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Binghampton, NY?

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Hello! My husbands job might have him relocating to Binghampton, NY. We've never been there before or anywhere near there. I was just wondering if you guys could tell me of some safe neighborhoods near there? Good schools? How much does housing run (would need a 2 bedroom)? Thanks so much. I'm so upset over this and very scared.

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There are allot of possibilities surrounding Binghamton. The area has been struggling economically for decades, housing prices are very affordable. Schools are all pretty good statistically. We live in Vestal, and it's okay. Overall the area is still rural and small townish. Many of us are really concerned about the natural gas industry's massive development plans for Broome County. If I were buying I would be very carefull about issues surrounding gas production/industrialization in particular.

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Gah. Thank you for the information.

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I am originally from the Binghamtom area, although I don't live there anymore. It is a nice area that is family friendly and has a low cost of living. I'm not sure what you are used to, but I would imagine you will not have a problem finding affordable housing. I lived in Vestal and had a great childhood. My family still lives there. Vestal schools are good, as are Endwell and many of the others in the area. I went to catholic schools so I can't totally comment on the public schools personally, but I obviously know alot of people who have gone through them and had great experiences. It is somewhat of a rural area with alot of green spaces that I really miss. Good luck with the move!

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I went to college in Binghamton, worked in the school system, and my FBIL grew up in the area. 


IMO I liked Vestal best. It is pretty rural, and a lot of the economy is dependent on the college. Are you looking to rent or buy? Housing is inexpensive (esp compared to the NYC area). You can get a lot of house for your money. The Binghamton SD is large, with multiple elementary and middle schools, and two large high schools. Very mixed bag of kids. 


Good luck with the move!

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