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I'm going to make some reusable flannel baby wipes- my friend started doing this and keeping the flannel wipes wet in a warmer. Anyone done this before? 


Also maternity clothes are so expensive and I am going back to work next week, so I am making some skirts and pants using this tutorial

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I made my own maternity shorts and they are the best I have, it was def worth it. 


I also have yards of flannel waiting to be made into wipes.  I was thinking of making post partem pads, but I need to limit not expand my list.  And I scored this gorgeous baby quilt from a quilt maker (she sells them for 75 and I paid 5 bucks) but I have to sew on a binding.  I have no idea how the H*ll to do it, time for youtube.

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faithstuff, I wish I was there to help you the binding is the absolute simplest thing if you pin it on right the first time!  What I would do:


1) buy premade biding, you don't know what you are doing and this is easiest to use.  Or buy a really wide ribbon with finished edges., or


2) a) cut fabriv into 2 or 3 inch strips, sew the strips together

    b) fold 1/4 inch of the fabric in toward itself (insde of fabric to inside of fabric), and iron all the way down.  Do this to both sides

    c) fold in half with the 1/4inch folds on the inside, now you ahve made your binding


3) line the edge of the quilt up with the inside of the "half" seam that is down the middle of the binding, and fold around the quilt like a napkin or a hot pad.  The inside of the binding should not be showing, it should looking like there is one small fold of fabric on each side of the quilt, orlike a ribbon going around  the edges.


I4) "wrap" the biding in this way all the way down one side of your quilt, starting a couple inches from the top.  Pin it as you go, just pin the one side right now and try to keep it even looking.  When you get to a corner, fold it as evenly as you can and keep going.  


5) continue around the quilt, pining as you go.  When you get back to where you started, overalp the binding a bit, then fold the end of the binding back so taht you can't see either unfinished edge, there's just a little pleat in the side and that's it.


6)Look at it.  Does it look nice?  Does the binding look basically equally thick all the way around?  Do the corners look similar enough?  If you like the way it looks, sew it down, then fold over the other side and sew again.  IF you don't like the way it looks, take the whole pinned up thing down to the nearest store or to youtube and find someone to give you better directions than silly me.  ::)

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I am buying the cloth wipes because I wanted to have organic ones and I don't have a good source for organic fabrics, but I am also interested in making my post-partem pads. I made all my own reusable pads before I was pregnant so it just makes sense. I just have to find a good template and convince myself that they really are supposed to be that huge!

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I *think* I'm going to make a boppy cover and possibly knit a beanie, but that's about it. With my last son I made cloth wipes with recycled fabrics from around the house, but this time I think I'm going to stick with dollar store washcloths. Not enough down time in my life to dedicate to making anything special.

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