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We're Pregnant!!!

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Well, we have a due date group!!! KateLove and I will be heading up this group which only means we report any "bad" behavior to the mods.


Why don't we introduce ourselves since we'll be "hanging out" for the next 9 months?


I'm Sarah, DH is Jeremy, and our DS Caden just turned 18 months last week. I stay at home with Caden, run the house, and FIX UP the house. Yep, we bought a fixer upper last year! I have a love/hate relationship with my house, my big garden and also with all the produce I spend hours processing to store. orngbiggrin.gif We live pretty naturally, making most of our food and such. 


DS was born at home and this baby will be also. We conceived on February 17 so this babe will arrive November 10, or as we're going to tell everyone "The middle of November". However, I was that vague with DS's due date (September 1 and I said the middle of September) and he came August 22, ten days before his official due date. We'll see what happens this time!


I'm happy, surprised TTC actually worked, and too busy to think about it much! This poor kid gets much less time in my thoughts than DS did. shy.gif Also, this will be our last kid so I'm trying to really savor everything about this experience. 


Happy 9 months!



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YAY!!!!! A ddc!!

Hi Sarah! Were you in the september 2010 ddc?? My daughter was born september 13th 2010 smile.gif your garden sounds divine! And you concieved on my birthday! Fun fun! Lol

My name is Amanda! I'm 26 and married to Zach who will be 27 on april fools day :P. We have four beautiful children our oldest is 6 and has autism, then we have two more little boys who are 3 and 4. And our little girl is 17months! We moved in to a new home in december and we love it!

I *think* we concieved on the 10th so I should be due Nov. 2nd. I have no idea if I will go late or early all three of my boys were born 2+ weeks early and lucy was 3 days "late".. so who knows! Haha. I have had 2 hospital births, 2 home births and I'm pretty sure we are doing a birth center this time..

My mother is going to be furious with me about this pregnancy.. I'm scared to tell her. greensad.gif other than that we are thrilled to meet this little bean!
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I'm Morgan, my DD is Q and she will be 20 months tomorrow. Tested positive this morning with a conception date of either 2/14 or 2/19. I'm still breastfeeding and my period never returned so it looks like we caught our first PP egg! I'm really surprised but so excited!

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Hi all, 


I'm 29 (I'll be 30 in May) and my partner is 30. I'm in a bit of an unusual situation in that this is my first pregnancy but not our first child--I have a stepdaughter who'll be 11 this month. My partner and my stepdaughter's mom were 18 when she got pregnant, and they broke up early in the pregnancy, so this will be my partner's first full experience of pregnancy and birth. It won't be my stepdaughter's first sibling--she has two younger half-siblings at her mom's. I met my partner when my SD was 4 and half. So there's an unconventional mix of new and old experiences, but a lot of it will be very new for me!! :)


We conceived on our 5th cycle trying (with charting). I think I'm due Nov. 7/8 based on my temperature shift date. I have no prior pregnancies to base predictions on, but I was born at 36 weeks and my brother at 38...do these things run in families? shrug.gif


I work part-time and I play music for fun. Glad to see there's another gardener here--I'm also very into gardening and food preservation. I've also got a bit of an anti-consumerist bent, and I'm hoping that having a baby won't be an excuse for a huge bunch of stuff to make its way into our house!


I'm also glad that all of you have gone through pregnancy before--I'll be looking to you for perspective!

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Hello, ladies.  I'd like to join, too.  My name is Mary, my dh is Jeff, and our daughter, who'll be 3 in May (!!!) is Adeline, or Addy.  After nearly 2 painful years of struggling to conceive, and 2 losses along the way (one at 5 weeks and the other at 7 with a d&c), we are hoping to welcome a new brother or sister to my dd in early November.  I'm excited, and also a little anxious at this point.  My first beta came back great, and Tuesday I go in for another, hoping it's doubled a few times.  My edd is either Nov 5 according to when we conceived/ovulation, or November 9 according to lmp.  Not that it makes a huge difference in the end, but considering we're seeing an RE right now, and monitoring it pretty closely, and then I'll still be considered 'high risk', I want to keep my early numbers and dates all straight for now, to preserve my sanity.  For right now I'm just trying to remind myself to enjoy every day I am pregnant, and telling this baby how much I love him or her, and how I hope I get to hold them one day.


Congratulations to you all! 

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I'm in too! I'm due either November 1 or November 3, depending on if it is calculated by LMP or ovulation date. We found out on 2/24.


I have a 7 year old daughter with my ex-husband, and have a 12 year old stepdaughter as well. We've been not preventing since this fall, and actively trying for about 4 months.


I had a hospital birth with a midwife with my daughter, and am hoping to have a homebirth this time. Right now we live in Chicago, but are planning to move to Seattle this summer, so that should be interesting. I'll be here with the kids for two months while my partner heads out there to job-hunt once our lease is up (I'm staying with a friend). I had my first prenatal appointment on Wednesday (crazy early, but I needed to get set up with insurance).


. I had some very minor implantation spotting on Valentine's Day. So far, boobs have definitely been growing (not that I needed it) and are sore! And some mild nausea.


Trying to decide about ultrasounds. The CNM I went to on Wednesday said she typically does three- one early on to confirm dates (which I already know, but do have some curiousity about whether it could be twins, since I'm a fraternal twin), a Level 2 ultrasound at 20 weeksish (I'm weaning off Zoloft currently, which that I have been on it at all unfortunately has a slight chance of birth defects), and then one at the end. The part of me with an anxiety disorder likes the idea of getting them to check in on things, but I've also heard some negative studies about ultrasounds. Thoughts?

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Hello Mommas' , 

I just found out that I am pregnant tonight through a positive test, after receiving a negative test result early this week. We conceived on Feb 12th, so that makes me due on November 4th (2 days before my birthday :) ).


 I would love to say that I am excited, but right now I am more worried and shocked. My son is just 9 months old.

I did not plan to get pregnant this soon, and I am worried about having my babies so close together and not having enough alone time with my son during his babyhood. I had a emergency c-section with my son, and I am really hoping to have a VBAC.  I had a very traumatizing birth experience and am scared to do this all over again. I am also kind of sad because I was really trying to lose the baby weight, and have been crazy dieting since I stopped breastfeeding. This explains why I havnt been losing weight in the last couple weeks despite my efforts.  I still have 20 lbs to lose to get back to my pre- pregancy weight and I am absolutely bummed that I didn't get there before I got pregnant again. I am also scared of miscarrying because I have been through that as well, at 12 weeks. 


I would love to hear positive stories of VBAC's or hear from mothers with children close in age. I need to get excited about this pregnancy and hear some positive stories. I will be excited, eventually Im sure. But right now I am in shock and need some positive words :) Does anyone know of a good natural remedy to relieve stress? Also my hormones are out of control and I cant stop crying, so any advice how to manage that would be helpful too. 


Congrats to everyone! I hear that being pregnant in the summer is the best, we soon shall see :)


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Amanda- Yes, I was in the Sep. 2010 DDC!! But DS came early so maybe I should have gone with the August group! winky.gif So sorry about the stress of telling your mother about the pregnancy. That's rough! Just remember you are an adult, you already love this babe, go to a happy place when she voices disapproval, and hopefully she'll get over it soon.


Morgan- You were in the Nursing TTC group I was in on here but you sure graduated fast!! orngbiggrin.gif


Oikophile- Hehe, glad there's another crazy crunchy here with me! I like seeing how LITTLE I can buy at grocery every week! Sadly, our food storage is getting a little thin already so this year I'm stepping it up and preserving a lot more. We were TTC a winter babe so he/she wouldn't interfere with summer gardening! orngbiggrin.gif Very glad I'll have all winter to rest with my babe and toddler before working hard all summer AND mothering them!


Mary- I've always loved the name Adaline, so pretty! Wow, you've had quite the roller coaster ride TCC for 2 years. Hoping this baby sticks, love that you are enjoying every minute of it and staying positive. What a great place for your baby to grow, surrounded by happy thoughts. love.gif


DTmama1- We're probably only going to have the 20 week ultrasound, same as last pregnancy. As long as we're sure of dates and have no concerns, we'll stick to that plan. But oh wow, seeing the baby several times during the 9 month wait sounds so nice!


Era28- My DS is 18 months now, around the age your son will be when your LO is born. It's SUCH a fun age! A bit challenging but oh so amazing. I've heard lots of moms with closely spaced kids say the older LO adjusts better. Less time to grow up and think the world revolves around them? Not sure. And hormones? Oh man, not looking forward to that! I remember (during my last pregnancy) sitting at our kitchen table and just sobbing to DH that I didn't know WHY I was crying but I HAD to cry. Wowzers, that'll be fun with a toddler around. I'll just cry to poor little DS all day long....


So happy to meet you all!

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Hi everyone! My name is Laura. I'm 27 and my husband is 26. We have a son who will be 15 months in a couple weeks. I currently stay at home full time with him and watch another little girl a couple times a week. In my previous life I was a teacher. I hope to go back to teaching in some capacity in the future when we're finished having babies and they're a little bit older. My husband is working on his PhD, and hopes to finish (and have a job!) next spring.

In addition to taking care of my son, I love to spend time outside (especially walking and hiking). I also love making things...knitting and sewing mostly, though I'm not very good at it. I've been doing a lot of yoga for a couple months now, (after a year of being supremely lazy after my son was born it's really good to be more active). I love reading too (any good recommendations?).

I am due on October 31st based on LMP. We weren't charting, but I suspect that my cycle was longer than that and my intuition tells me the EDD is more like November 4th. I had a very positive hospital birth with my son (supported by my husband, Mom, and Doula). We've talked about wanting to do a home birth, but insurance doesn't cover it at all. I also really love and respect my OB--she's very laid back and non-alarmist, completely supportive of intervention free labor, and very respectful of my wishes. In a perfect world she'd assist me at home, but it will be hospital again this time smile.gif

Congratulations to everyone! I hope we all have happy/uneventful pregnancies!
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Hello! My name is Lauri, I'm 31 (will be 32 in May), and this is my 3rd pregnancy. I have a dd who is 7, and a ds who will be 5 in early May. I'm not exactly sure of a conception date, but based on my LMP it looks like I'm due on 11/2. This year will be our 10th anniversary for my DH and me! I work 2 days a week, and spend the rest of my time mainly being a mom! I've had 2 hospital births as naturally as I could, but this time I'm considering a home birth. I meet with a midwife this Tuesday just to see how we click. I'm hoping it goes well, and I'm sure I'll have plenty of questions for you other experienced home-birthers as we go along!


Congratulations to everyone!

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VERY NICE TO MEET ALL OF YOU!!!! I didn't think I'd be in a DDC so quickly!!! THIS IS EXCITING!

My name is Julie, I'm 29 and I was JUST in the APRIL 2011 DDC :)  My baby is almost a year old! He'll be 1 on March 31st... and now we're on our way to having #2 this coming November!  This was our first month TTC and lucked out I guess!  I'm very happy and super excited but my husband didn't seem as excited as I thought.  I think he thought it'd take longer to get pregnant cause I'm still breastfeeding.... but I guess not.  Either way, It's awesome!


DS (Grey) was born in a hospital after a 5 hour labor.  I had a natural delivery and it was a piece of cake!  I was very fortunate!!! I'm a little bummed because I JUST found out 2 of my favorite doctors at the OB/GYN here are no longer there.... so that leaves 1 doctor... the one who told me at my 8 week apt that I would probably need a c-section, oh and he also told me 4 days before G was born that "your baby is big, don't think you have a little baby."  Are you kidding me??? he was 5lbs 8oz FULL term.  (I live at high altitude.... almost all the babies up here are under 6 pounds).  We don't have any  midwives up here...... the closest ones are in Denver which is an hour away, longer if it's snowing.  Trying to decide what to do.... Sigh.  I live in a duplex and the wife attached to our home is actually one of the doctors who no longer works at that OB/GYN.  I need to talk to her STAT and find out what happened!!!!!  Because of where we live (altitude) there are no midwives, no homebirths... in fact, they won't even deliver your baby if you're <37 weeks... not even 36w6d! They take you by ambulance or helicopter to denver.  Isn't that nuts??  Sigh.


Era... I totally wanted to be you!!! I wanted to be pregnant with #2 when DS was 9 months old, but missed it by 1 month!!!! My sis & I are 18 months apart and I LOVED IT!!!!!  Looks like we've got little ones very close in age so let's stay in touch!  Are you BF? 


Sere HI from Nursing mamas TTC :)  I wasn't on there much, didn't even have enough time to get to know anyone!!! 


I can't wait to get to know you all!!!!! 

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Yahoo! So glad there is a November group here. Just discovered this website....I am just over 4 weeks now with my very first pregnancy at 34:) Surprised and so excited. I am a nature girl who is stuck in the city...but I'm working on that! It looks like so many of you have beautiful families already and are growing new members- so awesome! I am definitely a beginner. My partner is 43 and is in total shock right now. He didn't react the way I expected, so although I have support from him, I feel a bit lost and minus the outburst of joy I wanted from my significant other. He seems to be very concerned about the future, how this will change his plans, etc. He is scared to be a Dad. Yikes! Any advice is appreciated. I am trying to be understanding and gentle, especially for the sake of the future baby. ! I think it will all be okay....


Much love to all you current and future mamas! Hope to get to know some of you:):)

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sere234 - We're due date sisters!!  


First pregnancy at 32 (hubby's 39).  We started TTC in November, to be greeted first by a LONG cycle, then a LPD.  Luckily, my doctor was willing to start treatment after two charted cycles, so this cycle I started taking progesterone (I was already taking Vitex, Red Raspberry, Vit B6 & Complex, Baby Aspiring, Evening Primrose Oil... I'm sure I'm forgetting something in there).  Unbelievably, it worked the first time!!


What made it extra special was that I got my BFP on my 8th Anniversary.  I couldn't have asked for a better anniversary present than seeing that 2nd line.

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Originally Posted by Julieee View Post


Era... I totally wanted to be you!!! I wanted to be pregnant with #2 when DS was 9 months old, but missed it by 1 month!!!! My sis & I are 18 months apart and I LOVED IT!!!!!  Looks like we've got little ones very close in age so let's stay in touch!  Are you BF? 


Julieee- I breastfed completely until DS was 7 1/2 months, then DS discovered biting and thought it was hilarious. He also was really impatient during the day nursing, he had stuff to do and things to check out. I started supplementing a little bit in the day at that point.  I was still nursing through the night until DS was 8 1/2 months and slowly he sort of weaned himself and is now sleeping through the night. DS is very interested in food now, loves veggies. 

Maybe with #2, I can breastfeed longer hopefully. 


It's great to meet everyone here! 

Good to hear positive stories of babies close in age also. 

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Hi I'm Jodi (33) and this will be mine and my husbands first after TTC for 16 months.  We got married 5/1/11 and started fertility treatments in June (I have PCOS).  This was our first injectable cycle with an IUI on 2/15 which gives us an EDD of 11/7/12.  I have 2 betas which appropriately doubled (140 & 273) and will go for an ultrasound on 3/14 to see how many there are!  We will be hopefully planning a homebirth and are currently interviewing midwives.  I'm super excited and still having a hard time believing it's true!

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Hi, I'm Krystal! My husband and I have a 26-month old son (born December 2009) and this is pregnancy/baby #2 for us! We are really excited and the timing is perfect, except that I was supposed to have surgery for a hernia that has now been pushed off until I'm finished being pregnant... I am still nursing my son a LOT but started nightweaning in January and figure that's how I was able to get pregnant. We have been not preventing pregnancy for only a month, so I am shocked and happy that it all happened so soon.

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Hi, I guess I'll go next.  :)


I'm Michelle, I just found out yesterday I'm pregnant although I kind of hand a hunch for the last week or so.  My youngest just turned 1 Feb 19, I'm cosleeping and still nursing quite a bit, so this is definitely a surprise/unplanned BFP for sure.  Oh and I just turned 40 (!!!!!) in November ... so much for thinking I'd never get pregnant again.  I haven't even told my husband yet, I think I need some time to get used to the idea of #4 before I spring it on him.  I'm not sure he's going to be super joyous.


Based on my LMP I'm due 11/1 but I think it's move like 11/4 because of my longer BFing cycle so that's what I'm using since my kids tend to go later.


My first 2 boys are 21 months apart, which is wonderful.  They are best friends and always play together, miss each other, even sleep in the same bed together (although they have bunk beds they sleep on the full bed on the bottom).  My 3rd and now this new baby will be the same age difference there abouts. 


I have a midwife appt already set up for the 23rd and I'm going to the lab for a beta and just to check my progesterone to ease my mind on Monday morning.


Congrats everyone!

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Hi everybody! 


I'm Chrissy and my husband is Brian.  We have 4 kids already, Noah (10), Lilah (7), Rowan (almost 5) and Laney (2.5).  I am due on Halloween with our fifth, and last baby.  I am super super excited and trying to enjoy every little bit of this, even though I don't do pregnancy very well.


Noah was born in the hospital, but the other 3 were born at home, and this one will be too, if all goes according to plan.  My homebirths have all been very, very fast, which is kind of nice, but also kind of a scary ride.


I am a SAHM, though I do work pt from home, and my husband is a law professor.  We homeschool, which I usually like LOL 


We have always gardened, but more as a fun activity than a meaningful source of food.  We have more land now though, and are hoping to grow a lot more of our own food.  We actually just planted a spring garden a week ago- sugar snap peas, kale, broccoli, cabbage, beets, lettuce, onions and carrots.  We also have 8 chickens, who lay wonderful eggs for us, and we'll get some more chicks in the spring.  I would love to have some extra eggs to sell to friends, but so far we eat all we get!


I am a little over 5 weeks and the nausea has hit me.  While I don't enjoy it, I do take it as a good sign that baby is doing well in there!  Of course, soon I will probably be pretty immobilized by it (if this pregnancy is like my others) and it will be hard to see anything positive in it.


Looking forward to getting to know you all!











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Congrat's everyone! smile.gif I'm carol, (33) married to dh, (39) with a dd, (22 months). smile.gif

Baby is due on Halloween or november 4 depending on what we calculate by. I had hoped my babies would be closer in age but my first postpartum aunt flow came 2 months ago and helped us know we were ovulating. I feel thankful that we got preggo quickly.

Happy pregnancy!!!
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Hello Everyone!!! I'm so happy for everyone!

My name is Maria (35). This will hopefully be baby #2 for dh and me. We have a 19 month old girl named Eliana.We had ttc for 2 1/2 years with 3 early m/c when we got pregnant with her. We ended up going to an RE and got pregnant with her the first month with the RE. I knew when we were ready to try for #2 that I wanted to go straight to the RE again. It was a little late to do treatments but the RE still was able to prescribe me progesterone which I feel is the most important thing for me to stay pregnant. So we tried naturally this month, only bd once on Valentines day, and two weeks later tested positive. Still can't believe it.

Can't wait to go on this journey with all of your ladies! 

Oh yeah, my due date is November 6th!

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