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hip aches while cosleeping

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I'm a new mom and have been cosleeping with our DS (he's two months old). We sleep on a white lotus cotton and wool futon (two x-long twins) with DH. Every night, I sleep on my left side facing DS. I keep my left arm up as a barrier between the pillow and my knees up right under his little legs.There is a pillow in between my legs. I feel really comfortable with this set up for safety reasons.


However, when I wake up my hips are so stiff. I have similar pelvic pain like what I had while pregnant (it feels like the middle section of my pubic bone is coming apart). My first morning steps feel pretty unstable. Plus, since our mattress is pretty firm, the hip I lie on feels almost bruised by morning. I know that switching sides would probably help, but DH is an incredibly heavy sleeper and rolls around at night. I don't feel comfortable having DS in between us. Luckily, I can comfortably nurse from both breasts on one side. We have slept upside down on the bed to switch sides for a night, but whatever side I sleep on is still stiff by morning.


Has anyone else ever experienced this? I absolutely love cosleeping with our little one and wouldn't have it any other way. Night nursing is a breeze and I feel very close to my son. We had a rough start because he was premature (in the NICU for 25 days) and this has been a wonderful way to bond with him. I just need it to be a little more bearable for me physically. Any ideas would be appreciated!

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Oh I am of no help, just wanted to commiserate. I do recall feeling very achy while co-sleeping in the early months. Then one day, I woke up and felt great and no longer experienced it.

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I agree. My hips and knees ached for the first few months and then it just went away. Perhaps try to roll onto your back periodically to help take the pressure off? Contests on the new baby!
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I had/have the same problem (still at 2yrs) and going to the chiropractor regularly has helped immensely.. 

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same here. i usually put a pillow between my legs when i sleep. actually i do this every night. if i don't it hurst really bad.


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Oh god... I've been there. OUCH. I couldn't find anything that helped. It lasted until my ds was maybe 5-6 months old, when I felt he was safe enough while I was sleeping to move around at night. Before then, instinctively I just could not move from being curled around him. Now he's such an active sleeper there's no way we could spend all night like that, and my hips are nearly pain-free.

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Well, it sounds like this is a normal part of cosleeping! I do go to the chiro regularly, so maybe continuing that will help. I feel better though knowing that I'm not the only one experiencing this!

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I had this too for the first couple months! I loved sleeping on my side facing DS, but had to sleep on my back for a little bit throughout the night to help the pain. It just went away after awhile.

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I've been there too...well I''m currently "there" actually. My ds is 3 1/2 months old and I'm just starting to feel comfortable moving around a bit more at night. Now, after I nurse him, I unlatch him and scotch away from him a little bit and roll onto my back. I rest my arm/hand on his lower body and usually bend one of my legs (the one closer to him) up so his feet are just touching my thigh. Don't know if you can visualize that...


I've been waking up much less achy the last few nights since I've been able to do this. I think it'll get better as our babies get older though. Sounds like other mamas have gone through this phase at the beginning too.

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I can relate, too.  For me, changing sides a couple of times a night is a must, or I'm unbearably uncomfortable.  Any chance you'd want to pull the 2 twin mattresses apart to create a bigger space from DH?  Just a thought... and this is assuming the futon mattresses are on the floor.  Good luck :)

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