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Bajingo Juice bring us Good Luck - TTC #1 in our 30s - March 2012

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Conceiving  #in  Our  30's March 2012 banana.gif

est. 2006

Last Month's Thread

  If You Would Like To Join, Welcome! 
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Anybody ready to update your age?

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Thank you for the new month, Lilac!


My temp dropped yesterday morning but no sign of AF yet. When I talked to my sister yesterday I told her my temp dropped and she said that there was still hope for this month. I flipped out at her- it really pushes my buttons when I do get some kind of yes or no for sure and then she turns it into a maybe (ah, sisters). Then DH and I went to dinner- it was date night and I needed bibimbap. I accidentally ordered the cold version, not the hot version, and I started crying at the table. I am kind of bummed out and haven't had the motivation to go to the gym and that's such a downward spiral for me. I feel like such a hot mess. Waiting for AF to show so I can just move on and start being hopeful for next month.

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Sorry about the tears, TeamViddy.  It is rough and when we see things like "oh, my temp dropped" to those of us who temp, we know it is no go sign, no baby that month.  False hope is just useless.


Trying to stay away from tears myself.  Last night I was crying over the news about that Chardon, OH shooting.  I know it happened days ago, but it is so sad.  I try to stay positive and it is hard work.  DH and I are having a couple over for supper tonight.  Should be fun.  Need to get cracking on house cleaning though.

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I'm 33 now :)

I was so happy to read about Chap and TT's visits to the REs, here's hoping you ladies get some answers and some superior medical care. xoxo



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LOL, I think you were 32 when you got your BFP, weren't you, boots?

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Well, my temp is up a bit today.  I wonder what tomorrow will bring!

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Team Viddy - I am sorry it wasn't your month.  irked.gif  I hope AF isn't too much of a beast!



Lilac - your chart is looking good!  



AFM - I got a new job starting in Sept. and will get new insurance.  I actually get a lot of choices of different kinds of plans and I am so hopeful that one of them covers IF/RE and maybe even IVF.  

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That is good news about health plans, PUH!


AFM, Not so sure about my cycle.  I had a high temp on 8 DPO, but yesterday and today the temps have been slowly dropping.  I will wait and see what happens tomorrow but I think this will be a negative month for me.

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Hi All:


Haven't been able to check out the rest of last month yet (can't even remember if I posted last month).  Anyway, could everyone please hope/pray for my sister? She's only 33 and has been in a coma since February 12.  They say if she comes out of it, she'll probably be blind. She has a six-year old that needs her as well as the rest of her family, including me.


I appreciate any good thoughts...


On a TTC note, I'm expecting AF today- hoping I don't get it so that our family can have something positive to think of.  If I get it, I'm going to be going in for a hysterosalpingogram (HSG) on the 13th, which isn't covered by insurance, so I'd save $1,500 if I ended up pregnant as I could avoid this.  Wish me luck!



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Lilac, my fingers are crossed for you!


AF is almost over and I need to remember to keep temping a habit. I think this is month six... I outlined my possible fertile window in our shared calendar. So far we've only gotten one BD in per fertile window, so this month I am hoping for more with advance planning (my sweet DH is a candles and music kind of guy). If we don't make it next month I will go in for more detailed thyroid testing since my Dr said I might have a subclinical issue. We have two sets of friends IRL who are on a similar schedule- one got pregnant right away and is well into her second trimester and the other has high hopes for this month. Hoping we can go through the process together.

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ErinBriana, I am the prayerful sort, so I will be sure to keep you sister in my prayers.  Also, I hope AF stays away for you! 


TeamViddy, the candles and music sound nice!  Way to keep the romance in the BDing!

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ErinBriana, I am the praying sort and will add your sister and your family.


TeamViddy, I hope your BFP comes soon so you can be on track with your friends.

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Well, it seems that this month is a no go - temp dropped to 96.23 degrees.  I will be making an appointment with my doctor again.

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Lilac, Sorry to hear-- I hope you can find out more this month :(

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hola.gif hi everyone !

can you please let me know how can I join the list above?


I am 30, TTCing for the first time since Feb 2012 :)

So far no AF....fingers crossed !!!  


I have not yet started charting or taking my temp....

kinda overwhelmed reading so many posts on this forum and educating myself with MDC acronyms!


but it is so much fun to be amongst u all and share this experience :)

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Welcome wantabeanbrat!  I added you to the front page.  Hopefully good things will happen for you shortly!


AFM, AF showed up this afternoon.  I am definitely going to get ahold of my doctor and see what I can do to better my health.

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thanks lilacvioletiris!

my HPT came negative this evening :(



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Sorry to hear that wantabeanbrat.  Now that I have charted for a year, I am pretty familiar with my cycle and I haven't tested since last May because fertilityfriend.com gives a potential test date and my temp always drop below my coverline before that date.  Keeps me from spending money on HPT when I am not pregnant.  Hopefully soon though.  Hopefully soon.

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Looking up this month! I am temping, I wrote my fertile window into our shared calendar so we'll have more time for romance, and DH is wearing his new, airier underpants. I think we've officially made the transition from "not preventing" to "trying to make a baby." Fingers crossed for a little holiday baby!

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