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Natural (ish) face cream and wash??

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Hi Mummies!

Looking for some recommendations for a good facial care product. I am switching from a long time clinique user and it has me paranoid that my skin is going to react weird. So far I think I would like to try Jurlique, Origins, or Kiehls. Any experience with these?

I know lots of you make your own, but I am far to lazy for that orngtongue.gif


Thanks for the suggestions!!

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We use honey.  Works great.  My teen just got rid of 5 seriously nasty pimples by just putting honey on them each day for 3 days.  Now she is also washing w/a bit of honey each day.  There is a whole thread about it here...For moisturizing, we use coconut oil.


Nothing to spend time making.  Just pure, natural, wonderful products.  My honey comes from my backyard.

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I use a Kiss My Face olive oil soap bar on my face (and body...makes showering very efficient and good for travel because a bar can't leak like a bottle of face wash.)

I use jojoba oil for moisturizer, even under mineral makeup. I'd like to use coconut oil, as it's cheaper to buy, but it seems to take forever to absorb on my face, and on the rare days I use makeup I can't wait that long. smile.gif
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I buy handmade soap on Etsy!  Yes, some of the soaps on there are very expensive, but if you search for "soap by the pound", you get better deals -- I found a seller near me who was offering four pounds of handmade soap (i.e., about 15 bars) for $25 including shipping!  That's 3 bars for $5, pretty much what you'd be paying for crappy commercial "soap" at the drugstore.


I know that there has been some bad press about resellers on Etsy recently -- personally, I buy only from sellers who offer custom work, which makes it much less likely that they're reselling someone else's product.  (The four pounds of soap I bought could be customized by color, fragrance, and whether you wanted the soap loaves pre-cut for you.)


And of course, you can make sure the ingredient list is included in the item listing, so you know if there's anything in the soap you're likely to be sensitive to.

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I make my own paste with baking soda, water and a few drops of lavender essential oil for fragrance. The baking soda is mild and gentle, yet still exfoliating. Best part is - this is SUPER cheap, green and chemical free! Works great all over the body, even on the underarms and lady parts :). I still smell and feel clean!

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Dr. Bronner's baby mild soap works for me.  I was concerned about using it b/c of dry skin, but it's not too drying.  DH uses the peppermint soap on his face (!--watch the eyes and not for kids!) and it works great for his oily complexion.  I follow with jojoba oil.  Every few weeks or just before my period, I wash my face with honey and baking soda mixed.  Works great!

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I've been using Karen's Botanicals skin care line and love it! I found them through EWG's database while I was searching for a gentle and non-toxic facial cleanser. All of Karen's products score, I think, between a 0-1 which is the safest I could find.

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When it's about face wash I choose Garnier gel. It's great! Before  found it I have read lots of cosmetics reviews. Garnier face wash is soft and doesn't make skin too dry.

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If you want something more natural, I would suggest trying gardenofwisdom (online shop). I've been using their products for the last three years, and it is the only skincare brand (and then I've tried a lot!) I with good consciousness recommend to other people of the following three reasons:


- As natural as can become, with a need to preserve the products.

- Have a "every person is unique and so is there skin" kind of philosophy. Which means Markey, the owner, creates a lot of different products for different purposes.

- For the quality you get (better than Clinique in my experience) you pay just a fraction of the cost of highend brands.


Personally, I love their majik coconut cream which I use together with a simple water mist and one of their HA serums (my skin needs extra hydration).


I wouldn't buy the cleanser from gardenofwisdom, though. Because they just...well, don't work for me. They aren't cleansing enough.


For a more natural cleanser, I would go with the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser. Lovely stuff, that works as make-up remover and cleanser all in one.

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I use honey to wash my face. Super easy and effective.


I make a fancy 'face serum' using a variety of oils for specific purposes. I recommend others just use either coconut oil or jojoba oil (or a mix of the two) -- depending on skin type (more VCO for drier skin; more jojoba for oilier skin). Leave your skin moist before applying a TINY amount. The oil works by keeping the skin moist, reducing evaporation.


Speaking of which, the best thing everyone can do for their skin is drink plenty of plain water every single day.

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If you want to ease into the homemade thing, I started by using Jason's Rosewater face and hand soap, Heritage Products Rosewater, and using up my existing face creams before switching to plain VCO (virgin coconut oil).

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I use a variation of the oil cleansing method with coconut oil. I rub coconut oil on my face before showering, and gently pat dry. It's so moisturizing that I only need water to wash my face in the morning. I've tried a lot of brands and products prior to this, always had to use a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer, but so far my skin is happier with just coconut oil. I used to have oily skin, that stopped when I stopped using facial products. Olive oil works for me too, but coconut oil is cheaper.


You might have to experiment with different things to find what works best for your skin. My skin reacted to honey, and I heard lots of people break out when they use coconut oil.

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Well Natural products are too good instead of using chemicalized products

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Origins has great products. They carry Dr. Wiels line which truly is incredible. They are a responsible company and are both owned by Estée Lauder. I have a personal friend who is an executive with that company and makes sure everything they do is ethical. Wonderful products! Truly.
I also love dr. Bronners soap diluted for my face and body. I buy a gallon every year. Coconut oil is also magical.
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