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mal- so glad to read your updates! And glad Owyn's surgery went well!!

Cindy- High Tea and dress up sounds like so much fun!!

Erin- Can we find your book tour schedule somewhere. We are heading to Whidbey Island a week from Tuesday and will be there for a month (with week 2 spent on the OR coast). Maybe our paths will cross! Starling I should get in touch with you too! My kids suck at car travel so we shall see how getting to and from OR goes before I can commit to driving anywhere to meet up though. I have your book in hand! Need to hide it so I can read it on vacation but DH and I both started skimming it. Not sure who will get to read it first!

Everr: The puppy is so cute! Name?

AFU- leaving town for a month soon and trying to get ready for that! Really looking forward to time with my family. My dad's 80th birthday is the cause for celebration and gathering. :) Pretty exciting. We are also going to buy a mini van while we are there. Never thought I'd be so excited about that! LOL! Still lots unknown on the job front- currently DH has 3 apps out there. The kids are doing well. Maeve is adorable and silly. Fiona is challenging as always but getting so engrossed in projects and nature journeling and other fun things. Life is pretty good! And by the end of the week we should know if this little one in my belly is a boy or girl! U/S on Friday afternoon!!


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We did tea before, it is so much fun. I'd love to take the girls. Chris took Jewel once.  I need to look out for some deals.  It is hard to believe that Aria is already going to be one! Where has the time gone??


Everr, that dog is so freaking cute. It makes me want a little dog just like it; also Louis is a fabulous name. 


Erin, safe travels.  (and I so need to hurry up and buy your book, can't wait to read it. )


Mal, I have also been thinking of you.  Sending lots of love to you guys.


AFM- not much, busy with school and kids. 

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Introducing Louis <3


Our first night is going well so far!  I'm excited about him, feeling slightly like 'what have I done' :P  But mostly excited :)  Royce had so much fun playing with the puppies and helping choose which one (well, mostly it involved me convincing/telling him that we were getting this one :P )  He really wanted a girl for some reason, but he's happy with this little guy.  


AK - Oh it's so exciting to be finding out if it's a boy or girl!!  This is the same time when I found out R was a boy!  


Cindy - I can't believe she's one!  Crazy!  I hope your tea was fun!  


AFM - I have 3 weeks of work left on my contract.  And 3 weeks until my big board certification exam.  So all my time is spent studying stuff.  I'm feeling pretty good about it though.  My manager is giving me a mock oral exam on Tuesday so that'll be helpful.  And I need to hint/ask if there's any chance of a further extension of my contract..  I'll probably do that tomorrow.  I'm applying for regular jobs now too but I'm not fully certified yet so I'm not sure I'll get interviews.

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Everr - Louis is so cute!  Let us know how it goes.  We've been talking about getting a puppy ourselves, maybe in the spring. Not sure it's a good idea, either, but tempting. It would be nice to have a dog to follow the kids around when they get a little older -- keep the bears away.


Sue -- Definitely tell us when you know about the baby!

Good luck getting ready. It was kind of crazy for us too, getting ready to leave for 2 months (which we've done--we're in Homer now), getting the garden put to bed, and everything ready to be snowy and frozen when we return. I have a rough tour schedule on the book page: http://groundtruthtrekking.org/Book-Small-Feet-Big-Land/#schedule

but we're still filling in the later stuff.  It might take us too long to get down to WA to catch you though.


Starling, Cindy -- I'll let you know when we have that end of our schedule firmed up (I feel like I'm two steps behind in all my logistics, just getting in touch with everyone I want to on the Kenai Peninsula right now). It would definitely be fun to meet up.


AFM--   We're off on our road trip! Which is a snail-pace sort of road trip that involves an incredible amount of trying to do events, visit schools, talk to the media, meet up with everyone we know in every community. A little crazy. But today, we visited a farm and had a potluck, so it's pretty fun as well.


The selfish author in me has to say...  If anyone does read my book, posting a review on Amazon or other such sites is super helpful.  And I won't be mad if you're honest.  :) 

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ooh, maybe we could pull off the Bellingham one. Maybe Starling too! What bookstore?

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Ah! I'm so jealous. Where are my Midwest mdc ladies? No one?
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Bellingham:  Friday, October 25, Village Books, 7PM.  Now, theoretically, we arrive in Bellingham that morning on the ferry at 8AM.  If we can actually pull this off, I'd love to meet up with you guys a little earlier in the day, since I'd like to talk more than the whirlwind of giving a presentation will allow.  Not that I can guarantee the ferry will be on time, but hopefully we'll be there for a good chunk of the day at least. 

That would be awesome if you guys could come!

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In all the craziness with my mom, I don't think I ever updated you guys about the new house! Well, it's awesome and we're finally settling in. DH actually said the other day that it's starting to feel like home and he's getting excited about all the projects we will eventually get to do on the house. The girls made the smoothest transition ever. We went ahead and put them in separate rooms, although Greta's only has her crib in it for now until we get it painted. They had absolutely no issues about being separated. Owyn was a tad nervous about that at first, but a night light solved that.

Owyn also started going to school full time, 8-3 Monday-Friday and she LOVES it! She is such a Montessori kid. I think I'm getting DH convinced to keep her there permanently. He is seeing how great it's been for her especially since she started full time. She is really starting to mature. Bittersweet, for sure. Greta started at a new sitter today. I am so nervous. It's an older woman who has been baby sitting for years and years and generally just has one kid a day. I'm happy we finally got something set in stone for her, especially since she has kind of bounced around from person to person since my mom got sick. Now, she can get settled in one place. I took her over for a visit last night and she didn't want to leave by the end of it. So, I'm sure she's having a great time. This woman is also an angel. She goes to our church and heard about my mom. She is offering us free childcare until my mom is well. Of course, I told her that was too much but she was insistent. DH has an in at city hall though and I think we decided to start anonymously taking care of her utility bill as a way to repay her.

Today is a good day. I still have bad days. The other day, I talked with my mom for a while about changing our address and finding a sitter... Just normal things. I broke down in tears after we got off the phone though because the thought of losing those "normal" conversations with my mom is terrifying to me.
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paying the utility bill is really sweet. A great way to pay it forward! Sounds like your girls are both in great places!

just wanted to check in quickly to report that we had the ultra sound today. Baby wasn't very cooperative in showing the bits until the very end when he finally moved he little foot! A boy! We are so excited! :) Not going to put it on fb yet until DH can call his mom this weekend. But I can't keep it in!

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Sue - YAY!!!  CONGRATULATIONS!!  I'm so excited for you :)  


Mal - I'm glad to hear your move went well!  It is so bittersweet seeing our babies growing up and becoming more and more independent.  I hope things with your mom continue to go well.  There's so many treatments available now.  It's hard going through it though, I know.


AFM - Louis is doing well, I'm trying to paper train him and he's doing pretty good, but still improvement needed :P  

Today is a study day so I gotta go dive into that :/

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So jealous of those getting to meetup.


Sue, Yay for your little boy. He's going to be so mothered he won't know what to do with two older sisters but he will likely have incredible insight into women :p. We are debating the minivan purchase because of the third child on the way as well. I don't want one and we just bought our subaru with the thought that we were done having kids and we all fit so we are making payments and likely won't get the same kind of deal.


Everr Yay for puppies. Louis is adorable. I have 2 big dogs and love them furiously. The kids could take them or leave them I think.


Mal: I wonder about putting my kids in separate rooms. Dee has never slept in her own room. She's never slept alone in a room period. Not sure she would accept it. She keeps freaking out thinking she's going to be alone when the baby comes because Em will move upstairs and the baby will be in our room. There is no plans to move rooms until the baby is ready to move into a room with her. She may never have her own room lol.


AFM: I just accepted a job in the cardiac lab. I was a little torn on the position. It's a half time 8 hr weekday shifts beautiful rotation. The work is right in line with what I love to do. It will be a steep but stimulating learning curve. The downside is there is radiation exposure in this job. I did a lot of research and agonizing over the last few days. It was brought up in the interview and not something that had even crossed my mind.  This baby is throwing all sorts of loops and twists in my lifeplans Oi!

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I'm reading.  Miss you guys. 


Mal I often think of you and your mom. Much love to you. Glad the new house is feeling homey and everyone is settling in nicely. 


jealous of this PNW meet-up. This is my only DDC that Ihaven't met anyone from. 


Nilla, congrats on the job. 


Sue, so excited for you boy. Also I think you should post more pics on facebook. 


Ever, Louis is so cute but I am so glad we didn't get a puppy last time. i totally don't have the patience for all that. I would be a wretched puppy mom. Give me a kitten anyday. 


school is going well. I am doing well in all of my classes...well we shall see what's happening in microbiology the lecture. we haven't had our first test yet. and on that note I leave you all to write notes about the upcoming test. 

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Hey everyone!  How are things?  I want some updates :)


I had my big oral exam yesterday.  And I'm no less stressed now than I was before.  I have to wait 6 to 8 weeks until I find out if I passed.  And I feel like I did ok, but I know the marking can be very specific, so that makes me nervous.  Hopefully I passed.  It would be so bad if I didn't :(  My career would be delayed another 6 months, not to mention the financial stress that would cause.  Gah.  Oh well.


My work contract ended Friday so I'm temporarily unemployed (or, temporarily a stay at home mom, that sounds better :P)  There will be two positions starting in January so hopefully I'll get one of those.  But for now I don't know what to do with myself!  I'm volunteering to go along on R's first class trip on Friday!  So that will be fun (we're off to a pumpkin patch).  


Anyway, I want to hear how everyone else is doing!

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I'm sure you did well on the exam, but wow what a wretchedly long time to wait.


I'm driving people to school, going to school, doing homework. I don't see my friends enough and sometimes I'm not an awesome mom BUT overall I am currently juggling it pretty well. The house isn't a complete disaster, Hubs and I make sure to take time to talk often, and I find time to interact with the kids in a fun way at least a couple of times a week. Also I will be able to apply for honors society now, I just need to get a teacher to write a recommendation. That shouldn't be a problem.  I will ask my microbiology professor. I have decided to stick with him for anatomy and physiology 1 and lab since my a & P prof. friend only has a completely online class and a hybrid lab that would make me late to pick up my kids. I have the kids Christmas presents pretty much bought (just need a few stocking stuffers), there is no way I am reliving that whole not having any money to get them Christmas presents like last year.

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Sue & Erin: I hope you are having a lovely time on your trips!


Sue: Still so excited for your boy!! 


Erin: Where has the tour taken you lately?


Everr: Enjoy being at home while you are with R and your adorable little pup! I hope you rocked your exam. Waiting sucks! I'll keep everything crossed for you. Is bus guy still around?


Nila: Congrats on the job. What did you decide to do in regards to the radiation exposure? 


Courtney: You are amazing mama! You handle everything on your plate so well. You should be so so proud of yourself! Yay for having christmas shopping done and off your mind! I need to get to work on that. 


AFM: Hmmm. What do I have to add? Aria is now 1. She is almost walking but not quite there. Makenna was just telling me how fun her little sister is. It's really precious to watch them together in their mutual adoration for each other. We are just keeping busy with regular life and finally able to get out and do fun things in the mornings again now that the morning nap is gone. We had a fun outing to the pumpkin patch/old time farm yesterday. Looking forward to all the halloween festivities in the next week and a half. We'll be staying home for the holidays, we decided. My mom may come spend christmas with us but she's not even sure if she can come. I think we'll head back to visit my in-laws in January - much less hectic than x-mas. 


Nothing too exciting over here. I think I've decided that our family is complete with 2 kiddos. I'm unloading a ton of baby stuff. It makes me sad but I am so tired waiting on these 2 hand and foot that I can't imagine spreading myself even more thin. I guess I'm feeling exhausted lately. LOL. 


Thinking of you all!



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Hi all,  Things have been kind of crazy -- traveling around for the last month, but not in the way we normally do!  We have a bit of a respite here at my dad and stepmom's house for a bit, in Seattle. Still a ton of events, and some driving, but a home base to come back to for the next couple weeks before heading farther south.  (Cindy, where are you in California? We'll be in California around Thanksgiving).  


Luckily the kids have been rolling well with all the moving around.  Either they're very adaptable, or we've forced them to be.  K spends 90% of his time making paper airplanes and lego airplanes these last few months, so was extraordinarily happy to get a chance to go to a flight museum today in Seattle. K wants to carve a Concorde on his pumpkin. L wants a family of people.

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Hi all,
I'm reading along too, and thinking of you all. Mal? How's your mom doing?
How are you, my dear?
Erin ... you're kids come by their adaptability honestly. And I bet K was THRILLED about the flight museum! Will this be their first big town Halloween or are you keeping it low key?
Cindy ... Big decision! It's hard to be moving away from all things baby, isn't it? When E was H's age, I was pregnant. It's odd for H to be 2 now with no more babies in sight!
Nilla ... How's the cardiac lab learning curve going?
Sue ... You're back home? How's your pregnancy going? How was your trip?
Kate? You around? xo
Courtney ... Way to go on conquering the holiday tangle! That on top of all your schoolwork and mamawork. You honestly are a rock star!
Ever ... How's the puppy? SUCH a long wait for your exam results. Too long. Meh. greensad.gif

We're hunkered down, in a very fall-like fashion. I'm tired of interacting with people, and so are my kids, so we're reeling it all in for a while.
Unfortunately, we didn't get to see Erin or Sue (even though we would've wanted to!). Our car crapped out and we don't have the money to fix it, bummer extraordinaire.
Esmé is really into reading, and viruses. The two fill up her day, mostly, with a lot of mucking about outside. She's very into studying about viruses, with about the same level of passion that's she's applied to bugs.
We also got her into the homeschool dissection class at the aquarium. Did I already mention that? She is super STOKED.
Hawk is out of diapers, much to my amazement. Even at night. This means huge savings for us with time and money. So much so that I don't think I realized what a economic and time drain it really was, what with shlepping them to the co-op coin laundry. I really hope it sticks! We didn't do anything. He just started using the potty on his own. It's been about two weeks now. I'm just about to list out cloth dipes to sell them.
Kind of sad to be out of baby mode now that he's turned two!
He's really into watching contruction sites right now. And riding his pedal bike. Which also amazes me.
He's turned out to be a non-stop talked like E. Everyone in our house has a LOT to say. All. The. Time.
The audiostory site is SO CLOSE! I'll keep you posted. It's a big time suck, so I sure hope there's so money to be had (or at least recouped!)
Must go for now.
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Hey ladies. We must start checking in more often, I miss you!

Ever: yay for being done with your exam, but boo about having to wait so long. Are you still off with R for now? How is that going?
Courtney: You are awesome for having Christmas done already! G's birthday is Saturday and we still haven't gotten her anything or even started on Christmas. Things have just been too hectic around here.
Cindy: Yes, big decision indeed. Pretty sure we're done too, but I've been leaning that way since G was born anyway.
Erin: You sure you can't make a pit stop in the Midwest?! I'm pretty active in my DDC from G and slowly but surely everyone is finally meeting each other. Makes me a little sad that I've never actually met any of you ladies. We should fix that someday...
Starling, good to hear from you too. E sounds like such a fun kid! And I'm so jealous of the potty learning. G wants to sit on the potty all the time, but she never does anything on it. And she is extremely attached to her Mimi (pacifier). I think we're gonna have to go cold turkey on that, but I'm going out of town next week, so it won't be happening yet. I have it in my head that we will do it soon after I get home. It won't be pretty.

AFM: How am I? Well, kind of a mess still. Life just keeps happening even though I keep telling the universe to back off. It's not listening. But I'm dealing. I'm actually in therapy now. I found someone really great and have seen her a few times now. It's helping me feel a little more in control of some pretty intense emotions. My mom...well, she started seeing a new team of doctors in Chicago. By the time she got to them, her cancer had spread significantly more than it was already. And, well, it was already bad. So, they started chemo right away, but she only got one infusion and a week of oral before they said her brain was worse and needs to be treated ASAP. Chemo doesn't treat the brain, so they had to stop the chemo and she's going through 3 weeks of radiation on the brain. In the meantime, the rest of her body isn't being treated, so yeah... If they treat one then the other gets worse. I'm going to Chicago next week to stay with her for a few days, then I'm stopping in STL for a few days to visit some friends. It'll be nice to have some time to myself.
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