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Seeking Doula in NYC/Jersey City Area

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Hey all,


I live in Jersey City and am giving birth in midtown manhattan. 

I'm looking for a doula, even a student doula is fine with me.

We're cost conscious on this and cant afford most of the doulas we've found so far.

Do you have any recommendations of a great doula who's willing to labor at home with me in Jersey City

and come with us to the hospital in midtown manhattan?


Thanks in advance for any assistance.




okaydani at gmail dot com


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You could try www.birthrightnow.com as I believe they service both Jersey and Manhattan.  I have not used their doulas, but I did attend their workshop today and found them to be very knowledgeable.


Good Luck!

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Marci Mathew! She's in Jersey City and a fantastic doula, as is Rachel Ruel- douleerachel@gmail.com and marcimathew@hotmail.com



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You can also try doulamatch.net
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Not sure if Kelli de Flora goes into manahttan, but if she does, she's fantastic!!

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