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Planning on an international babymoon at 25 weeks!

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Hello mamas! 


I'm not sure I'm in the right forum to ask this so please move me if I'm not!!! 


I am now 15 weeks pregnant with our 3rd baby. We would like to plan a very specail trip just my DH and I. I would be about 25 weeks pregnant by then. First, it would be an early 10th wedding anniversary celebration (the baby is actually due on our anniversary in Augustdust.gif). Secondly, it would be the first time in 5 years (DS1 will be 5 in June and DS2 2 1/2) I leave our sons overnight (let alone 7 nights!!!)... actually it will be the first time they are without me for more than a dinner and movie which happens for DH and I about 6 times a year! They don't go to day care or preschool so they are with me 24/7. So that would be really hard for me but really necessary I think. Thirdly, well it's some time alone with DH that we never take and it's before the baby... so the next chance we will have to do this will probably be in 3 years!!! 


Ok, so we want to go to French Polynesia!!! Yes, that's far coolshine.gif. So, what do you think? I posted the same question on a travel website and I have to say I was surprised that everyone suggested to me to stay home!!! Well I'm only going to be 25 weeks pregnant not 36 weeks eyesroll.gif So, yes I understand I might not be able to do some tours or go up or down the water from a snorkeling boat, but we want to go to paradise to relax and take in the sigths not hike or scuba dive!!! So, that's why I decided to post here cause mamas here understand we all need a break and this is it for me! Do you think we should keep the trip for later in our lives and go somewhere else (closer?)? I know every pregnancies are different but my first 2 were pretty much the same and without any problems.... this one so far is also good. I haven't even seen a midwife or a doctor yet... 


Anyways I came here to get some thoughts and opinions on this. Did you have a babymoon with any of your children? How far along were you? I know it would be great if we could go earlier but it is unfortunately not an option for us! Thanks mamas for your advices and suggestions! 




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I spent my 28th week on a sailboat in the British Virgin Islands. I wouldn't have loved a much longer plane flight, but otherwise the trip was incredible and perfect. I spent about three hours a day in the water and otherwise completely unwound from every stressor that existed. It was amazing. 


So...I'd go for it.

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I spent 5 weeks abroad when I was pregnant. I think I was 22 weeks along when I came home (ish... don't remember precisely, but I do remember I started feeling baby moving while I was there). I don't think 25 weeks is such a big difference from my experience; I'd do it. You should be into feeling good in the second trimester, but not be so big as to be uncomfortable yet.


We took a babymoon at about 34 weeks as well, but it was much shorter and closer by.

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We went to Mexico during both of my pregnancies, and I was about 30-32 weeks each time. It was awesome, and I would definitely say you should go. We took DD1 with us when I was pregnant with DD2, so it was more of a trip than a vacation, if you know what I mean; it was still nice, though.
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I went to Panama for 10 days when I was around 18 weeks pregnant. My only issue there was that I felt it was hard to find good fresh fruit, etc. I was a bit paranoid about avoiding bug bites on the odd chance a bug might have some sort of disease. But mostly is was fantastic! We did a lot of relaxing and beach time (we spent time in the big city and then out on a tiny island near costa rica). My husband did one or two things on his own and would have liked to have gone inland and done more adventure activities, but we had a great trip despite not doing those things. I say go! French polynesia sounds like a dream! I'm guessing you'd be at a nice resort there so you won't have to worry about much except for staying comfortable on a long flight. 



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Well I think it sounds nice too.  I actually had a similar conversation a month or so ago about a trip to Uganda when I would be 28 weeks.  What decided it for me was the vacinations- and since I am not familiar with where you are looking to go- I would check on that.  I am usually not one to seek permission- but I would also check with your MW or Dr.  If it is a resort you wouldn't have to worry about good food and water- so that would be nice :)

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Well, I *moved* (so it was a one way trip) to Russia from the United Arab Emirates when I was about 25-26 weeks pregnant with my daughter. I'll be going to Russia again with this pregnancy... probably at around 28-30 weeks. I'd definitely go! 

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I don't have a problem with the trip itself.  My problem is with the idea of leaving a 2.5 yo alone for the first time, and it being for a week.  Who's going to watch the kids?  How are emergencies going to be handled?  How do your kids handle separation? 


The trip itself sounds great, although I would research disease vectors and risks and that sort of thing for the area, just so you know what to avoid, but I'd recommend that even if you weren't pg.  My sticking point would be the kids.  There's no way I could leave my 2.5 yo for a week - he'd be a complete basket case and a total nightmare for whoever was dealing with him.  He does not handle separation from mommy well at all. 

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