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My son is 4 months old and exclusively breastfed.  He developed bad eczema about 2 months ago.  We were prescribed a cream for his body which has helped immensely, but his head has been a challenge, as we can only use the cream on his body. We've been using Aquaphore and a cortizone cream and neither help much.  He will attack his head with his hands and scream.  He pulls his hair out, thrashes, wakes himself up at night and sometimes refuses to eat.  He is also teething so I'm not sure what I'm dealing with.


I was told by his Pediatrician, a GI Doctor, as well as a Dermatologist to eliminate soy and dairy from my diet to see if his rash improves.  I eliminated both for 2 weeks and he seemed a little better.  I reintroduced dairy and he seemed about the same.  When I added soy milk back into my diet for 2 days his rash got worse again.  Is it possible for him to have a soy sensitivity, but not dairy?


Or do you think it could just be teething and his face rash is from him batting at his head all the time with wet mitts (they are wet because he sucks on his hands all day)?


Any input is greatly appreciated- thank you!