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hola.gif I've been thinking about names.  I'm only 12 weeks, but *I* feel that I'm far along enough that if this baby does not join us, I will still want to name him or her.  So either way that goes, I'm looking at names.  



My DH and I disagree a lot about boy names.  Girl names are okay.  DH wanted to name DD1 Fernando if she was a boy (which I dislike very much, and he now denies that he even mentioned that name) and wanted DD2 to be named after him (Jaime, pronounced hi-may) if a boy.  But it would be Jaime II, and I just am not fond of it.  DH's nickname is JJ or James, his dad is Jaime, and there are already a few "Juniors" in the family, so our last resort for a nickname would be Jaimito.  Not loving that...


For girl names, I like Autumn Lluvia (Lluvia means rain in Spanish).  Other names on the list are Persephone, Gaia, Freja, Willow, and Wren.  I like Bernadette too, but I think we'd end up calling her Bernie and I don't know how much I like that.


Boy names...  my top name is Finnian Stone.  We'd call him Finn.  DH seems okay with it but hasn't really voiced too much opinion.  I also love Cillian (pronounced Killian), Elliott, Lochlan, and River.  


Idk, I like odd names.  DD1 has a rather "different" name, her name is Nayeli (pronounced N+eye+ell+ee), middle name is my middle name, a family name.  DD2 has a very common name, but it fits her extremely well.  Her name is Madelyn.   Middle name is my MILs name, of all people, but it is a very beautiful name and I wanted to incorporate a family name from each side of the family at least once.  So that's over and done with lol.gif


Anyone else struggle with their DH about boy names?  

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I love names! I've been trolling name sites for the last 3 days adding to my lists. I think I could happily name at least half a dozen girls but for boys names I've got nada. So of course I feel like we're having a boy this time.


My DD's name literally popped into my head and I love it, but  I was never really happy with our boy choices.  DH wanted Angus for a boy (just, no, not gonna happen) and we'd settled on Ronin which is OK but I still don't love it.


Both DH and I have unusual names, as does our DD, so I'd like something not totally mainstream for our next child too, and I find it way harder to find unusual but still pronounceable and recognizable as a name for boys. It's made more difficult by both of us having large extended families so there are a lot of names that are out of the running!


WCM, I really like your choices so far. It seems like any of them would work nicely with your daughters' names!

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I am leaning towards Jude for a boy. I really want to name a girl Xotchil. It is Aztec. Dh has Incan ancestry but I don't love/ can't pronounce most Quechua words or names so it is a bit of a stretchbut it would still honor indigenous roots. MIL passed away a few years ago and I'd love to honor part of her name for a middle name. Her name was Basilia and I'd go with Lia for a middle name. In my last pg we talked about McGuire for a girl and call her Maggie. My name is Maddie so that might be confusing. Mcguire was my grandmothers maiden name. My other girl name was Zinnia.

DS has a covert Harry potter name (phoenix). Not sure id want another Hp name! I know a family where all the kids have sci fi / fantasy names! Eowin, Cullen, Sirius, and I think the oldest one is from firefly but I can't remember what it is.
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We're rather traditional with Names. DS is Adam Warren and DD is Allison Emily. We need names that can be pronounced and written easily in German and English. So far that is working out. Now we're trying to stick with the A theme which isn't so easy LOL. I think girl names are easier to find but boy  names? Oy vey. We haven't really looked into it yet, we want to wait until we find out what we're having.

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Yay, names!

DD's name is Amelie Jane - Amelie was my grandpa's oldest sister's name, and Jane is kind of after my mom (her name is Jana). I really like family names.

If this bean is a boy, he'll be James Robert, after my late father, and also super-conveniently DH's dad, whose name is Robert.

So anyway, that leaves us wide open for girl names. DH is no help at all -- he vetos like mad and never contributes anything.

I'm loving Zoe, but he hates it :/

The short list at the moment is:

No idea at all about middle names - I like Mae and Lee/Leigh but I don't think they go with any of the above very well.
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We can't agree on anything. We had names for each, but they are both out now. Friends of ours are having fertility issues and she has always wanted to name a girl Abigail, so I feel like a jerk using it. Our boys name was Jonas but a former coworker just used it, which is crazy because it's not common and I had never heard it before.

Right now we have settled on Third Baby. wink1.gif

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Originally Posted by MadiMamacita View Post

I am leaning towards Jude for a boy.
I love it! (And the Beatles redface.gif)
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@crystal: dh actually suggested Amelie/Amelia if it's a girl. i like the name qnd i hope he still likes it too a few weeks dowin the road lol. ds said he likes the name 'sara' so i hope we can put that in as a middle name. he also wants a boy named corben lol. his best friend's babybrother is named corban.
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Girl names seem so easy.  I like Naomi Rose right now.


Boy names.  Ack.  With #1, I never found one I liked.



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We're recycling the girl name from DS1 - Chelsea Mymaidenname.  If it's a boy, we decided on Carrick, middle name TBD.  DS' middle name was after DH's grandfather, I think it would only be fair to use a name from my side...

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Originally Posted by MadiMamacita View Post

I am leaning towards Jude for a boy. I really want to name a girl Xotchil. It is Aztec. 

My FIL would love me forever if I named his grandson Jude.. he is a HUGE Beatles fan!

We have a lot of Aztec names in the family (and my grandfather is of Aztec roots).  I too love those names.. but one family member with six kids has the ones I like taken up, so that's out the window ;)  Maybe not for middle names though... 



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I am really traditional when it comes to names. As of right now I have names picked out but who knows, it may change. I love Dexter for a boy (this will likely not change). And I love Katharine (Kat) for a girl.


I love traditional, but NOT "top 10" names. My daughters are Hannah and Genevieve. When I names Hannah I thought Hannah was OLD and unpopular. Turned out to be top 10 that year! Oh well, she's a Hannah.

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Oops! I posted twice -- that's what I get for leaving my browser open long enough for people to post in the meantime.

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I'm strangely secretive about names. I never tell anyone until baby is born, but I am loving reading this thread! WCM, one of your names you mentioned is our middle name choice if this one is a girl, so don't think I copied you!

Boy names are so hard. DH and I already have our girl name al picked out (first and middle) but boy we have only grudgingly agreed on a first name. This is what happened last time too! Luckily DD was a girl or she might still not have a name smile.gif
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WCM- one of my best friends is having a Jaime/Jaimito in a couple weeks! I think it's a beautiful name. 

MissE- we have the same situation- we need names that are pronounced the same in Danish and English. Which means no names that end in "e". 


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Originally Posted by MissE View Post

@crystal: dh actually suggested Amelie/Amelia if it's a girl.

Woot, woot! Amelie's an awesome name, if I get a vote smile.gif Though it's not very common in English, if that's what you're going for -- most of the nurses at the doctor's office are confused about how to pronounce it eyesroll.gif (And maybe I should have been expecting it, but I wasn't -- It's a family name for us, and it IS a traditional name, and it does follow standard rules of pronunciation in English ... oh well, I think it probably has something to do with the area of the country we live in)
Originally Posted by Carson View Post

We're recycling the girl name from DS1 - Chelsea Mymaidenname.

I love, LOVE using a maiden name.
Originally Posted by MamanFrancaise View Post

I love traditional, but NOT "top 10" names.

This is me, too -- If Emma wasn't so darn popular, I'd definitely use Emeline, "Emma" for short after a good friend of mine and another good friend of my grandma's, or Madeline really just because I like how well it goes with Amelie without being matchy-matchy, but I'm not crazy about how popular Maddy is (especially here!) and it would just be a losing battle to try to get people to call her by her full name. I know it shouldn't bother me how popular a name is, but it kind of does. I had no idea Hannah was so popular! I think I just know three (and I've had A LOT of students).
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Ok... I need *VERY* honest opinions....


What does everyone think of siblings names that rhyme? My gut reaction is that kids aren't curtains and shouldn't "match"... and actually if i ever hear of rhyming siblings names... I cringe... (I feel like I'll want to put an asterix beside her name and say "It's not purposeful that they rhyme!!!!!!"


But my problem is that my *FAVORITE* name rhymes with DD's name... UGH!


What would you do?



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Jewels- I don't think much of it.. I know a lot of families that do name trends with their kids.. myself, I have a sister who used presidential names with her kids.. Kennedy, Lincoln, Reagan, and Jackson.  I don't think it is odd, per se, but I don't think I could see myself shouting their names through the house... it would just sound funny, I guess.  "Aiden stop hitting Hayden!"  "Molly stop hitting Polly" (Yeah, I know, pathetic rhyming name examples lol.)


Gotta go break up my actual hitting children... eyesroll.gif yay..

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LOL about the maiden name. Awesome if it actually works. My maiden name is Damm (pronounced Dumm) and people were like "Uhh...Damn?? Dumb???" NOt fun :). Now it's all americanized, no more problems :). 


@Crystal: People have problems with Allison too, there are so many ways to write it and I went with the most mai. nstream way I could find. I even went to ToysRUs to see what the most common name on stickers/cups etc was LOL. 


I like Astin/Aston or Adan for a boy. I actually favor Adan but it's sooo close to Adam (DS name) so I guess it won't happen. 

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I have a huge list of names started but we haven't really "talked" names yet.  DH never wants to early.  And we didn't seriously talk names last time until we knew the sex.  My son is Noah John (Noah is crazy popular, which I didn't want, but it was the ONLY name we both loved), and DD is Lilah Rose.  So both of my kids so far end in an "ah".  


Here are the names I'm leaning towards right now:  


Girl:  Harper, Harlow, Mari, Cecelia, Elliott, Ruby, Willow, Emerson, Kenley, Sadie, Keely, Lexi  Middle:  Sage

Boy:  Quinn, Gage, Ronin, Eaton, Keegan, Rylan  Middles:  Cade, Keane


We had a few names I've seen mentioned as possibles for DD had she ben a boy, so those might get thrown back in (Ronin, etc.).  



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