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stripping membranes

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I talked with my midwife about possibly stripping my membranes on Monday if baby is still not here by then.

Anyone else have experience with this? Did it work for you? Was it painful?

I am 41 weeks 5 days today will be 42w 1 day on Monday.

I am really hoping my baby will come but I am starting to really lose faith in my ability to go into labor on my own this time.

12 days overdue is really hard!!

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I had this done at 42 weeks last baby. It wasn't too painful, and baby arrived next day, but I don't know if it was the membrane sweep or if I would have went into labor anyway. If you are really desperate, it's worth a shot.

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I hope you're having your baby now and this question is irrelevant...but my experience this time with the membrane sweep was good.  I was 41w4d when my midwife did it.  I think I was in very early prelabor already, dilated to 3 when I went in, and up to 4-5 after the sweep.  That night I had a nice strong 4.5 hour labor.  With my first baby, I had a sweep at 40w5d and it was followed by an excruciating 50 hours of back labor (but we think that was maybe because of the nuchal hand).  Overall, I would definitely get a sweep before any other type of intervention, though I might think twice about it if I was GBS+.


Good luck!  <3

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Yes I think I will try in on Monday. My contractions stopped overnight and since I woke I feel no different. Thanks for sharing your experience. I feel like I don't have anything to lose trying it.

I hope baby will come before Monday though....

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I had mine done at 41 weeks, and again at 41 1/2 weeks. I went into labor the day after the second one. Though, I did do other things to move thing along, as well. My thought was if I'm not ready, nothing will happen. And if I am close, it might bump things along.

Not sure if it helped, but I don't think it hurt.

Pain wise, it was a bit of pressure, and a little discomfort. It probably took her a whole minute or so to do.


I kind of detail everything in my birth story. And I don't feel bad about trying to nudge things. I had my son at 41+5, and now knowing how big he was, every extra day in there mattered.


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I'm knowing how you're feeling HumbleLuna. 42 weeks today. Fortunately, things look so good still that my midwife is giving me until next Friday before we see the OB. I'll see her on Thursday if baby hasn't made his appearance by then. I'll definitely consider a membrane sweep and castor oil induction attempt by Thursday, but I haven't had any exams thus far. I have no idea what my body has or hasn't done, and I usually don't do well with exams but definitely think it will be worth it to avoid the hospital and possible hospital induction. 

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I'm 43 weeks yesterday according to LMP but about 41 weeks according to an ultrasound we got done at the 42 week mark. My midwife stripped mine on Thursday - it definitely wasn't pleasant, but nothing too bad just practiced my relaxed deep breathing :) had some bloody show at the time and have continued to lose large amounts of mucus over the past 3 days but no contractions or baby... :(  

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