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Hi, everybodyblowkiss.gif I'm Franziska, 33, austrian living in germany's south-west. I have two wonderful children, Noah 3.5yo and Sophia 1.5yo... and got my very unexpected and unplanned BFP a week ago. My due date is 11/4, conception feb 12th or 13th - DH and I are not in agreement on that point. Which is not because we dtd all the time, believe you me! We just have a very, very, VERY high likelyhood of hitting the spot, obviously *sigh*

Seriously, the last time we were at it was in november. Okay, sorry, TMI.


I guess this third little person just wanted to join our awesome family, who can blame him/her ;) I kind of brought it on myself I guess, always saying I wasn't quite done yet. but I also explicitly said, I NEEDED A BREAK before the next one. Obviously that information got lost in the universe and the 'I'm not done' part was waaaay too loud. So here we go, i'll have three kids after all with exactly 2y2mo age difference between them.


On the other hand I think of all the couples who try and try and then have to spend thousands on in vitro - so we really can consider ourselves lucky.


I first joined MDC when I was pregnant with DS. we lived in Thailand then and my DDC (June'08) was my only community I could share everything with. Quite a few of us are still in contact via facebook - they feel like real friends even though I have never met a single one of them. With Sophia I also joined a DDC (August'10) but didn't quite get so into it...


I had two mainly unassisted pregnancies. Noah was a planned homebirth which ended in an emergency cesarian - after more than 50hours I gave up and he turned out to have been a brow presentation. Sophia was a HWBAC and incredibly tough. It turns out that I have a very narrow pelvis and once my cervix is fully dilated (which is a long and painful process in my case) the baby just doesn't descend. no urge to push, nada. In the end I pushed without urge like a crazy person for two hours and DH pushed along and finally there was something like a *plop*, I fainted briefly and the rest was pretty much the normal stuff. that's the long story short (20h from start to finish). I am greatful for my HBAC, really. but I also know that I will have to face the subject again sooner or later, because I was quite traumatized and will need to make decisions for the event in nov'12. I'm sure we'll have a thread or two about this kind of stuff here soon...


Okay, I think that's enough about me for now. DH took both kids outside for the afternoon and I'll have to make the most of my freedom...

Looking forward to getting to know you ladies :) let the crazyness begin...

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Hi everyone! I'm Katie, 36, and just tested positive last night! first time ever anything for me (first time testing, first time pregnant!)


Looks like my kid may be a scorpio just like me :P  I got married in 2010, and we started trying (well, NTNP) right before this past christmas. Didn't expect it to happen so soon, though I was disappointed each previous month. I am very nervous and very excited. No clue on anything like plans, midwife/OB, etc.


I actually have two first appointments with OBs - I was considering leaving my usual office, going with one a friend recommends, but I dislike that both have 6 doctors on rotation and any of them could be there for labor. I am not crazy about one at my office, though I LOVE the main doc there. So I don't know which to keep. (Also: my doc: will do an ultrasound at first appt on 3/30. new doc: meet with nurse practitioner, then send me to hospital for ultrasound.) Or whether to do a midwife (have a great recommendation but she's a distance away, though she'll deliver in my town's hospital) or doula - it's so much to figure out! :P ack.


anyway. Since I have no clue what I'm doing (but telling myself people with less of a clue have succeeded for centuries :P) I have a feeling I'll be here a LOT! :D



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Hi Everyone!  I'm very excited to be here, and it's really nice reading and getting to know you all.


 I'm 27, have a almost 8 year old daughter, and a 4 year old son.  I loved being part of the ddcs with my son, and am glad to be back here again.  


We just started to ttc this month.  I'm utterly shocked it happened so soon.  But thrilled. It looks like my due date will be around 11/11.


I just ran a marathon in December and am looking forward to staying in shape this pregnancy and not gaining excess weight.  

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Went to OB and saw a flicker.  Expected due date Nov 3/4 now.  Or as my husband put it, election day....

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I'm one of you "surprised to be here" ladies!  We were not TTC. Frangapany, I am totally with you on the infrequent ddt scene.  Era, I'm totally with you on the "too close together" scene.  My ds is 9 months old.  He is, how shall I put it, quite needy at night, so I we were not planning on another one until the one we have slept for more that 2 hours straight.  What's weird is it took us 4 years, a miscarriage, and 3 cycles of IUI with drugs to get ds here.  Now this little one sneaks in totally under the radar.  Pregnancy with ds was highly monitored until the 20 week anatomy scan. When I saw everything was ok, I switched to a birthing center and had a really wonderful birth.  This time around, I'm not even getting an appointment until week 9.  It is so strange to get pregnant on accident after our experience with ds.  On the one had I feel like an irresponsible teenager.  On this other, I'm thinking this must be meant to be.  And still on yet another hand...that previous miscarriage is in the back of my mind.  


Last pregnancy I just lurked on the ddc.  I thought maybe this time I'd introduce myself.  


I'm still bfing ds, but have noticed a significant drop in my supply already.  I'm hoping to keep it going and even tandem nurse, but who knows how I will feel when the discomfort of it all sets in.  Ds won't drink formula, so I'm a bit worried about his nutrition.  If any of you have previous experience with this, advice is much appreciated. He is is already a skinny little dude.


Oh! Also not looking forward to having the GD again.  The only time in my life where I would eat my own hand of it were made of cake, and I can't have any sugar.    



Hope all goes well for us! 

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My name is Kiana, and SO is Jonathan. I got my surprise BFP just earlier today. We definitely weren't trying, but we do occasionally get a little lazy about preventing. We've been together for 4 years, and this is our first pregnancy.

We both work full time. (I actually work more like 50-60 hours a week right now). I own a business, one that keeps me pretty busy and I'm the sole owner so I'm not sure how I'll figure that one out. But at least I can set my own schedule.

I'm kind of in a state of shock right now, but very excited! I'm also a worrier by nature so I'm already worrying about things!

I haven't even been able to think about a midwife/prenatal care yet, but I'm sure I'll plan a home birth with a midwife. I also plan to cloth diaper, breastfeed until the child weans on
their own, no circumcision if it's a boy...I haven't 100% decided what my stance on vaccines is, but we'll take that as it comes.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you all over the next nine months!
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Hi beautiful mamas! My name is Vanessa and this is my very first post on MDC :) I got my BFP on Friday of last week. It was a very happy SURPRISE!  I'm "due" Nov. 4th.


I'm 24 and D, my SO, is 34. We've been together for 5.5 years.  We have an amazingly loving daughter, Indra.  She's 3.5 and an avid nurser fly-by-nursing1.gif (that emoticon made me laugh). We still haven't told her the news but we're sure she knows, as she has been talking for a while about her baby brother and tells strangers that she will soon be a big sister.  We have a very naughty kitty named Aum and we live in Austin, TX.  I had Indra at the birthing center and will have this baby at home.  We eat mostly organic, unprocessed, cook from scratch, buy raw milk, peaceful parent, garden, use cloth, don't do pharmaceuticals/vaccines etc...


Right now I'm getting a teaching certificate, changing careers from previously doing some PR.  Since the news we're actually reconsidering the whole plan because D thinks daycare is not an option (Indra just started at a Montessori school this year which is why I'm working full-time and was planning on continue doing it). So one of us will stay home (we're hoping it's the one with the boobs).  I'm staying positive and confident that we will make this happen!  I'm really working on minimizing and living more frugally so that I can homeschool and avoid the stresses of living in scarcity, whether it's time, money, things, spirituality, etc.


Nice to meet you all!! blowkiss.gif

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So I suppose I should introduce myself.


I'm 29, with a DH, a 2 1/2 year old DD, and an adorable little dog. And I'm so shocked to be here. I haven't been on birth control since Pearl was born - well, ever, really - and it has almost been 2 years since my cycles returned after her. It took us 2 years and 2 miscarriages before she was conceived. Obviously we're not the most fertile couple out there (though I know many women have it worse). However, four months ago I had surgery for endometriosis, and the odds of getting pregnant are significantly increased for about 6-9  months after surgery. I guess it worked for me. wink1.gif We're still really nervous about miscarriage. I remember being sure I was going to miscarry Pearl until I was about 6 months along, so I'm hoping to be more relaxed this time.


I'm hoping for a water birth this time. With Pearl I had a natural birth, and came very close to getting a water birth, but I had to get out to push because of hospital regulations about meconium in the fluid. nono02.gif I'm going to be with the same midwives as last time, but a different hospital, so who knows how it'll be this time. And I'm missing out on the midwives new birth center (the only one within hours of me) by just 4 months. I'm just slightly bitter about that. bawling.gif


Oh, and I'm pregnant together with my sister (laurac5) this time, too, which is really exciting. She's due one week ahead of me, but of course that means nothing.

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Hi All!!! I'm Annie (30) with two boys Dean (5) and Dexter (3). My SO, Blayne is 31 and this is our first baby together.  We're surprised, super excited and I'm looking forward to having this experience with him... It's his first time for all of the baby stuff, Yay! I have an EDD of November 5th... My first was born at 35 weeks in an awful hospital birth, my second was born at 40 weeks with an amazing hospital birth. So, we'll see how it goes this time. I will try the hospital again, but I am hoping for a natural birth.  My body doesn't do well with epidurals.  I waitress, I'm training to become a vinyasa yoga instructor (we'll see how the training goes through the first trimester!!) and I have a terrible ex who has my kids two nights a week.  He will flip when he finds out I'm pregnant, so that's the only part of this pregnancy that will be difficult (I hope).

I wish you all a healthy 9 months... hopefully all of our babies stay put.  I look forward to sharing this journey with all of you.


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Hello!  I'm Laura, wife to Theorel and mom to Savannah (3yo) and Indy (1yo), both born at home when I lived in another state, away from family.  We moved back home last year when Indy was 2.5 months old, so I am excited to be able to spend this pregnancy close to family, and even sharing pregnancy symptoms with my sister, who is in this DDC, too. joy.gif


I was worried that after the move I wouldn't be able to have a homebirth again, but we've found a CNM who does homebirths in this area, and I'm so excited to have this baby here, without having to labor in the car and without having to drive home after a hard birth.   My big kids can stay asleep in their beds (if they sleep through everything), and I can just be in my HOME during one of the most private moments of my life.

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Hi Ladies,

I am Bianca, just shy of 35, and my edd is November 6th or so, based on conception. My cycles have always been irregular and the last 2 months they had been 42 days in length, so who knows.  I guess you can say that we have been ttc for about 8 years. My ds is 9 and I have had what we think were 5 miscarriages over the years but none were confirmed with a test. I never tested positive until I was 12 weeks with ds. This time I got a positive test at 5 wks. All my losses have been in the first 4 weeks and I have had issues with my thyroid and luteal phases that I finally got under control this year.  I also lost 40lbs in the past year, and did some serious healing of my psyche since my mother past away a year ago January.  What I thought was the Universe not hearing my plea for another child I now know was the Universe telling me to make major changes in my life, take care of my needs, and be patient. This baby, though he or she will be 10 yrs younger than my son, has come at the best time and I am thrilled. 

I am certainly nervous about miscarrying, but I also feel inside like this is meant to be.  Ironically, DH and I had just started to discuss him having a vasectomy because he decided that he was enjoying having an older child and living life the way it is.He also did not want to go through another loss.  Well, this is a surprise, but we are both very happy about it.

I am a midwife and will be working with another midwife for my care, though I may see an ob who is homebirth friendly for back up. Just trying to be practical.  I have spent years taking care of other families and their beautiful babies and now I feel like it is finally my turn again. Ds is also so very excited to be a big brother.

As for how I feel, a little tire, a little spacey, very hungry and picky about everything I eat.  You would think a midwife would know exactly what to do, but honestly I feel like I am a complete novice when it comes to my own care. As for now I am just trying to eat well, rest up and exercise.


I am so happy to be a part of my first DDC. It is nice to meet you all, Congratulations on your pregnancies.

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Hello, I'm cautiously popping my head in here to say I'm pregnant (!!!) after a missed miscarriage in Dec. My wise midwife gave me a lecture on allowing myself to be excited and celebrating this baby regardless of what has happened and what may happen. This baby deserves it! And she's right.

It's hard to say this was an accidental pregnancy as we are a lesbian couple and have a known donor who helps us conceive but this is about as close to an oops pregnancy as is possible in our situation! We conceived on Feb 19 after getting home from an overseas trip, jetlagged, emotional and thinking that we'd missed ovulation. Then halfway through the day I felt my egg pop and got all sulky at our missed opportunity. DP convinced me to call our donor anyway and despite the fact that he wasn't available until late that night, we decided to go ahead. And hey presto! We're pregnant.

If I'd put any real thought into it I probably should have waited a few more months as this bub is due right in the middle of my uni exams (I just started a bachelor of midwifery) and between 2 important family weddings, one where DS is the ring bearer. This babe obviously really wanted to be but I'm not looking forward to telling lecturers and getting married folk about our non-accidental accident!

We are planning a homebirth and very excited to be doing so.
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(deleting this post/account - don't want my Mothering account connected to FB in case I accidentely post something to FB!!)

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Hi everyone! I'm Laura (35) and my SO (27) and we are expecting our first child together, EDD 11/18! I have a wonderful and energetic 5 year old boy from a previous marriage and I already can't wait to see him as a big brother :)  We haven't told anyone yet since it's still so early but I can't wait to spill the beans. Feeling good so far but again, it's early. I had a pretty easy pregnancy with DS, only mild morning sickness and had a waterbirth. I hope to do the same with this little bean!


Not looking forward to telling my "practice husband" about my pregnancy (because that means I also have to tell him I'm moving in with my SO soon - lots of changes all at once freaks him out especially since it's effecting our son), but I'm just hoping it goes better than I'm envisioning it and he'll just be happy for me. No need for added stress!


Looking forward to spending the next 8+ months with you gals, here's to sticky beans and healthy and happy pregnancies!


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HI everyone!

I'm 30, my DH is 32, and we have 2 DS's 12 and 6. Lol, I certainly never planned to have my kids so spread out, but I guess this was the way it was meant to be :) 


This pregnancy is very special to us because after our second son was born my Dh decided he did not want to have any more kids. He had a vasectomy, but after 3 years he changed his mind and had his reversal done in April of 2011. The surgery itself was successful, but after several SA tests, I was not feeling very confident that I would actually get pg. I began charting, had my DH on a crazy vitamin regimen, used sperm friendly creams... I decided Feb was going to be the last month we would TTC because I did not want to have a Dec baby (the month is waaaaay too busy for us as is). Well at the beginning of Feb my sister moved in with us and it completely threw off my cycle. I thought for sure the month was a bust and pretty much wrote it off.


AF was a couple days late but I didn't think much of it because I thought my cycle was still out of whack. Took a test just to confirm that I was not pg (lol... I know I'm not the only one who does this as an easy way to let yourself down when you're hoping for that BFP) and was shocked to see 2 lines pop up!


I'm also super excited about this pregnancy because I plan on using Hypnobabies and having a homebirth.... things I wished I had done with my 2nd pregnancy!

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Hi Everyone!! I'm Sarah, I'm 29, and I found out yesterday that we are expecting Baby #3!! My due date based on ovulation is Nov 27!  My hubby and I have two boys, who are turning 4 and 2 this summer!  We are excited to welcome a new baby brother or sister shortly after that. Wishing everyone here happy & healthy pregnancies! :)

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Hi, everyone - pleased to meet you! I'm 26 and my husband is 30. We just found out on Thursday night that I'm pregnant with our first child. We're very excited but also in a bit of a state of disbelief (I was off birth control but we weren't actively trying and totally didn't expect me to get pregnant so fast). We have a lot to learn and I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by everything right now, but at least I have 9 months to figure it out, right? :)

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Hi everyone :)


I'm Bee, I'm 31, and another "very surprised to be here" mama. Tested on a whim yesterday when i realized I was 10dpo with no spotting, and was absolutely shocked to see a second line. I have a LPD and the only time we DTD was 6 days before ovulation... kind of a miracle--we were very much TTA following FAM rules, but I'm thrilled. EDD is November 27/28, and we'll be telling people we're due "early winter". I have two boys, 6 next month, and 3.5. My first was a precipitous hospital birth, the second a home water birth, and we're planning for another HB. Or, I am... I think DH is still in shock.


I feel that it's been so long since we've done this that I have no idea where to start. Very much looking forward to having another itty bitty to cloth diaper. And hoping my previous m/w can get me some lab slips to check my betas and P4. 

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Hello pretty ladies!!
I'm Shirley-Anne, I'm 26 years old and happily un-married to my wonderful Noah for the last 6.5 years. We have a fabulous and sassy daughter, Norah Rose who was born May 2008 in a hospital with a doula's help. We found out on Sunday night that we are expecting #2 around 11/28 (2 days after my 27th birthday!) - after about 18 months of trying! I thought I was broken! (I had a mirena after my daughter). The experience in the hospital with our first was crazy; although I accomplished a natural, vaginal birth they were ridiculously pushy and almost rude, which has helped aid us in our decision for a homebirth this time! So excited!
Cant wait to experience the year with you all,
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Hi everyone!  I'm Halley, I'm 26 years old and my DH (Simon) is 31.  This is our first baby!!!  We are very excited but VERY surprised!  We were CTA and using condoms when I was fertile!  But nevertheless, I got my BFP on Tuesday night!  Based on my ovulation, my EDD is 11/26/12.  (I'm telling myself -- and others -- it'll be early Deecember ;)  We're kinda freaked out (this was not the plan!), but mostly joyful about this little baby growing in my belly!


I'm a lactation counselor and an aspiring midwife -- just starting my apprenticeship.  I'm also starting doula work, and I also teach two classes for parents: Vaccines & Circumcision, and Breastfeeding/Baby Care.  We'll see what happens with all my "plans" after baby gets here!  We are planning a homebirth with a fabulous midwife who is also a dear friend of mine.  I plan to breastfeed for at least 2 years, maybe longer if baby wants to (my mother nursed me for 3 years and my sister for 5!).  No circumcision for us, and probably no vaccines either (I have just learned WAY too much in teaching my class to be very warry of vaccinating!  DH is still coming around -- he's more of a delayed vax mindset).  I plan to take a CBE class with a good friend of mine who has formulated her own classes for home-birthing families.  Trying to convince my DH to try raw milk... ;)


Totally freaked out about telling my parents...DH and I have only been married 5 months and I know they are going to think this is way too soon.  (They weren't too crazy about the marriage, either...)  Can't decide yet if I want to tell everyone right now, or keep it a secret til 12ish weeks.  My cousin had a 2nd trimester loss last year, so the possibility of a miscarriage is very, very real to me.  OTOH, it's soooo hard not to say anything!


I'm part of a wonderful, real-life, natural birth/natural parenting community here in St. Louis, which is a true blessing.  But I'm also super psyched to be part of this awesome DDC!  The amount of knowledge between all of us is amazing!!!


Happy pregnancies, everyone!  I hope we're all "sticky!"

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