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Hi mamas,

Finally subbing in. 


I've been reading along but it's been drama a-go-go here.  Loong story short is that dd has had not just the one bully but also a frenemy who has been acting sort of stalkerish and groping her.  I'd already mentioned to frenemy's mom that there had been too much unwanted hugging since that was how dd described it to me but later on dd clarified how she was hugging, with a butt squeeze and apparently this girl was also taking opportunities to touch dd's chest.  So, on Thursday it came to the teacher's attention when stalker complained that dd was acting mean and cranky toward her.  Dd explained that stalker had been 'hugging her inappropriately' a lot and just wanted her to stay away.  Teacher asked stalker if this was true, stalker denied it and then teacher told C that she just wasn't sure who to believe but that stalker had 'never lied to her before'.  So C of course heard that as an implication that she had been lying.  This just days after dd finally felt like she was being believed about bully #1.  So C was pretty distraught about it and we still haven't gotten together with the teacher to let her know how totally out of line we think that remark was since she is off-island for the weekend and Monday.  However, since dh and I are actually good friends with stalker's parents we sat down with mom and stalker today and made a formal agreement that the girls are not to be friends at all anymore.  That there is to be no contact whatsoever and they will be civil when they must interact but otherwise they should stay away from each other.  I thought it was ballsy of stalker to suggest that while hugging is out, maybe they could give each other high-fives sometimes?  Dd looked like she was about to throw up at that.  She was furious, rightly so, at the whole thing but at least the mom seemed to get how this was more serious than the average Susie-won't-stop-bugging-me complaint.

Now to follow up with the school and to let the teacher know in no uncertain terms that she needs to apologize to C for the implication that C had been lying simply because she didn't have prior knowledge of anything going on between them.   Honestly!  School is so freaking complicated these days!!!  WTF?



Nic - I hope you're holding together okay.  Don't forget that we don't mind 'whining' and we're here for you.


Mommajb - Wow, I'm so sorry that your house is necessary, that's terrible.  It's great that you can give support that way though.


Gaye - Hope ds dodges the bullet.


JenLove - goodvibes.gif for convenient kidding.


Bec - I hope your dh's convalescence is swift and painless (for you as well!)


Sparkle - Well, it looks like we'll be here!  I still have the Yosemite family camp place bookmarked but it looks like this summer we'll be building a barn/garage, not traveling.


Kitteh - What a great time for a first HM!!  Go you!


Kerc - Glad you got some quality ski time in.  I can't believe the winter is basically over and we still haven't gotten back out to snow since getting all our cheap gear in December!  Maybe an April daytrip.


Dr. Jen - Good to see you here!  You're running is incredible!  I'm inspired, you're just getting faster and faster!


RR: Nothing yesterday or today.  Yesterday I had a headache all day and was worried that I'd finally gotten the nasty bug that has been going around for a long time.  Today I felt better but still underpowered so I just let myself take it easy.  Just made it through the bloatingest time of the month without needing to go up a whole pants size. joy.gif But, must not rest on the laurels.  The dress I've been aiming for is pretty close.  Still not quite there.  I think it was really meant for someone with a much flatter chest so I'm considering having it altered.  It fits right everywhere except the last inch and a half of the zipper so I think it might not be a big deal to have to adjusted a bit.  Is that cheating?  In any case, I'll be back to it on Monday, I promise!


Sorry for missing some personals, I'm such a slow darn typer and my window is closing.





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Plady--wow, that's just awful. And honestly, I don't understand a teacher reacting that way. Regardless of who she might believe, a standard answer ought to be that there's no need to hug or touch each other during school, so if one kid says "don't touch me, please leave me alone" then the rest of the kids need to respect that. You'd think that would be a school policy, yk?

mommajb--I'm so sorry about your friends and the storms.

J finally fell asleep so I'm off to paint the dining room, part 2. Last night was part 1 in which I put on primer. Hopefully DH will arrive back from his business trip soon and help, as last night was all me.
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Plady ~ It shouldn't matter if anyone is lying in that situation, if it is brought to her attention about inappropriate touch she should've moved forward with it.  That is part of her job, legally.  Period.  I'm sorry for C in all of this.


Jo ~ I'm glad you're looking forward to a visitor, writing, and moving your body these days.  ((hugs))


Nic ~ I hop you got your run in this AM.


tjsmama~ How's T today?


kitteh ~ Welcome back!


mommajb ~ Hugs!!!


Early wake up here and busy day ahead.  We have to run to town for groceries, get hay for the goats from my brother, and a few other adds and ends.  I doubt I'll get in a workout besides barn chores - I did squeeze in yoga yesterday though. :)

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Plady, I'm just speechless. Honestly, the more stories like this I hear, the more I wonder just what the hell it is teachers think they're doing every day?! Throwing information at kids and not bothering to remember that the kids are human beings and their first and most IMPORTANT responsibility is to make a safe, secure, and pleasant (if not loving) environment! UGH. She has very seriously abrogated her mission and her responsibility to your dd -- and to the stalker for not making sure she is held accountable and taught the proper way to behave!




Good for you for being a mama bear and for dealing with it constructively and emphatically, and showing your girl that you will always stand up for her. 


Meantime, it's icy here out right now so I'm waiting a bit to go out for my long run til the temps creep up over freezing so I don't fall on my a$$. It rained yesterday on top of the mushy snow so it's all ice on the sidewalks, which means running in the road -- so the road has to not be icy!



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Nic - hug2.gifTo second what someone else said, we are here when you need us.  I don't think I've heard you whine once.  Not once. 


Plady - I would be going over the teacher's head on this.  This is seriously not all right.  I felt a little sick to my stomach reading about what is happening to C.  Both with bully and frenemy.  The teacher is dropping the ball in a horrible way.


DH update - He had a catheter with a nerve block that was supposed to come out this afternoon.  The catheter shifted yesterday and needed to come out right away (apparently, it was hitting a vein, which I found out is really bad).  The problem is that I was an hour away with DD2 at a dance convention (one that has been planned since September).  We were at the end of the day, and were just watching the dance competition, but we did have to miss that and we missed pizza out with the dance company so I could come home.  The pain had really started to spiral, so I really wanted to be here so he could take his heavier narcotics.  He was home alone with the 6 year old (almost 11 year old was at a birthday party).  6 year old helped him get the catheter out (she apparently was a rock star, and completely unflappable), get him set up with his ice machine, slings on and off, and disposed of all the things that needed disposing.  Anyway, we have a much better idea of how he reacts to the pain killers now, so I feel all right going back for the second day of the dance convention.  The kids have a playdate in a few hours, and it's a much shorter day. 


It's been a real joy watching my girl dance.  4 different dances in 4 different styles!  She is going to be performing the tap dance they are learning this afternoon.

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Plady - ugh! That kind of teacher response makes me so angry. I can't believe how clueless some people who spend so much time with kids can be about how kids work. Our girls had a teacher for four years between the two of them who never did get the bullying thing. She still treats me strangely when she sees me in the community and it struck me recently that she was probably one of those mean girls who never got caught because she knew how to charm the adults. Good for you to demand an apology from the teacher. 


Nick - hug2.gif


kerc - the irony of our whole shingles/chicken pox mess was that the day dd1 was diagnosed with shingles I was planning to schedule appointments for both girls to get the vaccine. dd1 had a mild case of chicken pox as a newborn and I wanted to be sure she was immune and since dd2 is in grade 6 and hadn't had it yet I wanted to vaccinate her as well because this was the cut off age for me in getting it naturally. The only good news is that our doctor said that it is actually better for them to have had it naturally - but I am having a hard time seeing that just now. Ask me when they have actually been well for a few weeks.


We had to take dd2 to in again because she was having trouble breathing the other night but she is okay now. My plan is for everyone to go to school starting tomorrow. They have all of next week off so unless there is vomit or a high fever, they need to go. I loved homeschooling when that was our plan but that isn't our plan any more and they need to get back and get back to work. I anticipate tomorrow morning being hard with dd1 so I am preparing myself already.


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My SS is amazing! Socks, an adorable hat (that I wore to deliver girl scout cookies with dd), and reading material.  I'm so lucky!


Shanti - ugh, that's my plan too is that when they get to middle school age look at a lot of the vax's.  


Plady - boo on the teacher.  People often just do not get the underlining messages they are sending.  I can see where this teacher may have felt between a rock and a hard place and was thinking out loud...but just don't DO IT! Keep your thoughts to yourself.  Meaning that because she didn't see it she doesn't know what to do...not that your daughter was lying. I hope that makes sense.   If a child makes a statement like that unless they are grossly devious (which is obvious to everyone around them usually), you believe them. Or at least set up the situation to protect them. Bah. People.


I had a good week of running, 30 miles for last week and 7 this morning.  I did learn that I no longer can drink. Dang. I had maybe 2 glasses of wine last night (over a 5 hour period) and I felt awful this morning.  No headache, just queasy.  Insane.


Had a date with ds this afternoon, we built a fire, read Geronimo Stilton (I hate Geronimo Stilton, I deserve serious mommy points here), and played Yahtzee - he beat me by 2 points.  We both got Yahtzee's. I never get a yahtzee, I'm very pleased with my game ;).


Hope all is well in dingoland, and my ss recipient, I'm sorry my lame-a@@ post office closes for lunch. It has wreaked havoc in sending packages out.

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Plady--So sorry your poor dd is going through this. I can't believe the teacher didn't address the situation properly, but I'm glad that you were able to.


Bec--sending healing vibes to your DH


Nic--I'm seriously in awe of you mamas who live in freezing cold places and still manage to get out for a run. I really think I'd wuss out and just sit inside all day. Good for you , hope the run was a good one (with no falling on your a$$)


Shanti--I haven't read about the shingles episode (still making my way through old, missed threads to catch up) but sending healing vibes your way! We were planning to just skip the chicken pox vax alltogether since it wasn't around out when I was a kid and i feel like chicken pox is no big deal. But it recently occurred to me that with all the kids being vaxxed, it might be hard to have dd naturally exposed to it! grr.


Babybugmama--I hate Geronimo Stilton too! I work with Kindergarteners and so many of them love it, and I find myself reading one of those damn books at least a few times a week. You definitely get mama points ++ for toughing it out!


RR--got in an easy 3 miles with Nike run club this morning. Took it kinda easy after yesterday's 7 miler. My mini-goal for March is to be consistent with my running/mileage, so I've promised myself that if I get out there and do three 20+ mile weeks, followed by a 16 mile cutback week, then I'll buy myself some cute, overpriced running gear. I'm actually considering a ruffle-butt skirt by lululemon. So last week was 20mpw, and this week should be 21. Three down, 18 more to go!

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My understanding of chicken pox is that as a rule, it isn't a big deal for kids to get it but it becomes a much bigger deal when adolescents and adults get it. ds was a toddler and even though he was covered in spots he wasn't that sick. dd1 was a newborn and it bothered me more than it bothered her. dd2 is only 12 and I have never seen her so wiped out, sick and depleted from anything before. It has been a month and she still isn't well. The spots are long gone but she tires really quickly and has little to no energy. The school has a policy that if your child is well enough to be at school then they are well enough to participate in gym class. We are going to request that she sit out of phys-ed this week and use the time to catch up on other work because any physical exertion will only fatigue her to the point of missing more school. That is what happened when she went back a week and a half ago - she had to run laps around the gym with everyone else after being in bed for 2.5 weeks and was so worn out she couldn't get up for nearly a week!


Shoot - I need to get another package off to my SS. I have loads of ideas but making them happen is never my strong point! 

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Kitteh, funny you should say that...we spent the last 2 years living in Florida and I am really struggling with the cold weather, and it is a 'mild' winter! Still, I feel so much better in every way when I run...there have only been a couple runs that I"ve really regretted going outside from the cold (really the wind). And I do probably one or two runs a week on the mill at the gym, mostly when I need to get it done early in the morning and it isn't really safe in the dark.


The run today was pretty good. AF arrived mid-run eyesroll.gif and although I don't (thankfully!) bleed like I used to, it still was kind of yuck. But my magic tights helped and I held a nice pace all the way through. I wore too many layers though; it's been one of those days that it is cold then it warms up, then it gets cold again. I didn't have to shed anything and carry but I definitely was a bit overwarm at times.


Just got home from the Purim carnival at the JCC and put a batch of hamantaschen (special Purim cookies) in the oven. Only problem is the dough is very crumbly and sticky at the same time and they are not staying in their triangular shapes. Oh well.



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Plady ~ hammer.gif to your DD's teacher.  I'm so sorry she's getting the bullying double-whammy and I hope the school deals with it properly from here on out.  BTW, your kitchen remodel pics on FB are amazing!  I know it's taken you a while, but I love the way it's turning out.


Nic ~ did you make the Hammentashen gluten-free?  So glad those magic tights are working for you (apparently in many ways!)  Nice run, Mama.  And grouphug.gif for all of the struggles you are enduring family wise.  You are not a complainer and never feel bad about sharing with your Dingo sisters.


Shanti ~ may the girls' return to school be uneventful and smooth tomorrow.


Kitteh ~ great time on your half!!!!  What do you do with kindergarteners?


RR ~ taking it easy this weekend, so nothing, but I've got plans to meet a friend for a walk/run tomorrow morning.


NRR ~ I've magically improved DD1's attitude and behavior by GIVING her more responsibility and teaching her to do some "adult" things.  I remembered the other day that my Mom started teaching me to bake when I was 8, so this afternoon we made pumpkin muffins together (without DD2, a very important point) and I let her do pretty much everything herself.  When we were done, she voluntarily cleaned the counters and vacuumed the kitchen floor joy.gif.  Tomorrow is a school holiday (Kasmir Pulaski Day in Illinois) so we're going to go swimming with friends in the afternoon.  DS and DD2 have friends over, and DD1 wants to sit and read with me, so it's time to grab The Hunger Games and get cozy on the sofa with my big girl!

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I feel like I am fighting a nasty virus and that totally sucks except that it means dh actually took all three kids out for a couple of hours. The silence of my home right now is so sweet, nothing but the sound of the wood stove and the dog snoring a little bit. This might be as healing for whatever is making me feel so sick as the vitamin C and the nap I just took. dh was a grump with the kids and left me feeling guilty for not coming along for the family time but he will be even grumpier if I get full-out sick and can't do what I normally do. I can't remember the last time I was at home alone for part of an evening. This may carry me through getting dd1 out of bed and ready for school tomorrow morning.

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Just back from Colorado Springs. Left Friday at 5p, finished the drive Sat. morning, landing at the site of the climbing comp. (youth Nationals) at noon-ish. Watched until 3, seeing two team-mates of DD1 (two boys), and the whole category of girls that she is in but that she is not as good as, hence not participating in Nationals (of the 15 girls in semi-finals, 6 were from the Boulder team). SO incredibly fun to watch.

Dh and I were grumbling a bit Friday as we had a lot of errands to run before leaving (picking up the car from the auto-body shop AT LAST - um, remember my accident!? - and returning the rental, and dropping the dog at the kennel. We literally threw all the stuff we brought on the trip in a big duffle bag in 15 minutes! "Why are we doing this?" But then being there and watching the kids climb was so exciting and inspirational.

Oh, and does anyone know who Lynn HIll is? Only one of the most famous climbers in the world. Climbed the nose of El Capitan (Yosemite valley) solo in one go - took 21 hours! She just happened to be standing next to me today. Oh, and yeah, she was wearing a sweatshirt for the Boulder team - I guess she is also a coach there eyesroll.gif

Today was finals. 10 competitors in each category (all 6 Boulder girls made the finals...although were not the best ones jaw.gif) The climbers who came in first were just other-worldly good. Just insane. The winner of the girls category that dd1 is in ("female youth D" - means they were born after 2001) - I dont know where she's from - was amazing. So it turned into a really fun weekend. Drove home the 5 hours this afternoon/evening, after the comp. was over wild.gif

Plady - disappointed.gif That is such a crushing thing to say to a kid. What a mis-step in the teachers part. I imagine she felt trapped in trying to solve the disagreement, but c'mon eyesroll.gif

Mamajb - so heartwrenching. Im sorry for the bad news

bec - I remember my college boyfriend had shoulder surgery and it was ... not exactly easy to nurse him afterward. I remember those ice water things, and all the meds, blech. I hope it all goes smoothly

RR: none. Bike/run planned for tomorrow
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Welcome home, sparkle. I'm glad the competition was worthwhile to watch. Makes me want to take my kids climbing again, though my youngest tells me that her real dream is to go heli-skiing. This from a kid who has never skied in her life, but saw it on tv in a restaurant during our trip and was fascinated and impressed with the possibility of the most extreme sport she's ever witnessed. I'm hoping I can leverage the new fascination into wearing mittens. It could work, right? lol.gif


BBM, way to rock the long runs, and the Geronimo Stilton. I don't like Geronimo Stilton much, but dislike Thea Stilton and the "Thea sisters" even more.


Plady, I would be sending the teacher a letter/email about the inappropriate response to your DD, about the (rock star mama) action taken and agreements made with the other girl and cc-ing the administration. And then I would be getting to boxing class and imagining the bullies and teacher at the other end of your punches irked.gif


kitteh, amazing half time! If I remember correctly you were aiming for sub-2, right? Welcome back!


nic hug2.gif


real, I hope you get your painting done (with assistance from DH!)


bec, wishing your husband a smooth recovery. I'm impressed with your DD's help with the nerve block catheter.


Shanti, I hope you're feeling better soon. I'm glad you finally got some time by yourself, but you deserve healthy "me-time", too!!


JayGee, have a terrific Kasmir Pulaski day (which I only know about because of last year's dingo conversation about it). Hooray for responsible DD and the improved mood/attitude!



RR- I did 40ish minutes on the road yesterday, "naked" (gps and watch-free). It was good to connect with how my body was feeling and was my longest road run since my hip injury last March. My hips say please don't run on the road, but in a minor ache instead of painful injury way. I'm grateful to be home to my snow-free trails, but I need to figure out some kind of childcare if I want to run for the next 6 weeks.


NRR- We made it home this evening, and kids were tired from a day of travel and easily went to bed. The teachers are on strike province-wide for three days this week so tomorrow will be a day to unwind at home and get organized. I'm back to work with my new 6 week clinical teaching contract starting Tuesday. I'll have the students 6:45-2:15. My MIL will be starting a new job after the first week, so I'm scrambling to figure out childcare. The 6-8 am stretch before daycare opens is the biggest challenge. I wonder if I can find an early rising high-school student who wants to do it- I can even offer up my guest room so they don't have to get up and come over in the morning. Our daycare is within walking distance (and only one block away from where the school bus picks up for the high-school). Must get on this tomorrow....






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Originally Posted by MelW View Post

NRR- We made it home this evening, and kids were tired from a day of travel and easily went to bed. The teachers are on strike province-wide for three days this week so tomorrow will be a day to unwind at home and get organized. I'm back to work with my new 6 week clinical teaching contract starting Tuesday. I'll have the students 6:45-2:15. My MIL will be starting a new job after the first week, so I'm scrambling to figure out childcare. The 6-8 am stretch before daycare opens is the biggest challenge. I wonder if I can find an early rising high-school student who wants to do it- I can even offer up my guest room so they don't have to get up and come over in the morning. Our daycare is within walking distance (and only one block away from where the school bus picks up for the high-school). Must get on this tomorrow....


What about a college student? Around here you can post an ad on the college's student employment page and get a decent response. It would be a fab. job for college students (minus the getting up early part) since it is done before classes start.


Debating: workout early or late? I think early. That way I can stay late at work and finish up those persnickety jobs. So now I'm hydrating, peeing, and getting out the door.



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Thank you Secret Sprinter!  heartbeat.gif blowkiss.gif  I LOVE the (PINK!) socks and pink honey stingers chews. YUM! You totally made my day!!!!


Which is good because Apple is telling me the screen crack in my macbook (which seems to have happened spontaneously as my computer never leaves my desk) is not covered under the warranty. I can still use the machine but it's really expensive to fix. Ugh.


On the up side, the kids' purim costumes seem to be complete. So that's good. Now I just have to buy some pretzels and some little snack baggies to put them in for the food gift bags.


Also I got new underwear today. Which does not sound like a big deal; however it is really, since mine were falling down. Actually I had kind of a potentially embarrassing moment yesterday on my long run which you all would appreciate. I wear the CWX compression tights JayGee gave me under a running skort (that is now way too big for me but has a drawstring) so my butt isn't hanging out for all the world to see. (Also it provides another layer of warmth, where it...ummm...counts redface.gif). So I"m running down the street (luckily a side street) when I feel something odd and look down...the string on the skirt had come undone and it was down around my knees. Sheepish.gif  Oops.



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Originally Posted by Nickarolaberry View Post

Which is good because Apple is telling me the screen crack in my macbook (which seems to have happened spontaneously as my computer never leaves my desk) is not covered under the warranty. I can still use the machine but it's really expensive to fix. Ugh.

easy solution, as long as you have a desk to work:  external monitor + keyboard. I bet you can get yourself set up for the price of a keyboard + mouse (? $40, less used), video adaptor (white do-dad that lets your mac talk to the cable that comes with the monitor) $15, and monitor (100-200 bucks from newegg.com). Admitedly, not free. But all that stuff, minus the video adaptor might even be less on craigslist.


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What do you mean, Kerc...use the macbook as just the computer 'mind' and then get another keyboard and monitor? I have a keyboard somewhere around here although it's a PC one...and we might even have an extra IBM monitor somewhere. That is a great idea!

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yeahthat.gif My husband uses his MacBook like this sometimes just for ergonomic and eyesight reasons. Easy and works well.


Nic, glad you're almost ready for Purim. What are the costumes? And hooray for new underwear winky.gif


kerc, did you get the early run in?


joy.gifThank you to my secret sprinter for a ton of Emergen-C for me and the kids, electrolyte powder, a bunch of tea (brewing as I type- Aztec Sweet Chili) and some really cute notebooks that look perfect for "to do" and shopping lists.


I got the childcare sorted out for the next four weeks. The woman who runs a before/after school care for the elementary school has agreed to do before/after for my oldest, and the early before for the youngest (she can drop her to her usual daycare provider at school drop-off). I'm lucky that the kids are usually early risers (6ish), so if I can quickly get them up and into clothes at 5:30 they can have breakfast and early morning play at her house. The following two weeks are Spring break here, since we've moved to a two week break connected with Easter and both regular daycare and the before/after school are full. I'll need to find a sitter for those two weeks.


No RR today, but beautiful sunny day had me out in the garden. I pruned the maple tree, cleaned up the front yard flower beds and sprayed the apple and pear trees for the fungus as prescribed by the master organic gardener. My neighbour passed me a *huge* bag of seeds- probably about 20 packages of all kinds of vegetables. Now I'm getting motivated to finish the transplanting from my back garden bed and finally have the yard ready for more food growing this spring treehugger.gif





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At the agency, we all had that setup at our desks with the macbooks, and just used them as laptops at home. Of course, we had swanky giant screens and flat keyboards and wireless mouse, but whatev. I miss my desk some days.


Not much running to report, between sandstorms and sudden busyness. Dh took me to Abu Dhabi yesterday where we met up with his colleague and colleague's wife. They drove us around the city and...we toured a school there. And I fell in love. A small, progressive school. Elementary was about the same size or smaller than kids' PS at home. Arts are fundamental. I saw kids in classrooms--several--and it was respectful, the tone was quiet. I saw kids rehearsing dance performances in hallways, boys and girls, and they were into it (several groups). I think this might be nerd school. I have apps filled out already and recommendations go to teachers today. And ds is very likely to get in easily, and that bumps dd in priority. So we now are looking for living quarters within walking distance to that school, and rethinking the plan once again.


And it's nerve-wracking but not in the same way as waiting for dh to let me pull the kids from their current school. So I am OK. Actually, it should be quite a step up to go from this town to that one. That one has real communities. It has art clubs and theatre groups. It's more permanent and less fast and furious.


Run depends once again on winds and dust.

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