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Bottled water shelf life?

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First let me indeed make it clear that we only very rarely use bottled water.  We have good well water at our house and use stainless steel water bottles for portable drinking.  But every so often, of course, we're out and we realize we need water but we forgot to bring any.


Anyway, last year hubby bought a large bottle of spring water, a good 2 liters, for sailing.  He didn't actually end up using it.  It's been sitting in our cupboards for the past year, unopened and unused.  


We're tidying out the cupboards, and hubby wants to just dump the water since he's not comfortable with something that's been sitting in plastic for that long.  I think we should use it, because we've already spent the money on it so why waste it when it's probably fine?  To my understanding, the main issue with plastic is when it's heated, which this hasn't been.  Also, to my thinking, you never know how long a bottle of water has been sitting on a supermarket shelf.  Theoretically it could be just as 'old' from bottling time to drinking time, but if it's "new" in terms of just recently purchased you're not going to have any hesitation drinking it.  Just because it's been sitting in our cupboard instead of in some warehouse doesn't make it any worse.  Sure, it's still not ideal, but I honestly don't think there's a problem using it.


But if I'm wrong, of course I'll gladly dump it too.  


(And yes, this one is legit spring water and not repackaged tap water!)

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They usually have a "best by" date on them, even for water.


But we typically keep water 2 years before replacing it, and then we use it rather than dump it.  We only have it for emergency supplies (earthquake country).  If the jug is still sealed and hasn't been damaged in any way, it should still be fine after a year. 


Where I draw the line is if the water bottle has been in the car (or anywhere else), and subjected to heat/cool cycles repeatedly.  Then the water is going to taste like plastic. 

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Use it to water your plants.  Honestly I wouldn't use it to drink.

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I don't know if it's the same in Canada, but in the US manufacturers usually put a "sell by" or "best by" date on the bottle or packaging that's usually two years from bottling, so you might want to look closely at the bottle. I just checked some we bought last November for emergencies, and it has a date of April 2013.


As long as the seal has not been broken and it's been stored at room temperature, bottled water has a very long shelf life. According to the US Food and Drug Administration, it has an "indefinite" shelf life.  That said, I usually try to roughly follow the best buy dates just for taste issues.  

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I couldn't see any date on it, but we'll look again.  I can probably convince him to use it for something non-drinking.  We don't currently have any indoor plants, but maybe for washing or something...

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I would drink it without worry. That is just my opinion though and not evidence based. Although I can say I have drank water like that and am not dead or sick so that might be a tiny bit of evidence lol.

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