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When do food sensitivies go away?

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My 6 month old DD has a ton of food sensitivities (through breastmilk)--if I eat the foods of doom, she gets horribly gassy and colicky.  I'm currently avoiding nearly all fruits, anything sour, beans, any nuts, onions and garlic, cruciferous veggies, most spices...  The pediatrician says it's nothing to worry about and she'll grow out of it, but it sure is hard to deal with in the meantime--particularly since she didn't come with a list of what to avoid, so I discover a new thing the hard way fairly often.


Has anyone else had experience with this?  Please please please give me some hope...tell me that one day soon she'll magically wake up with a mature digestive system and I'll be able to eat normal stuff again! When did your baby grow out of it?

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You might want to go over to the allergy forums and look into archives and older posts on using nutritional supplements to help her heal. There are some really knowledgeable mommas there.


Mine is three and has multiple issues and I really don't know what the future looks like for us, sometimes she seems to be doing better and we've added some foods but then she gets worse again. I do know one girl who was really bad at birth and momma was doing an extensive ed and last time we saw the girl who was about 6 or 7 then she told us she didn't have any food issues at all, so I am holding out hope still.



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Generally speaking, I was told by my naturopath that the baby's gut isn't fully formed until about 2 years of age.  We've got her on a probiotic and a digestive enzyme right now.  And we're supposed to be starting a rotational diet.  Our baby is dairy sensitive and allergic/sensitive to the nightshade family.  And then there's another series of steps when we get to stage 2.


I'm not sure I can hack a 4-day rotational diet until the baby is 2 years old, and I'm thinking she'll still be nursing then, but it did really make me think about how often we feed her with the same foods.  The idea is to keep histamines low in the body to reduce sensitivity or to keep allergens from potentially beginning.  So, I'm eating the same thing as the baby now (she's older than your wee one, so she's on solids, too), and I'm trying to space it out as much as possible.  Tonight we had chicken and asparagus for dinner.  We won't have that for the next two days again, although it should be three days.

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Thanks, I will take a look!  In general I'm opposed to using supplements for small kids, but I suppose there could be an exception.


My mom says that my sister and I were sensitive to strawberries/citrus and onions when we were small, and we are issue-free now, so it's possible to lose at least some food sensitivities as you grow.  We weren't as bad as my DD though, and Mom can't remember when we outgrew our problems.

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My DS couldn't handle it when I ate dairy and eggs (fussy, gas, crying).  At around nine months of age I found that I could consume dairy again and shortly thereafter introduced yogurt (cow's milk) without any problem.  At around a year I found I was able to eat eggs and we introduced those around 13 months w/o any problems.

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Oh my gosh, a 4-day rotational diet would really be difficult!  But I've noticed a dosage effect with my DD, so I bet if you could hack it, it would really help. 

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