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Anyone have a hand operated grain mill?

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I'd love to hear what you think of it - what you love or hate about it. I've been shopping Amazon a little, and I've really decided I'd like some personal experience on this purchase. I only have $100, give or take, to spend.


We will be using it for wheat mostly, but also as a coffee grinder non-electric back-up.


I'm interested in how long it would take to grind, say, 6 cups of flour and how hard it is. Could a strong 8-year-old child use it? Is it easy to clean? Are replacement or maintenance parts needed regularly? If yours was more expensive than my budget, do you think it's worth it?


My typical routine is to bake bread twice/week, 3 loaves each time. 3 loaves = 6 cups of flour. Would I be OK with a non-electric version or would you go electric and just get a cheap-o hand operated mill for emergency use?


Thanks for any experience you can share!





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The $57 or $69 on amazon by Victorio/Back to basics, with the dark brown plastic top - WORTHLESS, doesn't get fine enough and breaks!

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Thank you! I was actually considering that one.


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I had the Back to Basics as well. It was worthless indeed.
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Anyone have a model they liked? Even if it costs a little more than $100...

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I was hoping someone would chime in with a good option!  I've coveted this one from Nova Naturals that they use at my son's school.  It is beautiful and works amazingly but 1) it is way expensive and 2) it is has been out of stock for a while. Hope you find a good option!

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Wow that is nice, but yeah that's expensive!

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Oh, I've always coveted that Nova Naturals one, as well!  Doesn't a vitamix grind grains?  If so, it seems like a really good option, because it can be used for other things as well.

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oh, sorry you said "hand operated" ... so I guess that disqualifies Vitamix :D

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I'm looking at the Victorio Deluxe one, the reviews for making flour with it seem to be the best or the cheaper mills.

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http://www.lehmans.com/store/article/1268?Args= this site is more expensive but they have really great things.

there store i belive in in ohio but they ship out, the things they sale are for off the grid living, and built to last, they ahve everything from how to make your own cheese, adn the things you need to make it, ice cream machines,apple corers, food mills, flour mills ect.

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Most of the reviews on lehman's mills I saw said it would make coarse ground, not really flour. But I love shopping them for other things!

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It's out of your price range but worth saving for!  I have a Country Living Grain Mill.  It does well from everything from fine flour to cracked grains.  I got tired of hand cranking though so we hooked it up to an old exercise bike.


When getting a grain mill, especially one you want to last I really recommend saving up.  I'm a cheapskate and always try to do things the cheap way, but this was one thing we just couldn't skimp on.  This mill will be passed down to my kids and possibly grandchildren...it's a hell of a mill.

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