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BRC_MacKenzie  - I think that's exactly my problem too! My DD's name literally popped into my head one night and I just knew it was the one. I think I keep waiting for the same feeling with this one, but I'm not sure it's going to happen. Instead of looking for the perfect name, I've changed my strategy to just looking for names that seem to work for us, and if nothing really grabs me, I'm open to having a short list and seeing if one of them seems right once this baby is born.


Judybean - thanks! I'm always a little hesitant sharing names before the baby's born, especially because I know by some standards they are a little outside the norm, but neither DH, DD or I have names in the top 1000 so I sort of want to avoid anything really commonly known while still sticking with names that are generally recognizable as names! I think my favourite at the moment is Eero too, but DH isn't sold on it. It's actually the only name he wasn't very enthusiastic about that I kept on the list. My biggest hesitation is sort of bizarre - my cousin just had a baby boy last week who they named Archer. It seems like it would be really weird to have the next baby named "Arrow" no matter how we spell it.

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I adore Nora, but one of my best friends growing up had that name. Also love Linnea, makes me think of the children's books (Linnea in Monet's Garden)

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I came up with a lovely girl name- Juniper Lia- and I was going go come here and ask if it would be weird considering that there are a lot of places in our community called Juniper- two elementary schools, the gym we belong to, etc.. I floated the name out to Dh and his first reaction was you mean like my gym? He was a flat out no. I wonder if I can work on him.. so would it be weird?
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MadiMamacita- I personally love the name (and am likely going to give one of the twins Juniper as a middle name) so I don't think it's weird at all ;)

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Arg! I just found out a friend is using one of our two boy names, Noah. I knew Noah is popular, which is why it is currently #2 for me (but #1 for DH) of our two options but so far our immediate circle of friends was Noah-less so I felt okay using it. Now she will have a Noah 4 months before our baby is born and most of our friend are friends with them too so the overlap will be big. I know we could still use it but I would feel like such a copier even though its been on our list since before we knew DD was a girl. Of course, we don't tell anyone our choices until after the baby is born and my husband is stuck on jury duty right now so this is my place to vent...okay, I'm vented. I feel better. I guess if its a boy, we'll be going with Jonah. 

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Just wanted to share our twins names. I was a little worried about having them start with the same letters but both names carry a lot of meaning for us so we are going for it. The boy will be Isaac Mathew and the girl is Iris Kristine . My DD that we have is Annabeth after my sweet Grandmother so we wanted special names for the the twins. Isaac is taken from the Bible - we are not very religious but the story of that name is so true for us thinking we would never have more children especially a son then being blessed with that miracle - I also love that it means laughing - what a happy meaning. He will have his Daddy's middle name for his middle name. Iris means rainbow, and she will be our rainbow baby - meaning a baby that comes after the loss of another baby - reminding us that even after a storm there are more miracles to be had and beauty. She will have my middle name Kristine.  And really I like Isaac and Iris they sort of go but not to much. I love all the unique and classic names I hear on here, it is so much fun !

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