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New to Providence, RI

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We recently moved to Providence from Cincinnati and are looking for a moms group, playgroup or any recommended activites.  I have a 5 yo son and 2 yo daughter.  We'd love to get involved with any local folks looking to connect, play, chat.




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Hi csprunger! welcome to little Rhody. I too, am from the Cincy area! There is lots of great stuff for little ones in RI. I have an almost 2yr old boy and we do a lot of activities. I will personal message you later in the week so we can chat about a possible playdate. (I am actually headed back to Cincy this weekend for a visit so I will contact you when I return! Once again welcome!

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I'm hoping to move to RI this summer (currently in MA).  I'd be up for getting together but my son is 9!

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