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Sweet - discounted baby gear

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I thought I'd share this just in case other mamas are having similar issues buying for baby.  I think I'm pretty minimalist when it comes to baby gear, but I do have a few items on my list.  I've been watching my local thrift stores like a hawk, but not having much luck -- most of the good deals were on "mainstream" parenting items like diaper genies and things I simply don't have the desire or room for.


However, I scored big at a consignment sale this weekend: $250 worth of cloth diapers for $50; an Arm's Reach co-sleeper, $160 for $60; a sling for $5; cute clothes from Carter's, etc., for $1 each.  The sale is called "Kid's Closet Connection" and is franchised.  It looks like KCC isn't completely nation-wide yet, but they do have upcoming sales in 12 states.  There's a list of sale dates and locations at http://www.kidscloset.biz.


I'm not really expecting friends/family to do much gifting for this baby, so these finds felt like a windfall.


Are there any other places I should be looking for secondhand baby goodies?  As I mentioned, I haven't been having much luck at local thrift and consignment stores.  I stumbled across that website 5 pages deep into a Google search for children's resale stuff.

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Our city always seems to have a Mom 2 Mom sale going on. Churches, playgroups, childbirth education centres, and the military base are some of the groups I have seen hosting them. Different groups but they always seem to be called the same thing. Maybe a search for Mom to mom sales would turn up something? Another way I have found out about sales/ good places to get stuff is through a local facebook Mommy network I joined. They are always sharing info on things like that. Have you also tried Kiijii (canada only I think) or Craigs List (US and Canada)?

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We have something called Just Between Friends here, similar concept. My favorite is a baby and kid rummage that one of the towns around here holds twice a year. It is in April and I am looking forward to it! I have had decent luck finding baby items on craigslist too, especially cloth diapers. A friend of mine got a pack'n'play last year at a rummage for $10 with the bassinet attachment. So that is my mission for spring! We don't own one and I want to sell our bassinet and get a PNP instead.
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I have been on a mission too. It depends a lot where you live... if you wanted to share where you are, someone nearby might have advice. I think it's easier if you live somewhere densely populated. I live like halfway between NYC and Boston so there's plenty of everything around here.


I've done super well on craigslist, I got  an arm's reach cosleeper for free, a pack n play with bassinette, changing thingie and newborn napper that is like new for $40, a like new infant snugride for $15, a britax umbrella stroller for $20, and some cloth diaper covers and glass bottles really cheap.


There's a chain here called Once Upon a Child that is a consignment for baby stuff only. I got lots of two piece outfits 10/$10 at the fall/winter clearance.  There's also goodwill and Savers, I've gotten maternity clothes and baby clothes at both. I'm not sure if I've bought anything new yet besides a few pacifiers.


Sometimes I see ads for baby consignment sales that are twice a year, spring/fall, usually in a church. I haven't been to one yet but people seem to like them.



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