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Best Frame-Pack Backpack for Older Baby?

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I still use my ergo every day, all day long, (in fact I strap it on in the am like an apron when i dress and leave it there) in both front and back carries but am forseeing the need for a frame back in a couple months and wondered if anyone had favorites?


DD is giant, 25 pounds, 30 inches, at 8 months. She's happy in the ergo 9 times out of 10 but for longer hikes and such she gets antsy and is happier with the bit more space the frame-pack allows. We've had a dinky evenflo pack someone gave us and used it a couple times in these situations and it did the trick. But she's almost outgrown it and I don't like the way it holds her body. She can't "sit" in it - it's more like a bjorn, just holds her crotch rather than her bum in seated position. It'd also be nice to have a pack that was more adventure oriented with a zipper pocket, places to strap bedding, etc. Something that you could really take to the wilderness for a few days and have it be useful. 


Thoughts on something that would work now until past 45 pounds and be adjustable enough to fit me at 5'6", my giant hubby at 6'7" and our gimongo baby? 



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I've heard really good things about Kelty carriers, but they are pricey.  A Mountain Equipment Co-op carrier is comparable and less expensive, but I don't know if you can get MEC stuff in the US.  We bought our Kelty used on Kijiji (like Craig's list) so if budget is an issue maybe that is an option.

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I've used a Sherpani frame backpack that worked pretty well. I think they adjust for parents of different sizes. However, I am about 5'4" and it seemed a little long for me which was most noticeable on longer hikes.  My husband likes an REI frame backpack that he picked up at a second hand sports store. He is even able to carry our 3 (almost 4 year) old in it. I don't think I could, but I'm busy packing around the younger one (almost 2) in an ergo (he is small for his age).

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