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Everr: Totally sucks. I'm sorry things didn't work out.


Here to share a deal.... If you join the Squirmie worm you can get in on co-op/group buy deals.  They have a group buy going for Mama Made Them right now which has some awesome stuff. Prices are really good- 40% off most items and 25% for the bigger things like garage, kitchen, nativity... I just ordered some stuff for Christmas. We got some things last year too and they are great quality and a lot of fun. Fiona spends a ton of time playing with the 3 billy goats gruff story set. I ordered goldilocks for this year!

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everr- sorry about bus guy. It is totally hard to find a decent guy.


I met a bunch of my mom friends through LLL and some through the local neighborhoods playgroup.


Cindy- glad there wasn't much mold, it was a nightmare when we found it, we lost half of two walls, beams and everything.

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Ever - sorry things didn't work out. I think it sucks that it's so much harder to meet people once you get out into adult life (compared to just-out-of-high-school no-responsibilities college students). I have a number of friends with the same problem.


Mal - what will you do if there aren't enough kids for the class?


Starling - I hear you about the blog thing.  I enjoy doing mine, but it's much more sporadic, and I can write when I feel like it, about expeditions and things I feel I really want to share - hopefully nothing to make folks feel bad.


Fall approaching: I am not ready! I have been furiously picking berries, but want to do a lot more, want to go camping, backpacking, preserve the excess from the garden, etc.. Also want my husband to be back for at least a little more summer (he'll be here maybe the 18th)


Another odd question:  How do you play with your kids? More and more I realize that I really don't know how. I engage K, but I never really play. It's a lot more of "Would you like to help me water the garden? (pick berries, make dinner, etc..)" or him playing sort of around me while I do my own puttering/chores while chatting with him "Oh, you caught a blue whale on your fishing pole? How big is it? What are you going to do with that? etc..."  I really don't know what else to do. Should I grab a pretend fishing pole too? Are there other games and things I should initiate? Sometimes if he's building with legos or something I try to do it too, but it doesn't seem to improve his enjoyment of the legos at all, so it seems so much more sensible to do something else nearby. But maybe if I had a better idea of how to play it would work better.

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I don't "play" with my kids when it is there kid games. I play  jenga, and memory, and hi ho cherry-o with her.  I cook with her. I talk with her and sometimes do art or sewing with her.  I talk about things she is interested in, but no I don't play blocks or lalaloopsies or baby doll or dress up with her. I did sometimes with Jewel when she was little but she also didn't have sisters and just a few friends.

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Thursday: I remember when you guys discovered all of that mold. What a nightmare! Looks like you are having a great trip. Hope baby comes soon!


Play: DH plays with Fiona a lot more then I do. They dress up like dragons and roar and "fly" through the house. We dressed up like queens the other day but I was doing dishes while I did! I mostly am just around while she plays and sometimes start building towers or legos or playdough and then let her finish on her own. Sometimes we color along side each other too. She is really into real work though so we cook and bake, garden, feed the dog and such together. I think you are doing just fine and your kids are lucky to have such a wonderful life! :)

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We are the same here. I will build towers or train tracks with her and love to have her help me clean and cook. I set up art projects and sit with her while she does them or if they are involved, I will help walk her through the steps. But I don't find myself playing make believe with her or really getting down on the floor a whole lot. I've felt bad about it. DH definitely plays differently. They make a lot of forts or he'll sit on her level more - but then sometimes he'll just sit there and fall asleep leaning against the front of the couch while she plays. LOL. They rough house a lot - she loves to climb all over him like a jungle gym. I really can't stand when she does that to me - especially now that I'm pregnant. I think a lot of what makes her happy is showing me things she is doing/has done or involving me in play by bringing me her play food, etc. 

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I don't play pretend with her often either. Greta likes when I'm on the floor, so I'm often sitting with them, just available when I have some downtime. Usually Greta is climbing all over me while Owyn plays near us. She is trying to teach Greta to play with her, but Greta often doesn't go along with things like Owyn would like. She pretends to be the mom and Greta is her daughter. Greta just enjoys the attention from her. More often, Owyn is telling me all about her pretend adventures and I'm just listening or asking questions. The more exposure she has to other kids, the more creative she gets in her own play.


Courtney: I hope the baby comes as soon as she can! How fun to be there for the birth!


Well, school starts for me in 2 days. I think I'll be ready. Tomorrow I'll be in my classroom most of the day getting last minute things ready and cleaning up. I still only have 4 enrolled officially, with 2-4 maybes on my list. No one is saying anything so far about changing things up, so I'm going with it. I worry about my position for next year if things don't fill up this year. I already have a contract with them for this year, so I don't think there is a whole lot they can do about my position at the moment. I think I'll end up just fine. I had a few join my class through the school year last year. 


DH and I are still trucking along with the house and house hunt. Slowly but surely... We looked at a house yesterday that had absolutely everything on our wishlist, but the neighborhood was crappy. It was really hard to walk away from it since it was so perfect, but it was the only decent house in the whole neighborhood with no real hope of things turning around in that area... more likely it would get worse in the coming years. We had all but thrown up our hands on hunting for now since there isn't a whole lot for sale around here, which we're fine with. We still have the plan to sell our place and stay with my parents for a while, it'd just be nice to not have to move all those times. Anyway, our real estate agent wants us to look at a house tonight. He seems really excited about it for us. It's an earth sheltered home, which DH and I both think is pretty cool. It sits on 8 acres and has plenty of space. It's a foreclosure thought, so it needs some serious TLC... Wish us luck, this could be the last house we look at for a while!

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Mal: Good luck! Sounds like you guys could turn it into an amazing place. Is there a real estate listing we could peak at?! And I hope your class fills up. It must be stressful to think about what will happen in the coming year. At least you have this years contract. I hope they don't shift you into a position doing something else.


We went to a music class today for the first time in months. We really love it and Fiona has been going since she was about 10 months old. Nap schedules and travel has kept us from it for a while though. We went today though and learned our beloved teacher is moving on and a new woman is taking over. She did ok today but it just isn't the same. We want Miss Tania back! Plus the day of the class is moving. We typically meet up with other families for outdoor playdates on the new day so I don't know how often we will be able to go anymore. Sort of bummed about that.


Yesterday we made it to the pool though. Both girls loved it. We have vowed to make it to the pool every week for family swim on Sunday afternoons. Which means I have vowed to shave my legs once a week this fall and winter- me shaving in the fall/winter is pretty unheard of! LOL!


DH leaves on Wednesday for a week at sea. The last trip! I'm so glad. Hopefully the week is going to fly by. It's times like these that I really wish my kid could eat anything and we could rely on take out at least a couple of times. Ah well. And speaking of food- I think we need to take corn out of her diet too. Blargh! We are trying a 2 week corn free trial. I've really noticed that her sleep is shit (like waking up crying 2-3 times a night) on days when she's eaten it a lot. Corn is in a lot of food.


Really missing Kate too! I could really use her input. I was discussing some of the tissues with melt downs and behavior that Fiona has been having (or really had since toddlerhood) with a friend. How she can't handle too many kids around, fades out quickly in playdates, can't do gym time because of the chaos, melts down if her blanket is lumpy and not flat, stacking too much into our day is sure fire melt down, etc.... ALso how she never just paints the paper- she loves to paint her entire arm and hands, When she plays in the rice bin she takes of her socks and climbs into the whole thing, loves loves loves water play. She thought I should look into OT for sensory issues. I was like- OMG, Yes! It makes a lot of sense. The more I've read the more I think she's onto something. So I am going to write an email to our family dr/friend and ask her for a referral. Makes me feel crappy that I didn't realize this sooner. I'm hoping it will help bring some peace into this house. Because I would say that it for sure is something that affects our day to day lives. sigh.

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Sue: Bummer about music class being cancelled! We used to go to a facilitated playgroup and the sensory issues therapist would come every few weeks and bring cool things and just chat w/moms to see if they needed any advice. She is who I got the bean bin idea from. I loved her - there was actually a photo of her in the very last issue of mothering mag holding her baby boy in the birth tub right after he was born. Anyway, Makenna loves to climb in too and has been known to melt down over a blanket not being folded right - i'm sure some of that is just normal 3 yr old behavior. But you know your child best! Ugh to the corn! My old roommate was allergic to corn - she was always getting sabotaged and having to take benodryl. I actually used to buy things with corn in them on purpose so she would stop eating my food (bc she usually did read the ingredient label first). 


Mal: I hope this house is it! I used to love the excitement of seeing a new house and then talking to DH about all the things we'd dream up to do to it. :-) 


Courtney: I loved the pic of your sis and Coraline on facebook today. At first I was like "what?" - bc of course at first I thought it was you in the pic. Your sis is so lucky to have you there for the birth and to help after!!


My midwife was just here. We scheduled the 36 week birth team visit for less than a month from now. Crazy!



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Just for you, Sue. winky.gif http://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/10885-Barb-Rd_Corder_MO_64021_M77939-91844 Our agent thinks it's overpriced and considering it's a foreclosure, he thinks we could bring the price down quite a bit. Especially considering it is an earth home, which apparently is difficult to sell. Leaving to go look at it in about an hour, fingers crossed!


RE: sensory issues... I think you're really onto something there. It really does make sense, especially thinking about everything you have shared with us about her. I really hope you can get some tools to help your day-to-day life!


Cindy: How in the world has your pregnancy flown by so quickly?! I guess I shouldn't be surprised, as I sit here and watch Greta starting to cruise around the furniture. Time flies! 

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woo wee, that is purple bathroom! Looks like a great place.I love the window off of the kitchen and the great fireplace! I'm in total shock that a 3 bedroom home on 8 acres is overpriced at $149,500! We have a 2 bed with no acreage- no garage even, it was converted to storage/mudroom that was recently appraised for (are you ready...) $240,000! We need to move! 


Cindy! That baby will be here so soon! I can't remember- have you picked a name?

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Ha - you think it's bad where you are Sue? We have a 2 bedroom that technically has 950 sq ft. We do have an third bedroom and about 400 more sq feet down in the basement that don't legally get counted. Postage stamp yard. And it's worth about 600k now! WE need to move! LOL! 


Mal: The house def needs updating - but the land looks amazing!! What did you think?


No name yet. Definitely the middle name will be Rose. I think I would do Rose as a 1st name, but DH doesn't like it enough. I told you guys we both liked Gemma as the first name. I just don't know if I'm sold on it. DH isn't putting any effort into thinking about it bc we do agree on that name - but I don't think he's sold on it either. I'm also tossing around Tea (tay-ah) - but the lack of an accent over the "e" bugs me. i have no idea how to do one on the computer? I think Starling told me once. Also Althea - then Tea could be a nickname. I like Elyse a lot but DH doesn't. 


My friend had her baby a month ago and she and her DH STILL can't agree! It would drive me NUTSO!!! 

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Cindy: I actually really like Althea, I'd use the nickname "Thea" (thee-uh) though. Thea was on my list when we had Greta. winky.gif I still really love Gemma though. DH and I were the same way with that name. We agreed on it, but neither of us was sold on it. 


House price, yes we are lucky where we are. Some people around this part of the state think my town is even an overpriced area if that tells you anything. We went to see it and it's a contender, for sure. We're both mulling it over. It's a little out of town, which the country is nice, but it's not as convenient. The space and the layout is fantastic, the acreage is so awesome. It's a little hilly with a little treed area. It's south facing, so even though it's an earth home, it gets good light. It's well-built, no major issues. It does need a lot TLC, but we could do it, it's mostly cosmetic. I think we just need to sit down and write out the pros and cons, figure out exactly which projects we'd need to do right away and what that would cost. We're both pretty excited about it. I was picturing how we would place things and where we'd put the Christmas tree. The fireplace is AMAZING! Best one we've seen, by far and functional for heating the house! So, yeah, it's a big maybe.

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Mal - that sounds exciting. Hope it works out for you guys. I love living rurally, but I do have a community around also.


Cindy - Gemma is nice, but I like Althea/Thea also. I know a little kid in K's head start who goes by that nickname (well, it's pronounced Tay-uh anyway, I've never seen it written, so don't know how she spells it). Has anyone noticed how many little girls' names end in that "a" sound? Even lots of the unsual ones like my Lituya and her friend Duna, and actually most of the under 5 girls I know around here (Nevaeh, Helena, Hannah, etc...). And of course several of our kids in this group.


Sue - too bad about the music class. And that's interesting about the sensory idea. I think K is exactly the opposite - taking after his dad in seeming to never notice physical discomfort or wanting to bother to change clothes despite being way too hot or cold, etc... I wish my kids liked music. Neither my DH or I are musical, and I feel like the fact that the kids have never shown an interest is probably our fault for not singing to them or whatever it is we're supposed to do to get them exposed. Even at 3.5, K cannot sing a single actual song.


Playing: Thank you all for making me feel better about my not playing. :)  I think I was feeling a little guilty after watching the kids' grandmas (they have two around right now) do so much more playing with them. But hearing people talk about playful daddies makes me wonder if doing more "playing" is something that tends to happen more with people who aren't around them so much? As a fun way to connect. I do engage with them all day long, and do do a lot of conversational engagement with K's adventures, even if I don't actually pretend to fish in the salmonberry bushes. Also, I see the two of them playing more and more now that L is getting older.


House Values:  The entire property valuation of the 3 acres we share with my MIL is about $75,000. :) That's with one small house, two yurts (which may not count for much since they can be moved), a guest shed, a storage shed, a washhouse, a view of an ocean and three picturesque volcanoes, and some awesome gardens and berry bushes. Of course, there's only running water in the washhouse, no septic or sewer anywhere, and we're 15 miles beyond the end of the North American highway system (I see that last one as a plus). We split a property tax bill of around $350 for the year, and none of us has a mortgage, which makes living here more or less free.

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Cindy:  LOVE the name Téa ... if you're on a Mac, you do alt+e to get the accent and the type e again to get it over an e. I also love the name Althea.  It's the name of a lovely character in one of my books.  I don't advise using an accent if you can avoid it though.  It's a beaurocratic nightmare! 


Housing prices ... I have you all beat!  The place we lived in before this is up for sale again.  1100 square feet BASEMENT condo.  $635,000!!!  For eff's sake, folks!  How are we supposed to have a diverse city with prices like that?!?!


Sensory issues ... I agree, Sue.  From everything that you've talked about over the years (I can't believe that we've known each other so long!) I think you're definitely on the right track.  I say this as a mom whose children have less than zero sensory issues so far.  So I do notice when they come up in children in our community ... and it seems to be fairly common from what I see and hear from other mamas?  I hope some resources and supports help smooth things out.  


Music ... E is signed up for classes at the Vancouver Symphony Music Academy!  It's hard to get a spot, but we did!  It's an early music appreciation program, with an aim to lead to learning an instrument, which I hope will be violin.  I hope E has a great time with it.  I'm sorry that yours isn't working out, Sue.  I hope something awesome crops up!


Playing ... I don't either.  I'll read her as many books as I can stand, or put on some fun music or an audiobook, or make some new playdough (oh, blog post idea!), or do a fun chore (we need to paint our outside bench ... another blog post idea!) or just putz around while she does her own thing or joins me in household stuff (laundry, washing the floor, etc).  I'd be more than happy to play dolls with her, but she doesn't want to.  We do a lot of making up stories, which is no surprise.  I love that about hanging out with kids.


More later.  Should be editing. Love you all!  And I miss Kate too!

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dropping in and introducing myself :) DD was born Feb 24 '09, 2 days before her due date, which happened to be my birthday... good luck to everyone!

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Just typed a long response and it was eaten!  Gah!


Sorry I've been MIA.  I've def been thinking about you ladies, wondering how you all are doing.  I survived the bar exam at the end of July, but won't have results until mid- to late October.  Which gives me two more months to avoid thinking about it.  In a way it would be easier to fail, because then I can think about just getting a job instead of trying to decide whether I should start my own small practice.  I know I should, but I'm scared.  And not sure I want to put the energy into it.  But mostly just intimidated.


Seems like this was the fastest summer ever--the girls are growing so quickly that I can barely keep up.  Aubrey is back to preschool only two mornings a week, and we just finished the gauntlet of having her speech evaluated by the school system.  She is "delayed" in her articulation so she'll be eligible for speech therapy at the local elementary school.  No word yet on when or what that will involve.  I'm anxious for her to get help so that she won't be so frustrated in her communication.  She gets really upset when I can't understand her, and sometimes its impossible without context.  The rest of the days I'm trying to keep full for her with library time and "helping" type activities. Yesterday we hunted hornworms for an hour.  I tried not to let her see me wretch.  All in all she's doing pretty well--we're trying hard to be gentle with baby sister but man is it hard.  


Mallory is my huge sweet girl.  She's definitely my reward for letting Aubs live!  She's 17 lb. 7 oz. now (4 mos. as of Monday).  I can't believe she's so old already.  It's hard, because I don't think there will be any more babies for me. But I guess time will tell.


Speaking of babies, Cindy, how many weeks are you now?! I can't believe your little one will be here so soon.  I like Gemma a lot still.  What were the other names that you considered for M?


Ever, so sorry about the bus guy.  Wish I could be there to take you out for a drink.


There's so much more I need to say but I know Aubs will be awake from her nap soon.  Wanted to share a pic.  I really don't like these dresses but my mom's friend bought them for the girls and I felt obligated to take some pictures. It really shows how orange their hair is.  Back soon to catch up!!



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Ahikaru: Welcome!


Kate: Yay - so happy to hear from you! That is fantastic you want to start your own practice. I can see how it would be a ton of work and daunting, even with 2 little ones. But so awesome to actually accomplish it!! I hope you give it a go. I bet you are SOOO relieved to have the bar exam out of the way. I am 33 weeks today! 5 weeks from when M came. The only name we are considering from when I was prego w/Makenna is Tea. We both liked the name last time but I couldn't figure out a spelling I liked or the accent issue - same as now. LOL. 


Makenna and I just visited the Berkeley Rose Gardens today. That's where I opened the envelope to find out this baby is a girl. Today I really like the name Rose as a first name. Not sure I could get DH to agree with it. 


Starling: We got the package yesterday! I can't thank you enough!!! And Makenna enjoyed the stickers. :-) 



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Cindy - I really like Rose and Elyse.  I like Tea too, but I feel like it would constantly be mispronounced and that might be annoying..  


Kate - Congrats on finishing the exam!  I think opening your own practice would be great - do it!  (I say that as someone who knows nothing about opening a practice, but it sounds like a great idea :P)  I love the pic of your girls, they are gorgeous!  And it's funny they are looking in opposite directions, they look like they have better things to do then get their pic taken :)  


Starling - That music program sounds awesome!  I really think R would love a music class.  I'm probably going to be sticking with city-run programs for this year though and the selection isn't great.. Next year I should be able to budget for something private (and he'll be that much older so it'll seem more worth it)


Erin - I hate playing with R.  It's boring and I have a million other things to do/I'd rather be doing.  I do like to DO things with him, but I'd rather have him help me with a chore or take him out somewhere (zoo, out for ice cream, shopping - which he likes to do, thankfully!)  He likes to snuggle up and watch a movie together or read a few books (which we don't do enough..)  He doesn't really ask me to play much.  He likes to be with me 90% of the time, but he's happy just to keep me company while I do whatever it is I'm doing.


Mal - I hope things work out with the house hunt!  I love looking at houses, it's so exciting!  I've only owned once, right after R was born we moved to a small town and decided to buy.  But because the town was far away I didn't want to travel with R and so my ex did all the searching.  I didn't even see the place until after we'd purchased!  My ex did a good job though :P  I'm renting now but would like to buy once I get settled into my career.  The prices here aren't too bad so hopefully I'll find something nice with my single income.  Or hopefully by then I'll have someone to share the house with (other than R.. lol) :)


AFM - We are going camping this weekend!  R is soooo excited.  I am too :)  

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So good to hear from you, Kate!  The girls looks so grown up!  What is happening?  Where are our squishy first babies, let alone our second?  

Erin ... how about surprising us with a third?  Come on ... you know you want to haul another baby over glaciers and up mountains, right?  winky.gif

Cindy ... So glad that the package showed up!  I'm glad that the Lact Aids are going to you and wee Althea-Rose-Elyse.  


Hi everyone else!

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