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mal-  My Josie was like that with pain. I took her in to the  ER once b/c she hadn't peed in two days. it turns out she had an ear infection so bad it was bulging. The Dr. could not believe she was laughing and smiling with him b/c he says he's seen grown up crying from the same thing. Some people just have a higher pain tolerence.


Sue- sorry she has a yeast infection. That is sucky.


Everr- congrats on  the interview and HAppy birthday!


Kate, I feel you I want this baby out. I am 39+ weeks now.  They give me until 41 until I have to see the back up physician, but even if that happens I will refuse everything and just go with sono's and stress tests to ensure baby is okay. the midwife group I am with now follows the law more closely than the one I had with josie, who went 10 days past 40 weeks.



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Courtney: How late will they let you go? DH and I were just talking about how dif midwives here have dif rules. My last midwife's cutoff was 42 weeks. but I think the homebirth midwife I'm thinking of using is 43. Not that I expect to go that late! M was 10-14 days early. But I guess you never know. 


I saw my friend yesterday and she is pregnant. She thought she was due end of July but her midwife changed her due date to June 27th. She has had zero ultrasounds to confirm dates. And she said they were still using protection when the midwife says she conceived. So I think she is going to run into issues with going "post dates". Though they did tell her they would be a little more flexible with her bc she originally thought her due date was so much later. I find the situation a bit odd. 


And speaking of midwives. I met with the one I'd like to use yesterday. I really like her. She is very sweet. And has been a midwife for over 30 years. DH and I still haven't made our final decision to use a midwife or go the hospital route - but I think we are about 95% in agreement that we don't want to birth at the hospital (the one we have to use is particularly crappy about interventions and you just get whatever doctor/resident is on when you go in - no matter who you've been seeing for care). It's just hard to ok spending the $4500 when I so want to spend the money on a king sized bed. I'm sure we'll end up doing both, but we really really shouldn't. 


I need a date night!! Even DH said so last night! I wish we had grandparents to leave M at overnight!



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Courtney!  SOOOOOOO close!  I can't wait to 'meet' Coraline!


Kate ... You too!  There's going to be spring babies!  Whoo hoo!


Ever ... Great news about the interview!


Sue ... That's awful.  So uncomfortable.  Poor wee dear.


Mal ... I hope little miss is feeling better?


Gotta run.  Working on a new manuscript and I only have an hour each morning to write so I better get back to it! 


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Courtney and Kate - I'm just waiting to tune in for a birth announcement here pretty soon.  So exciting.  And I hope both of you are luckier than I was with timing.  Lituya was 15 days late!  Which was late enough they had to recommend induction and do a bunch of NSTs and ultrasounds, but I was stubborn, and she came on her own time anyway (at 9lb, 15oz).


Everr - Good luck on the interview and Happy Birthday!


Starling - 1 hour a day, and you actually manage to write a book with it!  I'm impressed.  I'm about 1/2 way through a rough draft of my second book (the kids are in this one), but switching off work days/times with my husband gives me a lot more time than that.


Sue, Mal, Cindy - I hope your littles feel better soon!


AFM - We've been having such a good time with beach days lately (something different from snow?).  Katmai has all of a sudden gotten super-agile scrambling and climbing and leaping on the barnacle and seaweed-covered rocks, and really loves it.  I can't wait for the big low tides next month.  Lituya wants to run on the beach as well, but can only manage on the gravel or hard-packed snow.  Is anyone else struck by how big our kids seem lately?  It seems like every day I look at K and say, "wait a second, I didn't know he knew/could do that already!"

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Mal - Oh wow owee!

Sue - Dee had a yeast infection a while back and she was flaming red down there. I used gentian violet in a little squirt bottle diluted and sat her on the potty  to spray (the potty is now purple). Then she sat there and watched a show while she aired out and dried. Then I put dark pants on her for the 4 days until it cleared and underwear that were old (I had to chuck them too stained).


Cindy - yuck croup is awful. I think it lays dormant and when their immune system lessens it flares back up again. This is just a theory though but it's what happened all last year for ds. This year I did more Vit. D and probiotics and no croup but we've had everything else..... Any new symptoms from the wiggly baby?


Starling and Erin - Wow to the books. I'm trying to get an 8 page paper accomplished with just one kiddo home during the day and finding it next to impossible.


Kate and Courtney - Eagerly awaiting those newborn pics!


Ever Yay for the interview. What do you do to prep for interviews?


AFM: I'm almost done this semester. I have a big presentation tonight. A report due tommorow. A paper due monday, an exam due the Thursday, and another report due the week after. I start my coop on the 16th which means I am back to work full time for 16 weeks. I haven't worked M-F 9-5 type job ever!!! It will be interesting to see how that feels. I also joined the 8 week healthy weight loss challenge thread and I have started making a significant effort to lose these pounds that have been on for the last 10 years. I gained 10lbs between 18 and 19 from birth control and I never got it off. I've lost 2.7lbs so far in the two weeks. I've started the C25K program. I just had my 30th birthday and I heard that it's a pound a year after that so I thought it's now or never.

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Nilla - I've heard from others that the interviews are very content based, questioning our knowledge of what we are learning in the program.  So I've reviewed some of the important stuff that others were asked about.  And I prepared what I would say for the typical interview questions.  I get so nervous that I can't even string a sentence together, so I wanted to have a prepared answer ready to say lol!


It sounds like the end of your semester is busy busy!  But you're almost there!  And good luck with the weight loss :)  I've been so lazy this winter and really need to get active again!


Erin - Your beaches there sound like so much fun!  I need to get outdoors with R more, not that we have cool beaches here, but there's some nice trails and rivers.  And I agree about our little ones!  It amazes me sometimes what R is capable off and what he thinks about/says.  I find I also go the opposite direction and have bigger expectations of him than are fair, and then I'll get reminded that he's still very little.


Starling - Wow!  I'm so impressed with you!  Good luck with the writing!


Cindy - I think the midwife will be worth the money.  I can understand it's hard to spend it though!  And that is very weird about your friend..  A similar thing happened to me, the midwife wanted to bump up my due date (although it was because of the 20 week ultrasound, so there was a reason), I insisted we leave the due date because I'd been charting and I was worried about problems if I went 'late'.  But then my water broke at 36 weeks, so we bumped up the due date at that point which made me 37 weeks and able to birth at home.  I'm still sure I had my dates right, I think R just grew fast in there lol!


Kate and Courtney - Thinking of you both!!  Any day now!! :D

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Nilla: Thanks for the tip. I never thought about it lying dormant and that maybe something like probiotics could ward it off!


AFM: I had my NT scan today. Thankfully the u/s and blood test came back with a negative result for risk of downs or trisomy. They said all the organs looked good. And we got to see some amazing shots - the brain hemispheres, spine, baby stretching when it woke up. After, when I asked, she said she could probably probably have been able to tell the gender but, of course, DH didn't want to know. I did see one shot of the thighs to knees - I didn't see anything in between. But I don't know if the shot actually went all the way up or what. I'll see if I can attach a pic that DH took with his phone of one of the printouts. We even got a little footprint shot! This pic is profile and shows a leg and foot. :-) 


Ultrasound 3-29-12.JPG

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Beautiful babe, Cindy!   love.gif  So happy things are going the way they should. 


No name for babe yet, but Mallory is in our top two.  Hope you don't mind, Mal!  I'm going to let DH and Aubs decide from here.


Getting super anxious for babe to arrive, assuming this cold I've got passes today or tomorrow.  Considering letting the midwife strip my membranes on Tuesday (will be 39+4, I think), even though I don't really think it will do any good.  Anyone think its a good idea?  I know i need to just wait, but going post dates is going to create stress with the hospital--they'll want a waiver, NSTs, bleh.



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Hello beautiful baby!!!


Kate: I've never had my membranes swept or gone late. I don't know! But you are so close Mama!! Any day now!!!

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Cindy - It's a baby!!  So cute!  How many weeks are you?  It seems like you just found out and now you've got this real baby in there :D  (That sounds funny, but you know what I mean!)


Kate - I don't know, I didn't have that done.  Maybe wait and see how you feel?  If you've having some contractions etc. maybe you could try?  You are so close!!


AFM - I may have met someone worth dating... But as it is right now we just in the becoming friends stage and I don't know if he even likes me.  But maybe he does.  I'll keep y'all posted if anything interesting happens ;o)

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Hello baby!  What a great picture!  How wonderful!


Ever, that's exciting ... Can't wait to hear details.


Kate ... SOOOOO close!  I cannot wait to hear about the birth, which is going to be amazing, spontaneous and vaginal.  Right on!

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I'm still just 13 weeks today. Isn't it amazing what happens in such a short period of time??? 


Makenna is on the glider birthing the baby that's in her tummy right now. LOL. She says it's a girl named potato.


Kate: I went early so don't know. But I think I would probably leave well enough alone until 40 weeks. They don't start pushing the NSTs, etc until 41 weeks, right? You are using a midwife but still birthing in the hospital, right? I hope baby decides to come before you have to deal with any of that! I'm still hoping for a newborn in that new outfit inside an easter basket!


Courtney: Hoping you are well on your way to birthing that little girl! I'm off to go check facebook again. (for those of you not on facebook, she posted yesterday that she thought it was starting - was slowly contracting today and going about her day, last I checked).



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Cindy - isn't it fun to see the baby looking so real for the first time? I'm glad everything looks good.  With L, I ended up finding out I was pregnant, getting an ultrasound, and finding I was 11 weeks along all in the same day.  It was quite a shock to see the little baby looking like that in there!


Kate - I'd wait.  Really, the NSTs are not so bad, and they probably won't make you do them until a bit later anyway, right?  I think they're less of an intervention than the membrane stripping.  I do think, in almost all cases, that the baby knows when to be born.  But then, I did have to wait until 42+1 last time!


Courtney - Yay!  I hope you meet her soon if you haven't already.

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Cindy Hello baby! Wowee 13 weeks and everything looking babylike instead of blob like. It's miraculous isn't it. 


Ever - that's exciting. New possibilities are always exciting whether or not they pan out.


Kate I personally would wait. Sometimes I think the babe doesn't start the labour for a reason. In both my kids cases there was a very good reason they weren't trying to come out and the 'natural' induction with the cocktail pushed my son into a stressful situation causing meconium and the NICU as consequences. With my daughter the non stress test showed stress and that she couldn't handle the induction so although I still ended with a c-section it was less stressful and no ill effects for her. Just my two cents.


AFM: having a bit of an emotional breakdown. Seems to recur at the end of the semester and then I have that interview tomorrow and well that's freaking me out. Send me calming vibes if you can ladies. I'm a bundle of nerves and tears these days. 

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Hi, this is Courtney's sister, I wanted to let you all know that Coraline was born at 12:33am on 3/30/2012 weighing 7lbs12oz at 20 3/4"



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partytime.gif  HAPPY BIRTHDAY CORALINE!! partytime.gif


M, thanks for the update!!!  And congrats to you too, on your babe-to-be. 


Look at her eyes--doesn't she look just like the other girls?  Beautiful, Courtney.  Can't wait to hear all of the details.  love.gif

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Hello beautiful, precious, glorious Coraline!  Welcome to the world, baby girl!  You have joined a most awesome family, kid.  Seriously.

Courtney ... I can't wait to hear more!  And many thanks to your sister for posting here for all of us who were on tenterhooks!

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Hello gorgeous girl!!!!

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Welcome Coraline!  Happy Birthday to baby and mama!

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What a sweet girl!! Happy birthday to Coraline, you really have joined the coolest family ever. What a lucky girl!! Congrats to Courtney, enjoy your babymoon!

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