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We never have done them.  But I can understand how people would go to them if they had a Dr. they liked.  My son, who is 4 had his last WBV at 6 weeks, and my one year old was last examined at 3 days old.  I have a huge and justified phobia of Dr.s that has been a part of my choice to not take them as well.  For many years we didn't even have a family doc because where we live they are in short supply.  Now we do have a doc and she told me to just bring the kids in when they are sick.  Works for me.

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We do well child check-ups. We've had a few weird things crop up (elevated lead levels in blood being one) that we never would have caught on our own. We also vax, so obvs go for that.

And like a previous poster said, we like to have a relationship for the times when our kids have a real illness and are scared/confused/etc. and know they're seeing a trusted face. When my then 4 y.o. broke his collar bone due to some rambunctious outdoor play, he was TERRIFIED about what was going to happen at the Dr. Already knowing our gal put him at ease and helped diffuse the scary situation.

All that said, I would definitely inquire about their policies/practices/culture. If they don't honor and respect your wishes as a parent to not opt for certain things (vax), I'd stay away. They don't need to agree 100%, but they need to be on board with your choices. And if anyone EVER touched my boys' foreskin, I would FREAK OUT!



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Originally Posted by Amanda1 View Post

We bring DS to a natropath for his well baby visits. I think they were 6, 9, 12 and 18 months.

I like having someone else check for things I may miss and I feel like I learn so much every time we go. Natropathic medicine has so many aspects and I love getting their input on what to feed him, boost immune system and so much more that I wouldn't think/know about otherwise.

Its actually a collage we go to so our Dr changes every 6 months as they graduate but I feel like they have the most up to date info and lots of passion! Plus its wayyyyyyyy cheaper!

This is what I am hoping we can change to soon. We have a great Mayo Clinic doctor but I stopped taking DD in after her 9 month WBV. I also felt like it was a waste of time and it felt like it was more taylored to parents who are less-than-knowledgable. Also, that is when we decided to stop vaxing and I kind of chickened out on trying to explain my reasoning so we just stopped going. We will go when she is sick but she hasn't been yet...except for when she got the flu after having 2 flu shots irked.gif . I am hoping to change to some sort of catastrophic health insurance plan and put the money we will be saving on health insurance towards a savings account to pay for our naturopath visits.

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Originally Posted by Magali View Post

I have a huge and justified phobia of Dr.s that has been a part of my choice to not take them as well. 

We are starting to get this way, too. Not so much a phobia but really tired of wild goose chases and not-so-kosher (kosher, as in, not ok or not the best choice or not the full truth) things many doctors have done/said. Which is part of the reason we don't go anymore.


Also, I have a different reaction to when I wait for 30 minutes in the waiting room and then 15-20 minutes in the exam room only to be told that DD is perfect, healthy, happy, and right on track. I feel like it was a total waste of time. And other random things like dumb questions such as,


"Are you breastfeeding or bottle feeding?"




"So how many ounces does she drink, do you think?"


"Um, breast?"

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It just seems to me that all of the backlash is from crappy HCPs.  My Dr isn't an ass and certainly knows his stuff.  He let me vax on my schedule whether I chose to or not.  Why would you feel dumb that you find our you dd is healthy and on track?  That doesn't mean you're stupid and wasted your time.  I don't think any Dr. is a god.  Mine treats me like an adult and lets me be the parent.  


I couldn't imagine trying to put up with a Dr. who I didn't 100% respect.

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"Are you breastfeeding or bottle feeding?"




"So how many ounces does she drink, do you think?"


"Um, breast?"

This reminds me of when my 2nd was born.  They gave me the little chart to fill in all the times that I breastfed her.  I just wrote "constantly" in big letters across the page with a little smiley face.

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"Are you breastfeeding or bottle feeding?"




"So how many ounces does she drink, do you think?"


"Um, breast?"

hA! I have been asked this ridiculous question too, along with "well give me a guess" wth???


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We stopped when DD2 was 1.  Would have stopped when DD1 was 1, but we decided that we'd may as well take DD1 when we took DD2.  I take them when they're sick.  That's what doctors are there for :)  Neither of them have irrational fears of the doctor.

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They are a great opportunity to ensure that the provider and you jive, before there is a problem.  Our 1st ped. was fantastic, and spent tons of time talking with us.  DS was very colicy, and she gave great encouragement on surviving that 9 month nightmarish stage.


We moved, and despite great recommendations, I just did not like the Dr. we selected.  My friend is an OB nurse, and confirmed that while this Dr. was very thorough, she was super clinical and had terrible beside manner.  We switched (funny; we switched to the ped. that was on-call when DS was born, and I HATED her b/c she woke him up to feed him.  I about freaked out, I was so tired/exhausted after a 36 hour labor/c-section ordeal).  However, she really is fantastic, and I knew 5 minutes into that check-up that she was perfect for us.  I am super grateful that she is our Dr. now that we are going through this new health ordeal.  I just took a couple of foster kidos we just got to her, and she chatted with me about my son as well.


So, that is certainly an important element.



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I also take DD for WBV because

a) we respect our Dr. and she respects us

b) it builds a relationship

c) I want my DD to continue the routine of having yearly physicals when she is a teen and adult.

We as adults go for our yearly physical and want our DD to build the routine to do the same.

The best medicine is preventative medicine IMO.

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We did the newborn, 2 week, 8 week and then the 6 month happened to land around when our family was getting over a crappy stomach bug and DS was barfing more than I was comfortable with. Then we did the 12 month for kicks. DS is 19 months now and I have no reason to think to take him in. DD, due any day now will go to a newborn and perhaps the 8 week. Nothing else though assuming she's well. We don't vax, I get nursing and food guidance from an IBCLC and I can't see dragging DS and a newborn out for a 2 minute look-see. 

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Originally Posted by WaitingForKiddos View PostWe don't vax, I get nursing and food guidance from an IBCLC and I can't see dragging DS and a newborn out for a 2 minute look-see. 

right. and exposing my child to sicknesses from other little kids, when she is perfectly healthy.



The best medicine is preventative medicine IMO.

I totally agree, although I don't see how an annual visit to an MD is the right way to be preventative. Although I guess that is a whole 'nother thread orngtongue.gif

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I do personally take my little ones to all their "well baby" visits.  I actually enjoy our regular trips to the doc so that I can hear how awesome and healthy my kiddos are. i know kinda obnoxious but true.  I still take my girls in once a year even though they are now 7 and 8.  Beyond my need to have people tell me how great my kids are though ; )  i like taking them regularly from the beginning so that they get used to going to the doctor and that way its not a strange and scary situation should the need ever arise to go.  After so many visits and being familiar with the staff  they know nothing bad or scary is going to happen and if they are good they will be out and getting a treat in no time.  I don't count on them actually catching anything thats wrong though.  They are usually pretty quick and only ask basic questions. Either way I would think you would be fine.

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Originally Posted by dovemama View Post

I totally agree, although I don't see how an annual visit to an MD is the right way to be preventative. Although I guess that is a whole 'nother thread orngtongue.gif

Actually I think an annual visit for a physical can be imperative for preventative medicine.

A pap smear can detect problems well before cervical cancer is a problem. Not going to be done by a naturopath.

Getting blood pressure and cholesterol checks at least every two years significantly reduces death by heart desease. The number one killer of both men and women in North America.


There are many illnesses that can be treated if detected early or if the underlying cause is detected early.


I also see a naturopath, osteopath, etc.

But I do try to get an "annual" done every 12-24 months. 


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It was important to me to find a good pediatrician for Little. She was born at a military hospital, which was awesome in some ways, but I didn't much like the "pediatric warehouse" approach to her early well child visits. When DH got out of the military I looked for a pediatrician who was a fit for me. We go to a fantastic pediatric ARNP who has her own practice and is very laid back and supportive of my parenting style. She's extremely gentle w/ Little, looks her in the eye when she talks to her, and doesn't act like she doesn't particularly care about babies (a common trait in the pediatricians I saw at the military hospital). We vaccinate so I plan to go to all the appointments. I also like to hear how perfect Little is :)

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I have always done them, but I had a great Doctor, until we moved this year from Washington to Missouri.  The doctor is great, but I don't think he is up on breastfeeding.  He actually had me go and get infant vitamin drops for my baby because I was breastfeeding.  And is always concerned that he isn't growing enough. So if I have a fourth I will probably skip them.  But like everyone else I like to hear my babies are doing great.  It is nice to have a doctor that is familiar with your child in case you need them.

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minercuter - I'm also in Missouri, and I feel ya on the lack of breastfeeding knowledge by medical professionals. The whole state just has really dismal rates, and in fact, I never once (in my entire 27 years in the state) saw someone else breastfeeding until I had my own baby and stuck her on the boob. Shameful.

We see a family practice doc (who at least breastfed her own kids) and go to all the well-baby visits. I like my doc, she's been DD's doc since before she was born, it's nice to have someone to talk to about her progress. She dropped several percentiles (from 50th at birth through 3 months to 25th at 9 months, to 10th at 12 months, to 5th at 13 months, and then she's held steady at 5th since then). She didn't go to a sick-child visit until she started daycare and got hand, foot, and mouth at 15 months old, so I can see a doctor who we didn't have a relationship with really freaking out about how "small" she is -- but it's something the doctor already was aware of, that we'd talked about, that I'd privately obsessed about, so she even referred us out to a nutritionist, who agreed with my doc that everything was fine and that some kids are just small. She's happy, helathy, meeting milestones, and proportionate with her height, which has always been 5th percentile. I know other kids in similar situations who don't go to the doctor who have been labeled "failure to thrive."

We also chose to have her lead and iron tested, and that bloodwork happened at a well-baby visit. Lead becasue our house was built in 1952 and it most likely does have lead paint (results came back normal) and her iron because she did not eat many solids until 9-12 months (also see above wieght concerns) and I wanted to see if she needed to take a vitamin supplement (results were also normal).

Anyway, I don't think you have to go by any means, I was just explaining my reasoning for opting in to the traditional well-baby schedule. As I type this out, it seems to be mostly for my own reassurance. I definitely do think it's worthwhile to find a good doctor, so if you're avoiding them because your care options are no good, you might use them as an opportunity to shop around for one you like.
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So interesting to see all the different opinions. I never thought about wanting my kis to be used to doctors. We don't stick to the WBV schedule since it is primarily based on the vax schedule which we opt out of. I try to take the older ones in about once a year just to establish a baseline since we have a bit of an alternative lifestyle. The newborns go in a couple of times the first year. I love our pediatrician too. She doesn't give us flack for not vexing. She's a big breast feeding advocate (nursed her two boys for over a year each), never gives me weird looks when I tell her how Ive been using oils/herbs/foods to manage ailments, and is even interested to learn from me in the areas I'm knowledgable. So the visits are pleasent but I still mostly feel they are a waste of time.
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love.gif I love your twin babywearing pic! ^

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We do well baby / well child visits for a whole bunch of the same reasons that have already been listed. My oldest child is 14 and the youngest is 11 months (5 kids total) so we have a very well established relationship with our pediatrician. On reason to have a good relationship with a pediatrician that hasn't been mentioned is for legal protection. A teacher at my son's elementary school reported us to DFACS because she didn't agree with my parenting but when the pediatrician had my back it was case closed!

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