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Erin, saw the posts this morning on ground truth's page.  Showed the kids and my husband. We always love seeing your pictures. I am super excited about your new book coming out and will get the one you write about the trip you just finished. 

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Erin: Welcome back! What an amazing journey!! Your children are so blessed to have such incredible adventures. And nothing beats the joy of coming home to your own bed and toys - they must be new again after being gone for a few months. Way to go K! SOOOOO majorly impressed that he can walk as much as he does. 



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Erin, welcome back!!

Owyn's audiologist appt was this morning. Neither of her ear drums are moving at all, so my mommy instinct was right. The kid can't hear! When they did the whole play some tones and see when she can hear it thing? They would have to go up 3-4 levels every time before she heard it. She did hear higher tones better than lower tones. They said it's just lots of fluid built up behind her ear drum. Tonsils and adenoids are also very swollen which is probably causing the fluid to stay put rather than drain the way it should. Ears don't appear infected, but they are trying a strong antibiotic first to see if that works. We go back in a couple of weeks to see if the antibiotic helped. If it doesn't then we'll be talking about tubes and removing her adenoids.
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Mal - Oh that's not good!  I'm glad you've confirmed this though and now you can get it fixed.  Poor Owyn, I hope she doesn't need surgery! :(


Erin - Welcome back!!  I love seeing your pictures on fb.  Such an incredible adventure for all of you, I can't even imagine doing it!


Courtney - I'm sorry the Starbucks job didn't work out :(  Any new plans?


Starling - I can't wait to see your website!!!  


Sue - Hope the solo parenting is going well :)


AFM - Life is busy busy busy.  Work is awesome but still no idea if my contract will continue past August.. It's just a wait and see thing :/  I'm lazing in bed this morning though (it's 10am here and I'm still in bed, R is fending for himself).  Tonight I'm off to Niagara Falls with bus guy..  Things are going well with him, I still have my concerns but we'll see what happens.  I met his parents by accident and now apparently his mom keeps asking about me and is on his case about marriage :P  

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I used to go to Niagara Falls all the time when I was a kid; I am so looking forward to taking my kids someday.  That's funny about his mom bugging him about marriage.  As for lazing in bed , sometime it is totally needed. Cora currently does not let me do that but someday it will happen again. 


Jobs- I was told the local newspaper is hiring paper delivery people and it starts at 3am and finishes at like 6-7 am which could be doable. Hubs might have a lead on a management position at a hotel: this through personal recommendation. So cross your fingers for that. If he does that I won't have to go to work. (which I don't want to do)


Erin, I have been loving you photos on facebook. 


Mal- good momma senses!! Glad things are moving along to get the issue addressed. 

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Pretty quiet here lately. Hope everyone is enjoying a happy and busy summer! I'm in the thick of solo parenting. Dh gets home on the 7th only to turn around again about a week later to get back on a boat for a week. I won't lie. It's been really hard. I'm dealing with a lot more morning sickness this time around. Really looking forward to 2nd trimester when I will hopefully feel better and have more energy. 

We have had so much sunshine this summer its quite strange. The garden and kids are loving it. Maeve's hair is so bleach blonde from all of the sun. 

We just acquired 2 pet bunnies. Pretty exciting. They are house bunnies and are litter box trained. we let them out to hop around the playroom every day for a bit. It's pretty fun. They are the softest things I have ever felt. The girls love them! Some friends moved to Juneau and can't take them. Officially we are care taking in case they find a way to bring them there after all. The mom will be in and out of Kodiak still for work. Their little boy is having a hard time calling this permanent so that is what we are saying for now. I told Fiona we will babysit for a few months... she is already totally attached and its only been a few days. 

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Not busy or exciting here, just nothing exciting to add to the conversation lately. I'm feeling very blah. I think it's my impatience to get into our house. 3.5 weeks, woo hoo! Back to work in a couple of weeks and I'm ready to go back. I need something to focus on. This summer has been one big stuck-in-limbo season for me and I don't like it. I need to feel grounded and settled again, and being in between homes makes that pretty much impossible.

We go back to the audiologist for Owyn on Monday next week. I'm interested to see how that goes. I'm not really seeing a difference from her being on the antibiotic. Of course, I find myself comparing her to others her age now that I'm totally aware of what's going on and I'm noticing a difference in her speech. Maybe it's just me over thinking it now, but she mumbles so much I can't understand her at least half the time. I am constantly asking her to repeat herself because she is mumbling so much. I baby sit two girls her age and they both speak so clear compared to her. I really want to get this issue taken care of ASAP. How clear are your 4 year olds speaking?
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Mal: I hope they have a pretty easy solution. M had her adenoids out - think you mentioned that maybe being part of the issue? That was a fairly easy surgery. As far as speech - I'm sure the hearing is impacting it! But hopefully it will normalize once her hearing is regulated. M's speech is pretty clear and has been for a while. But not all of her friends from pre-school are totally clear. 


Nothing earth shattering going on over here either. DH is building M an amazing playhouse. It's up on a waist high platform and the sand box will go under it and it has a slide to get down from the front porch. Since it's raised, M calls it her treehouse. I'm quite impressed w/DH's handy work! I'll def post pics when it's done. DH still has to do the porch railing, the permanent stairs and to paint and attach the trim and then shingle the roof. Makenna helped him paint the outside of the house yellow and the inside pink. The trim will be purple. DH is going to build a little play kitchen (very simple) that is built in and she has requested a table and chairs (ikea) and a couch. Not sure what to do about the couch - it will surely get dirty and nasty. I'm guessing we may get one of cheapy fold out couches from toys r us. DH is also considering building in a little bench that we can put a cushion on. I think I like that idea. 


DH almost cut his thumb off with the skill saw last week! Had to take him to the ER so he could get 7 stitches. That was exciting. Poor guy. I guess he'll never forget working on this playhouse!



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Mal - I hope they can get her hearing taken care of soon. I imagine that would make it hard to speak clearly. K is quite clear, but he's been a chatterbox for a long time.


Cindy - The playhouse sounds awesome. Building things scares me (and I'm awful at it), so I'm always very impressed by people who manage to put together things like that.


Sue - I remember having a bunny at that age. So much fun. Unfortunately mine "ran away" (got eaten by the neighbor's dog which my parents never told me).  Hope you feel better soon. Solo parenting is hard at the best of times.


AFM - Summer harvest time!  We have the same crazy sunshine here that Sue has, and it's been ridiculously hot (for Alaska - in the 70s). Usually the berries are only now starting to ripen, but I already have over 10 gallons in the freezer. Things have been a good kind of crazy around here lately. The short intense Alaska summer kind of crazy. All tidepooling and hiking and berry picking and salmon filleting and picking tons of salad and veggies from the garden and barefoot kids running up and down the driveway visiting grandmas. My MIL always lives next door, my SIL is here about half the time and often with her boyfriend, mother is here for the summer, and we often have guests. So I'm generally making dinner for 7-10 people, and sometimes I feel like I hardly see the kids, since they leave me for some other grownup as soon as I start being boring.

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Hi everyone!
Sue ... I wish I could come give you a hand! How're the prospects for moving south? Don't forget about Rescue Remedy, if that sort of thing works for you.
Mal ... E's speech is very clear, but like K she was verbal early and with a vengeance. I'm excited for you to get into your house! I'd love to see the listing if you want to PM it. I am a complete real estate junkie, it's true. Sounds like it's been a hard spell of limbo.
Cindy ... That playhouse sounds AWESOME! We need a new one in our co-op's play area, but it's not on the books at the moment.
Ever ... How was your weekend away with Bus Guy? Job news?
Erin ... Your description of summer at your house makes me weep with longing for something less urban than what we have now. I know what you mean about being tossed aside for more interesting prospects. E spent the whole week glued to the lovely friends' we were camping with.
Courtney ... Job news for you? Are things levelling out in your household?
Kate ... How are you, my dear?
Nilla ... What's up with you these days?
AFM: Just got back from more camping again. Wishing we could move. Resenting paying for two bedrooms that we don't use. I know we will use them eventually, but I bet the kids will be in with us for another few years. Plus, I'm overdue for a move, right? Perusing RV listings on CL and wishfully thinking of being on the road more. And out of this city. We had a beachfront campsite this week. Our friends' booked it months ago in a very popular site, so we just squatted on their site.
Meanwhile, learning to be even more frugal than before. Listing stuff on CL, saving abandoned breakfast fruit for smoothies, cutting our hair at home, CD'ing even while,travelling, but still happy to have quit the ambulance. DP is a bit stressed about it, but that's her way. She wants to make more money. And she will. All in good time.
All that said, we still managed to buy tickets to Mexico for Feb, and put a deposit on a small casita in Sayulita. We'll be there for a month!
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Starling: So you did quit! Yay! Good for you! If it's something you need, it's so worth being frugal for. And being home with your littles is so worth that. We are so blessed that DH's pay has gone up a lot since I quit my job (knock on wood) - but when M was a baby, I didn't even feel ok about buying a cup of coffee out of the house. That was a huge luxury to me! I wouldn't trade those times for a million bucks though! BTW, I love reading your blog. Just read about your camping trip that got cut short - sorry E was feeling so sick! I hope this more recent trip made up for it. :-) And way to go booking for Mexico!! I think we may be going back to Hawaii next year. Big Island this time. DH has decided to do a half ironman competition there! Good excuse to go, right? Only this time we are hoping to bring his mom along to help watch the kids a bit here and there. 


Erin: Your description sounds like heaven to me too! LOL about it being crazy hot at 70 degrees. :-)


Mal: I was wondering too if you ever shared this house with us? Curious to see it!



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Cindy that playhouse sounds awesome, the ER trip for the sliced digit not so much yikes.

Starling I need to take a page out of your book and do the frugal thing. Things are going to be tight this year with the car payment and tuition

Mal When Dee's ears were plugged/infected her speech was muffled and she couldn't hear. It took a while for it to resolve and steroid drops were needed. 

Erin your summer sounds awesome. We went saskatoon berry picking this week. The kids love them raw but not cooked

Sue I hope your feeling better soon and your week with your dh is excellent. 

Courtney I hope your husband gets the position. My fingers are crossed that all your school plans fall in line. 

Ever I hope your contract gets extended and things with bus guy are going well


AFM: Starting my thesis proposal but feeling a little lost and confused. Writing always starts this way for me so hopefully I can push through. We are having a smoking hot summer here as well. My step father (the only real father I knew) and his wife (my mom and him are divorced) came through town yesterday. They were supposed to stay over at our house. I missed the call when they got in but they had already booked a room and went to dinner when I got it at 545. He didn't attempt to call my cell. They've never come up in the 10 years we've lived here. This time was only because they were passing through to Smithers. This is about par for the course with him but I was still disappointed ya know? 

Vacations: We did the tough mudder in June and stayed in Whistler for a few days. This month we are going back down to Chilliwack for a family golf tournament and then camping.

Jobs: I have applied for several part time positions in home care, public health and in IT so we'll see if anything pans out. 

Kids are good. Trying to teach them to swim so spending lots of time in the water. 

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So good to hear from you, Nilla!

That absolutely sucks about your stepdad.  Mine would do the same, were he not still married to my mom.  He's the only dad I've really known too.

Exciting about applying for jobs!  All north-ish, or are you coming down?


As for frugal, I am amazed that when needs dictate, we can cut down even more than before.  We've always considered ourselves to be very frugal, mostly so that we can travel, but now that we're really cash-strapped, we're getting even better at it.  For example: ran out of wipes, didn't have any money, so cut up an old towel and got my sister to serge the edges.  Voila!  Plus we used to use sposies at night.  Not anymore.  I consigned some kids clothes and bought bamboo doublers with my store credit and that's doing the trick.  I got a swag bag at the blogger thingy a while back and it had a $10 coupon for a local toy store, so the kids got silly putty and stickers, essentially for free.  Yay! 


Selling my waldorf birthday ring this weekend on CL.  We're just not waldorf-y, I guess. That's another few bucks in the bucket!


As it happens, the silly putty seems to be working wonders for E.  I haven't mentioned it much, but she has a few ticks, and one of them is that when she's at rest (listening to audiostories, being read to, watching a movie,) she rubs each side of her nose with her index knuckle, until it's nearly raw.  Or she chews on her fingers.  We got her a silicone chew ring necklace, but that didn't capture her interest or redirect the behaviour.  But she will sit with her silly putty for hours, squeezing and pulling and stretching and chewing on it.  I know it's not great for her to chew on, but ah well.  Gum works for the chewing too (xylitol, which will hopefully prevent tooth decay, according to some). 

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I need to take some notes regarding frugality... Our mortgage is going to nearly double in the new house. O.o

I'm keeping the baby sitting gig through the school year and at least through next summer to offset the cost. Basically, me baby sitting will pay for our own girls to have a baby sitter on the days that I work, which essentially covers the difference in our mortgage. It means this school year I am going to be stretched thin as far as work goes, but we'll survive. The new house is a great set up for child care. Which will help a ton.

ETA: tried getting a link to the house, but it's been removed. :/ I will definitely post pics once we're in!
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Hi Mamas! DH will be home in 4 more sleeps! I'll be so glad to get him home. The kids woke up sick today. Fiona with a high fever (104) and Maeve with the runs. Good grief. These last few weeks have been a real test!

DH has agreed to meet with the midwife when he gets home to do a consult. He's still so freaked out about a home birth but has promised to really learn the facts about how its done and what she can and can't do. I explained that it wasn't fair to make this judgement based on his caveman notion of what a home birth is. So crossing fingers she and I can sway him. 

My garden is also growing like crazy this year! It's awesome but it would be better if DH were here to help and I had felt like eating more! I think I've turned the corner on the morning sicness though and the worst is behind me. 10 weeks. Heard babies heartbeat yesterday too for the first time! :)

Glad to hear from everyone! Wonderful to here the silly putty is working for E! And I do hope O's hearing improves soon. DH would love to build a playhouse for the girls! We need to be where we are going to be first. This house is feeling really small for 3 kids! (2 bedroom/1 bath 900 sq ft). No job offers yet... They wanted to interview him for the Idaho job but the interview date was while he was at sea and they weren't willing to change the interview date. Sucked. So I don't know. Part of me is scared of leaving AK. We did it once and missed it so much. I've been putting a bug in his ear about moving back to SE Alaska. It would be cheaper and faster to visit family from there and I have one brother in Craig. Who knows. 


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Hey everyone!  Nice to see all the updates :)


Sue - Yay for hearing the heartbeat!!  So exciting!!  I hope your DH comes around for the homebirth, I'm sure he will.


Mal - Good luck heading back to school!  The school year doesn't start til the beginning of September here.  I think September 9 or 10 is R's first day.  I hope you can find some answers and solutions for Owyn.  R is very verbal for his age (despite being a late to start with words), it's very clear and similar to how any older kid would speak.  But he's one of the more verbal in his class of 4-5 year olds, so there's still lots of variation at that age.


Starling - That's awesome you've quit your job!  Good for you!  I probably should be more frugal than I am as well, but we seem to get by (no extra money for trips unfortunately..  Some day I'm sure!)  


Nilla - It's good to hear from you!  I'm sorry about the disappointment with your step dad :(  Good luck with the thesis and job hunt, that's always so stressful.  I'm the same as you with reports/essays, it takes me forever to get going on it.  I had to do 2 written reports as part of my certification and I just finished them last week, such a huge relief!!  


Erin - I would be exhausted doing dinner for 7-10 regularly!  I love hearing about your life, I desperately want to be out in the country.  Can't do it until I'm ready to buy though...  


Cindy - The playhouse sounds awesome!  Yet another reason I want to be in the country, I want a yard with fun stuff for R.


AFM - R is with his aunt for a few nights!!  I drove to her place Friday night with the intent of visiting for 2 nights then going home, but she offered to keep R for a week!  I'm not sure he'll actually last that long, he's already pretty sad and it's only been 1 night.  But we'll see.  This is my ex's sister so it's nice for R to spend some time with that side of the family (we hadn't seen them since Christmas)

Work is going really well, my manager is on vacation for 2 weeks and will be back when I only have 2 weeks left in my contract.  I'm not optimistic about it being extended... But we'll see :/  

And things with bus guy are still going well.  Not much exciting to report there.. 

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Sue -- hearing the heartbeat is exciting. And I hope you can convince your DH. I kind of wish it had been possible to have a homebirth here.


Starling -- Yay for stepping out of the box!  There is so much we can do with less money when we need to. Glad you guys are figuring it out OK.  Though I must admit, even though food and power are more expensive here, frugality is way way easier in a rural area with nearly zero housing costs. My friends are working on finding a place to live in San Francisco, and I was shocked by the rents!


Everr - Hope the job does get extended for you. And glad the bus guy thing is still working out.


Mal -- So close to having the new house! Definitely send pictures when you can.


Nilla -- My husband has the same problem with writing. He's actually not bad at it, but has a huge mental block to getting started. (I often help him out). What's a saskatoon berry?


AFM -- I have blueberries coming out my ears (15 gallons in the freezer, and more on the bushes). And the really exciting thing is that we just met a really awesome Swiss family with 4 kids. They're sailing around the world on a global climate expedition, climbing all the highest mountains (not bringing the little ones for the high peaks though), all by sail power and human power. http://www.toptotop.org/who/index.php They're definitely kindred spirits to us, and one of the only families we've ever met that really adventures with their kids. We've been hanging out for a few days, and they're coming over to hike and do dinner with us this afternoon. Not that I know how I'm going to fit the 9 people from their boat, plus the 9-10 people who were already planning to eat here in the yurt! Luckily, the garden and freezer are full enough to provide the ingredients.

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A saskatoon berry is kind of like a blueberry and huckleberry mixed together I guess. They are bigger and grow on trees and taste more fermented I guess. They are in abundance right now. 

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wow, litter box trained. That's cool. We had a bunny for awhile and totally loved it, but that thing pooped EVERYWHERE!! Hope your morning sickness goes away soon.  I started accepting in pregnancy that the kids would just have to entertain themselves for the first trimester b/c I was pretty much useless. 


 Mal85 View Post
 Wanting to get in your own place is so understandable. You just can't do the things you want to do in someone else's place.  As for the hearing/speaking. June has a speech problem so she can be hard to understand at times, although it is getting better. 


Originally Posted by Vegan Princess View Post

cindy, that playhouse sounds awesome, can't wait to see pictures. Sucks about your dh getting hurt.


Originally Posted by mckittre View Post



I am so impressed with your gardening yields.  I have decided I just suck at gardening. 


Originally Posted by starling&diesel View Post

so glad you left the ambulance. Scrimping becomes second nature after awhile. 


Originally Posted by Vegan Princess View Post

Cindy- I always thought the best way to travel would be to bring someone who could help watch the kids. 


Originally Posted by Nillarilla View Post
crossing my fingers you get one of the positions. I find family can be quite disappointing...and every once in awhile a little surprising. 


Originally Posted by starling&diesel View Post

Glad you found something that works. I , in the past, made a chew necklace for Josie because she kept chewing hole sin her shirts. It helped along with a code word that we used so we could remind her without  anyone else knowing that she was chewing and she should stop. 


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Can't wait to see pics of the house!!


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Hi Mamas! DH will be home in 4 more sleeps! I'll be so glad to get him home. The kids woke up sick today. Fiona with a high fever (104) and Maeve with the runs. Good grief. These last few weeks have been a real test!

DH has agreed to meet with the midwife when he gets home to do a consult. He's still so freaked out about a home birth but has promised to really learn the facts about how its done and what she can and can't do. I explained that it wasn't fair to make this judgement based on his caveman notion of what a home birth is. So crossing fingers she and I can sway him. 

* That sucks they wouldn't reschedule.  and I hear you on feeling small. Our house is bigger but of actually currently livable space it is about 900 sqft and 2 bedrooms. Just cramped. I LOVED the picture of the baby, the little feet just pierced my heart. Is he willing to look at some statistics re: the safety of homebirth?  Does he want a first hand dad rec? My husband freely offers his love of homebirth to anyone and he was originally against it. 



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That's cool that his aunt is taking him and still involved in his life. I'll cross my fingers your job gets extended. 



Erin- my husband wants to know how you get into being an adventurer for a living like you guys and that family that is sailing and hiking the mountains. 
AFM- things are bad. Nothing on the job, I'll need to apply at some other places,. Still waiting to hear from the jobs Chris has applied to. We hear tell that he probably has the first on , it's a non profit assisted living facility. He made it to the second round on two others.  Currently the water has been shut off and we can't do anything about it.  past due bills total almost $2000 with new ones coming in. No prospects for getting the money and the electric bill is coming up due again. they will not work with us at all. They will turn it off the day after the bill is due. I have an appointment with metropolitan ministries on the 20th. (two days after the electric and almost 2.5 weeks after the water was shut off. ) I've contacted two other charities and I am going to talk to the church around the corner and see if they have any help to offer. No one even had toilet paper to give us, and while we've used cloth wipes in the past it's not the best solution right now since there is no water and possibly might not be water for quite some time.  I keep feeling like I am going to vomit. The only thing that gets me through is I KNOW that we can survive anything; and I know someday  we will both have good jobs and we won't be in such a miserable position. My sister owes us some money (and we owe a couple of people almost $600) but she is saving it so we can use it for gasoline to get to my sisters wedding. How dumb in desperate times to drive 600 miles to a wedding when that money could go towards getting the water on or keeping the electric on. But they just say "you and the girls are in the wedding, more than anyone Meredith wants you there." and I know it's true...but logically it's dumb.  Technically the money owed back is from plane tickets I got for the girls to go to colorado. My sister said she would cover them which is why we all went to colorado. So really it is money she shouldn't HAVE to pay back.  but still water would be cool. Although I will admit given the choice between having water or electricity, I would totally take electricity. Especially with how hot it is here. 
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I seem to have rather killed the thread. 

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