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recycling clothes into diapers- am I missing something?

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OK- so I pulled out a bunch of old clothes to make diapers out of- and I am using a fitted pattern- cause it is really the only one I like- but am I missing something?  With Dh's tshirts I can get 2 diaper bodies out of each one(and I use 4 per diaper)- I am making them in a size M/L- and there is a lot of waste that I am feeling like I should be using...  Should I be putting that somewhere?  Using it for something else?  I mean they are stained and greasy and old- so I was just going to make them into rags anyway...  Not sure why I am gelling the guilt :)  And a flannel shirt I am getting one diaper body out of- so my huge pile of clothes is making like 5 diapers- which I guess I am glad they are all free- I wouldn't want to garage sale to make diapers I guess- cause if I spend money on fabric I want it to be convenient I guess.  I am going to use parts of the flannel shirts for new wipes- but still!  1/4 of a diaper out of a whole flannel shirt?  And then- even though I know it is the point- but old clothes just make my diapers look old and gross.  That is a complete whine- but they look really sad and took just as much time as cute ones...


OK- so I guess I was just wondering if I was missing something- maybe you all are putting the scraps into internal soakers- which I don't like- so I do my own thing out of flannel yardage anyway....  

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You can definitely use the scraps for the soakers.  Even if you just use them for the interior layer(s) of the quick dry soakers I know you like, so you have your smooth flannel actually touching baby.  You can even patchwork the smaller pieces. 


But as for the sad looking, this is kinda why I don't do it.  I keep old pants to cut down to make pants for the kids, and I keep dress shirts to make dresses (just in case this is a girl).  Tee shirts and boxer briefs get cut into family cloth. 

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I just made AIO's out of old tee shirts - but i used a nice bright PUL so they looked fine to me...they looked like FEWER tee shirts jammed into my DH's dresser - falling out and getting stuffed into every corner of my room - thats why they looked so nice as diapers!!  lol

i think you could patchwork one or two layers of the diaper - maybe just not the layer that is next to babys' skin.

I also make PJ bottoms out of the tee shirts - (yes, we have many old tee shirts!!!) 

I can still make pants for my LO out of the legs of my DH's pants - and i use the top of his pants - cut just below the zipper - and attach a calico print to make a skirt for myself. 

Some chambray or flannel button downs shirts i make into library bags - leave the pocket on the front of it -  God my DH has a lot of clothes!

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Well yeah when I think of it like that :)  My Dh has sooo many old tshirts.  I went through a random box in our closet and found another handful of flannel shirts....  I think I could use the fronts on the outside if I sew them up the front and remove the buttons- so that would make me feel a little bit better :)  I am not going to patchwork.  I am just not going to feel bad about tossing the scraps of clothes that need to be thrown away I think :)  If nothing else it is decluttering our house and Dhs ridiculously full closet and shelves.  But I am still going to make some nice pretty new ones too I think  :wink

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You could always use the clothes for the interior and soaker and use one layer of new fabric for the exterior to make them look cute.

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I just made 2 daddy flats out of 2 old t-shirts that my husband had.  I got 2 cuts from both shirts and used the scraps as the soakers.  I have another shirt I want to use to make a fitted.

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I use 2 cuts of the fabric to make the diaper and use the scraps to sew the soaker pad for the diaper. I like how thin the diaper is around the waste being only 2 cuts of fabric thick, it wraps around the baby's belly very nicely.  The scraps that came out where the legs are cut are generally about how long you want the soaker pad to be anyway and then I use the sleeves and other bits of the shirt to make the soaker thicker.

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I made pfs out of old t shirts. I used old flannel receiving blankets for the absorbent part. All the leftover pieces of t shirt I cut up to make kleenex.
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Another use for odd scraps that aren't large enough to use for anything else is to use them to stuff homemade toys!  Bears, dolls, etc...

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Also great for cleaning something gross and tossing.
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I made my first diaper out of an old night gown. I made a fitted, and I think its pretty cute. :) Will probably do more.

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