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Started CLW, Worried About Early Weaning

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Hi Mamas,


DS is 9 months old. We started baby-led weaning at around 7 months or so. He is now eating more and more solid foods, and loving it.


He is, of course, nursing less, and taking less breastmilk at daycare. I work, and I am still able to pump more than he needs. However, the past two weeks, I notice I'm pumping less and less, and my supply is starting to go down.


My fear is that my supply won't level out with his demand, but that instead, my milk will dry up before we're ready to stop nursing. I'm also afraid that DS will wean himself early. When he was born, I promised myself I would nurse him for a year minimum. I really want to meet that goal.


Does anyone have any experience with this? Are my fears unfounded? 


We try to follow all the baby led weaning guidelines, and I offer him food only after I've offered him the breast. Sometimes he will refuse the breast, but want to nosh on some food... that really concerns me.


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That's a bummer that he seems to feel less need to nurse. I know that would make me sad at less than a year. But you don't want to force the issue and make him resent you and the nursing experience. Would he take the breast milk in a bottle or cup as a snack? Keep pumping, and maybe drink some momma's milk tea or some dark beer to keep production up. smile.gif

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Do you co-sleep?

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Thanks, mamas!


@ Asiago- yes, we do cosleep, and have from the get-go. My little guy doesn't root for the breast in the night nearly as often as he used to. I've tried giving him no solids during the dinner hour to maybe get him hungrier through the night. But that has not seemed to make a difference. 


I'll keep pumping and drink teas to keep my supply up as much as possible. I'm hoping that even if he weans early (which honestly, would really break my heart), I can still get him breastmilk in a sippy cup or something until he's at least 12 months. 


Does anyone know how many ounces a 9 month old usually eats? That might help me figure out if he's on track or if he's really and truly starting to wean.


I think that I'm less worried about his health than I am about my emotional issues. We had a difficult birth and a really tough post partum time (I had severe PPD). I stuck with nursing even though it hurt awfully for months, and even though everyone was telling me to give it up. I'm proud we did that, and I truly feel that nursing helped nurture a bond between me and DS. And the thought of losing that bonding activity early is just difficult for me to think of without feeling very sad.

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Partaria--I can completely relate. I feel like I am clinging to a rope that is slowly slipping away...sigh! My 10 mo old DS#3 is currently cutting a tooth, has a cold, and NOT wanting to nurse. I am trying like heck to keep pumping as much as I can, but I am so busy with DS 1 and 2, along with teaching a full schedule at our local community college. Some times I am just too dang busy during the day to pump...


One thing I am doing is, when I can, power pumping--just hooking up to the pump as much as I can. I feel like if I can at least give him pumped breastmilk, I am doing some good.


But--let me just tell you how much I can relate to the emotional aspect. This is my last baby. EVER. Sigh! (got tubes tied--as I am almost 42--yikes!).  And nursing has been the best thing for me and the babies--forced me to slow down, connect with them...I am going to miss that so much. I know there are other ways of connecting, and they will happen. It's just that nursing is so...so...easy, I guess. I am not ready to give it up..


I did also get a "nursing necklace"---where it is, I don't know (ha!!)---but it did help him to have something to "fiddle" with. 


I think if he wakes up tonight, I will try to get him to sleep with me--skin to skin. That is REALLY one of the best things to do to increase supply :)


Then again, I know that when it does come to an end, it will be easier...more full nights of sleep (maybe?), and my husband will stop his complaining about me always having a kid sleeping with me! :):) 


Hang in there---and please reply with any thoughts or tips--we are in this together.



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Thank you so much for this heartfelt reply!


I hear what you're saying about feeling like you will miss nursing. When it becomes this time to emotionally connect, it's hard to think about life without it. Nursing was such a hard-won victory for us, and we had trouble bonding, DS and I, that I am very worried to lose this connection. What you say is so wise- that there are other ways to connect and they will happen. I should trust to that.


I never thought of skin to skin time. I think I will try that this weekend!

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I remember really clearly having these fears when dd1 was about 10 months old. She seemed to be losing interest and I was pretty concerned about it.

Well, to make a long story short, she finally weaned completely, with some reluctance, somewhere around 6. Even made it through the drop in supply that came with my second pregnancy (and was ecstatic to have the milk back when dd2 was born). She misses nursing--or maybe it's the closeness, so I try to nurture that in other ways, but losing her front teeth really screwed up her latch, and dd2 was getting pretty territorial...sibling rivalry kicked in big time and tandem nursing wasn't working at all.
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I know this thread is old, but I just wanted to respond because I am experiencing the exact same thing. My little guy just turned 9 months old this weekend, and in the last couple of weeks, he has been eating much more real food. He is still happy to nurse when I offer, which I do every couple of hours on the days I'm home with him (I work 2-3 days per week), but he is asking less and sometimes doesn't finish the milk I leave at home for him on the days that I work.  My pumping output is also down, I assume because of his decreased intake. He still loves nursing at bedtime and before naps, or if he's frustrated or upset, so I don't think he's moving towards weaning, but even this slight decrease breaks my heart. I have always planned to nurse until he turns two, but somehow that seems so soon already!  I think part of my heartbreak is that my husband and I are separated right now, so I no longer feel certain that I will have another baby, and I just want to hold onto my little guy's babyhood as much as I can...

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