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Franjapany! We were both totally in the June 08 DDC together!! My lil' Norah Bug just came way super early! I remember you talking about living in Thailand! Awesome! Can't believe you had a baby in between all this; my how time just flies! Happy to see someone i 'know'/remember! YaY!

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Hi! My name is Mary & we live in the North Texas (Dallas/ Fort Worth metroplex). I'm 41 and my husband is too. Due around the 26th of November. We are pregnant with our fourth baby, 5th pregnancy. We are totally over the moon & full of panic at the same time. We have all boys, 11, 5, 2 and this little caboose baby. We were very lucky to get a positive the first month we were really trying and praying for a sticky bean. We've had one loss, at 14 weeks, and that was devastating for us. My last birth was a homebirth transport/cesarean and so I'm a going for a  HBAC. Meeting with midwives this week and already have my birth doula and birth photographer all lined up.


It is so nice to meet all of you & congratulations!!!

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My mother is going to be furious with me about this pregnancy.. I'm scared to tell her. greensad.gif other than that we are thrilled to meet this little bean!

Hope your mom was thrilled with the news...my mom is going to drop her jaw when I tell her this weekend.

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 I had a emergency c-section with my son, and I am really hoping to have a VBAC.  I had a very traumatizing birth experience and am scared to do this all over again.

I'm very sorry about your traumatic birth. My last baby was born with an unexpected cesarean and was very traumatic for our family.


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  Oh and I just turned 40 (!!!!!) in November ... so much for thinking I'd never get pregnant again. 

YEA!! I'm a touch older than you & it is nice to have someone close to my age with a pregnancy.

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I'm Beth (37), dh is Tom (39) and we have 3 beautiful girls (7,4,2) already.  This is my 6th pregnancy having had 2 recent early losses.  Our bundle of joy is set to arrive around Thanksgiving, although I tend to carry my babies for a long time, so I won't be surprised if I go into December.  I am looking forward to having a new face on our Christmas card!


I am a homeschooling SAHM, dh is a math professor.  Currently our house is for sale and we hope to get settled in our new place before I get too big.

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Just realized I never introduced myself before jumping in so here it goes....

I'm Sky (28) and my husband is Joe (29). We've been married 12 years this coming summer and yes we were very young ;). We have 5 awesome kids...dd Cameron is 11, dd Rileigh is 10, ds Brody is 7, dd Keera is 5 & ds Griffin is 20 months. I homeschool them and have since the beginning so that takes up a big part of our day. I'm still nursing my youngest with no signs of stopping so may be tandem nursing a third time in my life :-) All my nurslings weaned about 3.5-4 y/o so I've been breastfeeding for almost 11 years straight (with a few months of pumping for my oldest as well). I'm an only child but my husband is one of 5 and his dad is one of 11 so I knew I wanted a big family! I love it...happy chaos :D I recently told my mom and she is thrilled about one more grandkid and I told my best friend and I think she was happy too, lol. I'm feeling pretty good at 6 weeks along...a little mild cramping, sleepy & some slight queasiness...all normal for me. This will be our last so I'm trying my best to cherish every moment! When I have free time (ha!) I enjoy reading (I'm a Twilight, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, etc fan), music, Facebook, Pinterest, & shopping. Nice to 'meet" you all! Looking forward to the next 9 months! I enjoyed my Mothering ddc I'm sure this will be great if I get the chance to be active on here.

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