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Anyone doing/planning any baby or maternity crafts?

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Do you have a list of things you want to make yet?


I started a knitted blanket/shawl before I was pregnant but with a new baby in mind. It's cream wool, stocking stitch for the main blanket with a lacy border (exact pattern yet to be decided). I want to do some other things too, maybe a patchwork quilt and probably some little toys. For J I did some stuffed blocks and a couple of little birds.


For me I have a couple of pairs of wide-legged pants with stretchy waistbands to do and I saw a link in another thread for a tutorial turning big T-shirts into ruched maternity shirts so I will probably do a couple of those as well. I have some tunic-style shirts from last time which could do with a makeover.


Anyone else?

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I've already made a couple pairs of wool longies (crochet) and a matching cap for one pair.  I've also had a lot of fun with freezer paper stenciling on some onesies.

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Hmmm, hadn't thought about this yet!


With DS I made so much for his room: recovered an upholstered rocking chair, made bedskirt and rail teething covers for this crib, blankets, diaper bag, ring sling, and other stuff. This babe? I'll sew a blanket and a new ring sling but I'm not sure what else. Oooo, I've got some pretty wool sweaters I've used for making things, perhaps I'll sew make some wool diaper covers. Ah, and how about some tiny booties and hats! love.gif


Awww, now I'm really excited!

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I haven't thought about crafts yet!  I still haven't started my son's baby book (and he was born last year).  Yikes.  I have a lot of receiving blankets that I've received over the years from people and we don't use all of them, so I was thinking I might make a quilt out of them, which would be nice for the baby but also as a keepsake.  I also cloth diaper and I've made diapers in the past but not sure I have the energy to do so this time.  We'll see!

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I love making things and am really excited to get going with this babe. I knit a lot, so I will definitely knit a hat and probably a blanket too (I made those things for my son). There are also som really cute baby dress patterns that I've been keeping my eye on in case we find out we're having a girl. With my son, I made the decorations for an airplane themed nursery. I'd like to do that again, but I'm going to wait until we find out the sex before I decide. I'd also like to sew some of my wn baby clothes.

I also have been collecting DIY maternity clothes ideas and would like to try that.

Katelove- what is the link for that maternity shirt tutorial? That sounds like a fur way to turn oversized thrift stre finds into something useful!
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I haven't thought about this at ALL :) I do sew and knit, but I'm not terribly advanced at either one. On the one hand, I'm hoping to gain some new skills making stuff for a new family member. On the other hand, I've got a couple of advanced knitters in my family and I'm sure they'll be making stuff, too (and probably better)! And I'm hoping to get as many hand-me-down clothes, diapers, blankets, carriers etc. as possible from friends. We won't be setting up a new room for the baby since we're planning on rooming in for a while (not sure how long). Thanks for bringing this up, though, I could use the inspiration!

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Lots of knitting! knit.gif And a quilt. I will probably build a little something too, maybe a changing table/dresser? Not sure yet. orngbiggrin.gif

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Originally Posted by MadTown16 View Post
Katelove- what is the link for that maternity shirt tutorial? That sounds like a fur way to turn oversized thrift stre finds into something useful!

This is the link to the page with a whole heap of maternity tutorials. And this is the T-shirt conversion one that I want to try.

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Ooh, I have t o do the maternity tshirt one now!  Lots of knitting on here so far, I wonder if anyone has made any progress?


I am hoping to embroider a new baby blanket top and then tie it into a blanket.  But most likely, I will just finish the top I embroidered LAST pregnancy.  I also want to do a jean quilt (for laying around on during Christmas, it gets so cold here during the holiday season), a new sleepy-style-wrap, and a ring wrap.  I have finished cutting out the jean quilt, but that's it.  I have a toddler right now, though, so I'm trying to pace myself and not take on too many goals...  And I'm planning to make the Christmas presents this year to save money toward the birth, which kinda cramps the time thing for baby projects, but then, having a homebirth is the ultimate baby project.  

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I havent achieved much I'm afraid. I do a few rows on my blanket here and there but I can really only do it when J is asleep and most evenings I'm too tired by then.

I am almost finished the quilt I am doing for a friend's baby. I pinned the binding on yesterday, just need to sew it. So, once I've done that I'm going to do some quicker prOjects. Maybe a couple of little cuddly toys. I bought a new pattern for a frog, horse, dog and cat and I found a free owl pattern online which I like.
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I've painted my nursery... LOL

I also have stained and need to finish sealing an antique end table for my kid's room. I also have a matching dresser to sand down and stain etc. between now and November. My husband and father plan to make a bookshelf for the kid, and I wanted to sew a plush toy. Instead of all this we just sit around on the computers playing videogames or reading forums. D'oh!

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kparker, that is exactly why my projects sit unfinished!  Grr.  On the bright side, I did paint the baby's room... for the first baby.  ITs pale moss green, so it will go with whatever gender the new one is.  :)  I am almost finished with my handmade Christmas presents though, which is a big plus.  I made embroidered towels for each and every sister and sister in law!  I'm so proud of myself.  I made a couple extra so that I can decide to keep my favorites (it seemed unfair to give everyone else nice towels and then not have any to display at home!).

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you ladies are amazing.  I haven't completed anything.  I've painted most of one wall in the dining room.  Only 3 1/2 more walls to go!  I have fussed at dh enough that he's completed a couple projects.  Mostly my job has been to buy things at insanely good deals :) I like my job better then his of cleaning out the laundry room cupboards.

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I need to make some newborn soakers.  And *this* time I won't make them yellow!  It is really hard to see if there is any poop on a yellow soaker!  


Not baby stuff, but I am crafting for Christmas and fall birthdays already.  Just wish my local JoAnn's would get their Christmas flannel so I can get the girls Christmas nightgowns made!  



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Just a few days ago, I thought I would knit the new babes and our girls some pumpkin hats.  Great idea, but haven't done anything about it yet!  I've got lots of yarn, so I should start knitting something! 

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Those pumpkin hats are SOOO cute. Alas, I am not a knitter or crocheter. I'm working on a quilt for this baby. The top is almost finished. I am taking a free-motion quilting class the end of September to try my hand at machine quilting. I think I'll do the border that way and the rest by hand.

Thanks for posting the t-shirt tutorial! That is awesome!!
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My big project will be this hanging cradle.... I just love it. 




Also knitting some wool over the knee booties and hats! Baby stuff is just fun and quick and therefore rewarding to make!

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Lots of baby knitting so far, I actually started back when I was TTC! I have done some baby blankets, a sweater, some shirts, and some diaper covers. I also bought the fabric for a baby quilt but haven't started it yet. Right now I have put the baby crafting on hold because (like many of you) I am concentrating on the handmades for the holidays. I'm trying to get them done as early as possible so that I absolutely don't have to worry about it after baby is here. I also decided to take it easy on myself, so almost everyone is getting hats. Once I'm done with all the gift knitting I can go back to crafting for baby, so it looks like I won't be at a loss for projects for a long time :)

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I love the hats idea!  So universal.  I'm cutting back on a few of the handmade ideas for now and am focusing on getting everyone's presents wrapped and ready so that I don't have to think about that when cutie arrives.  But then, in theory I could be giving birth the week before Christmas and I just don't want to stress about that particular (highly unlikely) scenario.

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Wow, you are all amazing me with your creativity and talent! When I was a teenager, I did my one knitting project--a scarf for my father--but I didn't know how to make the ends stay flat, so it turned into this eight-foot-long scarf that rolled up to magic-marker diameter. 


Now I'm more of a woodworking than a fiber-arts person (although I probably should have persevered and not given up after a single knitting disaster), so our baby project is building an oak bookcase for the little guy or gal. Our friends have been generous with passing on their children's and grandchildren's books as they're outgrown, so much so that we don't have enough room. Of course, we're getting some teasing over the bookcase being the first thing that's going in his/her room (we're a bookish pair and have a huge personal library), but a lot of it is because he/she will be sleeping in our room for the first little while, so the changing table, etc. aren't in what will eventually become his/her room. 


I'm also considering painting a mural in that room; I'm not a great artist, but I can do fanciful creatures a la Where the Wild Things Are. Then it can be a wild rumpus room (well, I'm sure it will be anyway, but at least there will be bug-eyed beasts to assist!) 

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