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Is Boise Crunchy? Any MDC mama's in Boise?

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Long story short, I've been trying to become an RN for about three years now and my ex has gone out of his way to make sure I could not attent school and I've had to drop out three years in a row! So I left in December and moved in with my parents. Most nursing schools deadlines for next fall had allready passed or had tuition way out of my range. One public school that was still accepting applications was Boise State University. So I figured why not apply!

Well I know nothing about Boise but it looks like I might be moving there in May! If anyone is from the area and has any information on attachment parenting, vegans, cycling, yoga, public transit, cheap housing or BSU I would love to hear what you have to say about the area!


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There's definitely a crunchy scene in Boise, but you may have to seek it out at first.  IME it's rare to find somebody who thinks you're a freak for home-birthing (there are a lot of licensed, out-of-hospital midwives!), home-schooling, baby-wearing, buying CSA shares, etc.


Just to give you more of an idea of the "crunch" factor....the Holistic Moms Network, Treasure Valley Baby Wearers, and La Leche League in both Ada and Canyon County all active and running.  (I'm not sure how old your kid/s is/are).  If you're on Facebook (I'm not) you might do a search for these groups.  For a long time, the Boise Co-op (a misnomer because they don't involve their "members" in anything) was the only natural foods store, but Whole Foods and Huckleberry's are on their way, and Natural Grocer just opened. 


North Boise is the stereotypically crunchy area (old houses, lots of bike paths and parks, etc), but it's also the most expensive.  If you're renting and not buying, you may find some affordable options around campus.  The East Bench has also become really affordable, and it's centrally located...great if you won't be driving a lot or at all.  If we end up moving, we'll be looking to buy there.


I took some classes at BSU, but nothing in the nursing program.  The program is supposed to be pretty competitive, though...in a good way.  smile.gif  Public transit sucks unless you are living in the North, Northeast, downtown, East Bench, or parts of southeast Boise.  If you live too far from downtown, it's really slow and inefficient, at least IME.


There are plenty of bike paths, and the Greenbelt (a paved path that follows the Boise River), takes you right to the BSU campus!  I'm vegetarian and know a handful of veg*ns, but I don't know of any organized community.  Let me know if you hear of anything. 


Hope that helps!

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Cool, Boise seems to be just about as cruncy as the Seattle area (where I lived until December). Now I'm in CA at my parents and can't wait to move back north a bit! I'm actually moving up there with the hopes of becoming a CNM!

I love my CSA's I used to get a weekly basket from Terra Organics because they accepted food stamps. Do you know if any of the Boise area CSA's take foodstamps? I prefer local health food stores but sometimes shop at Whole Foods.

I'm thinking if I don't end up getting into campus family housing apartments at BSU I will end up renting a trailer in a park in Garden City (I have really bad credit). Is that a bad area or is it just lower income? I do not have a car so I would bike the five miles along the river. I'm big into cycle commuting and have a trailer for my kiddos to ride in.

I guess as long as I encounter a few veggies and can join  a CSA I'm not to concerned if there are other vegans around:)

Thanks a million for all the information. My daughter is 4.5 and my son is 1.5 by the way. How old are your little ones?

Be well

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Oh, wow.  Sorry.  I'm really bad about coming to this forum.


Here's a CSA that takes food stamps: http://www.idahorefugees.org/Home/Global_Gardens/Community_Supported_Agriculture__CSA_/


Honestly, I would look into the Boise Bench before Garden City.  It seems like any time I hear in the news about a dead body in the Boise River, it's in that area.  yikes.gif  Not that there are any serious ghettos or anything, but the Bench is more eclectic with everything from trailer parks to mansions, although you may find that after paying the monthly lot fee on the trailer that it's cheaper to rent a 2-bedroom apartment or house.  ETA: How picky landlord/ladies are about credit varies widely!  We have pretty good credit, but our landlady never asked about it when we moved here.  At other places we looked into, they wanted credit checks.  


My little ones are 2 and 5.  One on the way.  joy.gif  Keep me posted if you decide to move here! 

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Hey Turquesa,

I moved into an apartment a few blocks from the BSU campus last week! I am loving it! We are about a half mile from the library and Ann Morrison park. There is a Krishna temple right across the street where a couple of crunch mamas go. I ended up finding a sublease instead of going for a place that I would have to 'qualify' for and the landlord said that since I'm allready here I can stay with a lease after the sublet is up in July! The apartment complex is kind of loud and an older building but it is the closest thing to BSU that allows my big dog (I just got my dog and car back from my ex who went to jail). So if I get into the nursing program this fall I will stay here if I do't get in I might look for something different.

I have no food stamps left from before but I will get TAFI and Foodstamps in April and begin looking for a job as a nursing assistant. I called WIC today to make an appointment and am soo disappointed I can't get a vegan package like the WIC in Washington does. Do you know of any non-vax friendly peds that take state insurance? Or are at least affordable enough to get a Dr.'s signature when needed. I need to research the daycare/preschool laws pertaining to vax here since I didn't look in to it before taking the leap to move here! Hopefully we can meet up sometime in real life!

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For now, Idaho vax laws are pretty liberal. For now. Make sure to call the Dept. of Health and Welfare to figure out how to get your name OFF the statewide vax registry because just last year, it became an "opt-out" system.

For the exemption, you'll be told to fill out a form from the American Academy of Pediatrics. Idaho law does NOT require you to sign this, regardless of what anyone says, and I recommend that you either alter it and initial it to your liking..or just put a big X over it with your initials and write your own signed statement.. Exemption laws also apply to private schools and day cares.

Welcome to Boise! It sucks, but I think I'm about to move! lol.gif. I did learn about a really crunchy group for cloth diapering moms. I'll see if I can dig up some info on that for you, if you're interested! Congrats on the new place you found, too. Enjoy exploring. It really is a fun town. I'll pm you some peds when I'm back in town, although I'm not sure who takes Medicaid...
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Thanks a million for all the info! Too bad you might be leaving the area.

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I am in the boise areaish I live in a smaller town 20 miles from boise but I am frequently there. I have found a non vax doctor in meridian and he takes medicaid. Meridian Family Practice all the providers are really good but we intially  started seeing doctor butuck. There is also a baby wearing group that has been around for about a year and we are getting a good lending library there is also a cloth diaper group that is pretty crunchy all in all I would say boise is pretty crunchy and getting crunchy everyday. Good luck mama on your move. Would love to get to know you:)

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Mind if I join your thread instead of starting a new one? We are considering a move to Boise this fall. We've only been for a visit once. I'm thinking we could really enjoy the pace there. I am a baby wearing, cloth diapering, breast feeding mama of 3. My partner is a tattoo artist. He would be commuting back to the bay area every month. But I'm tired of the pace here. I want more space and a big yard with chickens and goats. We may come out next month to start looking for a place. Any suggestions on areas? We need to be close to central Boise and the airport. We are probably looking to rent for now, but could buy if the price is right.
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I'm not sure if anyone is still on here, but I live in Seattle and my hubby and I are thinking of moving out to boise. Having like-minded moms around is very important to me. Also, I'm a birth doula and am wondering how the market of preggo natural mamas is out there. Any insight?
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Boise is quite NCB-friendly with quite a few natural mamas. You might want to get in touch with Treasure Valley Doulas for more details.
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I'm going to continue this thread if that's ok...I posted on here like 6 months ago. Time flies! Well my husband has accepted a job in north Boise. He starts in September. I'll be bringing my daughter (shes 18mo) in December. Any other tips about moving here with a little one? We are cloth diapering, baby wearing, cosleeping, AP family. I'm very nervous to be moving from Seattle...
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