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Earthbag building

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Has anyone here done it?  Care to share pics?  Thoughts, tips, etc.?


We just had a spot dug out for an earthbag storm shelter.  We grow rocks on our property, and were thrilled to find a place we could dig into.  We dug into a hill, and then we will earth berm our shelter.  We plan to do the dome and then a cattle panel/chicken wire mesh followed by a cement stucco.  Then backfill. 



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Ok, so I'll post the pics I have since we started, lol!  We decided against the cement stucco on the outside, and are opting to cover the dome well w/plastic and sod right away.  Anyway, dh took a couple of days off work and we got a good start.



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Very nice photos. I have been researching earthbag homes on youtube. A couple good videos there. Good Luck, Hopefully i can get where you are within 3 years.

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Neat photos!  can't wait to see it complete!.  I've thought of this for a livestock shelter.

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I love the photos! What is the purpose of the building? I would like to build one, and use it as a storm shelter and root cellar. I will bookmark your page, and check for updates. This is something that I would like to do this year, so I'll look to your page for instruction.


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Thanks!  The purpose of the building is to be a storm shelter/root cellar.  Mostly storm shelter, though.  We'll keep provisions to last a week or so in case we get trapped.  Considering the tornadoes last week, we are in a hurry to complete this.  They were way too close to home (and all around my dh's workplace) for comfort.  At least he will know we are safe.  We'll have a NOAH weather radio in there, too. 


We worked on back filling what we've done so far on Saturday.  Sunday we took the day off, and starting tomorrow evening (urgent plans tonight concerning our meat rabbits) we plan to complete one course each night.  We'll be adding more door frame support, and our lower ventilation on either side of the door before we do the next course.  We did not get anything done last week because we got hit w/a flu bug (probably because we were so exhausted).  I will be sure to update the photos and welcome any and all questions.  We are so excited about this project!


I will also be updating on my FB page.  If you are interested in friending me for that purpose, pm me.

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Wow......love Earthbags....thanks for sharing

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It was wonderful seeing your photos!!  I think that is a fabulous idea for a storm shelter!  My mom lives in Oklahoma right near Woodward where that tornado took out so many homes.  We used to live just south of there before we moved back west.  I would have LOVED to have a storm shelter, and I really wish my mom had one! This is fabulous.  Great job!

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Love this!!  So cool!  Can't wait until we can escape from suburbia to the country :)

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Updated the photos as we've done some more work.  We ran out of bags so now we have to wait on the rest to get here (hopefully on Friday so we can finish this weekend maybe!)....


Greenmamato2....my mom lives in Comanche.  Her husband has all kinds of relatives in Woodward.  Scary.  The ones that hit Lancaster, Arlington, and Dallas were too close for me!  My SIL was in the one that hit Dallas. My dh was near the ones in Arlington.

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Heck yeah! That's so cool. I think it's awesome that you got the kids, family, and friends all involved too. Not only will you guys have some peace of mind, but you'll also have great memories of spending all that quality time together.

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Along a similar line are earthships made out of rammed earth but instead of in  bags recycled tires are used. Sorry if that is a bit off topic, how did I end up on this thread anyways...

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Yeah, we are definitely having alot of fun!  Helps to have friends who think "hanging out" is working our arses off, lol!  Um, a few beers and rural pizza delivery helps, too! 


I actually am hoping to meet in person a new acquaintance who lives nearby and right on her land her sis and bil are starting construction on a rammed earth tire home!  Very neat, esp. since we thought we were the only ones out here doing something like this. 

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Chicky2 - We lived in Comanche County in OK when we were there - Lawton specifically.  I definitely don't miss the weather!!!  Here's hoping both our families stay safe through the crazy weather!


Thanks for letting us know you updated your photos!  It is so neat to see the progress!  Hubby and I have started saving for our patch of land where we plan to build an earth-bag home. :)  We are enjoying looking at your progress quite a bit!

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Ok, so tomorrow is suppose to be spent working on the shelter allllll day.  That's what I wanted, lol.  We've been sick so we keep getting behind.  I should be updating again at the end of the week 'cause we're going on a mini vacation at the first of the week.  Anyway, yes, we are SOOOO close!  We have been back filling as we go and soon will get to stick the thick plastic over the top of the dome and cover the whole thing!  It's very exciting.


greenmamato2....I grew up going to Ft. Sill once a month to the commisary.  ;o)  My mom lives in Comanche, but that's in Stephens Co, south of Duncan. 

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I'm so excited to see the building. I keep checking this thread for updates lol. You have a vision and you're making it happen. So cool!

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Sorry for the delays!  Hubby got slammed at work, we went on a minivacation, and then got sickies in the house.  Plan is to work on it Thurs and Fri night, Sunday after a bee removal job, and after duck butchering on Monday.  Whew!

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comanche? tx? i would like to freind you on facebook, let me know how to ontact you please.

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Well, we haven't had time to work more on it lately, so it's on hold for a bit.  We had 2 vehicles break down at the same time.  wickedmama, pming ya.

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