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I know the feeling of having your patients tested I have 3 little girls and let me tell you these past couple of weeks have been full of challenges. Your not the only one to lose your temper there will be a lot of that to come. Us mommy's are full time workers with no breaks a lot of the time its funny how we consider school or our jobs if we have them a place to get away. Well hang in there kids could be difficult but your doing the right things.

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Everr: I lose my temper more than I care to admit. I'm glad you guys had a nice long break together. M was supposed to go back to school today after 2 weeks off and I was thinking she had pink eye today and kept her home. She was upset about not seeing friends and I was looking forward to doing some stuff out of the house without her. But it turned out ok. 


Kate: That is a cute dress - so nice of you to offer to fix it and send it to O!


Starling: That is frustrating that you can't find anything smaller!


Glad to know I'm not the only one with nursing down issues. Doesn't make it any better though. ;-) I had some success the past couple ngihts. I nursed her to sleep and then removed nipple and laid there for a bit. Then, instead of getting up, I sat next to her and crocheted for a while until she was really really asleep. Then I got up. It worked both nights. Of course by that point last night I decided I'd just get ready for bed and go back to bed. But at least I am getting time for crocheting! I started a wool soaker for Aria months ago and I'm still not done. Sometimes I get like 10 stitches done and then I have to shelve my project again.


So like I said above, I thought M had pink eye and kept her home. Now I'm not sure. I think I'll probably send her to school tomrorow. Her eye isn't gunky today and isn't watery anymore so maybe it was just irritated. She was bummed to not go back to school today. But DH ended up working from home so we went out and did some things as a family and I'm glad she was home with us. I am washing my hands like a mad woman - I am terrified of getting goop eye myself! I already have a junky cough.


Did I tell you guys we booked a trip to Kaui??? End of February. We haven't been on a true vacation in ages! We plan to rent a 1 bedroom condo. DH and I have spent HOURS trying to decide on a place. Seriously, it's ridiuclous and I want to kill my husband at this point. LOL. I think we finally found one we agree on though. I am so excited!! I did a bikram yoga retreat in Kauai before I met DH and it was amazing. He has never been to Hawaii. I so can't wait to go eat my way through their farmer's markets again! Makenna's favorite song has always been "Puff the Magic Dragon" and I can't wait to show her where Puff lived (in Hanalei, which is where we are likely staying, the hillside is shaped like a dragon). Perhaps we are crazy going on vacation with 2 littles. But Hawaii is pretty low key. Just plan to go to the markets, the beach, swim in the pool and hopefully each strap on a kid and do some hiking and waterfall finding.



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I did not realize Hanalei was a real place. That vacation sounds fabulous.


Starling- I would so move if I could. Numbers don't work out for us either so we are staying in the city, but someday we'll be in the country. As soon as it is possible.




okay, I will fully admit that I completely forgot about this group, not that you guys existed or anything but I don't know. I wanted to come tell you that June started school yesterday and when I took her today she cried and cried and it was so hard. I tried to find you on facebook. D'oh. That's when I realized how long it has been, the time seemed to fly.Things have been massively crazy here. Christmas, then New Years eve and new years is Jo's birthday, I started planning the party but there was just no money and her foot is still broken so that's postponed. Then I started school and June started school and we are so broke  and Junes birthday is coming up and we have planned NOTHING. The stress is crazy but I am so happy to be in school and it makes me have this inner peace because I know that someday I will make it so things won't be like this.


Christmas- was great we hung around the house all day and Josie still believes in Santa thanks to kind people who donated money and presents. Juniper had a good Christmas and was not fussy or anything the day of.




I have read through all 31 posts since the last time I came to mothering, that's something.

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Courtney - Life does sound busy for you!  I think it's awesome that you've gone back to school.  It flies by!  I'm done in April, crazy!!  I've started applying for jobs now.  I'm sooo looking forward to actually making some money.  And I also want to get a house in the country once I'm working :D


Cindy - I'm so jealous of your trip!!  I'm trying to figure something out for my birthday which is the Thursday before Easter weekend.  So I thought I could give myself a little getaway.  Problem is I have no one to come with me.  I could go to the Bahamas and just sit on a beach by myself for 3 days.  I might end up doing that.  


I'm still friends with the same two guys but nothing serious is happening with either.  The one is always travelling for work and says he just can't do anything with me but be friends because it would be too hard emotionally to have anything more.  The other I think may have some depression, I don't know, he's never really acted 'in love' with me which is annoying.  But they both still contact me and seem to want me around.  I really hate men sometimes.

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Oh my gosh it's been a while since I've been here. Illnesses have been spreading like wildfire in our house since the first of the year. The girls got over their strep, DH got over his stomach bug, I got the stomach flu a few days later and had to miss my first day back at work and our class Christmas party, DH got bronchitis the same day I got the stomach flu, now both girls have ear infections. I'm just gonna go ahead and say it... I hate winter!! 


I'm probably going to miss a lot of personals because I am so behind....


Kate: Oh my goodness I love that Cinderella dress! I remember when you posted pics of it when Aubrey wore it. Owyn says she loves it too! She does wear a 4t/4 in just about everything, she runs a little petite because she is so skinny. If you think you can rig the dress up to fit her, I would be forever grateful! I've been looking at buying a Cinderella dress and they are all either way more money than I want to spend or really cheap looking. And I can always send it back to you if you think your girls would want to have it. Thank you so much for offering this to us!


Everr: I totally understand how you feel! I had 3 weeks at home with the girls between all the illnesses, snow days and holidays. I was SO ready to go back this week! Although, it has been a little rough on Greta since I went back. She really got used to all of us being home together. 


Baby crying, gotta run!

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double post

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I took R for his first real haircut today.  He looks so grown up!  I can't believe he's almost 4 (on Friday!)  He's having a little birthday party next Saturday and has invited 4 friends, so far 2 can come I haven't heard from the other parents yet.  Hopefully they can come too.  I start back to class on Monday and have to make the commute 5 days a week this semester.  It's going to be exhausting, but it's the last one so that helps.  

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R is our first four-year-old!  Exciting!  I can't believe it, really!  


Hope everyone in your house is feeling better, Mal!


We're still trying to decide what to do.  My DP is really wanting a career change, or at least a change of employers.  Not sure what will happen or where we'll be this time next year.  We're considering apartments in Pemberton, and have shelved the house idea.  We can't afford it.  We're also considering taking off for a while, and letting DP have some time to think about what she wants to do next.  She's having a hard time deciding what she wants to do!  

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Happy birthday R!


Everr - They are all so grown up now, aren't they? Good luck on your last semester, it'll  be good to be finally done, I'm sure.


Starling - does your DP want to work in a different field, or just a different restaurant? Taking off sounds exciting - where would you go?


Mal - I like winter, but agree with you on all the illnesses. I fell like I never used to get sick, but now I feel so run down since before Christmas, and I get sick so much more often now (is it the kids? getting old?)


Courtney - That all does sound so stressful. I hope Juniper feels better about school soon. And I'm glad you see the light at the end of the tunnel.


Cindy - I've always wanted to go to Kaui. But the combination of cost, logistics, and carbon-footprint guilt keeps us closer to home most of the time. Our trip to Seattle in the fall was my first trip out of state in over 2 years. (Alaska has enough room to wander in though, so I don't really have much need to go anywhere)



AFM - I'm really enjoying how well my two are playing together these days. K never cared much about L when she was a baby. But now that she's a big talking kid, they're so sweet together. Lately, he's been "reading" her stories in the morning, when she brings him a book he's already got memorized. They laugh together over silly rhymes, she finds things for him, and he helps her with things she can't yet manage. They pretend together. I was never close with either of my brothers, partly because we're farther apart in age (nearly 4 years, and 13.5 years younger than me), partly because our personalities are different, and partially because we spent our whole lives in different schools and activities. I've always hoped to see my kids be closer.

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Been a little out of it lately. having lots of sleep issues here and I'm exhausted. I'm seriously up 8-10 times a night between the 2 kids. I'm at my breaking point. Told DH he had to do something to help. We are transitioning Fiona (and Papa) to another room. She did one night this weekend. We'll do the whole upcoming weekend and add days slowly until she is there most/all nights. She still wakes up 1-5 times a night. I can't deal anymore. Maeve has been teething molars and canines for weeks. Hoping that is why she is waking every hour to hour and a half and this is not the new normal. Shit I'm tired.


Looking like we are going to invite about 4 friends over for a fairy party. The kids will make wands, eat some snacks and cupcakes, run amock and head home...

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Has it gotten any better, Sue?

I hope so!

Hello to everyone ... I'd sure love to have a cup of tea with you all and hammer out all my Big Life Questions these days.  DP is still thinking about leaving her job, we're still thinking about moving, I'm thinking on an on-line business idea so that we could have mobile income and I could stop working as a paramedic ... basically we're a flux soup right now.  It's good that I like that sort of thing!

Thinking of you all ...


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Oh starling, I so agree with you on that cup of tea. We're going through "big life decisions" right now too and it is so stressful. And it's not like in your face all the time heavy kind of stress, but the kind that stays in the back of your mind at all times and sneaks up on you when you least expect it. The house is still for sale with no lookers since before the holidays. We extended our contract with our realtor that will get us through the summer. On one hand, we're fine with it still being for sale. We've had unexpected expenses come up recently and moving would actually be kind of difficult right now. We still have an open invitation to stay with my parents if the house does sell, but the thought of living out of storage and being always prepared to move again is not very enticing. Our plan right now... we've allotted weekend time for DH to FINALLY finish these kitchen cabinets and install them, then we will FINALLY finish the painting we started over the summer. After all that is complete, we will have an open house and hopefully get some more eyes in here. I want to do the open house right when the market starts to turn again, early spring. Hopefully right after Owyn's birthday, that's the goal anyway. We're going to look at a house tonight, but it's probably not going to work out. DH thinks the house has foundation issues, but wants to get inside to see if the current owners have fixed it. 


I also put in a request to go full time at my job next school year. It's not looking very promising, but I laid it all out on the table for them and basically said if I can't get a full time salary here, then I need to find something full time. DH and I have been bouncing ideas around for where I could look for a job if they do not offer me a full time contract. I gave them all my ideas for combining the preschool classes, offering different full time/part time options for families, updated the classroom and curriculum (more like get rid of the curriculum, not sure if they'll like that or not), etc. We'll see what happens. In the meantime, I still have my resume in with that work-from-home job where my friend currently works, but they are still waiting to hear whether or not they will get their grant extension. Not sure how long that will take considering all this "fiscal cliff" BS. I thought about looking into Parents as Teachers, but a lot of those programs have been cut from schools. If I could find a nearby school that still has it, I could actually do that and keep the job I have now since both are part time positions. There's a new early childhood center in town that I could look into. Not sure about that one either... not sure if they could pay me very well, not sure how well the place is run (they moved from another location and I know things were shady with them in the past). Basically, I a lot needs to change and at this point, I don't have a whole lot of control over what direction I go. Either I get offered a full time contract or I score an interview with the work-from-home option... ideally, one of those two things will work out. Worst case scenario, neither works out and I have until the end of the summer to find something before we are financially screwed.


Aside from all that, things with the girls are well. Everyone is finally healthy and fingers crossed will stay that way. The girls have moments of sweet sibling love and affection, followed by screaming and pushing and slamming doors on each other. I have a feeling their teenage years will give me many, many gray hairs. Owyn is doing a talent show with her preschool class next weekend and I have to dress her up as a snake. How in the world do I dress her up as a snake?? Greta has decided recently that naps are for losers and she no longer needs one, but will happily play in her crib when she is supposed to be napping. Owyn's bday party is coming together. MIL has actually been hunting for some actual tea sets for herself and when she heard I wanted to do a princess tea party for Owyn, she jumped all over it. She's going to find some tea cups and saucers (real stuff, no plastic or anything). We're going to make some honey tea and pink lemonade, along with some "big girl" snacks. Has anyone here ever made scones? I've never even eaten one, but I think I might try them out for the party. Owyn will love it! No big plans for her gift yet. She got so much for Christmas and really doesn't need anymore toys. We're thinking a new book, a pair of shoes, a new outfit for dance class and maybe something to go with her dollhouse.


Sue: Hope you are finally getting more sleep! Sleep deprivation has to be the hardest part of having young ones. It's most of the reason DH doesn't want anymore babies!

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Scones!  Yes!  I have a great and easy buttermilk scone recipe, which we make gluten-free.  We have them all the time with soup, and on Christmas mornings we have them with devonshire cream and strawberry jam ... the quintessential high tea!


Mal ... I hope everything shifts in exactly the right way for you.  So many balls up in the air.  So much juggling!  So much life to be lived.  Exhilarating and exhausting, truly.  So glad for our health too! 


Buttermilk scones


2 C. flour

1/2 tsp baking soda

2 tsp salt

1/2 C. cold butter (or margarine)

1 C. buttermilk (or sour milk aka. a bit of lemon juice or vinegar mixed into milk)


Mix dry ingredients.

Cut butter in.  

Add milk.  

Knead a few times on a floured board.  

Pat into a flattened circle (about 1 1/2 inches high).

Cut into triangles.  Or flattened a bit more and cut rounds.

Bake for 10 mins at 450 degrees.  Makes about a dozen.


(If you used regular flour, you could roll them out, I imagine.  But GF all-purpose flours are usually crumblier.  These are best right out of the oven.  We add shredded cheese for savoury.  For sweet, you can roll them with sugar, although if you're adding jam and/or cream, then they are spectacular just the way they are.)

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Now I want scones!

Sleep: not much better. I don't know what to do about it anymore. I really thought that by 4 she would be sleeping better. I did give Maeve ibuprofin the last couple of nights. She's slept much better. Glad to know this teething is the cause of her poor sleep.

Yes, let us all sit down to tea! (and scones please!) So much change. Starling- what kind of business are you looking into? And Mal- sure hope you get some nibbles on the house. I sure hope everyone gets some answers and decisions made soon!

I'm thinking that the girls and I will be at my folks house for much of the summer. Starling- come camping on Whidbey! Dh's at sea time has been extended by a week for each trip. At least he makes a lot of extra money but it is so hard to do the solo parent thing for the summer. Staying with my folks has its challenges but I think it will be better then being here 100% on my own. I might buy a ticket for the first trip for a niece to come here and then go south for the 2nd trip too... still hashing it out. Whidbey is awesome in the summer though! I do love that! If we do a longer trip we will bring the dog and all! :)


Also- its looking like Maeve also is dealing with allergies. Boo! Will have to find the time to get her up to Anchorage for testing. Then we can do followup care here. Was hoping she wouldn't also have the allergy thing to deal with. 

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Sue ... We absolutely would come see you on Whidbey!  Now that I've got the hang of being on the road with the kids, it's all I want to do!  We'd love to take off for an extended amount of travel.  A year, even!

As for the business, I want to write, record and sell quality audio stories for children on a dedicated website that would also host my mama-blog stuff.  I need to separate my writerly stuff from the mama stuff, and I think selling quality audio stories for a reasonable price might be the ticket to freeing myself from the ambulance and turning the mama blog thing into a business.  I could host ads from the likes of yourself (silks, etc) and other friends of mine who have goods to sell (cloth pads, etc).  I'm excited about it, but need time and money and some new knowledge to get it going.  

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Scones! Yum.  I like to put wild black currants (frozen) in mine. Which makes me want to make some for snacks for our kid hike tomorrow now...


Sue - That must be so hard! I can't imagine still being stuck in sleep deprivation mode after so many years. L has been sleeping poorly for the past week or so (also teeth, I think), and I've been grumbling about not getting to sleep through the night anymore! (will stop, and feel ashamed now).

Whidbey Island sounds like a fun place to spend the summer. I don't like being all on my own with the kids for any length of time either, though I find it easier in summer than winter. Having extended family around is nice, and I feel very blessed with our little "compound" at the moment, with a great MIL and SIL a stone's throw away.


Starling - Flux soup is a great word for it.  That business idea sounds exciting!  It is always hard to get those things started, though, especially if you want to count on them for money right away - it seems like most folks I know who've pulled it off started out more as a labor of love, leaning on other income until they could get going. Hard to carve out time that way, though.


Mal - that's enough potential life paths to make anyone dizzy. I hope the right ones open up for you.


AFM - Realizing that I've been in slow mode with getting things done since I finished editing my book last month, but that our expedition (late March) is coming up rather soon after all, and that I really need to get my butt in gear to start planning equipment, logistics, etc...  All the unfun that precedes the part I actually want to do. But if I call hikes with the kids "training", then they are preparation too, right? So, clearly, I just volunteered to take the lead on a community garden grant to plant berry bushes all over the town parks.  Such a neat idea, though, I couldn't resist.

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Sue, that sleep thing sounds rough. Hopefully splitting the kids up will help.  I agree in the solo parenting. Chris being out of town was why I was willing to go stay with my sister so long last summer.


Starling- I'll have to make those scones, my kids love scones (and shortbread).  What kind of business are you thinking? My sister is thinking of doing a business, a little cafe that is mom friendly with little play sets and play areas for the kids. Not on-line, but it's neat, and sort of funny since I just recently got invited to go to a little cafe like that near me. Tea wold be nice, all of us together talking things over, just the thought relaxes me.


Mal- glad your MIL is excited about the party, wasn't she the one who wouldn't let you borrow the cones?

snake costume- get green stretchy fabric (I'm thinking jersey). sew it in a tube that will be snug against her body and decorate it with diamonds or some thing along her back. It will have to have material that comes over her head for the snake head, stuff it with cotton, it will also need a tail, so the tube will stop on the front right above her feet (a slit) then on the back it will continue out and be stuffed so the tail will drag behind. Since it is stretchy she will still be able to walk easily. I have drawn a rough sketch and will post it to facebook. and here


    I will be crossing my fingers that one of those job options works out and the open house is a smashing success.


Erin- sweet about the kids. My kids go through stages of being awesome together and they are in one right now. (not always jewel and Josie together) but with the little sisters they are both fabulous.


I am loving school!! we devised a new drop off plan for June at school, I take her first (part of the problem was the ride from her sisters school to hers) and her sisters can walk in with her. the CDC (child development center) is letting her have an extra 30-45 minutes everyday, unpaid, because it makes it easier on her. Her school is so fabulous! We have only done it one day and it worked great, hopefully it keeps working great.  In birthday news she has picked a theme for her party, firetrucks. It turns out the firetruck playground is her favorite because "it's cool" and " I like firetrucks". Not sure what I am doing with it yet, but I think I am combining her birthday with her older sister Josie's. Coraline doesn't feel well and I am not sure if she can hear. I have a referral to the audiologist from her pediatrician and I am just waiting on them to call me back.

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Starling: LOVE the audio book idea! We'd be customers!!!

Sleep- last night was much better. Hoping for successful "camp out" this weekend. Last weekends camp out went well. We figure we'd ease her into it over time. I really think moving her sleeping space will help. (help me that is! Not DH so much but I don't really care- ha!) Went to pull out the futon for storage though and discovered it was covered in mold. Major suck. So we have to save up a bit to buy a new mattress.


Courtney: I hope you get some answers soon about Coraline's hearing. Hoping it goes well!

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Wanted to quickly say--Mal, i pulled out the dress and will mess with it either Today or Tues when we get back from my mom's house so that I can let you know. What date will the party be?

Sickies here--all but me, thankfully. Flu x 3 plus DH ended up with pneumonia. I swear we can't escape it. Off to make some emergen-c before the girls wake from napping! Back sooner this time.
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justkate: Ooo scary pneumonia! I hope everyone is well again! My girls both had pink eye last week and I think I had bronchitis - i finally broke down and got an abx on wed and I *think* I am on the mend. 


Erin: I'm excited for your expedition! I can only imagine the prep that goes into it. I've already got a list going for out trip to Kauai next month and we'll be staying in a condo with access to the grocery store. LOL. 


Courtney: I hope all is well w/Coraline's hearing! That reminds me that I need to do the hearing test for Aria. I'm glad Juniper is loving school and that they are willing to work with you on the drop-off.


A cup of tea would be so lovely with you ladies! High tea is my thing with my mom. We got to tea almost every time she comes to visit as this adorable tea shop in a quaint part of San Francisco full of victorians. I made tea at home last time she was here bc of the baby. I have half a bottle of leftover devonshire cream so perhaps I ought to make scones. Though part of me is grappling with the idea of giving up grains for a bit and seeing how I feel and if I lose the last few baby lbs.


Nothing big over here. Just getting over illnesses here. We are about to go to a playdate with a new friend from M's preschool. Our kids don't play together a ton at school but the mom and I always chat. She has twins that are a couple months older than Aria. M is very excited to go to his house though. 


I was never so happy to drop m at preschool as I was yesterday. She annoyed the crap out of me all day. I wish I wasn't so annoyed by her but I was. She refused to eat anything i made, whined and threw fits all day and the topper was the trip to the dentist where she completely flipped out and actually ran away from the dentist, back to the reception area! I have no idea where that came from - this was our 4th trip to the dentist and she did awesome at the 1st 3. They couldn't even clean her teeth. She refused to lay back in the chair or on my lap. She refused to lay flat for eye drops last week too - perhaps it feels too vulnerable to her lately for some reason? 



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