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Hi everyone,


I am investigating 2 Postpartum Doula Programs (CBI and BAI).  I see qualities in both and I am having a difficult time in making a decision on which program to choose, if at all.  My goal in a year (depending on my LO's needs) is to take classes at Seattle Midwifery School at Bastyr whom teachers are DONA certified, which I plan to achieve the DONA cert. 


I thought these on line classes could get the ball rolling or am I wasting my time? 


Any thoughts on CBI and BAI?  Why did you choose the program you took and did you enjoy it?


Thank you for any thoughts.



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i havent taken either but i am taking a herbal course through BAI and its really good so far, it is set up well and the tutor is very nice.

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Email both places, or call and talk to them and see how they can assist you.

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Thank you very much. 

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Hi goldenwillow!


I was you just two weeks ago! Couldn't decide between CBI or BAI. I loved that they both has distance learning and I am not required to go to a workshop, since they are usually quite far from my location. I ultimately picked BAI because they offer scholarships that help me pay for the course! I also fell in love with the very holistic approach to it all. I feel like BAI is a bit... warmer? I'm not sure how to explain it. :P I am signing up for my course this weekend and I cannot WAIT!! Have you chosen yet?

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Sorry for the delayed reply.


I have not chosen yet.  I do enjoy that BAI is more holistic.  Good for you getting enrolled.  How do you like it if you have started?

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i would look into the bai group on facebook. that should give you a good idea of how it works. i find it a great information group.

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I flip flopped between the two schools, too, and in the end I went with CBI.  I just felt like it was more solid, although in retrospect, I really, really like BAI and will probably take more classes with them next time.  They are so lovely and so many of my friends went through them and rave about them.  So I don't know.  


I really like my trainer at CBI.  She is very down-to-earth, but she really challenges me!  Even when I think I've got it all covered she comes at me with another angle and I really LOVE that kind of thing.  She opens me up to a new idea that I would not have considered before.  

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Thank you for all the responses!

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I prefer CBI.  I know exactly what I am paying for.  Another aspect for my favoring them has to do with the requirement that some doula certifications have.   The birth team (doctor) has to sign off on paperwork regarding my performance in other organizations; CBI does not require this.  I work for the family and do not want this distraction as a certification requirement.  I plan to go with CBI when the time comes...I like their book lists too.

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May I suggest CAPPA?  They are the 2nd largest certifying group in the world and are highly recognized by Birth professionals of all kinds- both medical and laypersons.  Their Director of the Postpartum Doula Program is Darla Adler Burns and is reachable on Facebook for questions by anybody!  I'm a new Labor Doula & Childbirth Educator and I friended her immediately and she is very easy to talk to.  Just a thought.  :)

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I attended a Doula workshop with BAI and I highly recommend it! Mavis Gewant is returning to Olympia this Fall to teach a PP Doula workshop. I am hoping to attend! BAI does nite dictate how we can practice as doulas. They offer certification with no future fees. Plus, I really respect both Mavis and Demetria.
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