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Developmental delays and eczema

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Anyone btdt with eczema? I'm worried about delays in development with Dd. her eczema keeps us from giving her tummy time so I'm worried she's not going to get the opportunity to develop the muscles and coordination required for crawling. She also has a paci in her mouth most of the day because it helps distract her from her constant itching. So, not only am I worried about her getting used to having a paci in her mouth all the time, but she doesn't get to babble much. She used to coo all the time And was such a happy and talkative baby, but not so much anymore greensad.gif. Am I just being paranoid? Any suggestions on how I can help remedy the situation ( besides get rid of the eczema... Ugh!)
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Babywearing! It strengthens baby's core muscles, give vestibular stimulation, and is great for fine and gross motor skill development. Plus baby gets to spend time close to the person she loves. Oops, I see that do wear baby in your signature.


To avoid the tummy positions, perhaps try kangaroo carry, facing out (I know controversial), hip carry (so long it doesn't bother her tummy).


As per talking and the paci, I am of no help here.

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My DD had developmental delays due to eczema. She didn't try to crawl or sit up because she was too busy scratching, she looked like she was being attacked by a swarm of invisible bees, it was awful. But this kind of delay is different from a delay for no apparent reason, once her eczema was more under control she caught up at an alarming rate.

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i am so sorry to hear about your little darling's struggles... have you tried giving her some probiotics and maybe a little bit of udo's 3-6-9 oil?


my ds - 6 months - started having eczema after his 2 and 4 month old shots (that was before i started doing any kind of research on vaccines, and i feel terrible about it now). it started as a tiny dot on the back of his legs, then quickly spread to his entire legs, arms and recently it appeared on his belly too.

one week ago, after a lot of research, i've started him on baby probiotics and very little udo's oil (or, if you're breastfeeding, you could take it yourself and it will pass into your milk). i have also made a very simple lotion with the 3-6-9 oil, shea butter and a little organic beeswax, that i use on him at least once a day. his skin dramatically improved in less than 2 days, and now, about a week later, is almost eczema free. :)


i'm thinking that even if your dd's condition is worse than my son's, this regimen could do no harm.

also, sometimes there is a link between eczema and food allergies (some wise mamas here could help you out on this matter more that i do).


good luck mama!


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Our son is almost 19 months and has got issues with language and walking. He had severe eczema needing powerful steroid creams for a while. Thankfully it is now sorted. I am wondering that was contributory for his developmental issues? We are plannning to see a paediatrician as well.

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