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Red and swollen

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Hey all,


Just wanting to get some advice.  Last night, I noticed my 22 month old's penis was swollen and red at the tip (maybe a little less than half an inch.)  It also seemed like there was a pocket of air trapped in one side.  I called his ped and he said he wasn't concerned, to bring him in this morning.  Ds is still asleep, I'll likely take him in but want to check with you guys for opinions.  I checked him a couple of times overnight and it seemed the same, not worse.  He was not in any pain and urinated fine overnight.



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Hi there,


How did you make out at the appt?  How is your son doing?


I think my ds2 had a smegma pearl under his foreskin for a time, that I supposed could have looked like a pocket of air.  I know, too, w/ him, the longer he wore a diaper, even if he didn't pee in it (we EC'd from shortly after birth), his penis tip would get red.  It'd be worse if he peed in the night & was in a wet diaper.  Maybe that is what's going on?


Does he take baths w/ soap?  Maybe try just plain water.  


I hope he is doing better today!



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