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What did your summer baby sleep in??

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We are expecting our second in the middle of July.  We plan on using a co-sleeping bassinet, then bed-sharing once baby has more head control.  We do have a/c, but have an older home which stays rather warm upstairs.  Our room averages 75-78 degrees, and a bit cooler when we have the windows open.  Let's assume no bedsharing right now, as I have a co-sleeper bassinet, but may change my mind depending on baby's needs.


What should I plan on baby sleeping in?  DS was a fall baby, so I just bundled him up in layers (onesie, footie pajamas), then a flannel swaddling blanket.  But now I'm worried about baby being too warm instead of too cold.  Is just a onesie enough if she'll be swaddled?

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My baby was born in late April, and we were still swaddling her through the summer. We used one of those knit cotton swaddle wraps, but I think the muslin swaddle blankets are even cooler. Usually she was just in a onesie, sometimes not anything but a diaper. She did sleep in a crib, though, so body heat from us wasn't a factor. We also ran a fan and air conditioning (because I was paranoid about her overheating)--we kept the AC at about 72, if I remember correctly. Maybe 73.

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Just a shirt or a onesie. And a diaper wink1.gif
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DS was born in July, he just wore a thin cotton onsie most of the time.

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I had three summer babies.  One was in a heat wave with no a/c....she obviously slept in just her diaper. ;)  The other two wore light-weight sleepers to bed, as we're now a/c users.  I swaddled the baby, who slept in a co-sleeper for a week or so before graduating to sleeping in bed with me.  At that point, baby sometimes got stripped out of the sleeper in the middle of the night if it got too warm.  Usually, though, the light sleeper was fine as we sleep with a light blanket in the summer.

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DS1 was a July baby. He just wore a onseie and snuggled with me. 

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Our June babies slept in a diaper and a wrap shirt, swaddled.

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DS was born mid august.  He would sleep in light material/cotton jammies and a swaddler.  He slept either in the cosleeper or the swing.

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My DD was born in late August and it was ferociously hot for the next two months.  She slept with us, wearing just a onesie most of the time, and swaddled only if it wasn't sweltering.  Usually I'd swaddle her in the middle of the night when it got cooler.

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DD was born the end of July but we keep it fairly cool in our house so she was usually in a short-sleeve onesie and cotton pants. When I swaddled her, I used the muslin swaddling blankets. She would get sweaty if swaddled in the flannel swaddling blankets.

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