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cindy waterproof cast liner link  that stuff is awesome. One of the other problems with the traditional liner is that sweat soaks into it and the material starts to break down. Not all insurance companies will pay for the liner, and some will only pay partially for it.

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Courtney: That's really cool! Turns out they have things that go over the cast too so I bought some last night. Haven't tried them out yet - but they should allow us to shower her.


So last night was better - only woke 2x. But she is still complaining about various things and I just had to pick her up at school an hour early bc she was complaining and sad. This is going to be a long few weeks! I feel bad for her but I know there is no other option. Hopefully we can remedy all of her complaints when she gets the 2nd set on monday. 



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I'm beginning to think maybe M has some sensory processing disorder with touch going on. This past week with the casts was horrid. SO much crying and complaining about the casts and about cuts on the bottoms of her toes (she got these alot from being up on her toes and the skin getting stretched). She wigs out over any boo boo. She won't wear jeans, she undresses if she gets a tiny bit of water on her clothes, she won't eat entire food groups (no fruit ever unless it's in a smoothie or juice) and the toe walking. I am going to talk to our pediatrician about it. 


Got new casts today - tried to avoid all the things causing complaints last week. We shall see.


Have husband job news but baby is crying...

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Everr - hugs! Job searching sounds so hard. Not to mention trying to study and being sick at the same time. What's your next step?


Cindy - Poor girl. Probably good to get possible sensitivities checked out, but I think having casts bending both my feet might drive me nuts too. It just sounds kind of hard all around.


Mal - crossing fingers for good news from the school board for you.  And I'm glad the yurt/Alaska discussion was interesting to the kids. In fact, I suspect mine would be as fascinated by the concept of an apartment building. :)


Sue - Cool that you saw it.  I don't have a TV, but keep running into other people who saw it, which has been oddly amusing. I was checking out at the grocery store the other day and the woman at the counter says "Wow, your hair has gotten so much longer!" And I'm staring at her thinking, really? Since I shopped here last week? until she follows up by telling me she was watching the movie the night before. :)


AFM - Our time frame on this expedition is vaguer than usual, since it depends on how far K can really walk in a day. But it's about 800 miles around Cook Inlet, will be a mix of rafting and beach walking, and we think it'll take roughly 4 months: Late March through sometime mid-late July. Some of that time will be off days in towns, or for weather. One of our goals on this trip is to visit with and interview people in every community along the way, and we'll carry a field-communication device that can send emergency signals and hopefully text messages, so we won't be totally out of touch. Probably won't make it here though, so you'll have to check in on my blog/FB or wait until we get back. 

The weather's been so beautiful and with such gorgeous spring light and mountain sunsets lately, that I'm starting to get really excited about going. Which is a nice addition to feeling stressed out about everything we have left to do! K has been really enjoying sledding lately, and I've been learning to ski, so we've been getting a bunch of little ski/sled outings in to help both of us burn off some energy and calm down.

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Cindy-- Some of that does sound a little concerning, but Erin's right too. She does have a lot going on with the casts. I imagine that would make me feel extra sensitive too. I can't even imagine Owyn keeping something like that on. She would hate every minute of it. Maybe see if things improve after she gets the casts off? Owyn also does some of the things you talked about too. She will take all her clothes off if she gets even a little wet. If she gets a little pee in her panties even, she'll change her whole outfit, whether she needs to or not. She also has food quirks, certain textures will completely turn her off. Watermelon is one that she likes the flavor so she always thinks she wants it, but the texture is too much for her. Same with strawberries and some other types of berries. I see that as pretty normal for this age. Hopefully it's all a variation of normal but I'm sure it seems like a lot at the moment with the casts and her tonsils...


Well, I did not get offered the job that I interviewed for. They offered it to someone who had more experience doing home visits. And the board made a counter-proposal. They want to support the center-based learning and want to give parents of 4-year-old children parttime/fulltime option. But they do not want to give me the full time position. They want to keep me part time and put the part time kids in my class, full time kids in the other class. I imagine if things go well and we have a good response to the center-based program, it could become full time in the future. So, I'm trying to figure out what I'll do. I really don't want to walk away from it if they are going to let me change up the program and fund all of that. So, DH and I had a long talk about it and decided it would be best for my career if I stay at the school and see this through, but I have to find a way to supplement my income. So, I'm going to put out the word with parents at the school that I will baby sit a few school-age kids this summer and just bank everything I make from that. That would buy us several months once I go back to work. I'm trying to find something I could do Tues/Thurs during the school year that won't also cost me in daycare. So, I went into a local daycare today to check the place out and see if they had any openings. They might, but I'll have to pay for daycare, there's no discount for employees. If I baby sit this summer, I'm hoping maybe that would lead to keeping a couple of them during the school year. Would it be weird if I baby sat kids that in my class on the other days? I don't know. I'm going to run that by the school before advertising it, just to make sure there's no conflict of interest. 


Oh, and someone is coming to see our house this weekend, fingers crossed!!

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Sue, I love Little Bird Naturals.  I will buy an amber necklace from you! Link to your site when you get things going. How is Fiona liking violin lessons? 


Cindy, big hugs to M.  I think the casting is probably aggravating the other sensitivities...fingers crossed that she can relax a bit once this process is over.  HOW did you get A napping in her crib?!  I really need to know, because I can't put Mallie down without her waking.  


Ever, so sorry about the job interview. That really is crappy.  Maybe the HR person you know through your mom could give you a hint as to what happened? 


Mal, I'm so anxious for your job stress to be over--can't imagine how stressful it must be. Fingers crossed that someone loves your house this weekend! Glad F had a great birthday.  The photos on FB were really cute.  


Nilla, I like Starling's idea...the only other thing I could think of would be to have a "treasure box" and let him earn "points" by "helping." So if when he helps by going along with the program he gets a point, and X points he gets to pick from the treasure box....I dunno though.  Aubrey struggles to get moving in the morning too, even though she WANTS to go to school and screams if she thinks Daddy is going to leave without her.  Sometimes I feel disagreeable too, but geez. 


Starling hope you had fun on your trip.  Can't wait to hear of your adventures.  And OMG for the adoption meeting.  That is too awesome. 


Erin, ITA with Nilla about K's socialization. I was always that way--spoke early, understood a lot, and found other kids dull.  I feel like I've been 30-something my entire life.  


Random thoughts here--I had a filling this morning, so I'm slurping down coffee late and dribbling it all over Mallie, who is sleeping in the wrap.  Of course, because she will only sleep if she is in contact with me.  Which is not so good, as she is huge.


I don't feel like I've been the super mommy I know i can be this week. Or for the last few weeks, actually. Aubrey's behavior is getting under my skin, and Mallie's sleep routine is killing any me time I might have if I were a normal person. DH is talking vas, and I think I'm ready to just know for sure whether we're done with kids.  I don't know why that's suddenly important to me. This first year is hard, though.  Bleh.  Maybe I'm just ready for the sunshine?


Need to get some advice on behaivor and sleep and whatnot, but I don't have the energy at the moment to type out all of the little things that are bugging me.  Ho hum.

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M is doing much better this week with her new set of casts. I had them do things differently so I think it helped. She is actually sleeping again! Perhaps it was the casts making everything worse - but these are behaviors that have always sort of been there too. I've just started reading "Raising your spirited child". She always been a very dramatic girl. DH thinks she may grow up to be an actress. LOL. She refused to go to preschool on Tuesday. I suppose I could have pushed the issue, but I didn't. I felt bad. But she will be going today. We pay too much money for her to decide she isn't going. I think she was upset bc on Monday no one put her socks on her so she couldn't play in the sand box. I told her I will do that before I leave and she seemed much more of with the idea of going. She likes to go but she doesn't want me to leave these days. 


Aria is going to sleep on her own in her crib now at night! I am still in the room but I think I will be able to put her down and leave fairly soon!!! I read the book "secrets of the baby whisperer" and also her ebook on sleep. You put the baby down and if they cry you pick them up and sooth them, then put back down. Repeat until baby goes to sleep. Can be 150 times at first. Bedtime started out taking about an hour at first! But by now (night 5) I only had to pick her up one time and put her back down then she laid there peacefully until she fell asleep. I also started out keeping my hand on her tummy or rubbing her tummy while she was in the crib (we have the crib sidecarred which makes it easier on me to be near her) - but I didn't do that last night. That is the trick I used to get her sleeping in her crib for nap time. Though I must admit, I stopped working on getting her to nap in her crib bc everything with M has just been too much to deal with. And M didn't like me being up in the room with A while she was downstairs alone. She told me to just put the baby in the swing or in the ergo. LOL. So baby has been napping in the swing again. But I'm hoping that since she is doing so well at night w/her crib that naps won't be too hard once I can focus on them again. Anyway, this going to sleep on her own is revolutionary to me! I have my nights back! And M never ever got the hang of this. DH still lays down with her every night. 


Baby awake..

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Cindy-- Amazing how different these second babies are! We have reached the point where both girls lay down awake on their own and go to sleep on their own. It is AMAZING! Greta started at about a year old and now won't even let me put her to sleep, although I would like to sometimes. I had to put her to sleep when we took our trip last month because she would. not. lay down on her own in an unfamiliar house. She hated every second of me rocking her to sleep. Now, when I take her to bed, she practically lunges for it before I can even get a hug in. She likes her sleep!


Well, Owyn is definitely 4 now. We have had a nice, peaceful few months here with her up until now. She's been a pretty easy-going kid and doesn't fight us on too many things, but I feel like ever since her birthday she is pushing every boundary with us. Particularly with DH. He has always been a little more strict than I am and she's always listened to him better than she does me, but lately she is pushing all his buttons and it's driving him nutty. Oh what fun this year will be!


Greta and I were out all morning running errands and when I got back, had a message to show our house TODAY! So, I've been scrambling around like mad. I thought I'd have the rest of today and part of tomorrow to get the house in order before showing it Saturday. And I still have to pack for our weekend away this weekend, we're leaving tomorrow! And I've been working on my counter-proposal for the board since they are meeting next week. And trying to keep up with my teaching this week, trying to implement some new things I picked up at my conference last week. Oh, and Owyn's school is having a fundraiser this weekend that I volunteered to help for before we leave, since we won't be there for it. I feel like my brain is going to explode! This weekend, we'll be with all of our closest friends pretending to be 21 again for St. Patty's Day. I SOOOOO need this break! I told DH if he hears me talking about work, make me drink a beer. I must stop thinking!

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Hey ladies!

Hope everyone is doing well.


I just had a quick question about imaginary friends.. Does anyone else's kids have one?  Royce has talked about (and talked to) 'Kooda' for as long as I can remember.  It was one of his first words.  And I remember not knowing what he meant by it when he was very little (I think I remember him saying Kooda before he was even 2).  Now, Kooda is a regular presence.. R describes him as looking like a dinosaur with big eyes.  It's so weird!!


AFM - I'm busy finishing up my semester.  I'll be so relieved when it's done!  I have a job interview Wednesday in my hometown, but not for a practicum, just a summer position :(  I'm really disappointed that I wasn't able to get a practicum.  It's really doing to delay my career..  Oh well.

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Everr - sorry about the job stuff. Hopefully they'll see how awesome you are over the summer, and then hire you on for good next time. 


imaginary friends - K has an imaginary friend called "John Robertson."  He's apparently an adult, who has one house here and one in Seattle and one in Hawaii.  He doesn't talk TO him, really, but often tells us about all the wonderful things he's done "with John Robertson"  Who knew my kid had climbed Denali, and found a dinosaur fossil, and built a real space ship, and.... ?


AFM - our departure got delayed a bit because we think we can hitch a ride to the start point on a fishing boat Tuesday (really the middle of Monday night).  Wake the kids up at 4AM, get everything on the boat, steam out for a few hours, then all climb off into the packrafts in the pre-dawn light.  A little nervous about how it'll all go, but also very excited!

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Fiona's imaginary friend is Weedee. She's sometimes very naughty!

So funny story. I finally decided to go get birth control and not count on infertility as my birth control anymore. Because, you know- you hear those stories. Waiting for the Doc to come in while I was waiting in the room. Here some whispering in the hall and the nurse say- holy crap! I knew right then. The prerequisite pregnancy test- positive! This was just yesterday and it feels so surreal. Like I'm talking about someone else's life. But really- its me. And I'm going to have another baby! We haven't told a soul. So mums the word on fb. But I needed to share with someone! OMG! And Dh was so great about hearing the news. Huge hugs, excitement. More later- got to run.

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Wow Sue - So exciting! I remember that whirlwind of emotions... L was a total surprise for me, I found out at 11 weeks pregnant when I went in for a routine annual exam (and thought I had an IUD at the time).  Though in hindsight, I think I had a niggling inkling of something that made me schedule that appointment, even though it wasn't conscious at all.  Think there was some subconscious suspicion that sent you in to get birth control at just this time?  It sounds like you're happy about it?  L was definitely the best surprise I've ever had.

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Sue!!!!!!! Omg!!!! Congratulations!!! That is so exciting! How so you feel about it? I'm so glad your dh had a good reaction. Do you know how far along you are? When are you due? December? Crazy how a the sudden fertile you are. And my mom found out she was pregnant with my sister when she went in to get a prescription for birth control pills. Lol.

No imaginary friend here but I know my niece had an imaginary sister at this age.

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SUE!!! OMG!!! What a huge shock! I don't think I'd know how to respond if I got that news right now. Sounds like you two are happy about it though, and wow! With all the trouble you had conceiving the girls, what a blessing this is! (although, I'm thinking, better you than me! haha!) I know you guys have been putting a lot of thought into your husband's job and possibly moving, will this change things? Either way, a big congratulations!


No imaginary friends here either. This girl has so many friends IRL, I don't think she'd know what to do with an imaginary one! I remember having imaginary friends as a kid though. Come to think of it, I sometimes refer to this group here as my imaginary internet friends, so I guess in a way I still have my imaginary friends!

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Sue - Wow!!!  So exciting!!  Congratulations :D  That would be quite a surprise!  I have an IUD, but I still get paranoid every month :P  I would love to have another one, but I'm definitely not in the place for that at the moment.  How far along are you??  


Erin - Good luck with the big trip!  I'll have to check your blog for updates!!  


AFM - I'm having relationship issues as always.  I wish I could meet someone normal.  I feel like my expectations for men are gradually getting lower and lower.  I don't know what to put up with and what's genuinely a dealbreaker.  It's frustrating and discouraging.  I'm turning 30 on Thursday.  I've been alone for over 3 years now :(

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Thanks Mamas! Yes- We are really happy about it. Though admittadly I cursed a bit and cried in the office when they told me. I don't know when I'm due but guessing late Nov? I never got a pp period even! I said I'd call back to schedule another appointment and do a dating u/s. I was too in shock to deal at the moment. It still feels a bit like I'm discussing someone elses life. DH is going to approach his boss to see if he can transfer to Seattle. Over half of his group, including his boss, work out of the Seattle office. If they go for it we'll move to Whidbey and he'd commute/telecommute. We'll see. The universe certainly has change in store for us! I'm dying to share with my mom and sisters but I want to at least know how far along I am first. Can't wait to tell the girls! Fiona asked me three days before I found out if I was sure there wasn't a baby in my belly- weird!

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And so awesome that the move might happen sooner than later!
So exciting!!!!

Ever ... Boo to relationship troubles. You need a cosmic break!

Imaginary friends .... Oh yes. A gaggle of babies. Who often die, get left behind, smoke cigarettes, are terminally ill, swear, eat candy etc. I think she uses them to process some difficult things.

Erin, good luck on your epic adventure!

Have to run ... Back later!
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Yes, Erin - good luck mama!! Can't wait to hear the tales when you return. May everything go smoothly and may you all be safe and happy on your journey!


Mal: LOL about us being your imaginery internet friends! We need to finally meet someday so that we become "real". :-)


Sue: I'm glad you are happy! I can only imagine the shock when you were going to make sure this didn't happen. I'm a wee bit hoping I end up in your shoes. I'm hoping maybe having a 2nd baby cured me of my secondary infertility and maybe we'll get lucky and have a surprise third. I still always wonder if the mirena I got after M was born isn't what caused my infertility issues (well that and DH's low sperm count!). Mirena even says 10% of women who get it still won't be able to get pregnant a year after getting it out. It's being pulled off the market and the co is putting out a different version with a dif name. Class action lawsuits, etc. (which I am now part of bc my mom signed me up). In any case, I think we are both open to a surprise third but I doubt we'd go through IVF ever again unless DH took a job that covered IVF. In any case, the domperidone I take for nursing is like birth control so there def won't be any surprised before Aria is a yr old bc I plan to stay on it until then. I have taken a couple tests though bc I have been getting nausea lately - but I think it's my body's way of responding to too much caffeine.


Everr: Hugs! I know you will find someone and have more kiddos when the time is right. It's just so hard waiting for that time! Good luck with the job!


Starling: I loved your most recent blog post. You stayed in Mission Beach, right? I basically grew up in La Jolla and spent oodles of time in high school running around PB and MB and OB. :-) I can;t wait to hear more about your trip.


AFM: I don't think I updated the job news over here. Forgive me if I did! LOL. DH is just waiting for them to work out the final details. He got the job 4 miles from home!!! So he will no longer spend 3-4 hours/day in the car!! Plus it's a lot more money. And for the first 1-4 mos it might actually only be 32 hours/week instead of 40 - but they are going to pay him even more per hour during that time to make up for it! So he will be spending TONS more time with us!! He will be able to start running again in the evenings and I will be able to get to some yoga classes in the evenings. They are just working out the final details of his pay. We will have to get our own health insurance bc he will be an independant contractor - which means we will once again have a PPO and we get to switch back to the pediatrician that I loved and used up until a yr and a half ago. Hooray! 


Makenna gets her last set of casts on tomorrow. Last week they casted her left foot past neutral and the right almost at neutral (it started at 10-15 degrees away from neutral). So she is def making progress! Tomorrow they are going to make molds of her feet so that her braces will be ready when she is done with the casts. She has done so much better the last 2 weeks compared to the first week! Thank goodness! They don't slow her down much anymore - she is still running and jumping and dancing. 



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Sad news. I lost the baby. Complete emotional roller coaster this week. I'm feeling so so sad right now. 

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Oh Sue, I'm so sorry!!! Emotional roller coaster is right. Hugs!! Nothing much one can say to make this right. You will be in my thoughts!!

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