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 Is there another way to spell this name? 



DDC crashing a bit (we kind of straddle the line between the August and Sept DDCs), but I wanted to throw it out there that we have a good friend whose name is Mya, and I really love it.  Of course, it's our friend's name, so it's off our list.  ;)  


We haven't decided 100%, but our girls name frontrunner has been Everleigh Jane since way before we even conceived this baby.  Add another one to the "Evie for short" camp!  Although we've had some discussion over the spelling of the nickname, lol.  I had a friend in high school who simply went by E.V., and mostly we spell it Evie but sometimes I consider using Evey.  Anybody else have a different variation on Evie?  

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I'm looking at unisex names now...anyone want to throw options out at me? :)

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Unisex names: Shawn and Kim

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Jamie.  Sasha.  Dana.  Dawn/Don.

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More unisex names: Taylor, Bailey, Alex, Avery, Charlie, Francis/Frances...
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For a girl, we decided on Katherine Gayle - Katherine was my MIL's name (she passed away 4 years ago) and Gayle is my mom's middle name.


For a boy we've thrown around a lot of different ones.  I like Stephen Robert (Stephen was my brother, stillborn at 34 weeks) and my MIL's middle name is Roberta so Robert is a play on that.  DH likes David (my dad's name) Mikel (Dh's middle name).  It's ok but I don't love it, which is how he feels about Stephen Robert.  He likes Anthony, I just don't.  meh. 


I'm having boy vibes and DD(12 yo) dreamed it was a boy the other night.  Hopefully we'll know on the 18th~

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My family would be thrilled if you'd use it -- I could tell them my internet friend stole it from me! I love Lucy, but we used it on a cat! So that's out... lol.gif

We have a boxer named Lucy!  Complete spelling includes the exclamation point, if you met her you'd understand why. 

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We find out the sex next week. But we're pretty set on Luna Anne for a girl (both my mom and his mom have the middle name Anne). We've been having  a tough time with possible boy names but thinking about Sage McKenzie (my husband's middle name is McKenzie).

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I would love some suggestions for girl names.... we won't find out if boy or girl until the 26th but we're having a hard time with girl names.  We want a name with a long A vowel.  Some ideas we have so far are Sadie, Maci, or Laina.  I'm not really sold on any of them though so would love some input on those names and also other suggestions!

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Harper or Daisy

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Originally Posted by mamaforever View Post

I would love some suggestions for girl names.... we won't find out if boy or girl until the 26th but we're having a hard time with girl names.  We want a name with a long A vowel.  Some ideas we have so far are Sadie, Maci, or Laina.  I'm not really sold on any of them though so would love some input on those names and also other suggestions!

Long "A" girl names: Kate, Elana, Hazel, Jane, Dana, Ava, Gayle, Hailey, Bailey, Jade, Jacey, Lacey, Mercedes, Magdalena, Rachael, Tayleigh, Teagan, ... okay. Mind is shot wink1.gif Those are names I know some little girls have! Oh... and I have a cousin named Kayleigh.
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Originally Posted by Carlin View Post

Flower of Bliss, I love your girls names! I like to follow a very similar formula. My DD's name is Sylvan Belle. Sylvan literally popped into my head out of nowhere one night and I love the sound and the meaning, and that I've never heard it on another person but it is a real name.. Both my husband and I had grandmothers named Isabella/Isabel so it was nice to honour them both at once. If this is another girl I'd like to somehow incorporate my Mom or Maternal Grandmother's names but Linda and Phyllis are a bit hard to work with and with a maiden name of Junck we're a bit limited.


For a boy, I was thinking of Daniel for a middle name after my Dad but my DH's grandfather who he was very close to died last winter so I think he might want to lean in that direction. His first name was Donald which I'm totally opposed to using as I had an ex who shared that name but his middle name is Stuart which might work. I also find it a lot harder to find those unusual but not absurd names for boys than girls so I don't have much in the first name category yet. Our province should publish its 2011 name list any day now and I'm eagerly looking forward to seeing if some of my favourites are getting too popular around here.

Carlin, we have a lot of the same names in our families!  My mom is Linda and I agree, it's hard to work in.  Daniel is our son's name, so of course joy.gif.  Donald was my FIL's name and he passed away a few years ago....it's also DH's middle name, and I'm not sure he wants to use it again. 


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Holy moly, Judybean! I just re-read your earlier post:
We are total name twinkies lol.gif
I AM IN LOVE with Madeline, but it's the Maddies who have completely overtaken my area ... so much so that I don't even think we could fight the tide by calling her by her full name -- who cares about a silly little thing like the parents' wishes? Sheesh. Claire is on our short list, Jane is DD's middle name, and we named a cat Lucy, so I'm cursing the fact that we can't use it. Now you've got me thinking Hazel is quite nice ... ha!

I love Madeline too, but ITA about how popular Maddie is.  Claire is our DD, so joy.gifagain.  Jane was my grandmother's nickname, so I'd like to incorporate that somehow, but I haven't found much that I like it with.


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My older daughter is Louisa Mae, and she goes by "Lucy." joy.gif


My younger is June Elizabeth- we call her "Junie" or "June Bug" right now.  So you can tell we are fond of old-fashioned names. 


For baby, girl names I like are Ina/Ida, Alice, Josephine, Camille, and Charlotte. Charlotte I love, but it's wayyyyyyy too popular for my liking. DH suggested Ina, and that's the front runner right now- Ina Pearl.


For boys, we can't agree on a thing yet!

DH and I both really like Charlotte (and we have a really, really hard time agreeing on girl names), but some good friends of ours just used it, so it's out for us.  It does seem to be pretty popular right now.

We've had our likely boy first name picked out for a while and we have a strong contender for a boy middle name.  Girl names, like the last 2 times, have not been so easy.  The first time around, we couldn't agree on any at all, so it was good that he turned out to be a boy.  The second time, we weren't really finding anything either, and at some point Clara made it onto DH's list as a possibility.  I took it and suggested Claire and we both loved it.  She didn't have a middle name until we were leaving the hospital (though we did have a short list going in).  We both like somewhat old-fashioned names, but we tend to disagree on what's classic versus "na-na," LOL.

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I'm Clare, if you're looking for an alternative spelling for Claire. ;)

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All the names you guys have listed sound great to me!  I am glad to hear some more unique names being thrown out there.  My DH is originally from the Ukraine, so we have decided to do Russian first names and then English middle names.  Our son is named Mikhail James.  Mikhail was my DH's grandfathers name and so we used that and then my father's name is James.  We have decided to carry over our girl name choice which is Leeza Ann.  Leeza is the short form of Elisavetha which was my DH's grandmothers name and I was in love with Leeza before I even met my DH, so it just fit perfect.  Ann is my mom's and I's middle name and would love to carry it on.  For a boy it has been a little more of a struggle this time around.  The other boy names in the family, my DH is not too fond of or he is worried about pronounceation issues.  We finally decided on Nikolai for the first name.  We couldnt agree on a middle name, but one suggestion that has actually stuck with me, was to reuse James for the middle name.  In the Russian tradition, if you have 2 sons, their middle names are the exact same, so it would almost seem fitting to continue that and so we decided on Nikolai James for a boy this time around. 

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I will try not to find out the gender until birth, because that helps me retain some mystery and interest when it comes to the point that I just want the pregnancy to be FINISHED.  I'm pretty settled on two boys names, and I'm sure I'd be happy with either, so we have a few months to see what 'fits' better. 


For girls names, DH and I are both interested in Ruth (Ruthie when she's young) and there is some family history to that name.  However, I have recently been trying to consider Hazel, because that is the name of the woman who was more of a grandmother to me than my own grandmothers.  During my childhood, I would say that she was the most important adult in my life after my mother.  She died within a week or two of my second son's birth, so I didn't get to go to her funeral two states away, but she lived a looong life, and she was so, so dear to everyone around her.  Even writing about her is making me cry.  Once I moved out of state, I didn't keep in touch well, but she will always be a bright spot in my not-so-bright childhood. 


Soooo, I am ambivalent about the name Hazel in and of itself- there are certainly names I like better.  But it would fit in well with my boys' names, and there is such a strong emotional connection.  I'm not sure.  To be honest, I feel like I'm wasting time even considering this baby being a girl.  That said, this isn't a decision I want to leave until birth.  Any thoughts?

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I think Hazel is a great name!  I think the sentiment makes it even more important, I would use it as a middle name if you don't love it enough to use it for the first name. 

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help007 -- Since I have a Hazel of my own (Hazel Jane is my dd4), I'm quite partial to it as well... (it's basically the phonetic sounds of the German pronunciation of my maternal grandparents' last name... so, it has great family meaning to me!).  I agree with greatgatsby, a middle name would be just right, especially if you're not too sure about it as a first name... I also adore the name Ruth :)

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Anyone else get bothered when people demand to know what names you're thinking about?  I felt cornered today when a lady asked me what we were naming the baby if it's a girl. I told her, "not a biblical name" and then tried to change the subject, but then she persisted, and finally I told her, and then she didn't say anything, and I felt like someone had stared at me wearing a new dress and sneered. I KNOW I'm being WAY too sensitive (hormones, right?) but I sometimes feel that when they demand names it's like rubbing your belly without permission.  Silly, I know.   I don't mind telling any of you--if you do or don't like my names, then I won't have to pass you at the supermarket--and if you steal my name, no big deal--you don't live next door :)  Our normal rule is not to tell until the baby is here to avoid getting unwanted feedback (people don't dare try to talk you out of it if it's final), but sometimes. . . . .Okay. I'll go back to doing something meaningful right now instead of going crazy.   Anyone else as crazy? It's just me, isn't it?

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I love Hazel, by the way!

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Thanks for the feedback!  I am now actually leaning toward Hazel Ruth, and I feel like I can 'rest' with that decision mostly made.


5Boysplus, I have to say you are more than welcome to be rude (or even just end the conversation) when someone who is so rude to you.  If you want to deflect a bit more, "Why do you ask?" is always a good start.  Or you can make one up for fun.  Tinkleberry, perhaps?

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