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Mudhugger - all your foods sounded super yummy.  Do you think I could add some steel cut oats to the flax and chia seeds?  If I am using cow milk, should I mix it with the spices and keep that part in the fridge?  Do you keep the other stuff soaking on the counter?  For spices I'm just thinking cinnamon and nutmeg...is there another one or two I should add? 


Yeah, keep it in the fridge overnight like if you were doing baked oatmeal.  I think you could add steel cut oats-- I'd try it-- might be a bit starchy.  I have crazy aversion to grains and beans this pregnancy, so the primal diet is a life saver.  This hot cereal recipe is from Mark's Daily Apple, a primal blog.  (Awesome recipes, but probably not if you're vegetarian...)  Honestly, it takes me so long to get organized in the morning that I can put stuff to soak when I get up and then after chasing DS around and trying to get the day going, it's ready.  For spices I've added nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom.



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As evidenced by my migraine yesterday, I am still sucking at this.  (And maybe they aren't even migraines, but that's what they've always been called because I can see that stuff in my vision before I get the headache, but once the headache comes, it's not that much worse than a normal headache.  I'm not stuck in a dark room in bed or anything)


So, to keep myself accountable, I'm going to journal my food intake on here for a bit.  Anyone else that wants to keep track of what they are eating - feel free!



Breakfast - 2 12oz mugs of water and two slices of whole grain bread with peanut butter

Morning - 2 12oz mugs of water

Lunch - 2 12 oz mugs of water and two brown rice and black bean burritos with white shredded lettuce and shredded cheese on white tortillas - tomato sauce w/seasonings


Afternoon - More water, Diet Dr. Pepper, Greek Yogurt, Raspberries

Dinner - Huge Salad w/Ranch dressing, cheesy garlic biscuit, french fries, mashed potatoes (Ruby Tuesday has this *awesome* menu item now, the salad bar and 3 sides of your choice!  My perfect meal as I always wish I had fries and mashed potatoes to dip them in ;) )  2 Raspberry Lemonades and 1 water

Bedtime -  Water and a Russell Stover Vanilla Egg



Right now I still feel like I want to eat something sweet, but I'm going to wait until I get hungry and eat a greek yogurt and some raspberries.  We only have raspberries and clementines at the moment for fruit and not a lot of veggies either.  I'm going to Costco on Wednesday, so we'll get more fruit and greens then.  Tonight I'm going out for book club to a restaurant with a great salad bar, so I will load up on veggies there. 




3/13 - 3  - 18oz waters

B - 2 whole grain toast and peanut butter

L - 1 tortilla, mound of brown rice and black beans, sprinkle of cheese


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Some of you mamas are putting me to shame. We have some great fresh organic veggies in the fridge and all I want is meat (I'm practically a vegetarian), PB and citrus (like 12 oranges and mini-grapefruits daily)! Such a funky pregnancy. ----oh, and chocolate!


Since we have no meat at present (I'm trying to only eat local organic) I've got to branch out a little!


Cheers! I think everyone is making a great effort, I'm so impressed!


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