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Hey Everr ... Have you had that "Is that other guy your brother?" conversation yet with your Busboy?


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ps.  You have vicarious second children via us, we have vicarious brushes with the dating world via you! winky.gif

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Everr: Congrats on finishing the year!! You so deserve to have some me time until you find a job. Sounds divine. I love hot yoga! I miss it! Do you have an extra bed or even air mattress you can blow up and transfer R to if bus guy comes over? The transferring seems to work well for Makenna. And I am so excited to hear things are going well with bus guy! :-)


I am very excited. Phil Lesh, one of the original members of the Grateful Deal, opened a new music venue about 30 minutes from me. He's playing tonight with Warren Haynes, my absolute all time favorite singer. DH and I are going and it turns out my friend and her partner are going tonight too. She was in my birth class w/M and is also pregnant again. Her daughter is 10 days older than M and they love playing together. So they are going to share a sitter - and DH and I finally get a night out!!! Makenna was born to a Warren Haynes song.



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I thought I already responded but I guess not.


Cindy- very cool. Enjoy the night.


starling- have fun, I'm jealous too.


okay there is seriously a lot to respond to.  I do want to hear more about bus guy. and now it;s all on the other pages and I will have everything mixed up.


if fiona doesn't have celiacs what is the next step? so confusing, i hope you figure out something soon. you might try contacting my facebook friends shana seneka or meli mosseythey've both been through the gammet.


carseats- Jewel-9 year old- graco booster with back and a safety first backed booster.  Josie-6 year old- graco booster in less used car and britax frontier. Juniper 3 year old- britax marathon FF and a graco myride 65 RF and Coraline- a bucket seat RF for now. she'll get the myride later, the britax frontier will get tossed in Oct when it expires


Junes has backslid in the sleeping department. She has come back into the bed the past three nights and Hubs has let her so now she won't stay in her bed and we have to start all over again. I never even knew she came back at night b/c I was so tired and wrapped around Coraline. The bed is just too small with 4 of us, when i was complaining for hubs to move over last night he just got up and went to the couch.



i'm one handed typing and it's a pia. so here are some pictures like requested.




i'm still in baby bliss land mostly.  hubs work is crap and he's looking for an actual job working for someone and my van is done so for the moment we are a one car family, it kind of sucks...especially since we just put in $1100 to fix the stupid van.

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Courtney - Love the pics! Enjoy the baby bliss :)


Cindy - Woohoo!  Enjoy your date night :)


So, more about my bus guy :P  Umm.. Right now we're just having fun and enjoying each other.  I honestly haven't had any serious conversations with him about anything at all, including his brother lol.  Sometimes I feel like it's just a fling but other times it seems like there's some real potential there.  We'll see.  Yesterday we went flying (he recently go this pilot's licence) and I flew the plane.  That was pretty cool.  And he wants to take a trip for a weekend.  Cindy - he suggested San Francisco!  If we end up doing that we should meet!!  So I'm just enjoying what it is right now.  It's scary though..  My ex left me a bit insecure and I think dating in general is scary for anyone.  I just always feel like the guy's going to change his mind any second.  But I'm trying to stay relaxed and have fun :)

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Everr: Oooo yes, come visit!! I would love to meet you. Too bad our littles couldn't meet too. But M is so shy with new poeple right, now she probably wouldn't play w/R anyway. SF is a great city to visit for a weekend! Were you scared flying with a new pilot? And flying the plane?! Very cool though! And yes, dating is such a crap shoot and so uncertain for everyone. But it sounds like you are keeping a great atitude about things. Or at least trying. ;-)

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Cindy - A bit nervous yep.. But I was impressed at how not-scared I was.  And flying the plane was fun, I knew he would fix it if I messed up :P  


AND - I just came here to post - R went to sleep in his own bed tonight (I have had a twin in the 2nd bedroom forever for him, just never used it)  NO tears, and asleep in probably 20 minutes.  WOW!!!!!  (He did not nap today so that helped!)

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Finally caught up a bit! Having trouble b/c tapatalk is not working and the minute i pick up a laptop someone is hungry and someone else needs her rear wiped. Everything is pretty good here though; M is my reward for letting Aubs live past infancy, i've decided. She's an easy baby. 10 lb. 8 oz. as of last Friday (2 weeks old). Lots more to say but of course short on time.

Sue, did they check F for a corn allergy? There's corn in everything, it seems.

Hmm, photos....apparently i can't do that frm my phone. Will log in properly soon!
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Kate - Glad things are going well!  And yes more pics please :)


Soo, R's sleeping on his own is failing miserably tonight.  It started off right, got ready for bed with 2 stories around 8pm then lights out.  But he came out a couple times and when I put him back the second time he was so sad and it broke my heart :(  But I settled him down and left.  I went to bed and was just on the laptop in bed and he came in and wanted to sleep in the big bed with me so I let him.  Big mistake.  He tossed and turned for close to an hour.  Finally I left him in the room in the big bed to go to sleep on his own.  That's where we're at now.  


Tomorrow night he's sleeping at my cousin's house so he'll have to go to bed on his own.  And from now on it's 8pm, in his own bed, lights out, that's it!  No more caving!

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Everr: Did he stay in the bed all night? How did you sleep without him? Yay for last night's success - that shows you he can do it!


Kate: Too funny about M being your reward. :-) Def need pics! How is your supply on your augmented side? Any better this time around?


The show was so awesome! So much fun! Makenna did great at her friend's house. They went to sleep in bed together really easily and quickly for the sitter. I was shocked actually! The sitter sat with them for a little bit then left and then they fell alseep on their own. The other little girl puts herself to sleep every night - she was a good influence on M. And thankfully when we brought her home at 12:30 she went right back to sleep easily. Too bad I couldn't sleep. I think I got a contact high from the concert!! I couldn't turn my brain off even though I was tired from dancing for hours. 


Just scheduled my first visit with my midwife for wednesday. I'm so excited to finally switch to midwifery care instead of OB care!!



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Good to hear from you, Kate. So glad things are going well! And, yes, more pics please!!


Everr: We had success with Owyn 3 nights in a row, then Sunday night she decided she wasn't okay with this arrangement anymore. I had changed it up because I wanted to read to her instead of DH. She chose a book with lots of different fairy tales in it and didn't understand why I wouldn't read the whole book. I had let her choose two fairy tales out of it, but she wanted me to read them all. So, that led to a meltdown and she ended up crying for a while. DH went in and tried to calm her down. He told he'd go get her a drink of water and she quieted down while she waited for him to come back... so he never went back in and she fell asleep within a few minutes. He said he felt like he was tricking her, but we both thought if he went back in while she was quiet it would just get her started again. Last night, she kept coming out of her room asking for things (I need a water, I need to potty, I need a snack, I need a hug, etc, etc, etc). The last time DH put her back in her bed, it really broke her heart, like she knew she was losing the battle. DH had a hard time leaving her in there, but he did it and she went to sleep. So, I guess all these nights have been successful considering she did go to sleep on her own, but I liked it better with no tears!


We're also having some success with Greta! I've had a really hard time co-sleeping this time around. She is a squirmy sleeper. She also likes to sleep right up against me with her face in my pillow, so I'm always waking up worried she's suffocating in my pillow. The last several nights, I have been putting her back in her crib after she nurses and she is sleeping a lot longer at a time there! Saturday night was the best. I put her back in the crib at 1:45 am and she slept until 7:30! Most nights, she'll wake sometime between 1:30 and 2:30, go back to the crib, then get in bed with us around 5-5:30 where she stays until we get up for the day. 


Last night, we sold our pop-up camper. I was really sad to see it go. We decided to sell it since we haven't used it in almost 2 years. We never once got it out last summer. We've been talking about getting one with a/c and heater. It would make things easier with the girls going camping with us. We're not going to be able to get one right away though. We need the money from this camper to go towards our home improvement projects so we can sell the house. I'm really glad we have the money to get this stuff done, but I was really sad last night. Getting all of our things out of the camper made me feel like we were going camping, which is such a great feeling. The worst part is that the last time we used the camper, we didn't know it was the last time we'd use it. I didn't get to say a proper goodbye. :(

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Mal - hopefully you get to go camping this summer anyway.  Do you have a tent? And I'm sure the home repairs/house sale will be worth it.


Cindy - Sounds like a fun time.  And great that you get to switch to a midwife now.


Kate - Glad you're all doing well.  You deserve an easy baby! (I don't think I deserved my 2 easy babies, but my baby is trying to make up for it now with toddler obstinateness)


Everr - Glad it's going well with bus guy so far.  I've ridden in about a million small planes, but never taken the controls. I think I'd be scared to, even if the pilot did let me!


Courtney - Sweet pictures.



Sleep:  I've been SO lucky with K for at least the past 6 months.  We can tuck him in (in our room, since there's only one room), read a story, and he'll go to sleep (as long as I can prevent L from trying to crawl in his bed and play).  It makes me think I ought to do the exact same thing with L.  I started nightweaning K at her age (16 months), and I wasn't going to for her, since there's no big reason to, but I'd love for her to follow her brother's pattern.


Speaking of L, my baby is so much a toddler now!  She said her first sentences the other day: "rock in the water" and "nursing on the bed" and is generally full of firey toddler obstinate behavior.

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will be back soon to reply my oldest wants to play poptropica just wondering if you could vote for my pics



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Reading along....


DH is out of town for the week. It's only been 2 days but it already feels like forever. Bed time sucks without him here. Hopefully we'll get into a better rhythm there because this is just the first of many trips. Field season is officially upon us. Sigh...


I organized a group of Mama friends to meet for a walk in the woods today. It was nice but the wind made it really cold and not everyone was dressed well for it. I'm hoping to meet for walks regularly- I'm calling it Babes in the Woods! I really like to give F chances to socialize with a nice age range and visit with friends but it has been hard lately to have playdates here. She doesn't want them to use certain toys (I'm actually ok with that- we call them "too special for sharing" but it just stresses her out a bit) and it often seems that no matter how I plan it my friends over stay and its beyond introverted F's time frame. I get that not everybody has a sensitive kid like mine but don't you think 3 hours is sort of long for a playdate at this age? I try to do no longer then 2 hours and usually closer to 1.5. Anyway- the woods. Neutral territory, fresh air, running around, not too long. And Fiona is totally in her element. It's so nice for me to see her stressed out. Walks in the wood for the win!


Loving reading about bus guys and dates and vacations! Would love more pics Kate!! Mal, totally get the saying goodbye to the memories of the camper. But it one step closer to your new home!


off to bed... night ladies!

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sounds fun Sue. We do Friday morning breakfast club but we swtich it to different house...and we don't do it every Friday. we also have the LLL meeting where we get together once a month and the LLL parenting meeting that we host at a park and sometimes the babywearing club meets up with us as well. As for a time limit- I would be one that stays way longer than I should.   You could always put a start time and an end time and then have something you have to do, especially if it involves leaving the house...of course the walks in the wood sound awesome, I love it.

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Originally Posted by Vegan Princess View Post

Everr: Did he stay in the bed all night? How did you sleep without him? Yay for last night's success - that shows you he can do it!



No, he came and got in bed with me early morning-ish.. Maybe 3-4am?  I actually went to sleep just fine :P  He's been getting really squirmy and always wants to be right on me and while I do love snuggles I also am starting to crave more space.


Courtney and Sue - The mom groups sound like fun!  Sue, I would just tell them upfront that F is sensitive and can really only handle 2 hours.  Then kick them out when the time is up if they've forgotten and don't leave on their own.  I will say that I would totally stay for 3+ hours if nobody told me otherwise and things seemed to be going well.  R is very social and for me because I'm a solo parent I love the chance to be with people.  


Mal - Woohoo for sleep success!!  I'm going to be more consistent with R from now on.  It's time and he's ready.  He also hasn't nursed in a few weeks which sort of makes me sad when I think about it (it's clearly done now).  All of this independence all at once...


AFM - Well I finally told my bus guy that I'd met his brother (the former bus guy I'd told you all about).  He didn't seem too concerned.  It's more funny I think.. I was just sort of embarrassed about it.  But it's out there now so I don't have to fret about it :P  

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Everr: Yay for getting it off your chest. LOL. It is actually pretty funny!


Mal: Sorry you had to give up the camper. I agree w/Erin that you can still tent camp until you get something else. I know how you feel about not saying goodbye. When I moved out of my apartment in San Francisco when we moved to a more suburban area when M was 3 months old, I didn't get to say my goodbyes. I had to rush out of there w/M and the cats bc the movers were early. I lived there for over 5 yrs. I felt very odd for a while after that! You reminded me that we need to figure out the camping trip we've been wanting to plan. I want to get at least 1 trip in before I'm too big to do it comfortably! The place we love is already booked up so we need to find some new spots.


Sue: I hope you find your groove soon! I know it's hard single parenting 1 - I can only imagine 2! The woods is a great idea! We go to a friend's house every Monday for a playdate and we rarely stay more than 2 hours - and that is M's best friend and I am pretty close to her mom. I always try to explain over staying our welcome to Makenna. LOL. Makenna does great at their house - but I watched that little girl for a couple hours last week and M went around hoarding her toys. I was SO surprised! I thought she was over that! I think she was being defensive after having her bossy 4 yr old cousin stay with us the week before. 


Erin: Hard to imagine that L is a toddler already! But my good friend has a little one born the same time as L and he is talking up a storm. 


AFM: Well, M doesn't seem to be staying in the air mattress. DH moves her when he comes to bed and she keeps climbing back into bed with us. We wake up and there she is, in the middle of us. LOL. I tried to transfer her last night before DH came to bed and she just sat up and said "NO!!" and got right back in my bed. Hmmmm. 


I have my first midwife appt today! Yay! :-)



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Sue - Outdoor playdates are a regular favorite here too.  Though I prefer the tidepooling/beach play to the directional walk variety.  Mostly because the kids always have different ages, speeds, and interests, and when we try to go on a walk together it always seems to degenerate into widely separated clusters where parent A is trying to keep up with their racing ahead kid, and parent B is valiantly trying to coax their kid along, etc...  And K is usually the one dawdling, meaning I don't get to talk to the other moms (which is most of the point, really, since he could care less about other kids). Sorry you're having a hard time with your husband away. Mine does fieldwork too sometimes (though not as often), and it's always hard, but has definitely gotten easier as L has gotten older.


We took the kids out in 2 separate packrafts for the first time today. Last fall we squeezed all 4 of us in one of the largest sized rafts, but the kids are just too big now. I was worried I wouldn't be able to paddle and hold L from leaping out of the boat at the same time, but it worked out well, and she enjoyed it, especially looking at the ducks.  Which she was trying to call chickens.  It took us forever to figure out why she kept yelling "jitten! jitten!"  K's favorite thing was paddling into the little caves along the cliffs.  A great trial run for our paddle/low tide campout Sunday night.

We've been doing a weekly outdoor adventure day for the last few months now (every Thursday), and I wish we'd started earlier! I thought we did plenty of hiking and outdoor stuff, and of course we do, but there's something very freeing about having it scheduled in, never having to think about "what day will the weather be best, what other things do we want to get done, maybe we should just get out for a quick walk, maybe one parent should stay home and work, etc..."

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Erin- I love having a set day for that, thinking maybe we should do that b/c i don't think we get nearly enough outdoor adventure.


I'm being driven crazy by things breaking again, they always seem to happen in batches. Currently my car and my washing machine need to be replaced. Both are annoying and the car is currently impossible to replace b/c work has been horribly slow to non existent for Hubs and we have no money, I totally feel like a loser but I'm not about to tell him b/c it would hurt his feelings.But seriously our electric got turned off the other day we ARE losers. I have some money set aside to buy Hubs birthday present (a dishwasher) and I think it will have to go for getting a new washer. Sigh. at least I have a handsome handy husband and four amazing, beautiful, intelligent daughters and we all love each other and find each other amusing...and I currently have a slight lead in the mothering photo contest. so there are good things too.

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Feel like I can't catch up response-wise so I'm jumping in where we are!


Cindy, yay for your midwife appointment! Let us know how it goes.  You're having a homebirth this time, right?  Will you find out the sex?  i know you said DH wanted to wait, I think?  I watched a show about California Fish & Game on Nat Geo last night and it was in SF.  Made me jealous--seems like you have EVERYTHING there.  Feeling sort of disappointed about where we live right now.  I love that its more rural than where we were in TX, but there aren't great moms groups, health food stores, or other things I'd like around nearby.  And I hate driving 15+ miles to spend a short amount of time somewhere.  Maybe I'm just wanting too much!


ETA: the supply on my augmented side is AWESOME this time around.  Go figure.  I'm blaming the mastitis I had on that side last time.  Its actually my better producer now!


Mal, I know what you mean about the camper.  We sold our first boat ("my" boat) when I was 8 mos. pg with Aubs, and I was sad because I didn't know it was the last trip out on it--didn't realize we would sell it quickly.  I was happy to see the second boat go.  Now DH thinks he needs another.  I think he needs to get rid of a different hobby before he gets back to boats.  Or maybe a canoe or a kayak...?


Ever, R staying in his bed until 3 or 4 sounds like progress to me!  I'd keep it up--even if it stays this way for a while.  And good about getting the brother thing off your chest.


Erin, can't believe L is so big already!  Reminds me to cherish these baby days. 


As for me.  Can't remember what I shared before, but I talked to the OB that did my section on the phone yesterday and she clarified some things for me.  I'll finish my birth story eventually but basically (probably from my 1st c-section or the surgery I had as a teenager) my bladder and uterus were adhered together with scar tissue.  This may be why my body wouldn't contract hard enough to push M out--but anyway when they did the section, they lift the bladder off the uterus.  This exposed a "window" of plastic-wrap-thin uterus, which tore and bled.  A lot. I think that's the reason they ended up doing the inverted-T incision.  :(  It also tore into my bladder, which is why they had to repair all of that. All in all it was still better than my first section--I was alert and could move my toes throughout; got back in the room to hold M as soon as the 3.5 hr. surgery was over.  Maybe its naive, but I feel like getting to 9 or 10 cm and then my body refusing to continue with the contractions despite pit to encourage it was my body's way of protecting me from something worse, given the scar situation.  I also feel like this all would have been different if it weren't for my first section...but we'll never know, of course, and I'm refusing to feel like a failure for this birth.  shy.gif  I'm still a bit sore and afraid to do to much, but time heals all. 


Mallory was 10 lb. 8 oz. at the 2-week appointment. She does have red hair, just like Aubs, and honestly looks just like her, just bigger.  She's 3 weeks old today and barely fitting in 0-3 month clothes. bigeyes.gif  She was tongue tied at birth, and we had it clipped when she was a day old--so grateful we did that.  It didn't bleed at all, she didn't make a sound, and her latch improved dramatically. Thank goodness for that.  Here's my big girl:




IMG_1678.jpg   IMG_0480.JPG

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