN. Things that I would consider good evidence: 

1) no spotting tomorrow (last 2 Crinone cycles I started spotting at 13dpo)

2) temp is high on Friday morning (last 2 Crinone cycles I had a small temp drop at 14dpo)

3) getting a + OPK!!!! I've been taking OPK's ever since the trigger and they've had no 2nd line at all since this weekend but I kept on testing every morning just for fun (ok I admit it I've been hoping to get a 2nd line so I could have an excuse to take an HPT haha). This morning my OPK was still 100% negative but you can bet that the second I see a 2nd line, no matter how faint, I will be taking a FRER.


Yeah and I'm still eating like a pig. A couple of hours ago I had a boiled egg but I tried to eat it way too fast (I was just too hungry to chew) so I practically swallowed it whole, and then it got stuck in my throat and I choked for like 5 mins.

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chica: I'm sorry the witch is here :-( but maybe your body is planning ahead for the move :-) Where are you moving? *baby aspirin high five*


kparker: Congratulations!!!!!!! joy.gifSo excited for you!


marmo: Great beta numbers! I'm so glad you joined the Rainbow thread too. And yay, another baby aspirin high five!


cbaa: Yaaay 2ww! Sounds like the IUI timing was perfect. Ooh Quebec City! That will be a lovely vacation, especially after your surgery.


Sourire: squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee---ok I won't fully squeal until I see no spotting tomorrow. And your temp. I'll be cool until then. Sheepish.gif





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Congrats Kparker! And I saw your siggy, was this an IUI cycle? We've been told we need IUI (when we ever get to that point) and I like hearing success stories!


Chica - Sorry AF has arrived. Ugh there have been so many (ok, like 4) times where I really wanted a BFP so I could tell my parents in person. I understand how you feel.


Marmo - I saw you over on the rainbow babies thread too. Congrats on a great beta!


Cbaa - I agree, sounds like good IUI timing! Last night I dreamed I had to have surgery in order to have a baby. I'm hoping it was just from reading your posts about your surgery. I've got the travel bug real bad right now. I just want to go somewhere! I'm sorry the nurse was a butt and couldn't give you any peace of mind or proof.


Sourire - I hope the hungries are a good thing for you! I know for me they aren't...but I'm hoping really hard for you! I'll be checking for an update tomorrow.


AFM - I still haven't started my Provera. I'm being wayyyy to hopeful I know it. I have to have completely lost it. It started out I waited a day so that if AF started right after my last dose I would be on CD3 the day of my appt with the new RE and could do baseline testing. Birthday sex last night, then today I had massive EW cm and think DH is the sexiest thing alive and we BD again. Plus the paper that came with the Clomid says you should expect to ovulate up to 12 days after the last dose (today) so I decided to give it it's full time just incase my follicles miracle grew. And it's a full moon tonight at like 1:30am. I'm sure I'll have a nice low temp in the morning and I'll now for sure I'm crazy. If so someone make me take my Provera tomorrow night.


ETA after I went back and read posts - thank you all for being upset about my cycle! I know DH and I wanted to start with the least invasive treatment we could if possible. But 50mg was what the RE suggested. I don't know if I should have asked about starting higher or what. Cbaa, I asked about any other options for this cycle and pretty much all they could tell me was that it was too late. I didn't think about the estrogen, but I guess it's too late to even do another round of Clomid. I need to just start a new cycle. Yeah I'm kind of ready for the new RE.



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Thanks everyone :)

Yes, this was our 4th IUI. I had a LOT of good feelings about this one, as well as weird coincidences that kept occurring from CD1 until my BFP. The first 3 I didn't "feel" it, so to speak. But it's been a year since the last 3 and I think I got my life in better order emotionally and physically, which I believe helps.

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Hi everyone, sorry I've been MIA. It's been an insane time at work so I haven't really been able to even stalk properly. I've gone through the last few days and I just wanted to give everyone a big hug...it's been so difficult and I'm so sorry. What a horrible month.


Gem, I'm so happy that everything is turning out ok though!! It's wonderful and definitely a ray of sunshine.


Sourire, come on BFP!!!


Cbaa, yah for ovulation but yuck for the nurse making you feel stupid. Oooh and what a wonderful vacation!


Theresa, shamanic healing sounds so interesting! Hope you're feeling better today.


Brichole, BIG HUGS!


Ok, I've exhausted my time. I'm going to be starting my next run of really busy days (working 12-14 hours including weekends is not a fun time anytime, but definitely not while pregnant) so I'll continue stalking. Hope everyone gets their BFPs soon!!


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Originally Posted by Sourire View Post

hope - how did your HSG go?


AFM - well I've been feeling kind of like my brain is in a fog for the past few days, which doesn't surprise me because that's how I felt this time last month. At least I was prepared for the feeling of all my thoughts moving in slow motion this time so it doesn't bother me that much.


Aside from that, BOY AM I HUNGRY!!!!! That is something new this month.

HSG went good - all clear!! Hmmmmm..... maybe it really is a BFP in hiding!!  Keeping my fingers crossed!!  I'm hoping to hear that there's no spotting, temp stays up, and the OPK shows a +!!  I WANT TO SEE A POSITIVE FRER FOR YOU!!!

Chica - I'm sorry hun.  Take this time and enjoy having a blast with old buddies!! 

kparker - congrats!!!

marmo - Tuesday seems sooooo far away.  We can't wait to hear how it goes.


cbaa - you hit the nail on the head.  We all have our own stories to tell, and we have all been down a long and winding road.  If that road leads someone to us right as they get their BFP - it doesn't matter.  We can still understand where they've come from, and that's an amazing feeling for a disease that is so often silent.  I wish it would happen to all of us - join in the discussions and get our BFP's right away!!

Great excuse for switching doctors!!  It is difficult to be your own advocate.  Especially in this situation - getting all hormonal so it's hard to tell if it's a real issue or just your hormones being crazy.  Reason why to listen to your gut through the hormone induced haze!!

Did you get everything done you needed to?

Gozal - I'm cracking up!!!  I think we'll let March know that we'll gang up on her if she doesn't straighten up and act right twins.gif


Sila - good for you hanging onto the hope - we need to remember that while hope is sometimes what hurts the most, it is also what allows us to continue on.

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Sila - I hope you do O on your own. If your EWCM was yesterday then possibly your O would be today and your temp would go up tomorrow morning - I hope that happens!


kparker - I'm so excited to hear another IUI success story! What meds were you on this cycle? Can you tell us more about the changes you've made in your life over the past year? We all love hearing what people did differently to succeed.


AFM - OPK was still super negative this morning. I was kind of worried about that but then I did some googling and saw that OPK's will usually turn positive a few days later than you would get a +HPT, and also that some people never get a +OPK even if their HPT's are super +++. Half of me doesn't believe I'll get a BFP... I got BFN's the last 20 cycles, why should this one be different? However I can easily imagine how upset I will be if I get a BFN especially since I had such high hopes for this cycle. Overall I'm just feeling really really scared today. I don't know if I can handle another BFN. It's just so hard.

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Gemmine...   Just popping in to congratulate you!!!! bouncy.gif

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