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I suck at the April Fool thing.  It was also my wedding anniversary with my ex (it would have been 18 years).


I read somewhere, maybe a breastfeeding forum I'm on, about someone's milk going bad in the freezer.  I usually just try to be around for when Luca needs to be fed, but my daughter and I went to an event last night, and left my dh with the baby and some thawed milk.  He had just started feeding him when we got home, so I fed him the boob instead.  I just happened to remember that about the milk going bad, and tasted a bit of the thawed milk that the baby didn't eat, and yuck!  It was soured.  We thawed out some more this morning, and same thing.  It wasn't quite totally gone, but definitely had a bad aftertaste.  I'm beginning to think perhaps all the milk in the freezer is bad.  Ugh.


I start work in a month.  Thankfully, it's just one day a week, but still.  I really suck at pumping.  I don't enjoy it, but also don't get much.  The only way I got a stash to begin with was pumping several times at night, and I really don't want to do that again.  And besides, I don't know why the milk is going bad.  Any ideas/suggestions?  Otherwise, it's formula for when I'm gone, and I don't like that option.



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One other question.  What do you do for carrying/wearing babies when it gets hot?  We are wondering if that is why Luca's been sleeping so crappily lately.  He usually is carried for naps, and (today not counting) it's been hot and he's had a hard time sleeping.  Today it's cool, and he's been napping well.  But I see 90+ degrees on the forecast horizon!  Yikes!



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Last year I waited until April Fools day to announce my real pregnancy.  I kept people guessing and second-guessing all day. 


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Anybody here ever do anything for April Fool's? If I had any sort of poker face, I'd totally freak out DH and tell him I'm pregnant and not let him in on the joke until I've sufficiently had enough fun playing it up. I don't think any other year would do that one as much justice as this year either, being in the thick of raising a baby. lol.gif But, alas, I can't lie for the life of me... orngtongue.gif


But I'll live vicariously through anyone else who has some fun stories to share!


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Yes Carey- I second the lipase thing.  If Luca will take it, don't worry about it.  Have you tasted fresh milk?  Because in my opinion it has kind of an off taste, much like soured milk.  

I'd compare fresh vs. frozen first, then offer the frozen to Luca because he might take it.  It's not "bad", it just tastes a little different if it is a lipase issue.

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Wearing babies in the heat... I've just done it and not had much issue with baby not napping, but I sure get hot!  I would suggest dressing both you and Luca comfortably and using your lightest carrier.  I use a MT or Beco- arms and legs are out to help radiate heat.  Solarveil slings are very light weight and good for getting wet.  Linen wraps or even wraps made from old cotton sheets are good for hotter weather. 

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Interesting about the lipase.  Well, the milk I have is in the front of the freezer, though it's pretty near the ice cream, and the ice cream is always frozen.  Luca did "eagerly take" the bottle when my husband offered it and was furious when dh took it away (when he saw me pull into the driveway last night). 


I've honestly never tasted my fresh milk.  It's been so hard to pump that it's always been too precious to take a taste!  It doesn't smell sour.  At first it doesn't even taste bad.  It's really the aftertaste that's kinda icky. 


So, do you think if Luca will drink it, it's okay for him to drink?  I think I only have like 60 ounces in there anyway, but it took me a long time to get it!  I do so prefer bfing on demand, but...work calls!  I'm actually pretty psyched up to work again.  I really enjoy my job and I'm good at it.  I just hope my ds is all right with it.



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I definitely think it's okay.  If he is drinking it, it's totally fine, IMO.  I don't think he'd take it if it were bad- babies can be pretty finicky.  I think it is the aftertaste, too.  I haven't outright drank any milk but after I pump if I drip on my hand or something I just lick it off sometimes.  It has that weird aftertaste.  

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Yeah, I've totally tasted my milk a drip at a time. After my first it really put me off ice cream because I could taste the same weird after taste in ice cream for a long time.

Babywearing, I like hip carries in the heat because the baby isn't pressed against me as much. Since all my carriers are made of old sheets that might be who I don't have problems.
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I can't imagine wearing my Moby wrap in heat, although I haven't tried it. I know I'd be boiling. I've worn my Baby K'tan wrap in heat and it was brutal. I had to peel it off of me afterward from sweating so bad, lol. So far I think my SSC (Boba) is going to be the one carrier that keeps me coolest, even if baby is worn in the front. I can see a hip carry being ideal, though, like Sara brought up.


As for breastmilk, I've noticed that some of my milk that's in the fridge at any given time smells kind of sour, but it still tastes fine. Well, "fine" is a relative term since I haven't had extensive experience drinking breastmilk. Sheepish.gif I just took the plunge and sipped once because I kept thinking it was weird that it smells icky but baby still drinks it. Lo and behold, it is just that --- smells weird but tastes okay. And interestingly enough, it tasted like sugar water. Or rather, like sugared skim milk (consistency-wise). Hah. I don't know what I was expecting but I guess I wasn't expecting it to taste so sugary.

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My dh says fresh from the boob it's super sweet with no weird aftertaste!  I really want to make ice cream from breast milk and see what that is like, but like I said, it's just too scarce for that.  My dh is vegan, but he's cool with consensus dairy.  And if it has that weird aftertaste anyway, well, never mind!


We use carriers to nap our son in, so the hip carry won't work for that.  It's not *hot* for Illinois, but we've certainly done the peeling him off us thing.  He had a thing over the winter if I had him in too many layers, he'd wake up yelling and grumpy.  Too many being one undershirt plus a sleeper.  We're going to borrow a woven wrap from someone who makes them and see how the next couple of warm days go.



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Shay naps on my hip, but he leans in when he is sleeping.
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I'm excited to start reading The Science of Parenting! I read the description and reviews, and I agree that I will feel a lot more confident about my parenting style and protecting it in the face of opposition once I have more of the knowledge and research under my belt. Thanks for the suggestion, Jaimee! I'm starting with this book and then moving onto the others. Oh, and DH said he'll "read" it too if I get it for him on audiobook because he can listen to it at work then without anyone knowing. winky.gif He works these 12-hour night shifts and stares at a computer screen the entire time when he's not with the patients, so maybe he'll appreciate having something more to keep him "entertained" and I can sneak in more audiobooks to get him on the same page as me.

Muahahaha... FIREdevil.gif

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That's great Joanie!  A warning about The Science of Parenting... it's highly redundant, but the information is good.  This one in particular I would recommend having your dh read excerpts only.  You could have him start with Raising Your Spirited Child or the High Sensitive Child.  I'm not sure if those are on audiobook or not.  If you pm me your email address I can send you some spirited child information that could get him started... it's a lot of excerpts from the books I've mentioned and others and includes the spirited quizzes that would be interesting to take and talk about.

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Hip napping, eh?  I did not know that was possible.  We've had some hard times with sleep lately, but Luca slept 14 hours last night, really restful sleep too.  It is so nice.  I actually feel energetic today.  He woke up at 4 a.m. wide awake, but somehow managed to get back to sleep.  I'm so so so thankful.  DH is out on a walk on this beautiful day with Luca asleep in the ergo.  And there's this kitchen I'm itching to clean!



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Bettie is SO tiny, I cant even imagine a hip carry would be comfortable for her.  I cannot use my ring sling or MT comfortably yet because of her size.  I really only like the ring sling for hip carry and nursing in when older.

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Happy April!!  I'll start up a new thread if there isn't one already!

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