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Oh Sue, so sorry, mama.  I wish I could fold you in my arms and weep with you.  

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Sue - I'm so very sorry..  Thinking of you *hugs*

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Oh, Sue... I am so, so sorry. You're in my thoughts. hug.gif

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sue, I'm so sorry. The love comes quickly and it doesn't take long to adjust to a sweet life.  I'll be thinking of you and the sweet babe.


no imaginary friends here. Well not for June. Jewel used to have the little Jewely's, who were very small, like 1 inch tall. There were a whole bunch of them.


cindy- glad the casts are making a difference and that she has settled into them more. June has been having some issues with preschool as well. In one morning she can go from not wanting to go to wanting to be dropped off before her sisters. That's awesome about the job too.


I'm so sorry I don't get on much. Life has been so busy and I am just not keeping up. With facebook i can mess around from my phone while I'm nursing (since Cora refuses to let me read my textbooks-she tries to rip them).

We weren't sure what we were doing about school next year, but I've decided to keep the big girls where they are and Junie will join them next year. It's going to be so insane. Hubs is supposed to start school in the Fall and I'll be in school, and the four kids, and he'll work and we will also be working at the school MORE so Junie can go to. It feels kind of ass face crazy. (yes, I just made that up)I hardly see him as it is, I actually miss him and we live together, but just don't see each other much. Most nights it's chaos of kids when he comes home and then once they are asleep he passes out. Someday we will get to hang out again. hopefully soon, b/c I miss him.


I will be in Colorado for the next month with the two younger girls. not sure what affect it will have on my time. anyone near Denver??

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Sue: Thinking of you! 


Courtney: Wow, a whole month? Exciting! Are you doing school work while there? I know what you mean about missing your husband even though you live together. My DH leaves before we get up, gets home at like 7:30 - in time to help with bed. Then he often goes to sleep for the night with Makenna since he usually snuggles her to sleep. I'm looking forward to that all changing now that he will get off at 5 and be home in like 30 minutes. Would be shorter if he had a car and drove but he'll be taking a free shuttle to the bart train and then taking bart 3 stops. We live 2 blocks from the bart station. Or he may run home since it's shorter than his typical 4 miles run - so he will be commuting home and getting his run in at the same time. That would probably take the same amount of time as taking bart. Maybe less. 


So DH's job is official. He gave 2 weeks notice at his old job on Monday. He is taking a week off in between jobs and we decided to say what the heck and go back to Hawaii! We are going to Maui this time - we went to Kaui last time. Seems SO indulgent! But tickets weren't much more than to fly down to San Diego and DH has no idea when he will be able to take a full week off again. So we're just doing it! I am so excited. Not really thrilled about a 5.5 hr plane ride again but at least it's direct. The kids did pretty well on the flights last time but it's just so boring to be on a long flight when no one lets you read or listen to music or watch the movie. 


Makenna got her last set of casts on yesterday. They fitted her for braces before they put them on. Those *hopefully* will be in next week when this set is ready to come off. Her feet look good. Def back to neutral! She will have to wear the braces for 3 mos to continue retrainign her to walk flat footed. She got to pick out cute designs for all the different parts. They have to be less cumbersome than casts and at least they come off! I think swimming in the ocean, soaking in the hot tub and enjoying the lazy river where we are staying will be a great reward for having casts on for 5 weeks! For all of us. :-)

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Thanks for the love and support Mamas. I'm hanging in there. Such a roller coaster of emotions. 

Cindy- yeah for the new job! Love that you are heading back to Hawaii! Fun fun! And so great to hear the casts are doing there job!

Courtney- have a great trip! Life does sound crazy but I know you will do great! Probably feels good to at least have the school decision made. Crazy to think of our kids in school to be honest!

We are still hoping to get ourselves to Washington. DH is going to talk to his boss at his performance review. We don't know if they would transfer his position to the Seattle office but we are hoping so. Also, want to let the powers that be know that if anything opens up DH would like to fill it. Crossing fingers that something works out for us. Also, we were so sure that we were done with 2 kids until the surprise pregnancy. Then we knew in an instant that we wanted a third. My original appointment was scheduled for the 1st of April. It needed to be rescheduled because my Dr was out of town. I opted to switch providers and do an earlier appointment rather then put off getting the IUD another 2 weeks. Which means, I would not have even known I was pregnant in the first place and would have thought that the miscarriage was just my period. I think the universe does things for a reason. And we were meant to know so that we would know to let ourselves be open to a third child. Now, here's hoping my body cooperates. And if not, we may go the clomid route again as we get closer to Maeve's 2nd birthday. 

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Sue so sorry for your loss! Sounds like you are processing it well though.


Cindy Yay for no more casts and sleeping babies and jobs that have husbands home more


Courtney You and your big heart can rock anything


Mal I have my fingers crossed for your home selling soon and you getting what you want for your career


Ever life will swing up, it will


Starling I haven't seen the latest blog post did they stop showing up on fb?


Imaginary friends Yes she has one Johnny Mare who is a very bad teenager who does everything she is not allowed to do. 

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Nilla: Hi!! How are you?


Sue: I am so sorry that you had to go through losing a baby. But it's really cool that is made you and your DH realize that you do indeed want a third child! I was wondering if you were going to choose to go ahead and get the birth control or to try again. I am excited for you. I hope that it is as easy for you to conceive again and that you get your sticky baby! I can't stop thinking about a third baby. I know I really should not. I've gotten rid of most of my maternity clothes and given away all of the tiny baby clothes already. And I highly doubt we would ever do IVF again - but that desire for another baby is still there. Of course maybe once Aria starts sassing me like her big sister and running away at parks, etc. I will think differently. LOL. 



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We are selling the house!! Woo hoo!! We accepted an offer yesterday and just got done signing all the papers to put in an offer for the other house. biggrinbounce.gif


DH is now in freak-out mode because we close on the house on May 15 and we have to pack ALL THE THINGS now! And we'll close on the house a mere 4 days before school ends, 5 days before we leave for Jamaica and we have eleventy-million things happening between now and then! But we're moving, so YAY!!

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Woo Hoo! Mal that is such great news. Keep your eye on the prize while packing. Starling- pop in with some packing tips. Lord knows you have done it a million times since we've known you! :)

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Mal: Awesome news!! And yikes, that sounds so stressful! But if you survive your move, you get to go to Jamaica! So wonderful to have that to look forward to! Are the kids going with you? Let us know when you hear about the house you are putting an offer on!


AFM: Makenna gets her casts off on Thursday. Was supposed to be yesterday but the braces weren't done in time. They still probably won't be in then so they are having to come up with another solution. She has to get them off though bc we leave for Maui on Monday! I have a fun bath planned for her on Thursday and I'm taking her for a pedicure this weekend. I promised her I would when she got them off. Today is her last time at preschool in them. Yay!! I might be more excited to be done with this than she is even. As for the braces, she is supposed to wear them 24 hours/day for 3 months. But they come off and she can bathe and swim without them. And play in the sandbox and at the water table as much as she wants without wearing her daddy's socks! They will help keep her from going up on her toes. She got to pick out lots of cool patterns and colors. 


My husband has 3 more days left of his crap commute. I am soooo happy to have that over with!!!



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Sue ... SO EXCITING about wanting a third baby!  We would totally go for a third ... even as we emerge from the fog of infancy for a second time and are now able to be more mobile and focus on things  beyond the care and feeding of babies.  But, a third just isn't in the books.  Or so it seems right now.


Mal!  At long last, mama!  Congratulations! Jamaica!  Whoohoo!  Have a great time! 


Cindy ... two more sleeps until cast-off!  And awesome about Hawaii.  Have a great time.  We're looking at booking a month (Feb 2014)  in a rental home in Sayulita, Mexico.  Sounds like a pretty funky little town.  


Nilla ... I'm not on FB anymore.  But the blog posts are at my website.  myname.come


Courtney ... Wow!  That's a long haul with only half of your babies.  Exciting times for your family!  


Hi Kate ... How are you?


xoxoxo to you all


AFM:  I very much want to quit the ambulance.  Trying to decide if we're bold enough to make the plunge for me to focus on my writing (the audio story site is in the works right now!) and parenting and homeschooling, or if we need to hold onto the security of a 'real' job.  


Packing ... My best tip is to take this opportunity to touch each and every one of your belongings and quickly assess if it still has a part in your household.

Make your decision is less than five seconds.

If you haven't touched it in a year, get rid of it.

If you're not sure that you love it, get rid of it.

If it's broken and you haven't gotten around to fixing in within three months, get rid of it.

If you have duplicates, get rid of one.

If it doesn't fit or you don't feel good in it, get rid of it.

If you never unpacked it from the last time, get rid of it.

With every move, I aim to get rid of 50% of our belongings, and we usually do get rid of about 25%.

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so Junie saw snow for the first (second really but she was a little baby the first time and was still groggy from a nap) time:




her face when she first went outside and saw it:


and Coraline:

This si also the same ages my first two were when they saw snow for the first time. That was 6 years ago and my husbands first time in snow.

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Courtney: Love those snow pictures!

Cindy: Awesome news on the casts coming off soon. I've never even had a pedicure! Lucky girl M! She totally deserves it!


Starling: I hope you get some clarity about the ambulance. Great to hear the audio site is in the works. I'm sorry to hear a third isn't going to work out for your family. I know you were really hoping the adoption would work out. 

Great advise on getting rid of stuff. We have sooo much stuff! And fingers crossed we too will be making a move soon and will. A couple of things in the works here... first- an awesome job in Newport, Oregon has opened up. DH is in the process of applying for it. Second, if that doesn't work out DH's boss is gong out to sea with him this summer. He is going to talk to him about the possibility of transferring to the Seattle office. Most of his group is in Seattle, including his boss. So we'll see. If he gets the transfer then we would live on Whidbey where my parents and sister live and commute /telecommute. He is heading to Seattle on Monday for a week of training. He is going to test the commute out- well at least to the ferry dock. He's not planning to visit my parents because he's a dork! I'm sort of torn on what my first choice would be- only because of the commute time. They do have flexible work schedules though and it may only need to happen 3 days a week. The Oregon coast is pretty awesome though! And within a day of my family. Both options sound pretty good to me!

Back a little to the imaginary friend discussion. In addition to her friend, Fiona talks to herself all the time. Like plays out different scenes and changes her voice to be different characters in her scenes. Often she crawls under the table and does this. Sometimes holding dolls but mostly not. Any other kids talking to themselves?!

She's really having fun with letters and numbers these days. She's figured out writing our names and pointing out certain letters in books. She "reads" books she has memorized to Maeve a lot too which is pretty sweet. It's really fun to watch this unfolding because we have not "taught" her. Love how their brains work! She's also doing ok with violin. She likes it but we aren't very disciplined about practicing every day. Oh well- no pressure, still fun, and she's learning. She also started horseback riding lessons last week. So cool! We aren't dong OT anymore and I find this is filling that role for her. She's in love with "her" horse! :)

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Sue - R talks to himself ALL the time, there's always some sort of situation going on, lots of make believe with toys/imaginary friends, it's constant.  

I hope something with your DH's job works out.  It would be so nice for you to be near family.  


Courtney - So cute!!  Are you still in school all summer or do you take a break?  


Starling - I feel for you being frustrated with the ambulance stuff..  Is there a cheaper area you could relocate to?  

Oh, and are you guys still going to be in Toronto this spring?  Let me know! :)


Cindy and Mal - Soooo jealous of your trips!  We are getting a big snowstorm tomorrow, then freezing rain..  We haven't even had a taste of warmth yet.  It's depressing :(


Mal - Congrats on selling the house!!!!  Woohoo!!  What a relief that must be (even though it means you have to quickly pack and move).  It'll all work out in the end :)


Nilla - Good to hear from you!  What's new??


AFM - Well, I've got a summer job, so I'm excited about that!  Not the practicum I needed, but something that will be great experience.  And it's in town, so I will have a 5 minute commute :)  And hopefully the practicum will come in the fall.

And boy trouble as always.  I decided to try online dating.  Which is ok I guess.  I met a guy who seemed amazing..  But it turns out he was just playing me and I'm a gullible idiot.  So that's annoying.  Why do men lie so much??  It's amazing to me how many different ways men can be jerks.  Or I just have horrible luck.  Oh well.

As for Royce - he's doing well, he's exhausting but wonderful.  He's so freakin' smart and so chatty, so many questions, problems, arguments, ideas... It never ends.  But he is also probably the sweetest person I've ever known.  Sometimes it amazes me that he is such a sweet good person, I feel like how did I make this?  He's too perfect (and I am far from a perfect mom).  I hope that he stays that way.  

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sorry I couldn't write more earlier I was in the middle of helping my sister. (I'm in Colorado to help take care of her after her surgery. ) It's hard with her, the two girls (not a lot of toys, can't just send them outside, she sort of freaks if her house is messy so i can't just ignore the mess in favor of homework, Junes was in daycare which made homework easier and Hubs isn't around to take crying babies from me or do dishes). Everr- I am taking two classes in the summer. IN class, this time. I am super excited about that. 


Mal- yay on the house selling. the idea of a new place is exciting.Loved  Starling's packing ideas. 


Cindy, glad her casts are coming off. Have fun on your vacation, and once again hooray for the loss of his commute.


starling- I know you guys will make a great choice and will totally work whatever you do. 


Talking to themselves in play- yes, and the ten year old still does it even. Hell I talk to myself sometimes (a lot).


June is having a super hard time out here. She does not like being gone from home. Every day she wants to go home or go see her Dad. It is starting to get a bit annoying. This is the same thing that happened when we went to my other sisters in North Carolina. 

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Starling: Fantastic packing tips, thank you! We have slowly been preparing for this the last couple of years. We knew we would be moving shortly after Greta was born, just a matter of when. So, I have gotten rid of a lot of stuff we don't use or need already. The only stuff I really need to go through in that way is clothes and kitchen stuff. Everything else just needs to be moved.

Sue: So exciting about the different job opportunities. How awesome it would be if you could be closer to family! All of our family is local to us or within just a 30 minute drive. We are incredibly blessed in that way, although it can also just cause more drama for us sometimes. Owyn talks to herself all. the. time. Sometimes it's with her dolls or dollhouse. If she doesn't have toys or dolls or play out her elaborate scenes for her, she will just pretend her fingers are people and animals. Pretty much anything can be personified in her world right now. I love watching and secretly listening, really gives me a glimpse into her mind and how she is processing things.

Ever: Yay on the job! Boo on the men woes. They really do suck sometimes, huh?

Courtney: love the pics! And tell coraline she must stop growing! How is she so big already??

Well it seems we didn't get the house we wanted. The sellers turned out to be very stubborn on their price after leading us to believe they would negotiate the last time we made an offer, saying they just wanted us to get our house sold. They barely budged on their asking price. We even agreed to the price they wanted if they would cover most of the closing costs and they wouldn't do it, so we bowed out. Our realtor seems to think they may have been just seeing how far we would go and possibly we will hear from them again, but I'm not expecting anything. DH and I are going to look at another house tonight, but neither of us are thrilled with some of the details we know about it. It's worth a look though, especially since it is literally the only house in our price range we haven't already looked at. Likely, we will be living with my parents for a while until we can find something.

Last night was take your parents to school night at Owyn's school. She got to take us through a shortened version of her school day and chose a few "works" to show us. I was so very impressed to see how far she has come since school started! Some of the work she did had so many steps involved with the process. Parents were instructed to only watch and only help when our child asked for help. She is such a capable person! She had sponge work, then cleaned every tool she had used, including the tray her work was on, placed everything back just the way she found it. She even made us a snack all on her own, using their classroom toaster oven and spread our jelly for us, then did the dishes when we finished. It was so fun and she was obviously so proud of herself the whole time and excited to show us all she could do. It was a 30 minute session, but we were there over an hour because she never wanted to leave. I love that she loves her school so much. And I walked away with a few ideas for my own classroom!
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mal, that sounds like such a nice school. Sorry you didn't get the house you wanted. 


Everr- that description reminds me of my Josie. she is still the sweetest person but her stories can be exhausting. Congrats on the job.

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Just popping in to say hello! It's been pretty quiet here this week. Hopefully some of you are getting out enjoying some warm, spring weather. Not so much here. We've been getting nice weekends, but cold, rainy, dreary weeks. Ugh...


Not much happening here... just slowly, but surely, moving stuff out of the house. We are planning to move us out on May 4, then take the next week to finish clearing out our main living spaces. We're all feeling a little bittersweet about the move, I think. We're having all our friends over this weekend for a final shin dig at our house. Living with my parents, it's hard to tell when I'll be able to host parties again with our friends, which really stinks since we are the ones that most commonly host/put together get-togethers. My mom is already driving me a little crazy with some expectations while we're living with her. I had planned on taking on a few daycare kids for the summer to save up some money to make up for the fact that I did not get a full time job. My mom isn't too thrilled about this happening in her house while she's off for the summer. I don't know if she thinks she'll get roped into helping me or what, but she's complaining. Then, she makes mention of taking on a baby to watch herself and did I want to just go in on that with her so she can have two days a week off, and we could just collectively share the daycare income we bring in. Which would, in turn, actually mean I'm bringing in less daycare income than if I just did it on my own like I would be doing in my own house. I told her I really need this income to pay for my student loans, so that we can afford to buy a house in the price range we're shooting for. I don't think she gets just how much we are depending on that income right now. Also, it seems a little unfair for her to take on a baby sitting job of her own and expect me to take it over for her two days a week, even if I am getting paid for it. I told her I didn't mind filling in for her if she needs to make appointments or has something going on, but that I really don't want to commit myself to doing that every week. Especially once school starts. Tuesday and Thursday are my days off, also days I use for planning and preparing for school. The kids I have already agreed to watch on those days are older, less dependent, and pretty much have a solid schedule during the day that would still allow me to do the things I need to do and give us to the freedom to get out of the house on those days. She's talking about watching a newborn baby and that just really limits what we can do on those days. Ugh... Anyway, just venting here, totally understand if you didn't read all of that! Needless to say, I am extremely anxious to find a house this summer! 

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living with family is hard. Melding two different lifestyles is stressful. I'll cross my fingers that you find something soon.  I don't know about the daycare thing. It seems kind of silly to say no you can't have your daycare kids but hey share this daycare kid with me. I mean I guess I kind of get it a baby isn't quite so rambunctious as older kids and is sort of less IN the house.  In any case good luck living through it. I am going sort of crazy at my sisters. We are both annoying each other and I think she (a life long childless person, although she relishes her role as aunt) is having trouble with how kids take over a place. I just want my home, my husband and my two older girls. 

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