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Mal our whole family had strep, my dh even had the scarlet fever face and body rash. The doc in emerge told him that 2/3 of people culture positive for it but most are just carriers. He was soooooo sick. I had it before him and managed to clear it without antibiotics but I wonder if I might have gotten better a lot faster if I had got some. 


Cindy that Y sounds fabulous


Starling sorry to hear about the nastiness on your trip.


Sue I'm terrified to get the celiac test for just that reason. Dee projectile vomits and doesn't eat when she has gluten. Can a toddler vomit and not eat for 3 weeks straight? I'm not so sure that's why I've never gotten her tested. I hope the test gives you answers. 


Courtney LIE DOWN!! kidding sort of seriously you need to rest my midwife (an older lovely german lady) would have taken a strip off you for doing all that. 


Erin love the tide pool easter egg hunt!


Ever is school done for you for the semester? I finished my last assignment today. 


Kate sending vibrating labour vibes your way. 


AFU: Not much new. Easter was low key my brother came to visit but I had a lot of homework and didn't get to visit much. We might take an impromptu road trip this weekend. I want to go to IKEA.

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Nilla: My sister was just talking about being a carrier for strep. Her kids get it pretty frequently and she started to notice a pattern. She would get a little cold with a little bit of a sore throat, but the sore throat would get better throughout the day and never turn into anything bad. A couple of days later, strep throat would start making the rounds through her kids. So, the last time her daughter got it she brought it up with the doctor and they said it sounds very possible that she is just a carrier for strep. When I woke up with a sore throat on Easter, I was really hoping the same thing would happen for me, but I wasn't so lucky. 


My MIL is bothering me right now. She is a super healthy person. She used to be a personal trainer, she's currently a massage therapist out of her home. She also runs marathons and is very strict with her diet. I think it's all great that she's so healthy and able to run marathons well into her 50s. But everyone in their family obsesses over food. My FIL makes nonstop comments anytime she bakes cookies or a cake, and can be rather rude about it. I watch DH struggle with it. He grew up with them and has a very unhealthy relationship with food that involves binging and "cleansing" (not purging). It consumes his mind most of the time. My MIL has been trying to be helpful with Owyn ever since she started eating solids. She commented on giving her whole milk rather than reduced fat... when she was no more than 14 months old! I told her then that it was fine with me if she wanted to give her reduced fat at her house, but that I would be giving her whole milk at home. I explained how a baby's body and brain is growing much faster than ours, her metabolism is much faster than ours, and that she needs more fat and calories in her diet to support that. She constantly keeping a watchful eye on how many calories are in Owyn's food. A couple of times, Owyn has gone to their house eating a granola bar, so then my MIL goes out and buys the reduced fat, lower calorie, organic granola bars that she thinks Owyn should be eating and sends them home with DH. She noticed that I started buying gummy vitamins for Owyn to take, so she went out and bought the all-natural, no sugar vitamins that she thought Owyn she be taking. 


The thing is, I think Owyn eats a great variety of foods compared to most 3 year olds I know. She loves most fruits, she will eat most vegetables. She is almost always ready and willing to try new foods. She gets plenty of greens in her diet, plenty of protein and fiber. And, she's 3 year old and 28 lbs. She is, by no means, an overweight kid! If anything, her weight is low on the growth chart. I see absolutely no reason to restrict the fat and calories in her diet. It is more important to me to get a wide variety of foods into her diet, which she is pretty good about. DH isn't very helpful. He grew up with his mom and thinks she's right. I look at him and see a person with a very unhealthy relationship with food and I don't want that for Owyn. I don't want her to see all this pressure surrounding food. 


Anyway... not sure what I'm looking for here, but I just needed to rant.

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Mal- that's seriously annoying. There are a lot of eating habits in my family that are not good and I have to work hard to keep them away from my daughters. From people obsessing about being overweight when they aren't to someone overweight insisting they eat all their food and trying to bribe them to eat healthy food by offering unhealthy food.


today I am mostly lying down..and playing on the computer right now. I am resisiting doing the dishes even though they are bugging me and ignoring the 4 loads of laundry that need to be folded.


oh and those melissa and doug reusable stickers are awesome! they are on the wish list at amazon.

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Kate - Hang in there! L was 15 days late (not that I think yours will be so late), and it was agonizing, but on day 16, I had already forgotten all about it.


Courtney - Beautiful birth story. And good for finally resting!  You've been doing SO much for just having had a baby. The laundry will wait.


Mal - that does sound annoying about the food thing.  K is around 28 lbs as well, and it's SMALL for a 3 year old. I struggle sometimes with getting K to try new things and eat a variety of veggies and other foods, but I'd never in a million years worry about him having full fat food. I think it's better for all of us really, just in moderation. And obsessing about food is no good for anyone.


Everr - Hope the date goes well! And I hope you get your phone back.


Starling - Ouch.  What a time to be sick! 


Sue - That sounds so hard.  Hopefully you get answers soon, and F can go back to eating what's good for her. 


Speaking of diets, why is gluten so difficult for so many people these days?  I've never worried about it for my family, since no one seems to have any food issues of any sort, but it does seem awfully common now.  I don't think I knew a single gluten-sensitive kid when I was young - never even heard of it until adulthood.


Today was an absolutely gorgeously sunny day, and our weekly hike day. On clear nights, it freezes enough overnight that we can all just walk right over the top of the snow in the morning, and go wherever we like. I love spring (even if there is still 4 feet of snow on the ground).

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I got my phone back!!!  Yay!!!  I'm so relieved :)


And, my date went well!  He's a lot of fun and I really like him, but, I have a small feeling he's the lifelong bachelor type.  Which is ok for now.  I'll just have some fun for a while ;)


And, I had my last day of class today!!  Just 6 exams to write and then I'm done for the summer!  


Mal - Oh that's frustrating.  I would get so annoyed.  I'm sorry you have to deal with that :(


Kate - Thinking of you!!! 

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Baby Mallory Jean born Fri 4/13/12 @ 5:01 p.m. via c-section. 1 cm uterine rupture, small bladder perforation, lost 1L of blood, but doing ok after 3 hrs of surgery to repair all. Worst luck ever, huh?!

Baby is huge. 9 lb. 13. oz., 21.5", 14 cm head. 3 entire lbs. more than Aubrey. Believe it or not, the entire thing was still better than last time. Will share more when i have better internet. So in love!
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Welcome to the world baby girl!! Sounds like a rough go. I hope you are able to get lots of rest and recover quickly. And enjoy that big, beautiful baby!! Can't wait to see pics!
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Welcome Baby Mallory!!!  Congratulations Kate!!!  I'm so happy for you :D  I'm sorry you had such a rough time and I hope the recovery is quick - *hugs*.  I can't wait to see pics of your sweet (big!) girl!!  Is Aubs excited??

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Welcome to the world, MALLORY!


Congratulations, Kate!  I am so sorry to hear that you didn't get the birth you were hoping and aiming for, but I am thrilled that she is here and that you are on the mend.  I can't wait to see pictures of our newest baby!  And wow, three pounds bigger!  That's practically a whole other baby!  H was two pounds heavier.  I think that had a lot to do with my ending up with a c-section.  Rest up, be gentle with your body, and let everyone around you do your bidding while you snuggle in and get to know that precious baby girl!



And Ever ... I meant to come rave about you going on a date with Bus Man.  Have fun with it! 


Erin ... I think a lot of the gluten-sensitivity is a fad.  Just another bandwagon to get on, but one that makes sense for a lot of people, because gluten is pretty difficult to break down and digest, so lots of people just feel better when they're off of it.  As for celiac, that has been around for a while, but I think gets tested more often now, resulting in it being diagnosed more often.  When I first was diagnosed, there was nothing out there for alternatives, or what was available was gross and grossly overpriced.  What I like about this trend?  More options at restaurants and supermarkets!  Yay!


AFM: H is 18 lbs, 8 oz!  E was 17 pounds at one year!  H is almost SIX AND A HALF MONTHS OLD!  He's eating everything, and gets really irate when he has to wait if he sees someone else with food.  He's not taking much formula any more, but still nursing tonnes.  His poops are getting a bit dry though.  I wonder if I should offer him water?  He's sitting, rolling and wanting to be upright, standing with someone holding his hands.  E walked at ten months, so we'll see what he has in store for us soon!  H is super mellow and happy, which E was too, so I feel pretty lucky to be two-for-two on that front!

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Everr: What? Your date was with bus guy????? 


Kate: CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I'm so sorry that you ended up with another c-section. Sounds like it was a scary ordeal. So glad you are ok! I'm wondering, did you rupture during labor and then end up with a c-section? Or did it happen during the section? Eeeck! Wow, your little girl is 50% bigger than Aubrey! So crazy! Rest up and heal and enjoy every wonderful second with your darling new daughter!!


AFM: I am beyond pissed at my DH right now. Won't get into details but I didn't sleep at all last night! I stayed in bed until 11, even though I still coulnd't sleep bc I was so mad. DH slept on the couch and M woke up at 7am so I made him deal with her. I'm sure he is feeling like sh*t today bc he didn't go to sleep on the couch until 2:30 and was really drunk. That made me a feel a tiny bit better. LOL. Going to be a long day - not sleeping while you're already worn out from being pregnant does NOT feel pleasant. 

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Originally Posted by Vegan Princess View Post

Everr: What? Your date was with bus guy????? 


Well, yes, but I'm not sure if it's the same one you're thinking about.. There was that one guy I met way back in early February and then found on fb and messaged.  I never heard from him.

But the following week I started chatting with a regular on the bus who lives in my town and commutes for work.  We've been chatting since then and at first I didn't think much of it but then I started crushing on him.  And finally last week he asked me out to dinner.  He's a pretty impressive guy, very talented and successful.  He's also 12 years old than me which so far doesn't seem to be an issue.. And then there's another dilemma:  I didn't know this guys last name until last week just before he asked me out.  Turns out, he has the same last name as the guy I messaged back in February.  And during our date I found out that he has a younger brother who lives in the city we commute to.  So I'm about 99% certain that these two guys are brothers.  And I'm so embarrassed about the guy I'm seeing finding out that I searched his brother up and asked him out months ago.  What are the chances of that???  I have such bad luck :/


Anyway, I'll deal with that later I guess :P


I'm really sorry about your fight with your dh.  I hope it all gets resolved quickly *hugs*


Starling - wow time flies!  I'm glad H is doing well!  I wouldn't worry about water right now.  He'll be fine with breastmilk :)

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Everr- I'm not sure how I missed that you were going on a date, although I suspect the newborn is behind it, so glad it went well, and hey maybe the brother thing will just be an amusing story later on..although it could just be a coincidence too.


Starling- wow on the size difference in your kids...and the size difference in your kids Kate!


Cindy- sorry about the fight with your Hubs, those always suck.

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Kate: love up on that new baby! I hope you recover quickly. I'm sorry things didn't go as planned Mama. Can't wait to see pictures of your two girls together! Does Mallory have red hair? :)


Everr: Yeah for a date. Crazy about the last names. Maybe it will make for a good love story! And awesome that you are so close to the end of term. Good luck on finals!


Cindy: I hate fights with DH- sounds like a big one. Hope you are both feeling better now and have things worked out.


Erin: I was going to say something similar to Starling about the gluten. I had never even heard of celiac before so I do think that testing more and doctors and patients being more aware of it accounts for some of it. We were shocked when we were down south and we asked about something on the menu being gluten free- "Oh would you like to see our gluten free menu?" Whoa! That was pretty cool for us Kodiak kids! :)


Starling: Fun to read a great report about H. Maeve is just shy of 15 pounds now. She is just beginning to get into food- still a little wobbly with her sitting so I haven't pushed it much. I couldn't resist offering a bit here and there though over the last few weeks. She digs it! I think breastmilk is all he needs but a little water wouldn't hurt either.


Fiona is still have a rough time but not quite so much as even a few days ago. I have to say- we are hoping she does have celiac's so that it would explain to us what is going on with her. If she doesn't then we are back to figuring it out. DH and I are working so hard with her (and finally on the same page!) and working hard on our whole families diet in hopes that it helps us all out. Yesterday I went to put Maeve down for a nap and fell asleep for 2 hours! I woke up to a happy Fiona and an uber clean house. It was pretty awesome. I didn't realize how exhausted I have become.




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Kate - Congratulations and welcome Mallory!  Sounds like the birth must have had some scary moments. Friday the 13th luck? Glad you're both OK.  And that is an amazing size difference.  Lituya was 2lb 10oz more than Katmai at birth (at 9lb 14oz and 7lb 4oz), but you've got me beat!


Everr - glad it worked out.  And if he ever does find out, the brothers thing sounds more like a funny story than anything - you never actually went out with his brother.


Cindy - hope you two patch it up soon.


Starling - H does sound huge.  L is far far bigger than K was, at 22.5 pounds (15 months) K only outweighs her by 6 or 7 pounds.  I feel it when I'm cycling them both up the hill for sure (and when I'm carrying L on my back).  Neither one of my kids has consented to nap in a bed, and with our lifestyle, there's a lot of walking naps.  But my two are still more like 60th percentile vs 5th percentile, so I can't really complain.

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Welcome Mallory!!!!  Sorry that your birth was not what you envisioned Kate but I'm glad that it was still better than your last one. Can't wait to see the pictures. 


Erin I think the gf is getting more exposure as the celebs get on the bandwagon. There has been some talk that says that GMO's may be behind the rise in celiac disease who knows? I think a lot of people suffered for many years without a diagnosis and now that there is more awareness we can get the diagnosis earlier and it tweaks Doc's to test for it. 


Starling My ds was a tank as well 24lbs by 7 months but then he levelled off and didn't gain for a long time especially after crawling and walking started and he was too busy to eat all the time. 


Ever Glad your date went well. Too funny about the brother story must be some kind of genetic attraction :p 


Cindy I hope your fight is all smoothed over and he has apologized. 


AFU we decided to make the trip down to Van to see friends and family and visit Ikea we are still here, going back Tuesday. I think it was a good choice it's nice and hot here and snowing in PG. Went to a friend's daughter's first birthday and had a lovely visit. My ds fell in love with a younger woman both of them said they were getting married. He's heartbroken he can't see her again anytime soon. 

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This is the only decent photo i've managed to take on my phone, and no wi-fi in the hospital so no other access until i'm discharged, prob Tuesday b/c they're keeping a close eye on my bladder. But spirits are up; i'm enjoying my time with just Mallory before going home. I'm following along but its hard to respond on just a phone. Thank you all for the encouragement and sweet words, it means a ton to me. smile.gif
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That is one beautiful, squishy new baby! Oh, how I wish I could come nom on my little namesake! (Yes, I am totally taking credit for the name!)

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Hello Gorgeous Squishy Baby!!!

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I said it on facebook and I'll say it again that baby is SO BEAUTIFUL, seriously an awesome looking kid.

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She's beautiful.  I'm glad you're doing well, and hope you get to go home tomorrow.

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