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Small moment of Silence

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Hey everyone!


Having a slightly emotional day, wanted to post about it.


So this pregnancy is going very well. I'm 26 weeks, and our baby girl (Jenny) is very healthy and active in there. She's due June 7th. However, this is not my first pregnancy...it's my 3rd. I had two early miscarriages before. It suddenly occurred to me this morning, that if I hadn't lost the first one, it would have been born right around now. I lost that pregnancy at 7 weeks, and it would have been due the second or third week of February. I've been feeling a little bit sad again about that loss, and the one after it. I had gotten pregnant very shortly after the first loss, and that one would have been due late March (this month). So I'm feeling the double loss fairly acutely right now. All I can say is I'm so glad that this pregnancy is doing so well, and I'm looking forward so much to being able to hold baby Jenny when she comes.


Just wanted/needed to remember those who we lost, and tell someone else about it.


Thanks for reading. :)

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I understand.  I'm having my 3rd son, but this is my 4th pregnancy.  I lost that one at about 10 weeks, and he or she would be a year old around Mother's Day this year.  The anniversary dates are hard.  I got pregnant almost exactly a year after I lost that pregnancy, so I've had more time to process and part of me has made peace with it, but there is still a bit of sadness there too.  I think it was something I read about the idea of spirit babies, and that maybe in some way that baby isn't lost or gone, but is just coming now instead.  I don't have a deep reason for why this works for me, and certainly doesn't jive with any religious or philosphical background I have.....Anyway, just wanted to say that I understand.  Hugs.

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I understand, too. My little angel would be 4 months old right now. hug.gif
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i understand as well. i had a loss. a ruptured ectopic pregnancy that almost killed me. and instead of being grateful i was alive, i mourned the loss of the baby. he or she would have been 13 by now. he would have been my second baby. 

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