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My dd has had 3 stomach bugs since September.  Every time no one else in the house has gotten it.  The first 2 times involved vomiting.  Not a ton, but maybe 3-4 bouts.  This time, she thought she would vomit, but didn't.  Every time she complained of stomach pain, and each time she has had a fever, nothing super high, but a definite fever like in the range 101.  Now the weird thing is that each time this stomach bug has started she has eaten blueberries the day before.  She has eaten blueberries at other times during this time period and not had these symptoms and it is not the case that she was overloaded on them when she did have the symptoms.  Her first episode involved her missing her allergist appt, and I noted the blueberries since they were very visible in her vomit.  I asked the allergist to test her for a blueberry allergy and it came up negative (I know this doesn't really mean anything, just thought I would throw that it).  Also of note is that she really acted sick.  She slept more, was pale and generally didn't look well.  So, what do you think?  Can an allergic reaction cause a child to have a fever?