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When is E's birthday?! I know she is a January too! Happy birthday to you sweet girl!!!

Can't really believe our babies are turning 4! Thanks for the friendship over these many years Mamas!!!

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Makenna's b-day party was yesterday. I think it was a success. They loved decorating the wands. They liked making clothespin fairies but the glue didn't want to stick too well (I had made my sample with a glue gun). They still liked it though. This was the first yr I did not explicitly say no gifts on the invite. Can you believe one of her gifts was a box of kellog's disney princess fruit chews?! I'm still wierded out by it. Especially knowing the mom. She is a good friend. My guess is a regift and that she thought we were doing no gifts so they jsut brought something as a token? Who knows. It was weird. Is it sad that I was dissapointed for her in the gift dept? Another odd gift was a set of schleigh animals - but they are little tiny birds. Also a regift, I'm guessing. Anyway, not the point. :-) She was happy enough.


M's real birthday is tomorrow. I plan to make choc chip pancakes and she is looking forward to going to the bead store and picking out beads. She has school tomorrow and doesn't want to miss it. But she didn't want to do the birthday celebration at school - probably too much attention on her. We didn't get much for gifts. Too much for xmas. So we got a wooden castle doll house for $20 at Michaels. It needs to be painted (or not) - but that can be a project for her to do with her daddy. And we got her a camera. That's it. Oh and a phonics workbook. 


I think of you all often and keep meaning to come write and then forget. So I'm glad Sue posted! Aria is 4 mos today. Where does the time go? Feels like just yesterday that I gave birth to Makenna. They both have check ups on wed - looking forward to seeing how big they both are. And I'm afraid M might need her tonsils out! She snores so bad all the sudden lately - and she is not stuffy at all during the day. Her tonsils are huge. But not painful.



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E's birthday is on Thursday.  Happy birthday to M tomorow!  And happy Birth Day to you, Cindy!

I cannot believe that it is nearly four years ago that we were having our babies.  Amazing.


We're heading to Whistler for a couple of nights for her birthday.  She asked for a horse-drawn sleigh ride, so that's what we're doing on her actual birthday.  We got her a scooter, and a rubber snake that she's had her eye on for a long time, and some beading supplies.


I took her to the ped last week to talk about her anxiety/OCD stuff, so that's officially on the radar now.  We also got her a necklace that's meant for babies to play with/chew while nursing or in arms, in hopes that she'll chew on that instead of her fingers, her shirt, her stuffed animals, blankets, and the gum she is always asking for.  We've been letting her have unlimited Spry gum, but it's getting out of hand.  The ped (who I adore) is very laid back, so he recommeded a couple of books and said we'll keep an eye on it and when/if her rituals/OCD stuff ever interfere with her daily life, we'll revisit it then.


H is awesome.  So loving and funny, and curious about everything.  He is such a great kid to have around.  


My audio stories venture for kids is moving forward ... met with the web designer, a composer (for intro music ditty), researching mics and interfaces for recording, and talking up people for advertising swaps, etc.  Fun!


Thinking of you all!


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Happy birthday to all our 4 year olds! I can't believe they are turning 4. I believe Owyn has the last birthday in the bunch, so I am enjoying hearing about your celebrations. It also helps motivate me to get owyn's party planned.

Kate, we got the dress today and it is beautiful!! It fits Owyn great too! She was so excited to try it on, and once she did she said "is this dress for my toy story party?!" Oh no, this girl has asked for a cinderella party for almost 3 months, and a cinderella party is what she will get!

Owyn has a well child check tomorrow. We got her in early to start the conversation about her hearing. It has gotten worse in the last several months and now she's had 2 ear infections in the last few weeks, after never having an ear infection before in her life. It will be interesting to get her doc's opinion on it. He is pretty laid back about most things.

We made an offer on a house tonight! Still working on selling ours so it's contingent on that. We're cautiously optimistic about it. On the iPad now, so it's hard to link, but when I get on the desktop I will show you guys some pics!

Missing you ladies lately. Holidays and birthdays and illnesses are keeping us busy here, but you're all in my thoughts!
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Happy Birthday to all the 4 year olds! They're all getting so grown up.


K's not until Valentine's day, but he's very excited, and has been telling us forever he wants to bob for apples on his birthday (not that he's ever done it, and I think I'll have to modify that to apple slices for little mouths)


Mal - Hope the hearing check goes OK. Is that the kind of thing they can put in tubes for? Exciting about the house, too. I hope it works out, you guys have been trying so long.


Starling - Exciting about the audio stories - that sounds like a great project. And I hope the necklace helps E.


Cindy - Hope the tonsils are OK. My husband was supposed to have his out as a child, but they didn't have the money, so he never did. He seems fine with them now.


AFM - We are thoroughly entrenched in little-boy-dinosaur obsession these days. Which, is actually kind of fun. I've learned quite a bit myself about the evolutionary pathways that led to dinosaurs and all the other bizarre prehistoric critters from reading each library book as many times as it takes for him to memorize it (and these ones are so long!). And I do prefer it to the other budding obsession with pretending to "shoot" or "explode" things with any available projectile-like object.

L is a happy boisterous willful little just-turned 2 year old, seemingly determined to be much older. She talks in paragraphs, runs and jumps and climbs and pretends with all the other kids - I swear the competition with K has met her hit every single milestone sooner. Any time she tells us her age even, she makes sure to say "I'm 2! And on my next birthday I'll be 3!"

We've been struggling a little bit with how to juggle our family's schedule to make sure everyone's needs are met. We have infinite flexibility, with everyone working/learning at home, but sometimes it seems like that can make things even more of a puzzle.

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Okay, there is the house! I'll probably come back at a later time and delete that link since the address is on the website, but I wanted to show you ladies. Compared to our house now, it is just so BIG! The bedrooms are big, the kitchen is huge, the basement is massive. DH already has plans for building a bar in the basement, of course. I love how everything is laid out. The girls rooms are right with ours. And big enough for them to still share if they want to, which we may do and just use the other bedroom as a toy room on the main floor. I don't think I can convince them to play on their own in the basement quite yet, maybe when they're a little older. We don't love that the living space is separate from the kitchen/dining, but we've been brainstorming how we can change that. The basement steps are between those two rooms, so it would be a little tricky to open it up. We'll figure that out later. The nice thing is that nothing needs to be done to the house right away. We'll change some things, but they're projects that can wait a beat. I love that the yard is fenced in, something that DH will never pay to have done! Oh and my sister lives right next door, which is a pro for me and a con for DH, but one of his good friends from work lives across the street so that helps. :) Wish us luck, I can't wait to hear back from the sellers!

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Great House Mal! Fingers crossed. Oh to have that much space!!

Happy Birthday to Makenna and Esmé! Our babies are getting big!


So excited about the audio stories Starling! I'll be among the first in line to buy! So very cool! I hope its a total hit and you can begin working from home.


Fiona began taking violin lessons last week. She is in love!! Practices all the time- can't wait to go to lessons again. I'm thrilled! So great! Her birthday is Friday. DH got the day off so we can spend the day as a family. Saturday is her party. We are decorating paper birthday crowns and making fairy wands. Cindy, I'd love to see what you guys made. Pics?

Starling- Fiona does a lot of chewing on fingers and clothes too. We have a whole slew of chewies for her now. It has really helped. She really likes these... http://www.amazon.com/Chewy-Tubes-Ps-and-Qs/dp/B0018C0HTI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1359494325&sr=8-1&keywords=ps+and+qs

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Sue: I didn't take a ton of pics but I'll see what we managed to get before my camera battery died. Basically, I bought super glittery card stock and cut out stars. We bought sticks at the craft store and painted them with glitter paint and then I hot glue gunned on the stars. We bought some pink stick on jewels and a big thing of various shape and color sequins and a thing of butterfly sequins and they glued that stuff on. Fun to see how each girls did it and they were each so proud when they were done. I'll try and upload pics now before baby wakes up.


Mal: Great house! I hope they accept your offer and your house gets a nibble soon!


Starling: I am SO impressed with the speed at which you are making this project happen! Awesome!! I would LOVE to buy one too. So special. 


Happy birthday to all the littles with special days this week!


Today is M's b-day and she is at school now. They made her a birthday crown and a birthday book and will sing but she didn't want to do the whole celebration - so another girl is doing it today and she will get to eat a popsicle from her so I'm sure she will be happy enough. We had a lovely morning of choc chip pancakes and presents. She adored both the camera and the castle doll house and was super busy playing with them all morning. We went to the bead store and got $40 worth of special beads - and she promptly came home and played with them - transfering them from here to there and back again. Daddy is trying to get home in time to pick her up from school. She requested mac and cheese for dinner so I best go buy some soon! Nice day. And probably the first time I am not wistful thinking back to her birth - I think bc I had he privelege of experiencing Aria's birth since M's last birthday. 


Can you believe my husband is actually entertaining the idea of a 3rd child? I seriously doubt it would ever come to be between finances and our lack of fertility. But it's a nice thought.



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Ok not the greatest pic but you can see a couple finished wands and a couple clothespin fairies lying on the table. We had extra wands so I think I will have M decorate some and mail them to her cousins.

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Happy Birthday to the big girls! 


Cindy, love the fairy wands. Aubrey loves making things (mostly pictures) for her cousins and putting them in the mail. The mail is such a magical thing for some reason.  Didn't you get married in Hawaii? I'm remembering you in a dress, with your DH, somewhere beautiful....?  I would be secretly thrilled if DH were considering a 3rd child.  But it will never happen.  I'm trying to convince him to get a V so that I'll know we're done. 


Sue, thanks for the bump on the Swap. I traded my wrap for this guy: Natibaby Butterflies 4  I've never had a size 4 so I hope I like it. I can't believe Fiona is into violin.  I mean, it would have been awesome for me at that age, because I was that sort of kid, but Aubs would destroy a violin in about 2 minutes. And refuse to practice. So neat how developed their little personalities are already! Really lousy about Maeve possibly having allergies. We're dealing with a sensitivity to some food with Mallory as well. I'm not going to say allergy, but when I let her "try" (i mean even lick) certain things, she gets a rash around her mouth, gags, and vomits violently. So far its happened with a Dairy Queen cake (seriously, I just let her have maybe two licks!), raisin pumpkin bread (again, just a taste), and most recently one piece of corn Chex with milk on it. Not that she should really be eating any of this stuff, but Aubrey never had a reaction like this.  I'm suspecting she's sensitive to either milk (but she's been okay with yogurt?), wheat, or corn/corn syrup.  We're mostly just avoiding anything that could contain those for now. Fortunately she's not very interested in food yet.


Speaking of not interested in food, she wants to eat before napping.... back later. 

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Happy Birthday to Esme, Makenna, and Fiona!!!  FOUR YEAR OLDS EVERYWHERE!  Hope everyone is having great celebrations :)


I've been so busy it's ridiculous.  I'm not doing so well personally.  I'm depressed, stressed, and I feel like I'm falling apart.  I'm not sure what to do.  I'm trying to just focus on one day at a time but I get so down sometimes it's hard to see the light.  


Anyway, I still like to check in here and see what everyone's up to, but I don't always have the energy to respond.  Sorry :(

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Ugh... Our offer was rejected. I was surprised by that. I really thought they would at least counter-offer. They want a written letter of pre-approval from our bank and they want to see a contract on our house before negotiating any more. The pre-approval is no big deal. We've submitted the paperwork, just need to set a price to get pre-approved for. We were holding off until they answered because we don't want them running our credit more than necessary. Not knowing how long this process could take makes things a little tricky there. But we'll get the letter. As far as the house, not much else we can do there. DH is finishing up a couple of projects that should be done by the end of this month, then we're planning to have an open house. If we don't get any nibbles from the open house, we'll lower the price a little. I get their concerns, but we were hopeful anyway. Their house has been on the market since August 2011 and hasn't been shown since last March. We hoped they would be excited enough about getting any offer after that much time that they would be willing to negotiate a little more. DH was bummed too. He gets much less motivated when he's disappointed, so I hope he doesn't slow down on his projects now. I definitely intend to put in another offer once things start moving on this house. I just need to keep the fire lit under him to get these things done!

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Mal: such a bummer about the house offer. I hope you guys get all of your projects finished and have a wonderful open house!

Kate: Gorgeous wrap! I have a size 4 linen natibaby and love it. Of course Maeve is less and less into being wrapped these days. Sometimes she yells at me when i wrap her... "Stuck! Stuck!"

Erin: Loved your blog post about K's project. I just finished that book and loved it! So inspiring. Do you guys think you'll homeschool the kids? I know you have gone back and forth a bit on this. As we begin to dip our toes into here, I'm more and more excited about it. Fiona too!

Fiona had a nice birthday and a sweet little party. All the kids she invited were able to come which was really nice. Wand making was a total hit!

Baby calls- I'll be back later with more.

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Mal - too bad they didn't take the offer, hope they reconsider later


Kate - hopefully she'll grow out of allergies if she has them, she's still so little. And you may have a while of wrapping yet - L is still wrapped for hikes almost daily, and she's 2.

I know what you mean about all their different personalities. If I gave K a violin, he'd immediately pick it up upside down or some such, then insist that he was going to teach me how to play it his way.


Sue - Thanks. I love the Project-Based Homeschooling book. Even after a fairly short time trying to implement some of what's in it (not all, and not perfectly!) I've been amazed at what K's been doing. There's a forum that's quite good too, and the author responds very nicely and thoroughly to anyone's questions.

We're pretty set on the homeschool path now. The more I read, learn, and think about it, the more it makes sense for so many reasons. The biggest ones being the opportunity for child-led learning and the freedom it gives the kids. It seems hypocritical to set up a life for the adults in the family based on flexibility, pursuing our passions, and being able to be out in nature - then not giving the same to the kids.

Also, my experience with preschool has led me to think that school logistics are a time-suck for parents, not a time saver. I think the Head Start teacher probably has the impression that the reason we've gone from regular attendees to occasional drop-ins is that I'm too lazy to wake up early and to bike into town every day.


Cindy - Those fairy wands are great.


Happy birthday to Makenna, Esme, and Fiona!


AFM - I was thinking K's birthday party would be a fairly simple kids+snacks+cake and hang out affair. However, he has other plans, and is insisting on a "Plant-eating Dinosaurs Bobbing for Apples Party", which he's super excited about. I still have yet to figure out quite what he has in mind for it, though, other than that he will make himself a dinosaur costume, and the yurt will somehow be decorated as a place that dinosaurs would like, and the dinosaurs will all bob for apples. I don't want to take over, so I'm curious to see what he comes up with.

He also really wants to paddle across the bay and camp out to look for clam fossils, so we'll probably do that early next week when the tides are better.

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Erin, I like the idea of plant eaters bobbing for apples. Why not, right? Makes me think of Jurassic Park..."veggie-saurus, veggie-saurus!" I'm really impressed with the project, maybe should add that book to my list.  I agree, commuting and shuttling kids around is a drain on life. Wish I had a community that was more like-minded. I have trouble getting the girls across the street to play regularly--everyone is so *busy* but I'm not sure what we're actually accomplishing.


Sue, can you believe I don't love the Nati 4? I'm finding that the 20% bamboo is just too stretchy. Or slippery, or something. And I'm honestly disappointed that the pink spots we discussed before I bought it are as obvious numerous as they are. She sort of underestimated them, but I should have asked for more pics.  Oh well. I think I'm going to sell everything i have and buy one wrap and one SSC and try to be okay with that.  Mallory has been getting pissy when I try to wrap her. Not sure what's up with this child.  She's usually so sweet and calm that the fussiness sort of freaks me out.


So yesterday I gave Mallie some Gerber cheeto things that a neighbor had, and she ate six. Then her face swelled, got red and blotchy, and she vomited all over me. So now I'm suspecting either corn or whey from dairy.  Good thing she's still not all that in to regular food.


Ever, wish I could give you a big hug! Is the winter harder for you?  I know it is for me. I don't know the just-right thing to say, but I hope you start feeling better. 'Course if there's anything I can do....


Mal have you had O's hearing checked?  Just wondering how that works with this age group.  Aubrey still has her tubes in from when she was 18 mos. old, believe it or not. 


Courtney, weren't you worried about Cora's hearing too?  Not sure about her hearing, but there's definitely nothing wrong with that child's legs.  Can't believe she got to the top of the ladder! Mallie can't even stand up yet!  And thank goodness.  I can wait!


Nilla, how've you been mama?  Its birthday time so I'm thinking of cakes and wondering what you've got up your sleeve.  I'm making a Lalaloopsy one this year.  Should be interesting.


Starling, anything new with you?



New stuff here--Mallory is much more verbal than Aubrey, despite her general laziness and happy-to-just-be-a-baby attitude.  She's 10 mos and saying Dada, Mama, Aubee, uh-oh, hey you, ah yuv you, and cat. No idea why, as we don't have a cat, but whatever.  Crawling everywhere, no fear at all.  Aubrey is taking a break from gymnastics for the summer and doing swimming lessons at the Y, which are going pretty well.  Also probably doing whiffle ball in the summer because its only $15 for 8 weeks. Hopefully that will be enough to keep her busy.  And now she's waking from her nap...can you believe she still naps for 2 hours every day?  My terrible no good very bad sleeper from 2 years ago?!  Sometimes I forget how awful it was. happytears.gif

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Kate: I had to show you a pic of Owyn in the dress! This one is going on the invites to her birthday party. I'll have to post more after her party, of her all dolled up!



Hearing: We had her appointment last week. It was just her well-child check with her regular doctor, but we started the conversation. He did say it was a little concerning especially now that she's verbalizing the fact that she can't hear. A lot of her behaviors are hard to read though. Could just be normal 4 year old stuff. He took a look at her ears and blew a little puff of air on each ear drum. He said they didn't move, which means there is likely a build-up of fluid behind the ear drums. However, we were only a week out after finishing antibiotics for an ear infection, so he said it's not too alarming to see fluid still hanging out for several weeks after an ear infection. He didn't feel like we should check it out further right now or do a hearing test because it would be hard to tell if it's really her normal hearing or if it's just from the ear infection. He suggested we wait it out through the winter and talk about this again after she's been healthy for a while. 


Erin: Love the Plant-eating Dinosaurs party! It's so fun to see them coming up with their own ideas this year. Owyn was so set on this Cinderella party and she's never gotten so into it before! 


Everr: How are you doing lately, I miss hearing from you! I'm sure you've got your eye on the prize right now. You are almost done, Mama! You should be proud!


Not much happening here this week. Owyn was sick earlier this week. That's the second week in a row she has run a high fever with no other symptoms. Weird. House stuff is still moving along. We had someone come look at our place this week. Our agent called and told us there was no offer, but he had a long chat with the agent who is selling the house we want. Basically, everything about our offer was good except the contingency on our house. So, she is kind of teaming up with our agent to get our house sold. Obviously, she's thinking she can get two commissions if she sells our house. But I really don't care how it happens, as long as we sell! She more or less told our agent, if we can get our house sold we will get the other house. 

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Thanks for the thoughts ladies.  I think the winter does make it harder.  Combined with school stress and job application stress.  The career I really want after this requires a practicum placement but there's only about 25 placements for 100 students.  It's very very stressful.  And while I'm probably in about the top 15 for marks, I wasn't able to get relevant work experience last summer.  Some of the students moved around across the province to do little summer jobs, but of course I couldn't do that because of R.  I applied to about 8 different places (every place where I could afford daycare) and 5 have already made calls for interviews and I didn't get one.  So there's only 3 left, 1 being my home town so I have a slight advantage (in theory) here.  I had an interview last year but then that manager retired and the new manager isn't from here, so he may not care that I'm from here.  I'm so worried about what I'm going to do if I don't get a placement.  The job market is so tough.

And on top of that my personal life just sucks.  I'm so unbelievably sick of being alone.  I have two guys sort of 'in my life' but I'm not dating either.  One has major commitment issues but we're pretty close friends and the other is a workaholic who is never around but wants to meet up for lunch when he is.  I wish I could just find someone normal who actually wanted to be with me.  I get so frustrated and resentful that I have to do this alone.  I don't even get an every other weekend break or child support or anything.  All I do is go to school or parent.  That's it.  And by 'parent' I mean the bare minimum to keep R alive and busy so that I can get school work done.  I keep trying to tell myself that everything will be better when I have a job but I'm not convinced.  I thought everything would be better when I was in school but it's not.  I feel like I'm constantly putting up with misery for some future better life that I'll never reach.  

Anyway, that's my vent..  


Mal - Owyn is sooo cute!!  I hope everything is a quick fix with the hearing.  I just want to caution that most ear infections are actually viral, not bacterial, so antibiotics would do absolutely nothing to fix.  Good luck with all the house drama!  That's such a stress :/


Kate - R will still nap sometimes on the weekends too!  It's a nice break although usually I'd prefer to keep him up and send him to bed early.  I usually have him in bed, lights out by 7:30.  He goes to sleep very well and sleeps right through til probably 7:30ish.  He was such a horrible sleeper as a baby/young toddler.  And I always would lay down with him when he was younger.  So it's nice that the transition to going to bed on his own has worked out so well.  One catch:  I have to promise to carry him into my bed when I go to sleep or let him go to sleep (on his own) in my bed.  Which I do as long as he goes right to sleep.  I'm going to wean off that soon I think though.  He's getting really annoying to sleep with.


Erin - Love the party idea!  K sounds like such a fun imaginative boy :)  I really need to get R outside more and do more adventures.  He's not really into the winter though and he gets so whiny if we walk anywhere..  


As for R:  He is doing well.  His verbal skills amaze me sometimes.  I love talking to him and listening to him express his thoughts and it amazes me that this is the same little person that was once my sweet little newborn.  He's in swimming now and loves it.  And he is going to T-ball this summer and he says he wants to do soccer again too.. Last year I had to bribe him to go to every soccer game after the first couple.  I really don't want to go through that again.. Maybe it'll be better with him being that much older.  Oh and I realized I need to get him registered for kindergarten! Wow..

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Ever ... Hugs mama, I really hope things ease up for you on all fronts!  Love, life, work, home ... all of it.  It's been a long time to be chugging uphill.  Kindergarten?  Do you mean pre-K?  Junior K?  Or are ON cut-offs different?


Erin ... That party sounds great!  


Kate ... E is a miserable mess if she has anything even remotely resembling a nap.  Even if she falls asleep in the car for five minutes.  


Sleep ... I feel like we're coasting.  E says she'll stay in our bed until she's seven now.  It used to be four.  Hahaha.  H is a pretty good sleeper.  I'm working on limiting the night nursing.  Aiming for no nursing between 12-5am.  Mostly works, except when he's teething or sick.


Mal ... What a cutie!  I hope your housing works out!  That's been a long chug uphill too!


Cindy ... How's it with two kids now that you're moving out of the newborn fog?  And yes, those wands are awesome!


Sue ... How's the potential move coming?  We're going to be in Whitehorse in April.  How far away is that from you?  We're going to rent an RV for a while.  Wonder if we could make it to you?


Courtney?  Where are you, mama?  How are things?


Sounds like several of us are in flux right now.  I wonder if there is something to that in the stars?  


AFU:  DP quit her job.  So we're having fun thinking of all kinds of things we could do.  Stay put, move, open a restaurant in a small town, move back to the island, travel for a bit.  The timing is tough, being that I'm about to drop all our savings on my new online venture, but exciting times, nonetheless! The kids are great.  We're having so much fun with them.  

Our neighbours have had the same foster child since she was born two weeks after H, and now she's coming up for adoption, and I think DP and I will step forward and see if we can adopt her.  Trying not to get too excited or hopeful about that!  But it reduces me to tears to think of her going to a strange family where they might not love her like we do.  

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And Ever ... I'm going to be in TO in May.  How far is that from you?


And Cindy ... We're heading down your way soon!  DP's last day is Feb 18th, so the next day we're heading south on a Cali-bound roadtrip! We should try to get together!  We might camp at Santa Cruz.

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Starling! Really thinking about you guys and crossing fingers on the adoption front. You guys are amazing!!! Whitehorse is far! We will be on Whidbey for the whole month of July though. Potentially part of May/June too although I'm not sure about that yet. 

Everr: Big hugs mama. You have so much on your plate! I really hope life eases up for you. Crossing fingers the local position is the one for you!

Mal: Sure hope the hearing thing gets sorted soon. I'm sure its heavy on your mind. Does she seem to feel better from the ear infection? Do you think tubes would help with the fluid issue if that is not related to her recent illness? I admit, I know nothing about this. We've not dealt with ear infections here.

Erin: Love K's party plan!

Kate: Bummer about the food allergies!! I'm pretty sure Maeve is dealing with some intolerances too. I think we will go through allergy testing given F's long list.

AFU: We are doing pretty well. Winter is a bit rough on me and I think I've been dealing with some depression but with returning light have been getting out solo after DH gets home from work. It has been really helpful to get to walk the dog- alone, briskly!  DH and I have had a few rough patches but overall feel more connected and on the same page. I'm so grateful for that! He applied for 2 jobs in Oregon which he didn't get. Still looking. Most federal agencies are listing positions as term due to budget constraints. Sucks!!!

Until we can move we plan to try to get to Whidbey 2-3 times a year. DH is going to buy a used  car from a colleague in Seattle so we have a vehicle at my parents. (will pay for itself after 2 trips really since we need to get a rental car otherwise). Then we will be able to do road trips from there too. Excited to not have to ask my mom if I can borrow her car like I'm 17! 

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