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Dingoes Marching into Spring!

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Stolen from jo's intro a few months ago... p

"For mamas who run, walk, jog, wog, traipse, hop, skip, jump, or aspire to do any of those things, we are the Dingoes. Join us here for inspiration, commiseration, support, entertainment and community. Share your training challenges, your race reports, and discuss anything and everything--just like having a super-supportive IRL running group!

We also like to discuss biking, swimming, climbing, team sports and the million other things that come up, some of which we do to run better, some of which we do when we can't run, and some of which we just do.

All are welcome!

It is commonly known that Dingoes are a blahblah.gif bunch, but don't be intimidated. We love new members and cherish (ahem) the old ones, too."

It's March, hooray, spring is on the way! joy.gif
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Holy crap...4+ years as a dingo, and I just started my first thread. lol.gif

bbm~If you get addicted to mudrunning, I'm signed up for the 8am start of the mudathlon. Just sayin'. winky.gif

kerc~I think most of the major airlines are $75 per kiddo per leg. They usually won't let you book the last flight of the day, in case of delays or cancellations, but I would avoid any plane changes, if at all possible. Not only does it double the cost, but pretty much every horror story that you hear about unaccompanied minors happens when they have to change planes. I think my comfort zone is probably going to be in the 8-10 range, but with an older sib, I might be ok with younger.

sparkle~irked.gif Seriously? She should have to pay the extra $2k!

Speaking of mortgages, I just got off the phone with a friend (well, really more of an acquaintance) who does mortgages about refinancing mine. I'm required by our divorce agreement to get XH off the mortgage by the end of June. I really don't want to...my rate right now is RIDICULOUSLY low and is set to adjust lower on May 1, but alas...no choice. I will be interested to see what I qualify for.

Last day of super boring orientation is done. Computer training was SO painful today. And it's sad because we're not going to remember anything, it's going to take getting on the unit and actually using it to truly learn it. Oh well. Our trainer did the training that myself and the other girl in the birth center were supposed to do for 2 hours tomorrow in 20 minutes. Yep, 20 minutes. That was pretty cool. orngtongue.gif

rr~Another 3 miles this morning before orientation. Thank goodness I did it, because I really WOULD have fallen asleep in training if not for it. We'll see if I get one in tomorrow. I don't have to go in until 10, but I have to take DS to school at 8, get home, get a run in, shower, and get to work by 10, so I'm not so sure about that. Plus the fact that the weather is looking kind of crappy...
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I was reading the thread on my phone earlier today (I have given up on posting from the phone because I have too much to say) and thought "If it's not started by tonight when I get on the computer, I'll start the March thread... I'm glad you got to do it, gaye.


sparkle, congrats on the admission, even with the attached ambivalence. I know the feeling... hammer.gif to the mortgage woman. That's seriously uncool. People buying and selling houses have a gazillion deadlines and issues and stuff on their minds and it's the job of a decent mortgage broker and realtor to keep them in line on the important deadlines. 


kerc, I flew unaccompanied minor a lot as a kid, starting alone at 5 to fly up to spend a week or two with my dad on the fishing boat each summer. Alway direct flights, except once where I had a connection and a family friend met me for the transition and wait in the days of much lower airport security. Both of my sisters started flying alone at 5, too. The biggest challenge is having a kid assertive enough to talk to adult strangers about his/her needs: especially food and bathrooms. One sister peed her pants out of shyness, but I think that was our biggest UM challenge. Kids get treated amazingly well on the flights, usually get a tour of the cockpit and meet the pilot. It's a fun adventure if your kid is an adventurer. 


Mel, good luck with the doggy decisions grouphug.gif


Shanti, I'm glad you got a break and escape from the house. Sending lots of "healthy in March" vibes to your entire family!!


doctorjen, good to hear from you. Good luck with the final stretch of training for your half.


Nic, the job prospects sound good. I love that they want you enough to adjust their timetable!! House cleaner as gift sounds terrific.


BBM, I'm glad you got your run in despite a late husband. I'm lol.gif at the dingoes unleashed on him when they thought he made you miss your run! 


Geo, hooray for obvious testing results! And lol.gif at the radical agendas. 


real, have you ever hear this Beethoven podcast? I listened to it years ago, and my husband is using it in the course he's teaching on narrative this semester. It's an English course, but he wanted to demonstrate narratives in other (non-written) disciplines. He's also using a comic book and other non-entirely written mediums. Grrrr to no-nap J!


mommajb, sorry about the missed testing. 


jo, good luck with the flat hunting!


And to everyone: ass-holic (both short and long o forms) are now officially entered into my lexicon. Now to get them into the scrabble dictionary.


NRR- Thanks for the support about the jerk-face daughter. Relaying the story to my husband later, he confessed that he had introduced the term. Overhearing the conversation, my lovely not-quite-3 year old said "And I'm a big jerk face for calling mum a jerk face. And sometimes for not wearing my coat." She totally understands the dynamics of being a jerk lol.gif. The visit is going pretty well- two more nights here then we'll head home on Sunday. Other than one requisite meltdown from me about my husband's bachelor-style grocery shopping technique and his meltdown about my need to control the experience, we're doing okay.


We also had minor drama last night with the youngest and a major allergic reaction at bedtime. She found a stuffed animal in the guest bedroom that she pulled into bed with her and cuddled up to her face. I was getting frustrated with her fidgeting and unwillingness to lie still until I noticed that she was rubbing her very red eyes and blotchy swelling face. Some Benadryl and half an hour later and she settled down just fine. We're back to the immunologist in June, and will need to talk about environmental allergies instead of just food allergies now. I'm guessing dust...


I feel like I've had a test month of our future part-time homeschool/distributed learning plans for my oldest- she has been home two of the past three weeks, and if the planned teacher strike for next week happens we'll add another three days to that. We've been sick and on the road most of the time, but doing lots of fun reading/writing/drawing/music/math and general life learning stuff. 


RR- I tried a run on the treadmill here today, but it's not motorized and super stiff. When I stripped down to bare feet I could get it going a little bit, but waaaay too much effort for a decent run. I did some body weight strength training instead, and will run tomorrow since my husband doesn't teach on Fridays. On Tuesday I had a really fun interval run on my aunt's treadmill, playing a game of scrabble on the phone with my oldest daughter. She's just learning how to play, and sloooow, so I ran during her turns and walked when it was my turn to play. We played for 45 minutes that way, probably at about a 6-8min/1min interval. The unpredictable run intervals were a fun challenge- a couple I ran too quickly and was desperate for her to finish her turn!





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Subbing. Pretty bad night last night. bawling.gif

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Please PM me if you'd
like me to add something for you!

: dingo race list




mel38 - Cooper River Bridge Run 10k - March 31, 2012

realrellim - Redline 13.1 Westminster - April 7, 2012

doctorjen - Rock the Parkway half marathon - April 14, 2012

mel38 - TryCharleston Sprint Triathlon - April 21, 2012

bec - Indy Mini Half Marathon - May 5, 2012

MelW - GutBuster Trail Series Colliery Dam 12.5K, May 27, 2012

Nickarolaberry - Iron Horse Half Marathon - June 3, 2012

realrellim - Steamboat Marathon - June 3, 2012

realrellim - Run for Independence 5M - June 30, 2012

realrellim - Middle Park Half Marathon - July 7, 2012

tjsmama - Mudathlon, August 11, 2012

tjsmama -USAT Age Group Nationals, August 18, 2012

tjsmama -Rock n Roll Denver 1/2 Marathon, September 22, 2012

mel38 - Marine Corps Marathon - October 28, 2012

tjsmama - New York City Marathon - November 4, 2012




Other places to find the Dingos:

: cooking blog :

knitting blog

We have a private Yahoo group. Submit a request to join and mention your MDC
username in the request so we know who you are.

We also have a private location map. Send a PM to eksmom to get info
and join up.

Why are we called the Dingos?
See this post

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run.gif2012 Dingo Race Results partytime.gif


realrellim - Yeti Chase 10K - January 28, 2012 - 53:24 (PR!)

realrellim - Ralston Creek Half Marathon - February 12, 2012 - 2:00:43

mommajb - 10k - March 17, 2012 - 59:??

doctorjen - Diva Dash 5k - March 25, 2012 - 24:55

Mel38 - Cooper River Bridge Run 10k - March 31, 2012 - 1:03:29 (PR)



2010 Results

2011 Results


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grouphug.gif Nic.


Mel thanks.gif for taking over the race list!!!

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Two days in a row of skiing. WOOT!  And I'm so sore it hurts to raise my arm to lift my coffee ROTFLMAO.gifAnd my quads are screaming. This is all good. But sad that the snow might be gone in 4-5 days. So....I'm headed back out again either tonight or tomorrow.



Jury is still out on unaccompanied minors flying. Working out the details.



A few personals, not many because it's that kind of morning.






Refinancing. Ours went through for 15 years at 3%. We had 20% down and paid closing costs. And because the details are always so confusing in the process: we owe on a loan for the furnace, we owe a street repair assessment, and something else that we've not paid because the interest rates are all low. BUT we add those in and we had to have extra $$ at closing so that it would all go. But it's done now and we'll pay off our home 10 years sooner without changing the $$ much.


Mel: thanks for taking on the race list.


Shanti: the stories I hear about teenagers and chicken pox are what makes us decide to vaccinate our girls before middle school. That's the plan with our pediatrician -- either get it before then or vax. Hang in there lady!  And music too. YAY


Other mel: part time homeschool would be perfect for us in so many ways. But we just cannot do it. School isn't receptive. Ah well. My kids are thriving in the public school setting they are in.



Must write a few reports at work. see you all later.


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Yay!  March!!!


Mel38 ~ thanks so much for taking over the race list/results.  And Dr.Jen, thank you for all your work upkeeping both of those over the years orngbiggrin.gif.


MelW ~ the part-time homeschool sounds like a wonderful option.  I'm pretty sure that would work well for our family too.  Enjoy your last couple of days "inland"!


sparkle ~ good luck with the house!  I've sold houses countless times, and I always just pick up for the realtor.  She then usually has a million great ideas for me to implement (hanging pictures lower, taking down personal photos, moving some furniture around).  Don't go out of your way to make it perfect, but no dishes in the sink winky.gif.


Gaye ~ is today your first "real" day of work?  If so, have a GREAT one!  So looking forward to more crazy birth stories lol.gif.


RR ~ Pilates this morning, then a walk that was curtailed by tornado sirens.  Luckily, all we got was thunder, lighting, and some pretty good sized hail.


NRR ~ Heading to school to do library and help out with DS's art lesson.  Through the grapevine, I heard that the current library coordinator (a volunteer) is moving this summer and they are making her position paid!  If so, I'm totally applying for it!  It's basically overseeing all the parent volunteers and their training, doing bulletin boards, pulling books each week for a focus, and telling the "real" district librarian what we need at the school.  Plus I have a million great ideas that would make the library program at our school SO much better than it is orngbiggrin.gif.

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Re: the mortgage stuff. It's basically that we havent locked on the loan yet as it is so far out (90 days) and they only do it for 60 without fees). Well, we're trying to gauge the best time to lock the rate and pay whatever fees that means, but since rates and points change every day, we can miss a good possibility in 12 hours. The points went up from one day to the next so that one day we would pay $900 and the next it was $3000. I dont know what it is today, but its very stressful as the market seems to be going up, meaning that rates will go up, so maybe we should just suck it up and pay the $3000 for a lower rate... but what if it goes down next week. Aaaaaaaah

Kerc - That is an insanely low and wonderful interest rate thumb.gif Congrats. And joy.gif on the skiing and sore muscles

Nic - hug.gif and grouphug.gif Yahoo group?...

Jaygee - oooh I hope it opens up and you get it!!!

Plady - It is my dream to come your way and hang, kids or no kids. My bestie lives in Seattle, as well as another close friend, and you love.gif I havent seen my bestie in 5 years - we've both had 3rd kids in that time that we havent met disappointed.gif If I can make the money work on the other end of summer .... but then I might be a student by then bigeyes.gif

RR: 80 minutes bike/run intervals. Getting stronger and I think progesterone just dropped because I dont feel like Im made of lead and like I want to throttle....everyone, so it was a decent work-out

NRR: After busting my arse to get the house ready (and leaving 2 small jobs for dh, which he didnt even do irked.gif and which I had to rush home from the gym this a.m. to finish up irked.gif), the realtor cant come until this afternoon, when we will be packing to leave for C. Springs in a winter storm redface.gif
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No running today.  I've been babysitting DH, who had surgery on his shoulder.  Finally!!!  It has been a bit of a rough day for him, poor guy.  He's hooked up to a cold water machine that gives him constant cold for as long as he needs it (30-60 minutes at a time). He also has a catheter in his neck with a nerve block for the shoulder.  The good news is that he is, currently, in no pain, and the doctor said that there was nothing unexpected, and he was able to do everything that he needed to do.  I am very hopeful that he will actually recover and get his life back.  This has been a tough time.

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I ran 6+ miles two days in a row.  I gave myself tonight a 2 mile jog with a nice long walk back.  It was nice just looking around and really enjoying myself. There's this really neat house, more like a mansion, that always fascinates me.  It's in the country, has a cow pasture (with cows), and is just so beautiful.  I want to go inside so bad and just look around.


melW - Seriously! I was impressed by the verve of the dingo pique!


Nic - how're you?


I am so stoked, our children's librarian runs a homeschool group once a month. I asked her last month if there was any way we could do a tour of our local newspaper (it's a weekly paper), and she got it arranged!  I'm so excited.... I love our children's librarian, she is just amazing.

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jaygee~Nope, today was unit orientation. Sunday is my first shift on the floor!

geo~I thought of you today when I heard a radio commercial from a local jeweler talking about how scientists have discovered a planet made of diamond, but their buyers don't need to go light years away to find the perfect diamond for you. orngbiggrin.gif

My mortgage is an ARM currently at 3%, and set to adjust down to 2.875% on May 1. If I could get 3% again, I would be thrilled, but I wasn't super optimistic until I heard your rate, kerc. Maybe it's possible...

Today was a really good day. We spent the day on our unit, just getting to know where things are and how things run. It was so nice to have a day to feel things out a little before we actually start patient care. We spent over an hour just going over scheduling, how requests off and vacations work, and all that (very important) stuff. I have a schedule for the next 6 weeks, hooray! We'll be on nights for 4 weeks, days for 4 weeks, then probably back to nights for the duration (I hope). We'll be off orientation by the middle of May, and at that point, we're eligible for a night incentive plan, which basically means we get paid an extra $1000 every 3 months for working nights. How awesome is that? Everyone seems really nice so far. I'm starting to get excited, although really scared, too! We got out an hour or so early, which left me plenty of time to get to happy hour with my new coworkers. It's all about the really important stuff, ya know. winky.gif

Unfortunately, I did NOT get my run in this morning. I stayed up way too late reading last night, then couldn't bring myself to get up to get myself ready for a run before needing to get DS up and ready for school. I would have barely had time, anyway, so I'm ok with it. Tomorrow, I'm going to a new group run that a friend has been going to, "Dash and Dine". They meet every Saturday morning, run for an hour (or if they need more mileage, some meet earlier), then go to brunch. Totally my kind of group!
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Gaye ~ I'm glad your first day went well and you've got a schedule to work with now.  Have fun running and brunching with your new group.  That sounds like my kind of group as well... I just work for food these days it feels like. :)


Nic ~ How are you?  I'm thinking of you lots! <3


BBM ~ Way to go on the mileage!  Our librarian also does a special day with our homeschool group - usually a lesson on our theme for the month.  So nice!!!


bec ~ I hope your DH heals quick.


sparkle ~ Hugs!!


I got a new yoga DVD that goes in 10 minute segments - I'm stoked to try it out.  I'm going to do it after breakfast settles this morning. :)


Still no goat baby although she's been showing signs for a week.  I guess she's like most 2nd time mamas and her body knows what to do, and it's just taking its time.  I am hoping SOON though.  I am getting anxious!


It's gorgeous up here now since we got LOTS of snow.  Jo ~ You'll be happy to know it took J 4 hours to plow us out the other morning.  We got 12+ inches and today we just got another 3ish or so.  It's a winter wonderland all of a sudden.  We will have a wet spring and there is less worry about not enough moisture for growing a good garden here.  Whew!  Now I need to get my arse in gear and order seeds.  So glad the CSA is not on my list this year. :)

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The storms in Indiana/Kentucky/Ohio were at my still as yet unsold house. I spent so much time last night trying to figure out what happened and who died. greensad.gif I cannot do much for some but I can offer my vacant house to a couple of families while they sort out their lives. So, having done what I can I will get on with sunny southern CA Saturday plans.

No run today but I am looking forward to tomorrow's long run.

I thought I was going to post personals but my children are in need of some intensive parenting.eyesroll.gif
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I'm subbing here. I've forgotten to sub for the past couple of months and by the time I realized, the thread had gotten away from me. Hoping to keep up this month, I love reading about you ladies and your lives.

RE--ran my first HM in January with a finish time of 1:57:40. I am signed up for my second HM on.May 20th, hoping to beat that time.
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mommjab~greensad.gif I didn't realize the extent of the damage until I read the Cincinnati paper online tonight. I guess it missed everyone I know in the area, since I didn't really see much about it on FB. I hope all your friends are ok, and if there's a bright side to your house not having sold yet, I guess being able to shelter people is one, huh?

kitteh~Welcome back. Great 1/2 time!

My friends that were supposed to be going to the Dash and Dine group with me bailed, but I made myself go anyway, and I'm glad I did. I was way slower than everyone else, so I ran almost the whole thing by myself, but they were a nice group to hang out with at breakfast. It was SUPER windy all day today, and of course our out and back ran back into the wind. That was fun. Nonetheless, 5 miles done for my longest run in probably 3 months. Slowly working my way back up! Breakfast was tasty, and that's what matters! orngbiggrin.gif

DS is running a low-grade fever, coughing up a storm, and voluntarily went to bed early. I hope he perks up tomorrow so I don't have any tough decisions to make about work tomorrow night. greensad.gif
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Mommajb, I hope your friends and family are safe. grouphug.gif Do you know if there is a relief organization organizing supplies to be taken to those in need?


I am holding my own, with ups and downs. I kicked out 6 hard miles on the mill yesterday afternoon which I badly needed. It helped. I'll take it to the yahoo group at some point but am too raw and needy right now...don't want to whine so much.


Hoping for a good long run tomorrow, will be a bit off kilter as dh is on call and has to go early to the hospital, so I will get a late start. Somehow that always disrupts my mojo but nevertheless I will do it.


And for your amusement: picture my 3 adorable kids, playing happily in dd1's room, belting out the lyrics to some kind of McDonald's commercial rap..."I need a double cheese booger...."




(They have never had McD's, or a cheeseburger of any kind, as it's not kosher...but this was pretty hilarious).


Kitteh, great half time! (That's my goal time!)

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Oh, mommajb grouphug.gif. I think lending out your house is incredibly generous and I do believe that generosity will come back to you.


Gaye, hope the bub is feeling better tomorrow. A lot better.


JenLove, all those snow pics make me the smallest bit homesick for the weather. I have been homesick for everything but the weather since November when it magically became nice here. Looks like I should have another month to two of fab weather and then I'll be counting down. But all your posting--the barn boots, etc.--has me feeling it. Oh, I miss my farm.


That's a great time, kitteh--have fun with the next one!


bec, surgery sounds like a best case scenario outcome right now, and that is great. I hope his rehab is as straightforward as the surgery was, and that in no time your whole family is back in motion!


Plady, LOVE the house shots. Looks like home.


BBM, I don't know that I have a philosophy on teaching writing to kids. I think it is the same with everyone. With ds, I have to help him break things into steps just to get him working. If the job looks too big, complex or daunting he becomes paralyzed. So we do steps. With the writing itself, I think it is the same for kids and grown-ups. You want to understand as clearly as possible what you think/feel and the first round of writing is an exploration of that. Refinements enable you to really pinpoint your thinking and then make it understood by people living outside your head.


Geo, I think the only really finished Palm is Palm Jumeirah. We looked at villas and apartments there. It's not outrageously priced everywhere there, but I have a (probably overblown) fear of living someplace where evac would bottleneck. There's one way on and off, you know? And actually, there is a lot of shoddy construction there and lots of trouble with landlords and access to amenities being cut off to residents, and utilities being shut off for lack of payment. Big mess. I think Palm Jebel Ali is part done, and Palm Deira is under construction. I don't know the actual status of The World Islands. They are right off the coast from where I live, and I can see it, but I can't tell if it's progressing or what. Fingers crossed for a marina apartment.


JayGee, you sound really stoked about the possible library opportunity. I hope it happens for you!


sparkle, I am taking some vicarious enjoyment from your academic adventure. lurk.gif Congratulations!


MelW, at least you tried the TM and now you know. First thing I thought of with the stuffed animal was old cat or dog dander, but of course dust mites. Eww. I hope all is well now.


Worthless running weekend, but I finally recovered from the trip. Holy motion sickness and fatigue. Also, some ass-holism trouble about the house. And today, more Shamal winds, so maybe a walk on the beach and maybe just yoga in the house. And writing. Even though my submissions are shots in the dark, it makes me feel more legit as a writer, and that gives me some momentum. Two weeks now until my *other* BFF comes to visit...and hoping now that the time starts moving faster toward June! Dh has suggested maybe kids and I do Morocco with him en route home. I didn't respond very nicely. Maybe he could take the kids there and I could meet them at Casa airport or Charles de Gaulle or some such and take them the rest of the way home. demon.gif


I wish you all good days and great running.


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